Solutions to Black Education

Walter E. Williams, CNS News, February 25, 2014

A fortnight ago, my column focused on how Philadelphia’s schoolteachers have joined public-school teachers in cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Columbus, New York and Washington in changing student scores on academic achievement tests. Teachers have held grade fixing parties, sometimes wearing rubber gloves to hide fingerprints. In some cases, poorly performing students were excused from taking exams to prevent them from dragging down averages.


Most of these cheating scandals have occurred in predominantly black schools across the nation. At one level, it’s easy to understand—but by no means condone—the motivation teachers have to cheat. Teachers have families to raise, mortgages, car payments and other financial obligations. Their pay, retention and promotions depend on how well their students perform on standardized tests.

Very often, teachers must deal with an impossible classroom atmosphere in which many, if not most, of the students are disorderly, disobedient and alien and hostile to the education process. Many students pose a significant safety threat. The latest statistics available, published by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, in a report titled “Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2012,” tell us that nationwide between 2007 and 2008, about 145,100 public-school teachers were physically attacked by students, and another 276,700 were threatened with injury.

Should any of this criminal behavior be tolerated? Should unruly students be able to halt the education process? And, a question particularly for black people: Are we in such good educational shape that we can afford to allow some students to make education impossible? A report supported in part by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, titled “Reducing Suspension among Academically Disengaged Black Males,” suggests a tolerance for disruptive students.

There are some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP and the National Urban League who attended school during the years I attended (1942-54). During those days, no youngster would have even cursed a teacher, much less assaulted one. One has to wonder why black leaders accept behavior that never would have been tolerated by their parents and teachers. {snip}

No one argues that yesteryear’s students were angels. In Philadelphia, where I grew up, students who posed severe disciplinary problems were removed. Daniel Boone School was for unruly boys, and Carmen was for girls. Some people might respond: But what are we going to do with the students kicked out? Whether or not there are resources to help them is not the issue. The critical issue is whether they should be permitted to make education impossible for students who are capable of learning. It’s a policy question similar to: What do you do when you have both drunken drivers and sober drivers on the road? The first order of business is to get the drunken drivers off the road. Whether there are resources available to help the drunks is, at best, a secondary issue.

There is little that the political and education establishment will do about the grossly fraudulent education received by many black youngsters, and more money is not the answer.

For example, according to findings by Cato Institute’s Andrew J. Coulson, Washington, D.C., spends $29,409 per pupil. In terms of academic achievement, its students are nearly the nation’s worst. {snip}

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  • Viv J

    It’s difficult to teach any class that has a few black kids. As soon as they start to approach 30 – 40%, forget it. I used to have to very discreetly make two lesson plans — one for those who “got it” and one for the rest. The plans for the latter group were geared down by several grade levels, and they still whined and fussed about how hard it was.

    • willbest

      I believe a read a study a while back that the magic number was 3.

      • SouthronKittie

        Looking back now I can see that one black boy disrupted my 6th grade class in Dallas in ’72. I didn’t realize it then but do now. He sat behind me and was dumb as a rock and I had blonde hair so he was bothering me all the time. He called my house that next summer and lucky him my older brother answered and told him off and called him names we can’t say any more.

  • dd121

    This should put everyone’s mind at ease: blacks can’t be educated nor can they be civilized. Make all racial decisions with that as your guide.

    • BonV.Vant

      exactly! In years past they were constrained by the norms of white society but those constraints are off and it would not be possible to enforce them again unless brutal measures were used. Why should we bother? WE know from experience that it is only an external fix that will vanish as soon as the pressure is removed.

  • thomas edward

    More and more, it looks like guys with names like, Wallace, Maddox and Faubus were right after all.

    • Pro_Whitey

      They said that we northerners did not understand the situation, and guess what, we northerners didn’t understand it. We were like Obama, arrogance and ignorance in an insufferable combination. It’s disheartening to think of the damage done to the country in pursuit of “racial equality”.

    • The South will rise again. Count on it.

