Honest Examination of Race

Walter E. Williams, Townhall, May 8, 2013

One definition given for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; it might also be a definition of stupidity. Let’s look at some cities where large percentages of black Americans live under poor conditions.

Experiencing a violent crime rate of 2,137 per 100,000 of the population, Detroit is the nation’s most dangerous city. Rounding out Forbes magazine’s 2012 list of the 10 most dangerous cities are St Louis; Oakland, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Birmingham, Ala.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Stockton, Calif.; Cleveland; and Buffalo, N.Y. The most common characteristic of these predominantly black cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by Democratic and presumably liberal administrations. Some cities–such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia–haven’t elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. What’s more is that in most of these cities, blacks have been mayors, chiefs of police, school superintendents and principals and have dominated city councils.

{snip} Let’s be clear about it. I’m not stating that there’s a causal relationship between crime, poverty and squalor on the one hand and, on the other, Democratic and black political control over a city. Nor am I saying that blacks ought to vote Republican. What I am saying is that if one is strategizing on how to improve the lives of the poorest black people, he wants to leave off his to-do list election of Democrats and black politicians. Also to be left off the to-do list is a civil rights agenda. Racial discrimination has little to do with major problems confronting black people.

Today 72 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. Being born and finding out that your mother is 17 years old, that your grandmother is 35 and that you don’t know who or where your father is is not a good start on life. In fact, it’s a near guarantee for school dropout, poverty and crime, but such a start in life has nothing to do with racial discrimination.

Law-abiding poor black people suffer the nation’s highest rates of criminal victimization from assaults and homicide. More than 50 percent of homicide victims are black. Would anyone claim that this victimization is caused by racist groups preying on the black community? {snip}

Black education is a disaster, but who runs the violent, disruptive big-city schools, where education is all but impossible? For the most part, it’s not white people. Go to a city such as Detroit and you’ll find that blacks have been superintendents, principals and most of the teachers for years. Most black high-school students, in Detroit and other cities, can’t read, write and compute as well as sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade white students, but is it because of racism? What the elite teach is not only futile but counterproductive. For example, speaking standard English in an English-speaking country is critical for self-improvement. But that’s not the lesson from the nation’s multiculturalists, who call for the celebration of native languages and dialects. {snip}

Black people could benefit from an honest examination of the bill of goods they’ve been sold. {snip} The long-term solution for the problems that many black Americans face begins with an absolute rejection of the self-serving agenda of hustlers and poverty pimps.

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  • Mr. E

    People here will condemn Williams’ article because he fails to place the blame for black shortcomings on black genes, but no black author does more to absolve whites from blame for black failures than Walter Williams. He routinely attacks and dismantles the myth of white racism, and that’s worth something.

    • Morris LeChat

      he knows that no con game can last forever, that someday “the jig will be up”

      • MBlanc46

        That has to do with the first black astronaut, right?

        • Morris LeChat


      • WIRBIW

        By then he’ll have saved up all his money and sitting on a beach somewhere far away laughing at us all!

        • Morris LeChat

          he won’t be laughing, the emphysema will prevent that. He is a heavy smoker. When I read that he blew himself up by lighting up a cigarette while on an oxygen tank, that is when I will be laughing.

    • Ralph

      Our survival depends on racism–knowing us from not us–hopefully, it is not a myth, hopefully, more and more Whites will wake up to understand that they should stop running away from the concept of racism or racialism.

    • Nick Gherz

      Remember the “Black Avenger”? [Ken Hamblin]

      He would often “emancipate” white liberals of their guilt.
      9 times out of 10 the liberal would take great offense.
      Pretty hilarious.

      • He had various white nationalist and race realist leaders as guests on his show fairly often. I remember at one time he had one on at the same time as Mark Potok to debate this or that, and Potok said straight up as a guest on Hamblin’s show that he “wasn’t a real black.”

        More humorously, he had a (supposed) member of the Aryan Nations on at one point, and the first words out of his mouth after Hamblin introduced him as a guest was, “we love your show, we listen as often as we can.”

    • Martel

      Exactly, i don’t expect more from a black individual and for me its a sign of integrity he is willing to go as far.

