Columbia University Football Player Charged with Hate Crime

Shimon Prokupecz and Pei-Sze Cheng, NBC New York, May 8, 2013

A Columbia University football player is charged with a hate crime after allegedly threatening another student and calling him Asian slurs.

The 19-year-old victim, who is Asian, told police he was leaving a dorm with two female friends on West 113th Street early Sunday when the suspect and his friends began heckling the women, according to law enforcement sources.

When the victim tried to defend his friends, the suspect, identified as Chad Washington, allegedly called him slurs and started following him.

Washington then pushed him against a wall and grabbed him by his collar, the victim told police.

Washington may have been with at least four other people. Police are investigating whether they participated in the harassment.


Washington faces a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment as a hate crime. {snip}


Columbia University said in a statement it could not comment on the police investigation.

The statement continued, “We can only say that Columbia is widely recognized for the core values long defining us as an urban university community: the multi-cultural diversity of our students, faculty and staff; our openness to people and ideas; and tolerance for our differences. And we will continue to be guided by these essential values.”


Chad Washington

Chad Washington

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  • Ivy League equals Asian was lucky to even get in based on acceptance rates by ethnicty, and he has to suffer battery at the hands of somebody who (probably) has no business being there.

  • Mr. E

    Modern day Ivy League material.

    • Robert Binion

      Must be in the school of journalism.

      • François

        African Studies, maybe, on a football scholarship (but someone is paid to take his exams in his place using false i.d.)…?

        • JohnEngelman

          I read somewhere that most college athletes do not graduate. After their eligibility is over so are the best years of their lives.

          • Even the ones who go professional NFL end up tearing their knees to pieces in fairly short order.

    • Mr Potato

      Not only did he get hit with that big ol’ big black ugly-stick, he looks rather toasted as well!

  • Bill

    Just Columbia? I thought they ALL brought that “special diversity” to every campus they were on. Good scores and revenue are paramount to the academic world, and they could care less about the women raped, the disruption on campus and in classes, nor the crimes and murders committed. As long as the alumni are happy. Ya know?

  • Manaphy

    To bad that Europeans don’t have such a sense of national unity as these Negroids do….

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Whites are a nation, not a primitive tribe.

      • Freya

        I come to nationalism from my tribal sense, whatever that says about me. I am a woman of my tribe.

        • Korpiklaani

          In the modern world National Socialism is the only political system that can function for the White race. A certain Austrian leader showed us the power of National Socialism in the 30’s, it took the entire world being manipulated by “the tribe” to stop the Fatherland, that is a testament to the strength of Socialism under a pure racially nationalist government.

        • Remington

          You know exactly what he was saying, and we have evolved way past being just “tribal”, especially as WHITE Americans, Canadians, British, Australians, etc, whose nations are all made up of different White “tribes”.

          If you still don’t get it, look up the archaic meaning of the word in a dictionary already…

          • my сlаssmаtе’s аսnt mаKеs  $70/һоսr оn tһе lаρtоρ. Sһе һаs  bееn fіrеd frоm wоrK fоr nіnе mоntһs bսt lаst mоntһ һеr  іnсоmе wаs  $21039 јսst wоrKіng оn tһе lаρtоρ  fоr а fеw һоսrs. Rеаd mоrе  оn tһіs sіtе,

          • robinbishop34

            Whites ARE a tribe. White Americans, Canadians, British, Australians, etc can easily be defined as a tribe.

            1. A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or
            communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties.

          • Defoe

            White can also be a “nation”. Look up the definition of “nation”; the word derives from the Latin word “natio” which means to be born.

            I think that’s what Bardon was alluding to.

      • josh

        A nation that is getting its ass kicked by primitive tribes. Esp. the “tribe” you love so well.

    • Korpiklaani

      60 years ago the Germans did….

    • HamletsGhost

      They DO have a sense of unity. The problem is that it’s actively suppressed.

  • Good. Black misbehavior always brings a smile to my face. I love it! When “They” act in their usual manner, it serves my purpose. I am patiently waiting for he next incident.

    This particular moment just may have caused a few passive whites to have their “Aha!” epiphany.

    The pansy, white follower of the Democratic Party gasped in horror as the white, redneck, racist, hillbilly actually knew what the word “epiphany” meant! “Aren’t they supposed to all be a bunch or ignorant, inbred, grade school drop outs?” he meekly told his masculine looking, tongue pierced, tattooed girlfriend as they headed toward his tiny little Smart car.”

    • StillModerated

      DB, this is offensive — to pansies! As a gardener, I find the pansy to be one of the tough ones. They flower during frost, spring back after a harsh winter, suffer the scorching sun, and they’re edible!

    • Defoe

      I call them “half-cars”, and at twice the price!! Stupid yuppies!!

  • sbuffalonative

    Surprised he was charge.

    I guess these black crimes are becoming so common that they can no longer be hidden and dismissed.