  • Spartacus

    I have a solution – It’s called “mass sterilization” , and it would solve the problem in a generation or so .

    • Martel

      The Saudi slavetraders used this method before transporting Africans to the deserts of Arabia.

      • Spartacus

        They didn’t use it often enough I’m afraid… If they had, they wouldn’t have fallen from being one of the most advanced civilizations in history to the rapist-monkeys they are today .

        • Martel

          I considered the Arabs a bunch of warlords, they simply took over advanced civilisations and sucked them dry. The Byzantines designed their mosques and ships, when the occupied natives started to die out ‘ Arab civilization’ went along with it.

          • Triarius

            +1. As a history buff I am glad to see you know some key things.

          • Martel

            Thanks for that quote. Another indicator of Arab nationalism was that Caliph Omar banned enslaving of Arabs and freed them all on his deathbed.

      • Anglokraut

        They could only castrate the men. Female sterilization is still far more invasive.

        • Spartacus

          Not to mention pointless, given how ugly they all are .

        • Who Me?

          Castration of all the males also eliminates the majority of miscegenation, and a majority of black on White rapes, too. Wonder what it would do for the high aggression rate?

      • WR_the_realist

        That is why there are so few blacks in Arab nations like Saudi Arabia today despite the fact that the Muslim countries continued slavery for decades after the Christian countries ended it.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Done correctly, one generation EXACTLY.

      • Who Me?

        Tell every non-white that applies for asylum or immigration that they can come IF every single one of them is sterilized, whatever age.

      • BonV.Vant

        all we need to do is put something in “grape drank”

    • Tarczan

      It is not going to happen. Start coming up with ideas that actually have a chance of being enacted. I am not trying to incite, I really like your posts, but what you suggest is wishful thinking.

      • Spartacus

        Then just get rid of them altogether .

  • It is child abuse to put a white child in a class with a significant number of black “students” (I use the word loosely). Learning by the white is held back and the child’s safety is in danger. Homeschool if necessary, but keep white kids away from blacks.

    • Edruezzi

      You don’t even have to use the term loosely. It is child abuse to put a child in the company of people who would rather be anywhere but a school and who are dangerous to boot.

  • One of the black teachers involved in the Atlanta test cheating scandal said as much with three simple words why they did what they did:

    “Dumb as hell.”

    She described many of the APS black students, and since teacher tenure, job retention and pay are more and more determined by standardized test scores, that only creates a situation where teachers have to cheat.

    As far as:

    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, titled “Reducing Suspension among Academically Disengaged Black Males

    Well, I wonder if the CBCF will say anything about all the insane zero tolerance suspensions we’ve been reading about lately, including the most recent one we read about today from Clarksville, Tennessee, the one involving the student driving his father’s car to school, his father’s car just happened to have a fishing knife in it.

  • Truth Teller

    Attorneys who are members of the tribe that shall not be named have been filing anti suspension, expulsion and anti discipline lawsuits on behalf of the savages since 1960. LBJ gave out massive federal grants to legal aid law firms to pursue the law suits. The feds still fund these lawsuits against schools that try to keep the schools safe from the savages. The schools have stopped trying and the savages are free to destroy the schools.

  • Rodney S

    I’m white, and I had to attend a 90% black middle school back in the late 1960’s. Besides fearing for my life every day, the black kids were so disruptive, violent and hostile it was impossible to learn anything. When I finally transferred to an all-white high school, I was 2-3 years behind the other kids. The horrible, traumatizing years I spent at that black middle school still haunts me after 45 years. Integration of the schools was the worst mistake of the 20th century.

    • Mack0

      I had a very similar experience. Only someone who went to a school like that can understand how dysfunctional black schools are. I felt like I was an inmate at a prison instead of a student. I’ve seen things that have impacted my entire life.

      • Martel

        Like what, if I may ask?

      • FransSusan

        I’d like to know the details.

    • Sick of it

      I was in such a school as a child and do not possess fond memories of the place. Congratulations on surviving.