  • dd121

    Hey Walter, maybe we can start by banning the concepts of “white privilege” and “racism” which are just code words blaming whites for black failure. It’s about time negroes took ownership of their failures. From that first step maybe there could be some progress.

    • Nick Gherz

      Blaming whites for black failure lies at the heart of “black religion”.
      Peer-pressure among blacks is terribly powerful and nearly impossible to escape.

      I know that black culture is inferior;
      I am still trying to believe that the black ‘race’ isn’t inferior as well.
      As time passes, I am less convinced.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        I don’t like the term “inferior” or “superior”. Blacks are adapted for life in sub-Sahara Africa. White men cannot survive there without technology or altering the environment (wells, irrigation, roads, etc.) Indeed, before quinine was discovered as a treatment for malaria, White men couldn’t establish colonies in the interior of Africa.

        Africans are adapted for Africa, so that’s where they should be.

      • WIRBIW

        In the black and Hispanic community, they are hated for not identifying as a black/Mexican/Cuban and for not hating white people. In the white community, we hate whites for being prowhite or being overtly politically incorrect. Why do you think we’ve been losing for so long now?

  • bigone4u

    I’m not in the least bit disappointed in the ideas expressed in Dr. Williams’ column. Advising blacks to let go their loyalties to Democrats, black politicians, and the “civil rights” agenda is straightforward and meaningful to me. Unfortunately, Dr. Williams has been preaching to deaf black ears for years. If blacks were smart, which to put it mildly they are not, they would listen to Prof. Williams and ignore Sharpton, Jackson, et. al.

    • The__Bobster

      Unfortunately, even Republican policies cannot cure Bantu pathologies; they can only make them less pathological.

    • MBlanc46

      But if they did all these things, they’d still be in the same boat, because they have a mean IQ of about 85. We can’t even seriously begin to address the condition of black Americans without facing that fact.

  • Freya

    “Let’s be clear about it. I’m not stating that there’s a causal relationship between crime, poverty and squalor on the one hand and, on the other, Democratic and black political control over a city.”

    Then what is the cause I would like to know, although overall I commend his efforts.

    • Ralph

      Why do you commend his efforts? He isn’t one of us. We Whites need to learn to stay with ourselves, and not interfere with other peoples and not even praise them for anything.

      • LHathaway


        if we accept your notion, and it’s an interesting idea, we can only dump on fellow whites we don’t agree with. . I bet i disagree with you a lot, ralph.

  • David Ashton

    Why spend so much effort complaining about the imperfections of Williams, or Coulter, or US-bound Phillips? Why not use their arguments and build on them? In any case, you cannot expect Williams to say that his own race is collectively and incurably inferior to everyone else, but is that so important?

    • bebe

      Oh, quit it! Why shouldn’t we point out their “imperfections” as you call it? They have done this for years and years and where has it gotten us? NOWHERE!

      BTW, yes, IT IS IMPORTANT TO ADMIT HIS RACE IS INFERIOR. When they will never admit to any of these truths, they are just spinning their wheels and wasting our valuable time that we no longer have.

      • Exoplanet Finder

        If Walter Williams was running for President against white Hillary Clinton I would vote for him. He is a good man who “happens to be black.” Surprise! We all know his race is inferior in the building of civilization, and to compound it, we know it is so expansive now in the civilization we created, that it constitutes and existential threat. But he also knows it. Certainly he also knows how he benefits from living in WhiteLand, and he is trying to fix the same things we are trying to fix. If he makes a buck on the side, so be it. When the color of our skin becomes our uniform of war, I don’t care which side he steps to, I won’t hurt him.

        • I would vote HRC over Williams. No non-white President of a white country, ever.

        • Ralph

          They you miss the point that we are in a war to survive; and this means our “White” genes must survive. Any praise or aid to any non-Whites just helps with our extinction.

          Stay White–no exceptions.

      • David Ashton

        Spend your valuable time continuing to promote white interests on their own merits. There is no need to waste it on this fussiness.

    • robinbishop34

      ” Why not use their arguments and build on them?”

      I agree.