    If this keeps happening, I predict blacks are going to be the ones who will demand the repeal of hate crime laws.

    • Freya

      No, because as long as whites are not protected by them they still serve blacks’ (and others’) agenda.

      • sbuffalonative

        I disagree.
        It’s becoming increasing difficult to hide this crimes so more blacks will be caught in their own trap. As long as these crimes are prosecuted, the proportion and raw numbers for blacks will increase.
        At some point, when black leaders are faced with the fact that blacks are being disproportionately “targeted” by these hate crime laws, they will have to rethink their support.
        The KEY is to make sure blacks are being charged with these types of hate crimes. Unfortunately, too many of these crimes are still being dismissed as non-racially motivated. That has to change. We need to call out these racial attacks and make sure blacks are prosecuted.

    • Everybody has a sail foam that takes pictures and movies.

      • Jane Johnson

        OK…I give up…what on earth is a sail foam?

        • gemjunior

          Just say it out loud and it becomes very clear but you have to SAY it, it’s hilarious.

          • Jane Johnson

            ohhhhhh……like a amberlamps. tyvm..that is funny! I had tried every anagram I could think of, and concluded that it must be one of those dog whistle things.

          • As in, “I gots ta be haben me a sail foam, gnome sayin?”

          • Jane Johnson


          • Many blacks actually sound like they are saying “sail foam” when they are talking about their cell phone, some pluralize it, and say “sails foam” .

          • Mr Potato

            I just did (I didn’t get it either), it’s very funny indeed! Nice one!

        • StillModerated

          Obama phone. Also spelled sayall fawn.

          • The “sail foam” – “sayall fawn” distinction is likely east coast vs. west coast, like “bambalance” and “amber lamps”.

  • bigone4u

    As an ex-academic the meaningless drivel of a response by the Columbia administration amuses me greatly. When I heard this sort of thing from my former administrators I called it BPB, which stands for BoilerPlate Bull****. These cowards hide behind the smokescreen of nonsense which guides all of them.

  • Larry Klein

    I am sure the mainstream media and other leftist outlets will interpet a black athlete attacking an Asian student as evidence that the “Klan is still alive and well on college campuses”.

  • Pelayo`

    It’s a hate crime only if a White does something. Prietos & Latinos can do whatever suits their fancy so long as the victim is a White or Asian.

  • Re the old “institutional racism” chestnut.

    I caught this story which made me laugh…..
    Where some millionaire black celeb is trying to use the “legacy of slavery” as a contributing factor in her defense for not paying back taxes to the US government.
    Slavery is the best thing that ever happened to Bantus, which isn’t saying much.

    • Saw that. While that card usually gets you far in B.R.A., taxes are the only thing for which Uncle Sam has no affirmative action program. When it comes to enforcing tax laws, the Yankee government truly does believe that all men (and women) are created equal.

      • Glickstein44

        QD…What? IRS makes us all pay our fair share of taxes? What are you thinking?

        • Point taken. But here’s the horrifying thing: If the illegal aliens in question didn’t lie on their tax returns, then the whole shebang described here is perfectly legal.

      • Glickstein44

      • Xerxes22

        That doesn’t apply to the Rev. Al Sharpten.

      • Blacks must think that Taxes are like racism, in that it affects Whites negatively, but directly benefits the black community.

        Nice to know that some areas are truly colorblind, barring green.

      • Dr. X

        “Taxes are the only thing for which Uncle Sam has no affirmative action
        program.” Are you kidding me??? We don’t exactly have a flat tax, you know. Try telling that to someone in the 39.6% bracket while 47% of the population pays zero. How many Bantus do you suppose are in the 47% that is not only exempt, but often gets the Earned Income Credit — merely another form of a welfare payment?

        • That wasn’t quite my point. I realize the disparate impact of marginal personal income tax rates. And even if we had a flat tax, it would still have that kind of disparate impact. What I meant by my initial statement is that generally, blacks can’t get away with playing the race card when it comes to tax raps like they can on many criminal raps. Noted anecdotal exceptions notwithstanding.

    • whiteuncleruckus

      I completely agree. The best thing that ever happened to black people was the day White people landed on africa.

      • Bad deal for the other inhabitants of course.
        What I find equally fascinating and depressing, is the fact that most Africans settlements outside the African continent in areas such as the Caribbean, throughout the Americas, north America of course (sorry) and even so far as southern Asia all came about from slavery.
        What a way to have your people’s genes spread around the world and now thanks to universal human rights, civil rights etc, we’re stuck together.
        Institutional *racism is what kept us distinct and apart in the past, covert individual inter-generational *racism is the only thing that can save us now.

        *Racism as positive tribal self love.

    • Mr Potato

      Attention White people of all nations:
      Stop! Repeat, stop making these dip sh*its rich!

  • Unfortunately, it is white purchasing power in the form of tickets to athletic games and clothing with team logos that allows top-tier universities to recruit dimwit afawetes, refer to them as “students” and infest campuses with violent Chad Washingtons.

