Posted on January 14, 2022

Diversity or Else!

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 14, 2022

The fight against the white man ratchets up.

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As usual, non-whites know what’s best for us.

This guy’s name is Jamaal Glenn, and just a few days ago, he wrote an article for the Microsoft Network called “Corporate boards are too white, too male — too old.”

And Jamaal has four ways to fix that.

And here’s Jessica Guynn, Senior Technology Writer for USA Today,with a sorrowing article: “Corporations vowed to fight racism after George Floyd, but many still don’t have a single Black board member.”

She says Amazon, Jack in the Box, and Western Union don’t have even one black on the board. How do those companies survive? Ms. Guynn does concede that since George Floyd’s death, 18.5 percent of new board members appointed to the top 3,000 US companies have been black. That’s more than their 13 percent of the population, but, of course, it’s never enough. And, so, she says there is “growing investor pressure to recast overwhelmingly white boards of directors.”

Really? Have you ever heard someone who owns a stock complain that there are no blacks on the board? No. You see, Ms. Guynn isn’t talking about real investors. She’s talking about the millionaires who run asset management companies. Cyrus Taraporevala is one. He’s from India, and he’s the boss of State Street Global Advisors, which manages $3.6 trillion.

His company manages other people’s money, but if it’s in mutual funds, State Street has voting rights on the shares. If a company doesn’t disclose who’s on the board and if there are too many old white men, State Street could vote against company proposals in shareholders’ meetings.

Why? In an open letter posted at Harvard Law School last year, Mr. Taraporevala wrote: “[R]acial and ethnic inequity is a systemic risk that threatens lives, companies, communities, and our economy.”

Companies with all-white boards are risking death, but they’re too stupid to know it, so Mr. Taraporevala will save them. Here is one of his reports called “The Board’s Oversight of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

That’s the debonair Mr. Taraporevala himself, talking to women. It’s all about how to put pressure on companies that don’t know what’s good for them.

There are photographs of 16 people in this report; not one is a white man.

In late 2021, Mr. T. promised to triple the number of non-white managers in just two years. State Street might hire one or two white men, but as the London Times explains, there will have to be special approval to hire one of those undesirables. Is it legal to discriminate against white men? No. But who cares?

I’m not picking on Mr. T. just because he’s from India. Larry Fink is the billionaire who runs BlackRock, which is the biggest asset manager in the world, with $9.5 trillion. He’s also going to bully companies that aren’t diverse enough, and vote against them. At BlackRock, he’s going to double the number of black and Latinx top managers. In 2019, he told his employees, “five years from now we’ll have a more diverse company, not just a bunch of white men.”

As Larry himself says on the BlackRock website page that explains diversity, “We all just want to be respected — to be treated with dignity; listened to; and heard.”

Isn’t that sweet? Unless you’re a white guy.

The big investment bank Goldman Sachs announced in 2020 that it won’t take a company public if the board isn’t “diverse.” Needless to say, as two lady professors explain, its push for diversity doesn’t go far enough.

People who start companies are such boneheads, they need people who don’t start companies to tell them how to do it.

But don’t worry, the Nasdaq stock exchange will solve the problem. The SEC has approved new rules to require diverse boards for every company listed on Nasdaq. Or they’ll have to explain why. SEC chairman, Gary Gensler, said, “These rules reflect calls from investors.” Right.

Every year, companies will have to report the sex, race, and ethnicity of board members — and also which way they swing. A board has to have at least two “diverse” members. There’s got to be a woman, and the second diversity slot has to be filled with either a non-white or an LGBTQ+.

No twofers. White guys can’t appoint a black lesbian and count her twice. However, if you’re a Silicon Valley company with a board that is all Asian men, even though they are all the same, they’re already half way to diversity because they’re all non-white. Just pick up a woman — or an LGBTQ+.

There’s a loophole. At least for now, Nasdaq will accept “self-reporting” of this stuff. So, I suspect a lot of white guys will now remember they’re part Mexican or Cherokee. And who’s going to check if a board member is bisexual or queer — or plus? I can hear the conversation now. “Come on, Joe. Just claim to be a poof. Take one for the team.” And in these gender-fluid times, couldn’t I claim to be a woman? At least on the day we file the diversity report?

The exchange will help find diverse board members for you. This is all going to work so well, the New York Stock Exchange is working on its own diversity requirements.

California, ever the font of foolishness, now has laws that require women and minorities — both sexual and racial — on corporate boards of listed companies.

There is a fine of $100,000 for a first offense, and $300,000 for subsequent offenses. Every missing diversitoid counts as an offense, so if you miss your quota of three for a second year, the fine is $900,000. These laws are justified by the claim that “diverse” boards increase profits, and those old white goofs running companies have to be bludgeoned into improving their earnings. There is no research that shows blacks or bisexuals or Comanches increase profits. There’s a new legal challenge to these requirements, which may sink them. Or which may not, given the way courts work these days.

So: You must have diversity, especially if it means discriminating against white heterosexual men. They are the only people who are no damn good. And, company directors have power. Giving power to diversitoids will push the country in even crazier directions.

There was a time when Jews might have been able to claim they were diverse, but not anymore. As this headline says: “Jews Don’t count in Diversity and Inclusion Discussions.”

Like it or not, you’re white, fellas.

So, where does this lead? Today, in America, you can’t have an all-white anything, unless it’s a secret club. If you’re rich, you can live with other rich people who are mostly white. Some expensive private schools are mostly white. But for the rest of us? Good luck.

Marriage is the last bastion of free choice. Ninety percent of whites marry other whites, but it’s sure not that way in advertising.

Here’s a nice gravestone to white couples in TV commercials. The last one may have died last year.

Even Joe Biden has noticed. “Did you ever, five years ago, think every second or third ad out of 5 or 6 would be biracial couples?”

Maybe more like nine out of 10.

Dating apps are eliminating race filters, so whites can’t limit searches to other whites. But you want to date black people? No problem. Here’s BlackPeopleMeet.

Latino dating? It’s just three clicks away.

If government can make white people hire non-whites, why not shotgun weddings? Income tax breaks for mixed marriages? Maybe a $1,000 surcharge on marriage licenses for white couples? Woke banks could offer cut-rate mortgages to black-white couples who promise to have children. Woke hospitals could deliver their children for free. What’s to stop them?

In this country, whites — especially white men — are the problem, from the boardroom to the bedroom. And the sooner white people realize this the sooner they’ll do something about it.