Orania: The Remote Town in South Africa Where Afrikaners Dream of Building Their Own State

Nick Enoch, Daily Mail (London), May 8, 2013

‘Welkom in Orania’ proclaims a mural, painted in white, blue and orange.

But this South African town, in the remote Northern Cape province, does not extend its welcome to everyone.

The colour scheme on the wall – accompanied by the community emblem of a boy pulling up his sleeves – harks back to the old apartheid flag.

Orania, one of the last outposts of racial segregation, is a whites-only enclave.

Around 1,000 people live in the rural community, established in 1991 during the last years of apartheid.

Built on 8,000 hectares of private farmland along the Orange River in the desolate region of Karoo, it has schools, a museum and even its own currency, the Ora.

All the residents are Afrikaners – descendants of white migrants of Dutch and German heritage – who make up about 7 per cent of South Africa’s population.

Yet despite there being no black faces in sight, they insist the town is not racist.

‘When new people come to Orania, they are interviewed by a group of people to make sure that they have sufficient understanding of what the town is about,’ Carel Boshoff IV, the son of the late founder of the town, Carel Boshoff III, told Sowetan Live.

Carel is also the great son-in-law of former prime minister Henrik Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid.

Among those to have made Orania their home is Kobus Jonck, a sheep farmer who moved there with his family last year.

‘We are safe here. We do not worry about locking our cars at night, even the (house) doors… they are never locked,’ he said.

Orania’s motto is ‘Working for freedom’ – and many other inhabitants like him are self-sufficient farmers or traders.

Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times under Dutch and British rule but became official policy in 1948, enforced through legislation by the National Party – the majority of whom were Afrikaners.

Fast forward to the present day, and Orania’s town authorities believe what they’re doing is the best way to preserve Afrikaner culture and language.

They hope that, eventually, the town will become an independent state for the Afrikaner people, who total 3million.

Its officials claim the population is growing at a rate of 9 per cent a year.

Furthermore, Orania is protected under article 235 of South Africa’s Constitution which ensures the right to self-determination.

The legislation recognises ‘the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage within a territorial entity within the republic’.

But despite their optimism, some residents are uncomfortable about the future.

One waiter at a bar is convinced ‘black South Africans will kill all white people’ when anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela dies.

Mandela became South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison for his fight against racist apartheid rule, and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

In 1995, in a conciliatory gesture, he went to Orania to meet Betsie Verwoerd – the widow of the man who virtually invented white rule, and who sent Mandela to jail.

The town boasts a statue of her husband, Hendrik, who was assassinated in 1966.

She said she was happy the then 77-year-old president was able to visit her.

But Betsie’s granddaughter, Elizabeth van der Berg, was more guarded in her reaction, saying, ‘We wish he was the president of a neighboring country.’

After Mrs Verwoerd and Mandela shared a cup of coffee and some cakes, the apartheid architect’s widow read a speech in Afrikaans as she leaned on her cane.

‘I identify myself with the wishes of my people for a volkstaat [‘people’s state’], which I believe could be developed in this part of the country,’ she said, according to an English translation of her speech.

But Mandela said: ‘I want a united South Africa, where we can cease to think in terms of color.’

A desire that is shared by many.

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  • sbuffalonative

    But this South African town, in the remote Northern Cape province, does not extend its welcome to everyone.

    They should have just titled this piece, “The Town That Hate Built “.

    Why can’t people just leave us alone to live in peace? Why is an ‘historically black community’ celebrated and protected but an historically white community marked for destruction?

    Even IF they leave Orania alone, after the blacks end up destroying the cities of South Africa, they will turn to Orania and condemn the town for being prosperous and exclusive.

    • guest

      I believe that the black South African government has more respect for Orania than the spineless, liberal, f aggots in the British media.

    • HamletsGhost

      “Why can’t people just leave us alone to live in peace?”

      Because they can’t. Why doesn’t a mosquito leave you alone in peace? Because it can’t. It needs to feed off of you just like minorities need to.

      Parasitism is found all over the natural world, and the human world is no different.

      No use getting angry about it. Just get to work on it.

    • oatwillie

      Africa hasn’t been worth a damn since the English left. Every country that the blacks rule, winds up becoming a crime ridden diseased shithole. Read Robert Roark’s “Uhuru” or Google “Maumau”. It tells of a time when it was good to be a white man. .