  • joegoofinoff

    Before all this is over, we Whites are going to teach the blacks about an olympic sport, made famous by Simo Hayha, AKA, White D**th….

    • Nat Turner

      What’s stopping you now? Gotta go; Buffy’s calling…

      • joegoofinoff

        There’s the right time and the wrong time. Not quite time yet, but it won’t be long now.

      • joegoofinoff

        I guess the moderator had to go look up who Simo Hayha was. That’s why my comment stayed up as long as it did.

  • cb

    Columbia said it could not comment on a police investigation… I wonder if the well-connected, effete and “diverse” (that is to say, Jewish dominated) administration at Columbia would care to comment if a white had committed a “hate” crime against a sacred minority. Does any one doubt that such a crime committed by a white (assuming it wasn’t a hoax like usual) would be front page fodder for weeks and weeks?

    • Freya

      Ever hear of Madonna Constantine? If you haven’t google her name.

      • IstvanIN

        The noose lady?

        • Freya

          Yep that’s her. She was stealing from her PhD students and a few reported her, Columbia was investigating and voila the noose appeared, yet the truth didn’t stop Bollinger from breaking out the candles…eventually the NYT buried the real story (Constantine was fired in the next year) in it’s back pages of the Metro section. The only reason there was any truth exposed at all was because the victims were women ‘of color’ although not black. Dr. Christine Yeh I think her name was gave an interview about how she had to leave Columbia to finish her degree.

          • Young Man

            Teacher’s College has surveillance camera footage of Constantine’s office when the noose was hung. It has never been released.

          • Surveillance video will be a growing potential problem for unintelligent hoaxers. That equipment – like any electronics gear – becomes cheaper and more capable every year. The money and capability are wasted however, if authorities decide on the basis of political convenience which evidence thus obtained to use.

    • The__Bobster

      88 libtarded professors had no problem commenting on the Duke lacrosse players.

      Mr. Brodhead did nothing to deter the tsunami whipped up against the players by some students and the Group of 88, an alliance of mostly radical race and gender professors. One of the looniest of the 88, Houston Baker, answered a polite and worried letter from one of the lacrosse moms by calling her “the mother of a farm animal.”

  • Bardon Kaldian

    US school system. What has athletic ability to do with studying ? Not in Denmark, France, Italy, Russia, China, Germany… Nothing. This Washington guy shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    • That would be an interesting Ph.D. thesis, if it hasn’t been done already: What is the social and cultural and historical explanation for team sports and athletics being so closely intertwined with formal educational superstructures in the United States and to a bit of a lesser extent Canada? Nowhere else in the world do you find it.

      • François

        A much lesser extent in Canada. Tuition fees in Canada being a lot cheaper, you really won’t see as many students, absolutely needing scholarships to be able to attend university.

        The problem seems to be that Blacks get scholarships, of talents that have little to do with their intellectual abilty.

        • I do know that most Canadian colleges and universities have teams, (and as Norm found, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton’s mascot is the Ooks — A snow owl, but it is humorous to see black men — And they’ve got ’em even there — Wearing basketball jerseys that read “OOKS” on them), but it’s not the huge obsession north of 49 as it is south of 49. Probably the only reason it exists in Canada at all is because of the influence that comes from south of 49.

          • Puggg
          • It looks more like the Clowns. But I am sure those obvious six Ook.
            One black in blue shoes and white socks.
            One black in yellow shoes with white socks.
            One black wearing his (prison issue) shower shoes, or slippers and ankle socks.
            A something in blue shoes and white socks
            A white wearing white tennis(?) shoes and black socks.

          • robinbishop34

            You know. The family across the street from me has two boys that are heavily involved in baseball and golf. I see they and their friends in athletic shorts and black socks all the time. I’ve seen it out in public too. Guess it’s a new trend?

          • There is a thing called a team “uniform”.

          • Dark socks go with dress clothing and dress shoes. White athletic socks or ankle socks go with athletic shoes. Any sort of socks go with boots, but shorts never go with boots. Socks never go with sandals.

            This is not rocket science!

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Clowns definitely.

          • lanceman


          • George

            With respect, QD, basketball was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian.

            The first professional baseball game was played in Canada.

            Check out where ‘American’ football came from, too.

      • Puggg

        As you know, I’m hardly what you call an intellectual, but maybe it and this mentality of the stereotypical “All-American” student being good to great at both academics and sports are related to whatever the answer is.

      • Bardon Kaldian

        Maybe it has something to do with the British tradition of team sports representing universities (I don’t know much about it, but I think Oxford & Cambridge have some teams..) run amok. In continental Europe you DO NOT have any team in ANY sport representing a university- be it Rome, Paris, Moscow, Prague, Madrid, Heidelberg, Goettingen, Zurich.. Einstein’s alma matter, ETH in Zurich, has zero sport activity. Which is completely normal. If you want to run, jump etc., go to respective places. University is not among them.