  • Since he has been the only person who has ever guest hosted the Rush Limbaugh show to have mentioned Jared Taylor, AR, NCF and “Color of Crime” by name (Rush never has AFAIK), he knows that the theory (reality) of innate differences exists.

    • bebe

      Then why doesn’t he SAY it? Why should any of us excuse him from not admitting it in the first place since he does know the truth? Is he also afraid to?

      • Would you want to admit that your own tribe is just plain inferior?

        • Funruffian

          I’m sure he knows it, but he doesn’t want to risk getting ambushed by some angry Blacks. That would be suicide.

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        • zanegray

          That’s the problem isn’t it ?

          If we can accept that others are better looking and better athletes than ourselves then why not more intelligent ?

          I think that Whites by and large don’t care if others (ie East Asians) outperform them in the IQ stakes.

          The problem is that there are too many vested interests riding on the back of ‘race relations’ across the West.

          In my opinion it’s closely linked to the progress of global capitalism.

          The ultimate goal is a world where everyone earns $100 a month.

          Nothing must stand in its way. Any attempt to distinguish between people on grounds of intellectual ability is regarded as unwelcome ‘protectionism’

          Don’t blame Marxism for this one.

          • Martel

            The most common arguments at border control and protectionism are in fact marxist arguments. The whole “no person is illegal” movement by organizations such as amnesty international are directlty derived from the idea that nations are set up to exclude others from the spoils of economic progress.

          • cadmium

            I think the reason Whites don’t care about the East Asian IQ results is simply that Whites have outperformed Asians in every field and if they hadn’t given Asians Euro technology would be centuries ahead as we speak.

            Whites took over the world. So that’s a nice ”silver medal”…

            I think Whites know the small logical advantage Asians exhibit in these tests clearly isn’t the whole story as far as intellectual achievement goes. Whites have a creativity, or x-factor or some other combination of traits that still puts them ahead. That’s the way I see it anyway. I also wouldn’t be surprised if testers are slightly generous with Asian data because it suits the cause to have Whites on the podium but not the ”master race”. It just makes the results easier to digest for liberals etc. But that’s just a suspicion I have. I wonder how bent the Asian data is towards the elites who migrate to the West or urbanites over there.

            With blacks there’s really no upside. Running and jumping and low body fat wouldn’t even be overly useful in the stone age against whites since the human advantage was always brains/strategy and eye-hand co-ord with tool/weapon use. A slight running/athletic advantage wouldn’t be enough against Whites in hand-to-hand warfare. Blacks would be defeated by Whites and even Asians in primitive warfare due to inferior tactics, training, weapon tech and martial tech.

            It’s actually a pretty sad situation the way I see it.

            And it’s probably impossible for intelligent blacks, who compete well with whites, to not be under the delusion their people can reach the same level.

            But let’s spare a thought for Australians who are trying to raise aborigines, probably the closest humans to homo erectus, up to White levels. Aborigines make African utopia look promising.

          • gemjunior

            Of course it is Marxist – cultural Marxism is the total equalizing of all races, cultures, and countries – everyone is equal. People squatting their human waste into the same river they swim in as corpses float by are the same as the people who built complex systems of roads and sewage systems. The native people of Australia who feed their second-born to their first-born so he is strengthened even further are the same as cultures who have outlawed cannibalism and murder. The people all over the world who have to sacrifice to their gods everything from a yam to a human are the same as the people who noticed a God that was different from all others because He sacrificed Himself for them. That was so different and so original at the time it caught a lot of peoples’ eyes. So yes, economic marxism failed but we are really having it shoved down our throats in a totally different way, thanks to The Frankfurt School and their Long March through our institutions.

        • Sue

          If it helps in the long run, yes. Telling people they can be astrophysicists when they can’t read helps no one. Aspire to what you’re good at instead of blaming whole countries for your failings.

      • George

        He’s citing innate differences through allusion.

        He points out (correctly) that black-run dystopias cause black problems. In other words, blacks cause problems for themselves and their offspring.

        He points out that blacks/democrats are incapable of teaching blacks to the same standards that whites are capable of teaching whites.