  • Paddy Tarleton

    The reality is Bantu blacks NEED whites around so they can sustain themselves. Whether this is consciously or unconsciously recognized by them collectively is up for debate, but there is no contesting that reality.

    • PlumberofNazareth

      Indeed. If the SA whites were to secede/peacefully form their own nation and take all their wealth, capital, infrastructure, and, most importantly, their knowledge, education, and Calvinist work ethic with them, SA would be a Somalia in months. The gang wars going on now between Zulus, the Xhosa, and Bantu immigrants from Zim would pale in comparison to the veritable apocalypse that would occur if the blacks there are wholly left to sustain themselves.

      On another note, I have a friend in Cape Town who is working with a bunch of whites and a few coloureds to make Cape Town and the surrounding exurbs into a semi-autonomous state similar to Singapore. Their goal is to establish a working environment where all the whites and (relatively) intelligent coloureds could actually get going a working republic based off of Boer values and techno-commercial capitalism. I’ll see if they have a website I can link you guys to.

    • newscomments70

      I remember reading an article in the MSM. A liberal white teacher asked her mostly black and hispanic class, “what would life be like without whites?” One boy replied, “we would be f’d”. Everyone laughed. Some do realize the truth. I believe most think that their lives would be full of wealth and leisure without whites…that we are somehow taking something from them, even though it is exactly the opposite.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Wrong. That student spoke for most of his community. The turds will wash up on any shore we land on and make better. At some point, survival instincts will kick in and it will be them or us. The DWLs will be dead by then

    • Bobbala

      I had this exchange on another site. They really don’t know.

      Bobbala • 8 days ago
      A black man’s dream is to live in a white world that blacks control.
      A black man’s nightmare is to live in a black world that blacks control.
      A black man’s reality is that everywhere he goes eventually becomes a black world when blacks control.

      Guest Bobbala • 8 days ago
      “A black man’s dream is to live in a white world that black’r ps control,
      A black man’s nightmare is to libe in a black world that black’s control”

      Reasonable right-leaning people: You ARE noticing this, right?

      Bobbala Guest • 8 days ago
      Please, give examples of any black governed town, city , county, state, country, region, island or continent that prospers and attracts immigration from any not black place … I wish I was wrong. History proves that black people can govern or eat. Never both. Truth is racist.

      Guest Bobbala • 8 days ago
      The United States of America

      Bobbala Guest • 8 days ago
      LOL I have to agree. 12% of the population has proven more than enough to fix the USA. I hope you enjoy it.
      I think you’ve proven my original statement.

  • jeffaral

    Orania is more like a zoo or an Indian reservation. Whites there are like sitting ducks waiting to be wiped out.

    • newscomments70

      Not really. It’s more like a monastary during the Dark Ages..the only flickering light of civilation amid horrific savagery and darkness. Many mediveal monastaries still survive today. Financially they are doing very well. They have expanded and they are building a casino.

      • sbuffalonative

        Let’s hope they thrive but I fear their success will attract attention from all the wrong people.
        I don’t like the idea of a casino. That will only attract outsiders, some of whom will be disreputable and have an agenda.

        • jambi19

          You can be sure plenty of “sit ins” will occur.

          • newscomments70

            “Sit ins” are for liberal white students…hippies. That is a quaint memory of the past, when whites were actually admitted to universities. The few whites that make it past Affirmative Action are too busy working off their loans. Minorities don’t have sit ins. They simply have violent riots. They riot if you take their handouts away, or if a white person kills one of them in self-defense.

        • Vaclaw

          The idea of a casino worked for Monaco.

      • rebelcelt

        The Vikings did a number on the monastaries when they were a small percent of the people on Britain (a raiding party away from home). These blacks are the overwhelming majority and are at home.

        • newscomments70

          I know, and Orania knows that as well. They are armed and they give their children weapons training…as should we. There are some photos online of Orania residents assisting their children in target practice. The liberal, anti-white media displays these photos to show us how horrible these evil whites are…it has the opposite effect on me though. I am filled with inspiration.

      • laager

        Orania is the equivalent of an Amish community in the USA
        A prosperous self sustaining community living according to it’s own set of values surrounded by others pursuing a destination on a different journey.