        • Here’s another lead: America is about the only country on earth where one’s schools are supposed to be objects of micropatriotism, institutions to which one is supposed to display loyalty comparable to the loyalty one is supposed to show to a country.

    • François

      “What has athletic ability to do with studying ?”

      I have (often) asked myslef the same thing.

      I mean, if someone is a good student AND someone who demonstrates atheltic ability, let him (of her) have a scholraship, of course… But now, it seems like US universities have become mainly concerned with having winning sports teams. so they admit stupid, violent Blacks through AA, while those clored «afwetes» pay the tuition with scholarships (thanks to AA, again).

      Meanwhile, Chian is beoming not only the new financial superpower, but a new power, really to be reckonde with, in the field of scientific research!

      All the Chad Washingtons of the world do, is bring the violent ghetto to the campus!

    • Young Man

      You can still have academic standards in Europe since you don’t have diversity yet.

  • GB101

    Washington then pushed him against a wall and grabbed him by his collar, the victim told police.

    Washington faces a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

    What nonsense. Hate crime?? If Washington did what is stated the crime is simple battery.

    • Of course you’re right, but as long as we are going to be forced to accept “hate” enhancement to criminal offenses, it’s nice to see them applied relatively evenly.

      N’DeChad doubtless felt threatened by his encounter with students who were actually at Columbia to study. Since he was being reminded of his own gross intellectual inferiority, he decided the world was disrespecting him and succumbed to his innate emotional immaturity and genetic propensity to violence. Not really a “hate” crime at all, just TNB, which is why none of Washington’s species belongs at a university here in the United States, or anywhere else.

    • François

      Yes, battery, and right after sexually harassing two young women… But Chad is a Black «afwete», so the witnesses will be intimidated, the victim offered some money (to shut up), and that same «afwete», who thought he could do ANYTHING, thanks to «afwete» entitlement, will be protected by the authorities.

  • The__Bobster

    Colleges really need to drop the pretense that these savage mercenaries are there to get an ejumucation and start off-campus semi-pro teams for them.

    • I’ve been saying just that for the last two decades. Professional baseball has minor league teams, after all.

    • The NCAA , a 501(c)3, would be the biggest lobby against it.
      Assuming they semi-pro was played, nobody would go, the player quality would be low because the pay would be low, it would be ripe with lawsuits from players wanting “gibs”, it would be played by gang thugs who deal drugs during the week, it would be ripe with fan violence and shootings. It would be kind of like a Chicago Public School basketball game.

      • jambi19

        That’s not how it is in baseball. Wonder why?

      • MBlanc46

        “Assuming they semi-pro was played, nobody would go, the player quality would be low because the pay would be low,….”

        I have to admit that this wouldn’t bother me at all.

        • Neither would I care.
          I forgot that the cable TV industry would be another huge lobby group.
          College sports, well football anyway, aren’t going away until the player
          lawsuits for injuries reaches a tipping point and some bold state legislator
          steps up to stop funding.
          FTR, West Virginia University’s football stadium is has a larger population on game day than any city in West Virginia. Even though Bobby Bowdin turned the football team into OuttaStates NU, West Virginians still support it.

          • MBlanc46

            I’m not expecting it to happen anytime soon. But, as you suggest, there are legal and economic factors which might someday bring an end to big-time college sport as we’ve known it for fifty years.

  • Jefferson

    Diversity on diversity crimes are a lot more common than the mainstream media will have you believe.

    But in the vast majority of cases, diversity on diversity crimes only get local news coverage and rarely do they get nationwide news coverage.

    Here in San Francisco for example, it is extremely common for Black yoofs to rob and physically beat Asian people at gunpoint, especially Asians of senior citizen age because they are considered easy weak targets.

    I NEVER see cases in the news of White youths beating and robbing Asian people at gunpoint.

    So much for Whites supposedly being more “racist” than Blacks.

    • PesachPatriot

      Maybe they’re not beating and robbing asian seniors because most white youths under 21 have after school jobs, either at fast food places, gas stations or malls, and parents who tell them that robbing and beating people is both wrong and illegal. Most white kids who get a brush with the law for weed possession, vandalism, shoplifting or underage drinking realize that correctional facilities are not fun places to spend the majority of your life. Black youths don’t care about going to jail because it gives them street cred and they can hang out with their fathers, older brothers, cousins etc. Jails are often cleaner and safer than their neighborhoods as well. If I lived in Detroit or the south side of chicago I’d rather be in a nice safe jail than exposed to the possibility of dying in random gunfire or being beat to death for wearing the wrong color on the wrong block.

  • I am going to take a guess that the “heckling” Mr. Washington is accused of had something to do with the Asian’s friends being called “baby” and his sexual prowess with his “muh dik”.
    When the Asian male attempted to defend the women’s honor, Washington then told the Asian he was going to “#@$% yo 5h!+ up. as Mr. Washington felt that the friends of the Asian truly would enjoy receiving pleasuring from his manhood more so than from the manhood of the Asian.