    • Martel

      You should consider writing about it. There are too few personal accounts of those days.

      • ncpride

        That’s a great idea, and I know there are thousands, if not millions of Whites with very similar stories to tell about the abuse they received at the hands of blacks.

        • Martel

          Well they should,its an important part of White history. Convince anyone you can I say, prose is not as important as holding to standards for sourcing, truthfulness and accuracy. There are more interesting stories to tell like the application of educational models designed to aid black students but not white students, and other loony developments inspired by the radical left. How they felt about it and how they tried to cope with it is also interesting.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          I, too, could fill a book recounting assault experiences at the hands of both black and mestizo urban denizens.
          Mestizos are capable of the same level of violence and inhumanity as blacks, but those whose contact with this group has been limited do not believe so.
          The last incident before I quit Trauma Care was a surprise attack from behind as I leaned over to evaluate the status of a mestizo patient who had OD’d on meth.
          His sister, somehow breaching the treatment area, first decked, then assaulted me with both her fists and heavily booted feet before other staff could pull her away.
          As a result, I became a trauma patient.
          Before my eyes, a favorite male colleague was attacked by a black patient, sustaining a head injury that left him memory and speech impaired with the equivalent of dementia pugilistica, aka shaken child syndrome.
          As recounted here previously, a female neighbor who taught in a predominantly black high school was thrown down a flight of stairs, sustaining fractured bones.
          Avoid blacks and mestizos.

          • Martel

            All important history right there, at the very least everyone should write a journal and release it when they are old enough to not care.

          • ncpride

            I’ll never understand that kind of behavior towards the very ones trying to help them. They did a story here in NC not long ago about the assault and abuse poor nurses and doctors deal with in the ER at a Charlotte hospital, serving a mostly black area. I’m surprised they can get anyone to go into emergency medicine anymore having to deal with that nonsense. Too bad you can’t kick these uncivilized thugs out of the hospital when they engage in such behavior.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            ncpride, when I entered medicine, it was not this way.
            As assault by patients began happening, then escalating because they could get by with it, there was discussion about the ability to press assault charges.
            Nothing came of it.

          • gemjunior

            Good God they are not fit to be in our society, in our midst. It’s amazing how we have been played into accepting this constant abuse and assault. More of us than not are still blinded by the party lines of “equality, diversity, institutional racism” and all the other anti-white canards (thank you Abe Foxman, right back at ya). But whites are starting to rub their eyes, and in time it will be absolutely undeniable. And something will have to be done. Survival mechanisms will kick in – and those are not controllable by our forebrains but by our reptilian brains. I hope this time when we win we have the sense to confine these creatures to far off islands. We already know about their boat-building skills so I feel we will be pretty safe. NO cheap labor — TOTAL SEPARATION FOREVER.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Agree, gem.
            Trauma staff, notoriously dark humored, often fantacized about solutions. One colleague suggested filling huge cargo jets, exiling them to deserted islands similar to Napoleon’s last home, St. Helena.
            Let them sort it out for themselves. That far from anywhere, there is no escape.
            The problem with blacks and mestizos is out of the blue, sudden aggressive physicality. One never knows when the scale might be tipped from normal interaction/intervention to “you disrespected me” violence. That is why and when injuries happen. Medical care demands a level of intimacy that is potentially dangerous with these people.

      • Rodney S

        If anything, my 1960’s middle-school experience shows that blacks were out-of-control savages then and have only gotten worse since. Also, the dumbing-down of the education system to make low-IQ blacks look better on paper has negatively impacted two generations of white kids. That’s the worst part about this ongoing “Black Education” farce.

    • DNA Explains It All

      I got the “being a minority” experience in elementary and middle school myself, horrible come to mind.

    • ncpride

      I attended a nearly all White school, but had the misfortune of getting stuck riding the bus home with all the blacks. Being one of only a handful of White kids on that bus was life-changing for me as well. Believe me, there are thousands of us with similar horror stories to tell that will never be made into a movie of the week.