        He points out that black-majority/black run cities are hotbeds of violent crime. Blacks are incapable of policing themselves.

        Williams is making the point quite clearly. He’s not blunt about it, but the point is there.

        • Not only does he point out that blacks cause problems for themselves and their offspring, but Williams has said over and over that the huge expenditures on social welfare “gibs me dats” have not fixed anything. In other words, blacks are responsible for black problems, and white money will not fix these problems.

          He’s skating around the genetic aspect of things, but the picture is there for anyone who can connect the dots Williams lays out.

      • LHathaway

        maybe he doesn’t believe whites are superior. I don’t. Some of us just don’t believe the media no matter who it is.

    • Funruffian

      I would say that Pastor Manning is more critical and accurate in his views of Blacks in general. He has openly declared they are a sub-human slave race who are only useful in that capacity. He also understands that Blacks cannot help themselves without White intervention and gentrification. he says “only God can save our race”. The problem wit da Black man is his srewed up brain.
      Where Walter Williams ends, Reverend Manning begins.

    • Ralph

      Who cares what he knows or doesn’t know? He’s not one of our people. Ignore him. Let him go talk to his own people or talk to a wall. It doesn’t matter.

  • bebe

    You are right. With White conservatives it is ALWAYS blame the liberals. They truly believe that liberal policies affects the way blacks, mexicans, etc think and behave! They will never see the real reasons blacks and mexicans, etc. are the way they are…It is genetic. It is ingrained in their DNA. It is because they are NOT of the White race, period. It is all about RACE, you silly White race deniers.

  • Bill

    Don’t make me laugh. NO black can EVER have an honest conversation about race. Never. Not even tokens and Uncle Toms.

  • bebe

    Law-abiding poor black people suffer the nation’s highest rates of
    criminal victimization from assaults and homicide. More than 50 percent
    of homicide victims are black. Would anyone claim that this
    victimization is caused by racist groups preying on the black community?

    I, for one, and sick of always hearing this bs. Why doesn’t he and others like him talk about the out of control BLACK ON WHITE CRIME? How about black on White rapes? They sure aren’t raping black women. How about blacks murdering Whites? We know most of these cases. Talk about the Zebra murders, Christian/Newsome murders, the Wichita murders and the list goes on and on.

    As for those black homicides, those are all gang/drug related and both sides are criminals to begin with. You sure don’t see Whites murdering blacks. Or raping their black women.

    • Ralph

      Don’t expect Blacks to stand up for Whites. It is only weak seed Whites who stand up for other peoples. Strong seed Whites shouldn’t expect Blacks to speak out in our favor and shouldn’t praise the few that do. They are not our kind. Period.

    • George

      Black crime is a problem. It really doesn’t matter so much if the victim is a law-abiding white or a law-abiding black. In both cases, the victim is law-abiding.

      The law-abiding tend also to have jobs, support themselves and raise their children decently. We don’t expect their offspring all to be doctors or astrophysicists. We do expect them to continue to be law-abiding and to work to the fullness of their potential.

      Society needs law-abiding 9-to-5ers. We need factory workers. We need taxi drivers & burger-flippers. We need teachers and accountants and lawyers. We need landscapers and store clerks.

      In each case, it is best that the law-abiding citizen can go about his or her day unmolested by criminals of either colour.

      Yes, we know that blacks are disproportionately the problem…but the law-abiding blacks…they need solutions, too. Unfortunately, as Williams points out, it’s the black ‘community leaders’ and Democrats that refuse to address the fact that their ‘civil rights’ agenda has failed to solve black problems — including crime.

  • Whirlwinder

    Walter, face the facts, your people are not capable of upholding civilization. Look at Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, Oakland, Gary, Memphis and many other black run enterprises. Why do these people not get it? And why have you not discussed how crime seems to follow these people arouond.

    • Philboyd Studge

      I agree with the point that blacks cannot form or maintain a modern civilization. In addition to evidence in modern America, I would add the entire planet and throughout recorded history. They never have at any time or in any place.

  • Morris LeChat

    of course not, he never goes near the subject of innate differences. Also I am not buying that there is such a thing as a “law abiding poor black person” . They are all preying on each other ,and on the system and on white people. being a victim of another black person all of a sudden makes the black victim “law abiding”? Yeah sure, like the guy who helped the police discover the three women as a “good’ guy.