    • If that’s the case, Washington has posed Columbia officials quite a conundrum. Do they give him a free pass because he’s a protected minority afawete, or do they expel him because of the sexual harassment angle and the university’s probable vulnerability to a huge lawsuit if he is permitted to stay and then later actually rapes a fellow student.

      • François

        “… if he is permitted to stay and then later actually rapes a fellow student.”.

        That, he may already have done! But Chad is a colored «afwete» and the officials at Columbia may well have looked the other way. Or maybe the football coach told the girl’s parents something lie «Well, boys will be boys…” or another reassuring, conforting comment like that…

      • MBlanc46

        It’s always interesting to see whether sex trumps race or race trumps sex with the identity politicians.

        • Freya

          No it’s quite predictable; I’ve said it before. Race always trumps gender, at least when there’s a white around.

          • BonusGift

            Sadly, you are right, there is little that isn’t predictable when it comes to the animals on the farm, as we all know that: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

            As a reminder, the current pecking orders are:
            1) Regarding skin color/race: blacks > browns > yellow > whites.
            2) Regarding religion jews > muslims > all other non-Christians not contained in the previous two > Christians.
            3) Regarding sex & sexual orientation: homosexuals > heterosexuials.
            4) Regarding sex: females > males.
            etc. …

            Therefore, by implication we all know who is the most reviled and the most to be admired in this bizarre/upside down/Orwellian world we now live in that is clearly directed at killing off Christian Whitey. In case you haven’t figured it out: my friend it’s you and all that you represent that are targeted for extinction. That group that is now largely in control of places like Columbia University, the media, politicians, etc. has decided that the worst animal on this planet is a Christian European male, closely followed by his female of the species. Indeed some animals existence is to be guaranteed and subsidized while others are to be terminated with prejudice and laughter all the while being forced to spout out meaningless platitudes to the utopia that is ‘diversity’ for thee but not for me.

          • Xerxes22

            You have the pecking order exactly right.

          • Freya

            Yeah, Michele Knight was enjoying female privelege when she was gang-raped in highschool, impregnated, had her child taken away from her and suffered abuse at the hands of a boyfriend, then abducted, repeatedly raped and beaten, starved, etc. She now has facial disfigurement and no hearing in one ear, among various legacies from ‘female’ privelege. The cops refused to categorize her as missing when she was abducted, one year prior to Amanda Berry and then later Gina DeJesus, yet now some blacks are accusing her of being favored by the cops and the media and of enjoying the benefits of ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome.’

            Hey you guys out there want some female privelege? And don’t forget to blame it all on the feminists…

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            I’m going to start putting “homosexual, black, Jewish, woman” on my applications.

          • Anonymous

            I have been doing this for years, ever since I was made aware of the affirmative action racket. Did it on my SAT, uni applications, GMAT, and grad school applications.

          • Defoe

            How did it work out for you?

          • Martel

            In Europe and increasingly in America its Muslims>Jews.

          • MBlanc46

            I read a fair amount of feminist literature in my job, and in that domain, gender almost always gets priority. Women of color are at the top of the pyramid. Women come second People of color (sex unspecified) come third. Men of color are acceptable if oppression of women is not the context; they are merely men if it is. Men are acceptable if race and oppression of women aren’t the contexts (which they usually are), and white men are always the devil.

      • Xerxes22

        That depends on what the Feminist groups at Columbia have to say. Most likely they will keep quiet since it doesn’t fit their PC anti-White agenda.

        • robinbishop34

          Isn’t Columbia where our moral gatekeepers from the Frankfurt Institute take up shop when things got a little ‘unsettled’ in Germany in the early 30’s?

          • Defoe

            It’s only one of the places. Pick any, for the most part, Ivy League school.

            Within 20 years, the FS refugees and their acolytes had spread throughout academia.

    • Rhialto

      You may be making unwarrented assumptions about the altercation. Mr. Washington was probably explaining to the Asian that he should be studying to improve his capacity to unemploy white men . While he and other mighty black men would handle the inseminatory duties. There may well have been a failure to understand this by the unenlightened Asian, thus requiring more agressive teaching measures.

  • Columbia profile of Chad (looks late 20s in the photo):

    Ethnicity of his high school, Bishop O’Dowd, Oakland, CA:
    White 57%
    Black 18%
    Asian 16%
    Hispanic 9%

    • Some Guy

      That school has a highly recruited football program. Without football this thug would not have made it out of Middle School.

    • From his Columbia profile:

      Has the size and strength to be a complete player. Needs to become more consistent and disciplined.

      And his “discipline” issues just showed up, big time.


      2011: Played in three games … totaled five tackles and one tackle for loss … saw junior varsity action.

      So I doubt his absence will affect Columbia’s place on the Ivy League standings this coming season. Which is all I’m sure they’re worried about.