        • newscomments70

          I’ve seen the photos in the anti-white screed. They were actually inspiring, even though that wasn’t the intended effect. The comments on the original article are worth reading. The pro-white coments attract many thumbs up. The white liberal comments have many thumbs down. I tried to submit a comment discussing black on white crime in SA. I’m quite sure it will never be posted by the liberal rag (or something that rhymes with rag).

          Have you ever visited Orania?

          • laager

            No I have not visited Orania. I have only passed close by. I have however spent time in a number of other Afrikaner dorps [villages] in the Orange free State which are fairly similar. I subscribe to the Orania on-line newsletter and keep up to speed on their developments.

        • Niven

          Difference is Amish community is religious group with rigid rule. Orania=whites who don’t want to live with blacks.

          • laager

            Most Afrikaners are devout and members of one of the 3 mainstream Dutch Reformed Churches in SA. They see themselves as committed Christians. They are quite content to live in peace alongside their [black] neighbours but they have no desire to integrate with them nor do they want to rule them. That is very much English liberal thinking that imposed itself on South Africa between 1806 and 1902.

            The Afrikaners race realism has its roots in February 1838.
            They left the Cape in 1834 to escape British oppression and seek a territory where they could pursue their self determination in peace alongside their neighbours. They concluded a deal in principle for a territory with the Zulu in Natal. When they arrived at the ceremony to ratify the deal Piet Retief’s party of 100 were massacred. The Zulu then followed up by attacking and massacring a number of their wagon trains at Bloukrans [Blue Cliffs]. In December 1838 the Afrikaners crushed the Zulu at The Battle of Blood River. They did not follow up by occupying Zulu territory. They let the victory be a marker to let the Zulu know that they were not to be messed with. From that day forth they kept their distance from all blacks. Their goodwill had been spurned and the blacks had shown themselves to be untrustworthy.

  • Anonymous

    I pray that Oriana gets to be a free White state and I hope that they’ll have nuclear technology with some help from Israel.

    • Defoe

      Why would you think for even one nano-second that Israel would help them get nuclear technology?

      • newscomments70

        Yes. The real South Africa and Isreal often worked together in the past. The Isreali army has a siginficant number of former South Africans. The “new” South Africa is anti-Isreal. Also, dual citizens of the U.S and Isreal overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney, 85%. Isreal recently expelled African illegals, and they have a wall to keep out Muslims. Isreal is race realist. Their Hollywood supporters are radically the opposite…I wonder how that will develop as the years pass.

        • BonusGift

          Oh how quickly the narrative can change when you control the MSM. I suggest you read Ilana Mercer’s “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” and especially her preface. As a reminder, her family (Jewish by the way) strongly supported the dispossession of white Christians in South Africa, and now she regrets it. In short, the diamonds and gold attracted a sizeable Jewish element that, on balance sold the Afrikaners down the river and now many/most ex-South African jews many reside in Israel or the U.S. and, unlike Ilana, have washed their hands of the whole business (much like what happened in Russia during the soviet days when jewish bolshiviks went from killers of Christians to “hey what the heck, we are just Gulag victims as well as you, blah, blah, blah, who could have known this would have happened, blah, blah, …” (as will also happen in the U.S. as it becomes clear that the hellhole is opening up to swallow all whites regardless of religious affiliation). In a shorthand summary, Israel needed the material from South Africa to build their bombs, and that is why they had trade with them. Whites in South Africa already had the bomb during Apartheid, and thank God the Bantus no longer do. If the Boers already had the bomb (that was given up by the Bantus) why would they need technological help from Israel (to regain what they already had)?

        • The Israel-US dual citizens would not even support Patrick Buchanan in his temperate defense of white-America. So maybe there’s a common interest now and then, but they’re far from qualifying as permanent allies of the Euro-American side of race realism.

      • The__Bobster

        They might already have it. The bombs SA had went someplace after the Bantus took over.

      • GM (Australia)

        Uranium Ore.

        • jambi19

          Quid pro quo?

      • Anonymous

        Actually despite a few rifts between the two countries relations were cordial especially when many Sub-Saharan African nations began to turn on Israel. SA also had a large Jewish population comparative with the total White SA population.
        With the introduction of Ethiopians and other sub- Saharan Bantu into Israel, they are beginning to see the “fruits” of diversity e.g Israeli kids being beaten up and bullied in the schools, increasing crime against Israeli citizens by Blacks and other social turmoil.