  • r j p

    In Chicago, on the news today they announced many “parents” were allowing their children to skip the ISAT exam.

    CPS IS 46% black and 44% Hispanic.

  • willbest

    Sadly separating isn’t an option, it would require employing too many men to deal with the trouble makers and the feminist would never allow it.

  • IstvanIN

    Walter Williams has written an excellent article, his analogy to drunk drivers was spot on.

    I would like to add that, once again, rewarding bad behavior (or not punishing bad behavior, which pretty much amounts to the same thing) simply leads to more bad behavior. If there were serious consequences to acting up in class and threatening or beating up teachers things might be different.

  • BonV.Vant

    Williams misses the bigger picture. Blacks do not fear white authority anymore. There will never be a black run school that was like the school he attended. Those schools were imitations of white norms. Blacks , once freed of those norms, reverted to their genetic nature. Whites are not behaving the way blacks are, they are behaving according to their white nature. No black kid is going to be kicked out of a black school for being disruptive because blacks don’t have a concept of what order and discipline is. That always came from the outside and was imposed on them. They have been freed of that, only white people can teach them to be white, and only if they once again instill fear in black people, by being brutal. Whites are not interested in trying to once again civilize the creatures, we don’t CARE anymore, They can all go to H***!

  • WR_the_realist

    In nominal terms we now spend as much per year to “educate” grade school and high school students in Washington, D.C. as four years of room, board, and tuition cost me at a top university 35 years ago.

  • JohnEngelman

    I wonder how many of those white liberals who are pressuring public schools to reduce the expulsion rate for blacks have ever sat in a class room with a large black population.

    Students who cannot be educated, and who violently interfere with the education of others should be permanently expelled so that teachers can teach and students can learn.

    What will happen to them after they are expelled? The same thing that happens to them anyway. They will end up in prison. The sooner they get there, and the longer they stay, the better it will be for decent people.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      What will happen to them after they are expelled?

      Give each one a shoe-shine box with instructions in Ebonics.

      (It was the dung-loving spell checker that capitalized “Ebonics”.)

    • M&S

      Three steps down the road, not two.
      White populations shrink and age on an increasingly long generational interval which puts more jobs in the hands of those who breed much faster and in higher numbers. Society comes to reflect the level of sophistication which those ethnies can accomplish rather than what whites used to feel challenged to do.
      Taxation increases don’t help because ‘white’ jobs are increasingly lost overseas or to automation and anything a black or Hispanic -can- do (cheaper) has to be AA’d out to them, first, out of all proportion to their ability or racial population percentages.
      HOW do you propose fixing the problem by sending blacks and Hispanics to jail when the average housing for medium security is 24,000 dollars a year and for max it’s closer to 40? Shall one white work essentially to house a black man behind bars, forever?
      What about Infrastructure? Defense? Exploration? The Sciences? Education? Art? Our Elderly?
      There is only one solution here JE and you know what it is. It is antithetical to your entire vision of a racial condition where intelligence rules and there are no ethno states.
      It is a reversion to balkanization until those who are strongest in areas which favor mechanization and group social solutions can once again replace those who cannot keep up the pace.
      Anything else is the drowning man pulling the lifeguard under with him.

      • JohnEngelman

        HOW do you propose fixing the problem by sending blacks and Hispanics to jail when the average housing for medium security is 24,000 dollars a year and for max it’s closer to 40?

        – M&S

        Hard labor enforced by the whip.

        • M&S


          Just the way the Pyramids and The Great Wall were built!

          With stone age technology levels.

          Except that the Pyramids are the most structurally inefficient building design _on the planet_.

          And the Mongols simply rode around gaps in The Wall.

          At that level of expected yield, we don’t need to be investing in ways and means to ensure primitive minds are ‘fully occupied’ via techniques that look suspiciously like Massa and the Slaves.

          I do not want to be dependent on slavery from peoples who hate my guts so that I can eat vegetables, drive a car down a non-crumbling road and have my garbage picked up.