    • A street thug from Oakland. Now *there’s* a suprise!

    • François

      It checked it out. That look on his face… He looks like someone who just escaped from prison!

  • White Mom in WDC

    So can the legions of white women who wanted to pass on the purple penis but could not because they have been raped and killed be considered hate crime victims? What about the elderly white people at ‘beat whitey’ night? Oh I see, only other people can file hate crime charges like Asians, but not us white breads.

    Bite my white butt Holder!

    • Brutal Defiance14

      Right on! This is exactly why I refuse to watch or support college and pro sports except for nhl hockey! It is long past time for white men to stop worshiping and giving superhero status to black thugs who don’t belong in our nations.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Check out the authors of the piece too, a Jew and an Asian. If the victim was white would they have cared? No!

        Not only should whites avoid pro sports, but Hollywood and Chinese take out! Where is the love for the white people? There is none

  • pro-me

    Once again another Black athlete that has no business being in an academic institution, especially a prestigious one like Columbia. These guys are so pathetic, but the problem is that they think they’re greatest thing on earth. We have plenty of black athletes on my campus as well. Of course they’re completely absent from anything that is academically rigorous! I agree that we need some minor leagues to get rid of these guys.

    • MBlanc46

      [W]”e need some minor leagues to get rid of these guys.”

      Absolutely. Institutions of higher education should get out of the professional sports business. Student athletics should be for real students, not ringers from the ghetto. Let the NBA and NFL support their own minor leagues.

      • They are not in the “professional sports business”, the NCAA is a 501(c)3.

        • The__Bobster

          Which is why they pay their coaches millions and the sponsoring colleges even more?

        • MBlanc46

          That’s just a legal perversion of language.

      • Jane Johnson

        There used to be a joke around the SEC that Auburn always had so many seniors on their teams because no one ever left early for the NFL for fear that they’d have to take a pay cut if they turned pro.

        • MBlanc46

          I don’t claim to know the details of college sport, but it should be pretty clear to just about everyone that it’s a complete falsehood that big-time college football and basketball players are amateurs;.

  • Don

    How can we make these Africans disappear?

  • MBlanc46

    Unfortunately, their Negro athletes aren’t governed by their essential values. This is pretty Typical Negro Behavior, and it’s past time that it should be taken seriously and combated whenever and wherever it occurs.

  • PesachPatriot

    Why are the victims in these kind of incidents always either WWII vet white senior citizens or asians? I’m waiting for the news story of “aspiring rappers try playing knockout game with slayer fans” or maybe “aspiring doctor who was just turning his life around knocks over harley’s in front of country music tavern” . If I had an athletic scholarship to Columbia I wouldn’t want to do anything to screw it up….he’s lucky he didn’t try this in florida….the asian would have been able to legally stand his ground and give this affleete a terrible case of lead poisoning.

    • Brutal Defiance14

      Exactly man, that’s why I prefer the george zimmerman method to deal with thug youths and afleetes.

      • PesachPatriot

        It does save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in court costs, attorney fees and prison expenses. Most legal CCP holders generally avoid the trouble areas though….Very few responsible, legal gun owners want to shoot anybody because even though its better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 no one with a job, family or assets(most whites and asians) wants to deal with the troubles Mr. Zimmerman has on his plate. This thugalete is clinically retarded in my book….i have no respect for those who cannot respect education.

    • George

      Most universities prohibit CCW. Even in Florida.

    • My opinion of Slayer fans is they are wimps from those I have seen wearing t-shirts around Chicago …. just an slightly offensive t-shirt to wear.
      Maybe Disturbed fans?
      I know of three country music bars actually in Chicago, two are gay bars.

      • PesachPatriot

        There are Gay country music bars? I guess I have heard of weirder things but I didn’t think most gay dudes particularly cared for country music…some of the younger slayer fans under legal drinking age might be wimps, but they’re cooler than disturbed fans in my book,

        Even someone with an IQ of 85 doesn’t want to start trouble with a 40 year old drunk convicted felon with a shaved head, black and grey sleeves depicting demons and monsters, hand, neck and head tattoos generally….I find sagging pants to be a lot more offensive than slayer shirts. If you ever find yourself in the wrong part of town by accident cranking slayer(especially the early albums) will generally frighten away even the biggest, meanest looking gang bangers.

        • Metallica has the same effect. When I first got here, stopped to use a pay phone, hopped out, motor running and door left open. Metallica screaming out of the speaker boxes behind the seat of a Ford F-250 which had a “Confederate Flag” license plate on the front.
          Little did I know, I was in the dead center of Cabrini-Green.
          Yes, there are gay country bars in Chicago. Never been to them. A Lebanese friend was in one with a Lebanese female friend of hers, and I said “That was a gay bar”. “No?” Made her look it up on the interwebs.
          It’s funny that there is only heterosexual country bar, well at least that does any internet or traditional media advertising or promotion, as one of the continuously top 5 radio stations plays country (WUSN 99.5).