    • WIRBIW

      The only differene between a black race hustler and a professional black conservative is one makes money by calling white people racists, while the ‘conservative blacks’ make money saying things most whites have been too scared to say all these years. Look at how most “Back conservatives” turned on the Republicans the last few years (Colin Powell, Condelezza Rice, Michael Steele,etc) and look at how anti-white most “intelligent” black celebrities are (Morgan Freedman, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock,etc) Same thing in my town. We have a Mexican family that’s been here for two generations now. The “racist white people” gave their grandfather a good job at the local hospital (before we had the Civil Rights 1964 law, too) and we supported his son’s restaurant all these years, which afford his son and his family a nice mansion-sized house, put all his kids through college, etc. What thanks did our majority white town get for that recently? Nothing. He is now pronouncing his restaurant in the ‘proper’ Spanish way and not the way the ‘Anglos’ have all these years. Well, excuse us for supporting them all these years! If you’re white, support only other whites. Any black, brown or nonwhite will be nice to your face when you have the numbers and power, but their true colors will show someday.

  • Ralph

    I don’t care what Williams has to say about anything. He is not one of my people. He doesn’t exist in my world.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I don’t care about Black America’s problems. I only care about White America’s problems, the biggest one being the constant mooching of blacks. Get lost groids

    • MBlanc46

      The second clause of your second sentence shows why you should care. And it’s not just the mooching. It’s the violence and the destruction.

      • White Mom in WDC

        They create their own violence and destruction. Blacks are self destructive and destructive to others because they refuse to sf examine. Nor do they care about whites. Where is the black outrage over their killing of a baby? There is none. They don’t care. We are are wasting our time. We should burn the ships.

        • MBlanc46

          It will only get worse if we don’t act to get them under control.

          • White Mom in WDC

            What is your suggestion?

          • MBlanc46

            It’s early in the game to have particular policy proposals (which aren’t my strong suit in any case). The evidence of IQ difference is getting harder and harder to ignore. The continued failure to “close the achievement gap” will drive that point home in the intermediate-term future. Black violence has attained an increased visibility with knock-out games, “beat whitey days” at state fairs, and flash mobs. It’s not just thugs shooting thugs in the ghetto anymore. More and more people will come to realize that the black underclass is never going to integrate into what’s left of the American working class. At some point it’s quite possible that a critical mass will be reached that realize that something has to be done. I’ve got some ideas, and I’m sure many others do as well. The time will come when some of those ideas are acted on.

          • Morris LeChat

            I have said it before and I will say it again. If they do not live in fear of us, then we will live in fear of them. As long as we have to live within the same borders then that is always the way it will be.

          • MBlanc46

            That’s true. I think it’s also true that if we can attain a state of relative self-segregation, the fear level could subside on both sides.

          • MBlanc46

            There are carrots and sticks. Fear is the stick, but positive reinforcement is more effective than negative.

  • Ralph

    Ignore Williams and other Blacks and their views as you would ignore the opinions of chickens or possums or snails.

  • MBlanc46

    I thought the same thing. He mentions everything but 85 IQ.

  • JohnEngelman

    It is unfortunate that one has to be black in order to say this and still have a job the next day.

    • Jefferson

      It is called Black privilege.

  • JohnEngelman

    When Democrats control white cities like San Francisco and San Jose the results are positive.

    • Bobby

      Well, I’m not sure. In the case of San Francisco, being allowed to walk around butt naked in front of other people, is not what some folks might call positive.LOL..

      • Not anymore. The city recently re-criminalized public nudity.

        • robinbishop34

          Thank God.

          Beware: nauseating adult content.


          • People think of SF and think of all the freaks and weirdos. But more and more, SF is becoming the North American epicenter of the banking-financial arm of Pan-Asian/Pacific international trade. The business mentality has now pretty much taken over the city, and also the city’s Board of Supervisors, which is why they re-criminalized public nudity. It also explains why the city is much harder on its homeless population than it used to be. I guess SF is still a good place to be gay, but you better also have money, a lot of it.