          I want to -own those processes- through anthropomorphic robotics which work for me, multiplying _my_ work product so that everything I do is with a ‘company effect’.

          That is how whites get legitimately rich rather than requiring every criminal minority around them to be ‘working for the State’.

          We want to be able to design a society which leaves the need for their menial existence within it, behind. Not watch that hope fade ever further into the never-when of a dreamed future.

          Whites are not, on average, the smartest people on earth Mr. Engelmen. In this I think we can agree, though I place far more faith in the higher tier white intelligence than you do. What we are is loyal to a dream and very hard working.

          For us to become even better is to change the nature of society from one of owning processes of production and manufacture by a very few to instead create one which empowers it’s -effectors- as the ones who keep the wheels turning.

          Who actually contribute.

          And you do that by granting them a living wage that is really livable and removing the onus of menial = motor skill driven labor as brain function optimization. Letting them supervise what they need not do on their own.

          Robots do not need a whip.

          If we simply hand off labor to another slave population, our own people will become decadent in their purposelessness.

          If we empower labor as the everyday job which white men do because it has to be _done well_, then and only then will you see whites begin to think about how to do live their lives better, become smarter and more wise, with the benefits of our world, our rules, our future.

          As we set about building a society that looks past the 1800s.

          Dumping blacks is as simple as drawing a line and saying: “Everything beyond this is yours. Cross this boundary and you’re dead, no questions asked.”

          Within 2-5 years, they will be dead anyway, from simple incompetence. See: The Ile a Vache Experiment.

          WHY do you want to invest in an attitude which would lead to another civil war with 39 million black enemies and 50-100 million whites, all with firearms and determined to ‘eradicate racism, once and for all’?

          Don’t give me any rot about owning this society. Because we don’t. And only by Separation will we ever do so again.

          • JohnEngelman

            You think putting more criminals in prison will start a civil war, but secession will not. I think it is the other way.

            I have read that Texas makes good use of prison labor. I am sure the Soviet Union did under Joseph Stalin.

          • M&S

            I think, you have had a subconscious realization that the only way you will get ‘free’ labor from living beings is through the tools of slavery and now are trying to back away from your ‘hard labor, by the whip enabled’ asserition by associating it with a totalitarian dictatorship which killed four times as many of it’s own people as Hitler did.
            Imagine you are a black man Mr. Engelman. Right or wrong, real or rationalized, you have grown up believing you live in a white man’s world where you are unfairly deprived of ‘all the fun’ as gibmesums.
            You feel yourself further impositioned by those who punish you for bad acts that you feel are either not criminal or justifiable because you live with ‘Black Rage’ at all the things you don’t have.
            Good looks, smart mind, socially acceptance and the SES that go with.
            You’re in prison for 2-4 years on a minor felony and the first thing you are told you must do is sign up for a work schedule. They won’t touch you because that would be a violation of your civil rights.
            For the first time in your life, you have power.
            So you say: “No.”
            The first man that corporally punishes you with a whip, will leave indelible scars and if you say “Not only No but Hell No, _Never_.” they cannot stop.
            Because if they don’t break you there is a huge risk that other inmates in the ‘free’ labor system will also stop working. And this is simply unsupportable because it isn’t about you being reprogrammed away from your criminal tendencies, you are a piston in the national economic engine.
            Just like the Confederate South.
            A little continued mistreatment later (you have nothing to lose) and now it’s crossed the line into cruel and unusual and if they don’t kill you and dump the body in an ‘accidental’ manner, someone on the guard staff is going to jail.
            If you live, it’s a ghetto lottery that makes you rich.
            Simply by being hurt enough to win the sadism case.
            Now you go back to your people and they see the scars and are either outraged yet more. Or wanting their own million dollar wound.
            If you don’t think _whites_ would collectively excoriate and disown the person who thought up that brilliant idea for making blacks even more dangerous and even more ‘uplifted’ in their own perception of their victim entitlement at our hands, you are sadly mistaken.
            Since you feel that Stalin’s Soviet Union is a more worthily achievable condition for future American Society than simple Separation from the other races we don’t like interacting with, there really isn’t much point in proceeding from here.
            But I will say this: The future belongs to those who are enfranchised by their society to a level of basic, buildable, wealth security from which they don’t have to fear sudden, dramatic, ‘business cycle’ loss of everything they have worked a lifetime to achieve.
            The reward for being white should be that of loyal members of a people who know how to work hard and stay non-criminal. There should be no shame for living in a white man’s world if you are a member of the race that built it.
            Rather than live within a perennial gulag condition of ‘free’ labor, why not disempower the DOC system by getting the high criminality ethnic populations out of our homeland, making the residual whites understand what a three-strike execution policy is and start investing in the people we -do- care about.
            We can’t do that if we are paying 24,000 dollars a year, per man, to keep people incarcerated whom we wouldn’t spend a dime for, on in the streets.
            Whites will never have the power of their own destiny, our women will never be safe and our children never be able to dream of seeing another sun as a new homeworld until we stand, as one people united, solely for our own needs.
            That is the cognitive failure of multiculturalism. To honestly evaluate the other populations of this earth and DECIDE if we want to take them with us on this journey of ours. Or if we would rather leave them to make their own fate.
            Without our dependence on their anything-but-‘free’ menialism.