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m glad you made it out of Cabrini Green alive….i like Metallica a lot as well, but mostly the first four records (kill ’em all is my favorite.) The aspiring rappers in Florida really dislike Pantera, Motorhead, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary….ebil YT cracker debil music wif da bad juju they call it.

            One time when I worked on the ice cream truck a bunch of independent pharmaceutical salesman were angry that I denied their request to purchase nutty buddies, choco tacos and watermelon popsicles on credit and began threatening to kick my cracker honkey ass(they couldn’t tell that I’m more matzah then mayflower saltine) so I simply turned up Venom’s In League with Satan song off the welcome to hell record, gave them the crazy eyes, started cursing in hebrew “lech leazazel kooshi lifnei ani ochel et hanefesh shelcha” which roughly translates as go to hell n word before I eat your soul and they all started slowly backing away. I never had to use any actual violence in self defense because it was easier to outwit them using their superstitions. Its hard to believe that the Disturbed fans in chicago are scarier looking than the Slayer fans. There is also something quite hilarious thinking about two lebanese in a gay country bar.

          • Those folks will believe literally anything. In the Denver County jail in 2001 one of them decided I was a CIA agent who was on a special assignment to get him hooked on drugs and then brainwash him into committing political murders. Since I was on a no-bond FBI hold at the time, I found this hilarious. The poor dumb dude completely lost it and begged to be taken to the hole, which the deputies obliged.

            I look back on my prolonged exposure to blacks as a rather enlightening experience. I did work up a nice small business plan for one of the more decent blacks, though. He now buys used small boats down south and sells them in Colorado, Arizona and Utah at a nice markup. He knows watercraft pretty well, as he used to work a fishing boat. I told him to start with DEA seizures, because that was the cheapest way to get in. I don’t hate blacks or actively wish them harm; I just don’t want them in my country. I’m allergic to cats, and while I don’t hate cats, I don’t want one in my home.

            This brings us back to my first paragraph. I’m the most racist individual most of my friends have ever met, but blacks believe – they even want to believe – that we actively work to hurt them and that our intelligence enables us to do this in a way that can not be observed.

    • MBlanc46

      Back in the days of real student athletes, Ivy League and similar schools (including the service academies) could be competitive in sports. American football was practically invented at Yale. The University of Chicago Maroons (then in the Big Ten) were the original Monsters of the Midway. One of their players was the model for the Heisman trophy. Those days are long gone. Now it’s all barely literate ‘hood rats.

      • “University of Chicago…those days are long gone”

        You got that right. I read that they’re ditching the Freshman swim test because of Africanus Rockfishius.

      • François

        But why did things evolve in that direction, in US universities?

        • Defoe

          For the same reasons “things” have evolved “in that direction” everywhere in every White country in the world.

        • MBlanc46

          A lot of factors, but television corrupted colleges as it’s corrupted so many things.

  • JohnEngelman

    If one is good at football everything else will be excused as long as that person can win games.

    • François

      Sometimes it really looks like these athletes, or “afwetes” can get away with pretty much everything. They are protected.

    • He plays “footsball” at Columbia, that perennial powerhouse …
      Why does a school in the middle of NYC even foot the bill for these expenses?
      Oh. yes, white people are paying for everything, for a hope to beat Harvard or Yale.

      • StillModerated

        Funny you should mention it! On a slow Saturday last fall, I surfed on to Harvard v Columbia. Not only was the game worse than high school quality, there were few fans in the crowd — and it’s not a large stadium.

  • I wonder whether Sophia Kirby (“Why We Need Diversity on College Campuses” – link here May 7) thinks this goon’s behavior is “collateral damage” or the desired outcome.

  • Funruffian

    Blacks resent Asians. For Blacks, Asians are a sore spot for Negroes, because Asians have proven time after time that they are far superior in intellect, culture, self-control and independence. Asians came to this country without a pot to piss in, they worked hard, went to school, became multi-talented where their sons and daughters perform on the NY Philharmonic as top-level musicians. The Blacks never came close to the perameters and standards Asians set for themselves in acheivement and worth, and the Blacks never will.
    This is only regarded as a Hate-crime, because the Bantu attacked an Asian. If this were a White victim, it would be passed off as a random assault.

    I beez here on an athletic scholah-ship, Suckah!

    • robinbishop34

      “If this were a White victim, it would be passed off as a random assault.”

      It would probably be described as a ‘fight,’ even though it was clearly an assault.

    • PesachPatriot

      You have a pretty good point here. I think they dislike all non-blacks in this country because every other group has done better than them….illegal hispanic immigrants who can’t even speak english come here and get jobs because they can be polite, work hard, operate belts and be in front of home depot by 6am….foreigners from the middle east and india with difficult to pronounce names are the only ones willing to risk their lives to run businesses in their neighborhoods and end up speaking better, more grammatically correct english in 5 years than people who have been in an english speaking society for over 300 years. Even the amerindians have done better than the blacks and can at least run casinos and manage tobacco sales…they have a nice motorcycle and a baseball team named for them, the most famous street named after a black historical figure is a place now synonymous with 24/7 crack sales, warrants being served, fatherless children, weekly gang shootings and liquor stores with bars on the windows and bulletproof glass.