            Several weeks ago, one of those alternate magazines rated St. Louis as “gayer” than San Francisco. I believe it.

      • Morris LeChat

        it is a cesspool, and the people their have virtually NO children. That is not a “success” that is a dead end

    • Freya

      Gee John ever hung out in Newark?

    • Jefferson

      Liberal run cities are not too bad as long as NAM people do not make up the majority of the population.

      NAM people are a Minority in liberal cities like San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Austin.

      That is why they are not as bad as NAM majority cities like Los Angeles and Chicago for example.

  • barney frank

    when will people just accept that blacks are a violent and lawless culture and they like living that way and stop trying to change them? they throw trash on the ground because they like living in trash. they dont become educated because they dont like it and its too hard for them. they are violent and they like violence. listen to their music. just accept it.

  • 1proactive2

    I agree with Dr. Williams’ points, but the other side of the coin is that blacks no longer have to try at anything to get ahead.

    If a black can’t get promoted or even hired, they can sue for “disparate racial impact” and get the position they want, no matter how illiterate or unqualified. If they can barely read they can and will be accepted to just about any public university to fill a racial quota. As the saying goes, “The list goes on”.

    Good schools in a black community? Don’t need them.
    Blacks killing other blacks and anyone else within range? It’s white people’s fault.
    Can’t get hired due to being functionally illiterate? Just sue the employer and a black is in.
    Can’t get promoted due to just plain being dumb? Sue again.

    There is no need to improve for blacks. The liberal elite that runs the country has them covered.

  • LHathaway

    “it’s a near guarantee for school dropout, poverty and crime, but such a start in life has nothing to do with racial discrimination”.

    I donno. . being raised without a father may have Everything to do with discrimination. White men are much more likely to be in the life of any child, but oh my, a smaller portion of women of all races are having the children of white men.

  • LHathaway

    “I agree with the point that blacks cannot form or maintain a modern civilization”.

    Well then you’ll certainly be sad as blacks take over your country. As they’ve taken over many cities in the US and a high percentage of the island areas on this earth.

  • Paleoconn

    I wonder if Mr. Williams has the courage to tell his black friends that if they want the dysfunction in their communities to cease or be mitigated, they need to leave city government to Whites.

  • Mark

    Blacks seem to have false perception of society… the white man is holding me down excuse just doesn’t fly; Europeans tend to over compensate for Black inadequacies… we should examine what 50 years of affirmative action has achieved… integration into white schools, relaxed college admissions standards, and numerous other social programs designed to
    aid the blacks, and despite our best efforts, the black failure is still truly dismal.

    We Europeans have been told, that it’s improper and even immoral to think of ourselves as a group. Those days are over; we must stop apologizing and think collectively.

  • european native america

    Williams is dead wrong. Have blacks really failed or is this just another blind diversion from the truth of reality that the poor ye have with ye always? Blacks in the west have certainly not failed but are who they are and what they were intended to be genetically by a higher power. This is technically as good as it gets for blacks who should be on their knees thanks the great white elite savior for bringing their ancestors here out of that putrid wretched jungle hellhole.

    In reality blacks have succeeded beyond all reality and living in a western society by a stroke of luck called slavery that was never needed in a millions years notwithstanding the fact that white slavery fully sanctioned and should have never ended not to mention the worse form of economy as opposed to paid hired labor.

  • revision stinks

    Walter Williams is way off the mark including liberal Yale grad Japan speaking and raised Jared Taylor who loves to brag how the yellow race is the supreme on the planet in intelligence never having experienced black slavery and its disastrous effects but being allowed on its remote Asian island to live within its own race only with no outside interference other than white race assistance to advance in the world technically.

    The fact is the black race in the west is eons ahead of its roots in Africa in every aspect and being genetically exactly who they are intended to be notwithstanding the past 500 years of white influence miscegenation and advancement relatively speaking that was a result of the white elite savior mistakenly buying into the black slave concept after tribal chiefs sold off millions of their their rejects to the west for 250 yrs that ended abruptly with the birth of Marxism over 150 yrs ago. Marxism was only born due to slavery in the west and would have never existed had it not been for that catastrophic mistake of going to Africa and this includes the colonization of the African continent over the past few hundred years.