    • bebe

      We gave ours to Israel in the first place…they sure aren’t going to help any White people to survive.

      WE are the ones who need help these people. They are of our race.

  • Athling

    Arthur Kemp has a new book out that addresses how we might develop our own ethnostate. The time is drawing nearer. I haven’t read it yet but plan to.

    Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World

    “Given current demographic trends, European people will first become an outright minority in their own lands within the next thirty years. Thereafter, they will become a tiny minority, and shortly after that, will vanish completely under a flood of further immigration and miscegenation.” — Arthur Kemp

    • David Ashton

      My patriotic friends in Britain cannot wait to “leave Europe”. Sadly some of them seem to regard the nearby Saxons, Normans, Danes and Romans as less desirable future partners than the Chinese, Africans, Arabs and Indians.

      • Athling

        That is stunning if true. I think alot of people have gotten used to relatively small numbers of non-white minorities. Can you imagine though how the worm will turn when their numbers become dominant, when they control the levers of government, the courts, and every other major institution? I want no part of that scenario, thank you very much.

        • Sick of it

          We have people in the American Congress who are literally working for the Mexican drug cartels, so I expect it can get pretty damn bad.

        • David Ashton

          Neither do I. And by the Romans I had in mind the Italian heritage, not the “Roma/Sinti” nomads unwanted in eastern and southern Europe.

          “Fears of a new wave of illegal immigration were raised yesterday after Romania declared it was on the brink of joining a EU scheme to allow free movement of people. The move raises the specter of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Far East getting…across its poorly guarded borders with the aim of heading to the UK.” – Anil Dawar, “Daily Express”, May 10, p.1.

          We need a Union of European Peoples – against the “EU” Regime.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Only the entire Oranje province. Otherwise, it won’t be sustainable. And, yes. Not without war. No pain, no gain.

    • GM (Australia)

      Sadly, even if successful it would be regarded by the UN as state to be more despised than north Korea.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Who gives a shite about the UN? Time to get off that bus. F$&k the UN

  • I wonder how long will it be before the blacks want to take it over and make it a part of South Africa? Personally, if I was in their shoes, I would look for another place to live in because I do not think Orania will be safe in the future.

    • BonusGift

      At first it would appear counterintuitive to have a white Christian ethno state there, but it might not be so crazy after all. if you are going to be surrounded who would you rather be surrounded by: (A) incompetent aggressive Negroes who are at constant war with each other and will steal anything they can (i.e., that is not defended with force), or (B) arrogant but relatively silent Mongoloids that copy Whitey and secretly hate him and wait for a perceived weakness? Maybe option A is not so bad at all; but, then again, this assumes that with whitey’s technology option B doesn’t wipe out option A anyway.

      • Anonymous

        I do think it is completely counterintuitive to have a White ethnostate there. It would be far more logical to just reserve all of mainland Europe as a collection of White ethnostates. Any White person living outside of Europe should have the right to return to mainland Europe.

    • laager

      I don’t think this will happen.
      If you look at the diposition of the 9 black tribes of southern Africa you will see that when they migrated from north to the south they settled on the eastern side of Africa, to the east of the 40″ rainfall line. Their subsistence society required this level of rainfall to sustain their crops and livestock. Orania is located to the west of of the 40″ rainfall line. That means that to survive there you have to irrigate from the Orange River. This requires technical skills and hard work. It is not just a case of planting seed and then waiting for the rains to come. As we have seen in the rest of Africa this is not the African way.
      I think blacks will leave this white enclave alone as it is simply too dry for blacks to create a living from the land.
      Worst case scenario is that they may just massacre the whites there to get rid of them and then let the semi-desert consume the whole enterprise.
      Destruction is the black mans forte’.Creativity is not

  • anarchyst

    Orania can work if it steers clear of the multinational banking system. A solid currency of silver and gold would go a long way to assure Orania’s future.
    If I were younger, I would definitely request to emigrate . . .

    • newscomments70

      They have their own currency, but they still use the Rand.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. Stay away from the smiling stab in you in the back banksteins

  • anarchyst

    Orania should have a pro-gun (self-protection) philosophy modeled on the United States’ Second Amendment. In fact, a carefully crafted Constitution and a “Bill Of Rights” in which “rights” are inherent (not “granted” by government) but emanate from our “creator” would be a good start. Of course there would be no need for so-called “civil-rights (for some)” amendments.