  • Magician

    The only reason Chad Washington has been charged with a hate crime is because the victim is also a non-white. If it were a white male, the white male must have been charged with a hate crime for attempting to have a black male charged with a hate crime.

  • StillModerated

    Washington is a 6-foot-4 defensive lineman from Oakland, Calif. His alleged victim is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

    Washington may have been with at least four other people. Police are investigating whether they participated in the harassment.

    Even with that physical advantage, the Oakland hood rat wouldn’t attack a 10-stone weakling without 3 other tittering, racist thugs at his side. Behold! The noble savage.

    God help AmeriKwa!

  • The Culturalist

    It’s a shame because you can tell that with the harassment of the heroic Chad Washington we will be cheated out of all the innovations and discoveries which would advance civilization so far that he was surely destined to give us. Thanks to this racist, criminal persecution of the saintly Chad Washington, we will be held in the depths of the white man’s dark ages.

    Free Chad Washington

  • Paleoconn

    Wait, I thought only Whites could be racist. Stop the presses!

    It is likely this guy and his buddies didn’t like the fact that the women preferred the company of the Asian guy. And this is the textbook modus operandi of these thugs, ganging up on people instead of doing it one on one.

    • The__Bobster

      Frankly, I don’t want either of them here.

      • François

        But that Asian guy showed an example of what needs to be done: standing up to provocative Black thugs!

  • Sue

    the multi-cultural diversity of our students, faculty and staff; our
    openness to people and ideas; and tolerance for our differences. And we
    will continue to be guided by these essential values.”
    If it isn’t diverse it’s less or more of a crime? How do they manage day after day to put out this swill?

    • Defoe

      They surely don’t believe the things they say, so they are prostituting themselves for money, position, and prestige. They are worse than pigs, they are the lowest form of life. They deserve zero respect. In fact, they deserve our disdain.

  • Dunnyveg

    I have to wonder if the attorney, Mr. Fetterman, would take such a cavalier attitude had the perp been white. In our PC utopia, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  • Intrepid

    The Columbia Spectator also reported that Washington recently wrote an op-ed piece for the newspaper in which he said student athletes deserved more respect than they’re given on campus.

    It seems like this guy got jealous that those two women were with the Asian guy, and then tried to do something about it. He’s messed up a good part of his future, because this story has reached national news. It also reflects badly on Blacks and Columbia University.

    • The notion that black afawetes “deserve more respect on campus” is very nearly as funny as the assertion that “Black women don’t talk enough,” which we also read here on a (slightly) different thread.

      We have potential syntheses from several articles; Washington be’s a afawete who don’t get nuff respek cause his momma didn’t talk nuff to him on her sail foam. Gnome sayin?

      Never mind, Intrepid; this goon will have every excuse in the book made for him.

      Hint to the world’s Chad Washingtons: If you would like an intelligent, pretty white or northeast Asian girlfriend, get yourself an operation by Dr. Moreau. I hear he has an island in French Polynesia, and can fix it so you do not look like a baboon-faced, hulking orc.

    • François

      More respect??? Guys like him already have sholarships, admissions to Ivy League universities, and the whole «jock entitlement» thing… What more does he want? The right of life or death on fellow students at Columbia?

      Get a grip, Chad!

      • “What more does he want? The right of life or death on fellow students at Columbia?”

        That’s a very reasonable educated guess. Certainly harassing, following and physically assaulting a man nine inches shorter than him who had never done him any wrong didn’t pose any moral issues for Washington.

        I suspect that at Columbia, Washington has realized how stupid he really is, and he actually hates the real students there. Especially east Asians. An Oriental guy isn’t as likely to unzip you with a box-cutter, so the victim was considered a safe target.

        I’d have drawn the box-cutter up the inside of his right thigh, since I’m right handed. The femoral artery is easy that way, and there is no chance of paramedics saving a 15-inch cut.

        In my freshman year at UCSC, everybody was so damned nice that racial trouble never occurred to anyone. The only black guy I knew was Percival, and he was a quadroon, maybe with some Carib Indian ancestry: a tan guy with an afro. He was a computer science major. He actually finished the degree, which means he passed Huffman’s horrible class. I actually left UCSC without a degree and finished physical chemistry at CU Boulder as a grad student without having a BA, which got me the BA a year later. I actually liked it at CU Boulder.

        If I could teach college chemistry lab classes full-time, I would.

        • François

          Thanks for sharing that.

          Take care!

  • mrcan

    charges will be dismissed as long as he attends sensitivity training. and Columbia will introduce mandatory diversity training highlighting the evils of the white man and how they treated the Asian rail workers 100 years ago.