    Blacks in the west need to get down on their knees and worship their compassionate elite white earthly savior eternally for being misguided into slavery that was only advantageous to them but we know real slaves all knew this and why they took their slave owners surnames without exception following the violent Lincoln Marxist War 150 yrs ago and not a single reparation lawsuit was ever filed or even mentioned.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    If it were simply a matter of blacks behaving better it would have happened by now. What blacks need isn’t handouts, honest appraisal, or a father, it’s about 20 million more years of evolution. In the meantime, they should be isolated and contained preferably in their natural habitat where they can enjoy life in their natural state.

    it is really not fair to us or them to expect them to conform to the standards of civilized homo-sapiens. It’s like the old plot device of the man who is thawed out of a block of ice, shaved, put into a suit, then expected to live on modern society. It’s a cruel joke on us and them.

    The sub-Saharan African hominid pretty much gave up on evolution sometime after dropping the tail and learning how to walk upright.

  • expert witness

    To say this blacks have failed is to indicate that blacks could have succeeded equally with whites in a white society that is a myth and far fetched bogus logic. Blacks have been in Africa as long as whites have been in Europe or red yellows in Asia and have even been colonialized by whites for a couple hundred years but littel has changed.

    Why is Africa still living the same 3rd world primitive savage existence?

    There are places in 2nd world Asia where they lag far behind and even as bad as sub Sahara 3rd world Africa

    To say blacks are equal to Europeans and Asians is completely whacked to say the least. The proof is clearly in full view and reality does not lie.

    The pecking order of the New World Order (post flood) is Europeans, Asians and Africans in that order with Africans lagging a distant 3rd and why the term 3rd world is used.

    To hear blacks in America incredibly complain about slavery is asinine and the lie ever told. They all know slavery was their savior but would never admit it. Even Walter Williams would not admit it.

    Had Europeans never gone to Africa and ignorantly bought slaves off the tribal chiefs by the tens of millions or later set up civilized white nations there, unquestionably 100% of blacks would still all be back in Africa living a deadly horrid life of squalor and wretchedness as opposed to leeching off the white race and disingenuously whining or bitching that the white man held them down. This is laughable and 100% a bogus lie and they know it . White gullible liberals are the real problem as usual and who antagonized both uncivil wars in the 1860s and 1960s otherwise there would never have been any problem because the south knew how to deal with them in spite of the slave mistake.

    Europeans made a terrible mistake 500 yrs ago to enter the continent of Africa and get sucked into the lie that they needed slaves. Black slaves were needed like a hole in the head in the west.

  • Dave4088

    So black people have been sold a bill of goods, Walter? The theme of virtually all conservative oriented articles on the root cause of the deplorable and savage behavior of blacks is that it is systemic and not genetic/racial.

    While this article may appear hard hitting to the uninitiated, to the eyes wide open crowd it’s more proof of the intellectual bankruptcy and dishonesty of the conservative establishment regarding racial matters.

  • Lygeia

    This article still blames “Democrats.”

    Democrats are not really the problem, unless it is a code word for race.

    • Bus driver forced girls to fight, Tampa Bay Times, 05/10/13


      “When a Polk County school bus driver heard two girls arguing on her bus, she took matters into her own hands…Investigators say Patrice Sanders said, “This is going to be handled today and they just need to fight” and drove the two girls, a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old, and a busload of other children to her home in Lakeland. There, officials say, she ordered all of the children off the bus and
      told the two girls she would give them Vaseline or baby oil to put on their faces, so they wouldn’t get scratched during the fight…”

  • Morris LeChat

    your post is proof that negroes are not capable of anything but negro babble.

    • rudeboi

      And your is proof that you people are not as half as intelligent as you would like to believe.

  • rudeboi

    I thought I could come over here and talk to you cave people like you were semi-human but of course I couldn’t. You people deserve whatever you get and your 7-11% of the population of this Earth should disappear in a most horrible way.

    Here some light reading for you. http://cynicalafrikan.com/