    • Slight disagreement: Not only do I not think the supernatural genesis of civil liberties is necessary, I’m starting to think more and more that it’s been one of our most foolish legendary constructs. If you think rights are a gift from God, then what’s going to prevent you, other than various legalistic contrivances and temporary ones at that, from arming thug blacks to the teeth? The big upside in the supernaturalization of rights mythology is what you said: It takes them beyond the level of human/state control.

      In reality, what we think of as civil liberties are the product of our millennia-old hard won civilization, and a lot of trial and error.

      • Mr Plankton

        If we could send all the blacks in the US to Detroit and wall it off from the rest of us, I wouldn’t have one single problem with giving every last one of them all an AK-47 and 5 hand grenades.

      • anarchyst

        “Rights” that are “endowed by our creator (whoever or whatever that is) are inherent in the human condition and CANNOT be “revoked” or limited by mankind. I realize that such is not the case in present-day America, but the idea that our rights come from elsewhere than mankind is a truly liberating idea. One does not have to believe in God or a “higher power” to realize that our “rights” are a part of the “human condition”. The “dead white males” that came up with this concept were (and are) truly brilliant. In practice, things have not always “worked out” that way, but the idea stands. I stand by my statement, do respect your opinion, but “agree to disagree”. Best regards . . .
        P. S. What do inherent rights have to do with arming thug blacks. As far as I am concerned, severe punishment for misbehavior by black thugs and eventual recolonization is still a viable concept. . .

  • Easyrhino1

    Reminds me of the fictional town of Woodbury from the Walking Dead TV show.

    Their territory is a tad over 30 square miles and if they are sufficiently armed and have enough men of fighting age to fend off zombie attacks they may be able to prosper. Their future will depend on growing their population and expanding their territory

  • NYB

    “Mandela said: ‘I want a united South Africa, where we can cease to think in terms of color.”

    Translation: “We want the wealth of whites to be ‘unified’ with blacks.”

    An uneven deal if their ever was one.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Mandela’s race-baiting party the ANC will NEVER “cease to think in terms of color”.

      Right now they have an affirmative action policy that discriminates against the shrinking white population in favor of the blacks who run the country.

  • bigone4u

    Just as in the US, parasitic blacks claim to own everything:

    “In November 2005, around 60 Cape Coloured families lodged a land claim with the government, for around 483 hectares of land within the town. These families claimed to have lived in the town from 1965, when it was first constructed, up until 1991, when it was sold by the government. The claimants hold that they were forced to leave in 1991, when the town was converted into Orania, and that this constitutes a forced removal in terms of race. The community of Orania opposed the claim.[9] The land claim was settled in December 2006 when the South African government agreed to pay the claimants R2,9 million in compensation.”

    • The__Bobster

      I’m betting the claimants moved into the area after it was already settled and have as much right to the money as the American black “farmers”.

    • 2900000 ZAR = 321320 USD (US Dollar).

      How long do you think that lasted 600 fambilies. It was $5355 a piece at todays exchange rate.

      • bigone4u

        At least it wasn’t Zimbabwe money, which would be 39 cents:-)

    • laager

      Orania was originally created to house the workers constructing a dam on the nearby Orange River. When the project was completed everyone – white, coloured and black employees – left as there was nothing to keep them there any longer. The original white Afrikaner inhabitants lead by Carel Boshoff found this derelict abandoned settlement and bought it from the government Dept of Water Affairs. They then bought vacant surrounding agricultural land and set about building their independent community whilst the collapse of apartheid and handover to the ANC raged around them. They were perceived at as bunch of right wing loonies and left to their own devices.

  • newscomments70

    Orania has a website. I have written to them before to offer my support and best wishes. They are very nice and will be pleased to talk with you. They are thriving, albeit small.

    • I googled, but I cannot find it. What is the link?

