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Acceptable Racism

December 14, 2018
"Racist" is a vague — but powerful — accusation.

Diversity Obsession

November 22, 2017
University officials are America's main diversity hustlers.

Attack on Teachers

September 15, 2015
In the 2011-12 school year, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked each day.


February 17, 2015
New book says blacks are to blame for their own shortcomings.

Slavery Reparations

June 18, 2014
Walter Williams quickly dismantles arguments for reparations.

Intellectuals and Race

March 19, 2013
Thomas Sowell's new book challenges conventional "blame whitey" excuses.

Poverty Nonsense

October 16, 2012
Is poverty really to blame for lasting racial inequality?

Academic Dishonesty

September 19, 2012
Walter Williams: "diversity" comes before real education.

Department of Injustice

March 31, 2011
Black columnist says Justice Department insulting blacks by lowering civil service standards.

Politics and Blacks

August 12, 2009
The solution to most black problems is not to be found in politics.

A Nation of Cowards

February 25, 2009
Whites accept behavior from blacks they would never accept from whites.

Academic Mismatch II

September 10, 2008
American Bar Association uses accreditation to promote racial preferences.

Black Education

July 23, 2008
Academic fraud at a Baltimore's Frederick Douglass high school.

Academic Cesspools

October 24, 2007
University anti-white indoctrination exposed in documentary.

What’s Prejudice?

September 21, 2006
"Prejudice" and "discrimination" are normal phenomena.