  • JohnEngelman

    No Child Left Behind increased the reluctance of public school teachers to teach non Asian minorities. Nevertheless, it served a useful function in substantiating assertions made by Charles Murray and others of like mind.

    We have learned, although many still try to pretend otherwise, that with non Asian minorities the soft bigotry of low expectations is realistic.

    • M&S

      We have also inculcated an expectation of greater things among those whom that bigotry is focused at.
      All 39 million of them.
      Do you suddenly dispossess them and make victims of our women, children and eldery in a condition where perhaps 66% of our males are overweight and 35% are over 40?
      If we beat the odds on simply telling Blacks to get their own lives, what about the Hispanic population who form at least 25% of this society?
      Who will tell them, whose educational performance is actually lower than blacks in key areas of reading and only marginally better in math?
      NCLB is not about teaching teachers to hate their career choice, it’s about systematizing expectations of outcome until society breaks.

    • Cid Campeador

      In my almost half century of teaching there was a consensus among teachers that along with White kids, Asian Kids Chinese, Korean, Viet and Indian were generally the most desirable students.

      • Anonymous

        I am a lot younger than you, and I was only a schoolteacher for two years, but I also agree. I grew up in homogeneously White neighbourhoods and attended 80%+ White schools. I was actually happy to teach in a private school that was 2/3 White, 1/3 non-White. (my own high school was 93% White and also private). NONE of my kids were badly behaved. In my homeroom I had 16 exceedingly well behaved kids and 1 normally behaved kid. He was an extroverted White boy. But I will say, that race matters, but social class matters just as much. All of my White students were upper middle class, all of them had nuclear families, most of the families made 100K a year. It’s probably a much different experience teaching White kids from a trailer park with single mothers and incarcerated fathers.

  • libertarian1234

    Whether it is holding teachers accountable for the failure of blacks to learn, or a head start program, or no child left behind, etc., they all have one thing in common: The originators of these schemes allege that there are no differences in I.Q. and leaning ability between blacks and everybody else, so they keep coming up with one hare-brained scheme after another to close the achievement gap, and all of them fail.

    Isn’t that what Einstein meant when he said….in essence….. the definition of insanity is trying the same thing many times expecting different results each time?

  • Truth Teller

    Why is Engleman still posting his pompous garbage? He must keep a folder of his trite, pompous posts and just clip and paste as appropriate. He never writes anything original. With his clip and paste he often misses the point of the articles. Engleman hates Whites so why does he keep posting on this site.

    • WR_the_realist

      I see no evidence that John Engleman hates whites. I have my disagreements with him, but the obsessing that some of the people here do over that man strikes me as petty and bizarre.

  • Truth Teller

    I have many fantasies about how to punish affirmative action and pro black on White crime Judges. Most are illegal but there is one I can post.
    Sentence everyone of them to teach in the worst black schools. Forbid them to send the savages out of the room or call security or do anything to stop their savagery. Confiscate all their money but for their teachers salary so they have to keep teaching or be homeless.

  • Truth Teller

    One way to look at school integration and the swift arrival of the “never discipline blacks policies” is that it was part of a plot to accustom Whites to fear blacks from an early age. Decades ago Whites who fought back against black violence were disciplined while the blacks were not. This push by NAACP ADL ACLU SPLC is nothing new. We have had it de facto for decades.

  • Truth Teller

    California Youth Authority prisons are required by law to have classes for those under 18. Some of the prisons for the more violent and deranged teens keep the youf in separate cages. The teacher presents the lesson, the youfs do whatever. The guards return them to their cells after the required time.

  • Puggg

    $29,409 per pupil spending in D.C. Public Schools.

    Tuition at Mizzou for in-state including room and board and supplies is around $23,000.

  • dd121

    Well, I certainly hope so!

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Critical Race Theory holds the same view. Euro-Whiteness is a strange, unreasonable religion. Demanding adherence to our Rule of Law, punishment of other cultures for enacting practices they consider morally, ethically normal is wrong.
    So they say.

  • BonV.Vant

    so their answer is to have the retards teach the retards

  • Jaspher

    All black students and all black staff and leave them to it. Their problem.

  • Jaspher

    “…sometimes wearing rubber gloves to hide fingerprints.”. Just what the hell is going on?

    If these guys don’t shape up, then to hell with them. Let the others get on unimpeded.

    Black failure is their problem.

  • chuck_2012

    Its my opinion that most black students are in the wrong career path and should be steered towards janitorial type jobs or the like. If tomorrow it was decided that a 2 x 4 piece of wood should become university material no amount of teaching will make that happen. its just DNA and IQ.

  • Edruezzi

    I think more sophisticated mapping of the topography of DNA will solve this issue. Natural selection by definition produces the improbable. The hugely non-random distribution of wealth and power in the world is by definition nonrandom. We may be looking at a question we don’t know how to ask. But science will get there.

  • FransSusan

    Me, too!!!

  • Edruezzi

    There are no solutions. We’ve got people like the singer Fantasia Barrino walking around functionally illiterate, NBA and NFL guys who can’t read. Some of the most peaceful places in the ruins of Detroit are the former libraries. The books are mostly pristine. The last time the black man was economically productive was when he was picking cotton under duress.

  • Brian

    DC is spending $30k/year per ‘student’? On what? Are they ALL special ed? How much do guards and metal detectors cost? My whole college education cost less than $30k, twenty years ago.

  • Brian

    Yes….and those 15% are in the whiter schools. The almost-all-black schools have the other 85%.

  • antiquesunlight

    Wow. I didn’t realize it was that bad. That’s ridiculous.


    There is a lot of empty land in the Southwest. It is hot and has a lot of cactus. There were EPW camps there during WW-II. I once heard of some Axis prisoners who escaped only to come crawling back to their camp days later when they realized their only hope of survival was the camp. So we can establish work compounds where the recalcitrant students must earn their way back to a civilized school. One trip through such a compound will convince even the most stubborn.


    Ever hear of Jaime Escalante?

  • itdoesnotmatter

    There is a clinical name for this behavior, whether it manifests in a medical setting as described, or on the streets, as Polar Bear Hunting, or in a general political-social “us vs them” sense. It is called hostile dependency. I believe BO suffers from a variation of this disorder, hence his organized vendetta against White people.
    Blacks, browns, innately dysfunctional genetically, hate us because they need us to live well. Not given to intelligent introspection and bereft of intact self-observing egos, they blindly act out, driven by their primitive brain stems. Absent higher brain inhibitory functions, there is nothing to suppress hyper-reactive, impulsive antisocial behavior.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Agree, nobody. The bus passenger is not under duress, as one in an E.R. or Trauma setting, though. That is the argument.