      • newscomments70

        It looks like our liberal friends at Google removed it from their database. You can only find articles on how “racist” Orania is. Anyhow, I found it somewhere else, here you go: http://www.orania.co.za/english/

  • PlumberofNazareth

    If the SA whites were to secede/peacefully form their own nation and take all their wealth, capital, infrastructure, and, most importantly, their knowledge, education, and Calvinist work ethic with them, SA would be a Somalia in months. The gang wars going on now between Zulus, the Xhosa, and Bantu immigrants from Zim would pale in comparison to the veritable apocalypse that would occur if the blacks there are left wholly alone to sustain themselves.

    On another note, I have a friend in Cape Town who is working with a bunch of whites and a few coloureds to make Cape Town and the surrounding exurbs into an autonomous state similar to Singapore in size and population density. Their goal is to establish a working environment where all the whites and (relatively) intelligent coloureds could actually get going a working republic based off of Boer values and techno-commercial capitalism. I’ll see if they have a website I can link you guys to.

    • The__Bobster

      Allowing any coloureds in will prove to be their Achilles heel.

      • PlumberofNazareth

        Possible, but having visited there before, coloureds are far more culturally white than the blacks in SA will ever be. Many of them are also far more conservative and supportive of white political movements than the Anglo-Africans are. And, of course, there’s the fact that they’re 70% of Kaapstad’s population to begin with.

        • OBSERVER

          Negro is an African is a Negro is a Colored is a Negro is an African.

          • laager

            In South Africa Coloured means Mulatto. The product of mixed unions resulting in being neither black nor white. Just like President Obama who has a black father and a white mother – a 50/50 black/white ethnic mix.

    • Romulus

      I wouldnt give a flying freak how ” nice” they are or how Much they see life the white way. The instant you set a precedent. You can never take it back. Even Lincoln thought he could go for repatriation. We see how well that worked out. Once other people come into your space you can never get them out. The only true method of assimilation is the Roman method of prima notte. You ixnay the other tribes men and corral /breed the females. white blood is like magic pixie dust. It makes everyone prettier. Just take a look at Halle berry and Beyonce. If you keep the dominant tribes DNA dominant with enough “white” diversity” and allow the makes to pass on both their y chromosome and their white maternal mean, they can remain intact. If you miscegenation the other way, you get bred out. Northern European genes are recessive with every brown race. Only with closer caucasoid cousins do they mix very well. A perfect example are the American Amish. Their economic model is sustainable. One calorie into the earth one Calorie out. There has always been enough”white” people in America to keep their gene pool viable, except that “English” saw them as different. Let’s hope Iranian doesn’t repeat history. There is no such thing as making a mulatto paradise. Remember what the Haitian did to the whites after they we’re freed.

      • Romulus

        forgive my typos. I of course meant oranians and white maternal mdna

  • newscomments70

    I agree that they will try this, but we will stop them. Defeat is not an option anymore.

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    • guest

      You need to internalize that even more. I noticed in the article that they said, “no no, we’re not racist!” You need to stop apologizing. When you get accused of racism, say, “we feel best with our own kind.” Don’t try to directly deny being racist or apologize.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Good luck to them, but I have my doubts. I hope they have a good route of outlet to the sea or some airport, and some plans to use them, if it comes to that. As Mandela indicated, the blacks will push for a unified country at some point. I think at one point a major Afrikaner politician proposed grand apartheid, setting aside swaths of the country for whites, blacks, and coloureds, but he was assassinated, not sure by whom.

  • The__Bobster

    I hope that the Whites learned their lesson and will allow zero Bantus in their state. And any libtard or greedball who suggests that Bantus be let in should be exiled.

    • Romulus

      You mean sleeping with the fishes!

  • The__Bobster

    They need to grow a backbone and tell TPTB to pound salt, that no threat or boycott will work this time. Their very survival is at stake.

  • jay11

    Well they need to keep expanding their territory through purchases until they own miles of land in every direction. They need a real police force to patrol the borders. They need to stockpile military grade defense equipment. They need to expand towards the western coast. They need to be proactive about land purchases in other parts of the western cape and even into capetown. Eventually they will need the entire western cape province when they declare independence. The big and most important thing is this: they need a registry of white people who vote/have voted for any and all liberal/black/socialist parties and DENY them from ever migrating to the new white country. They must never allow non-whites to settle or even enter for work either, or the whole downward spiral will happen all over again.

    • Romulus

      You are correct. Of course, we know! who the “traitors” will most likely be

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty


      • OBSERVER

        True. There is always that group, who think they are white, that come in and demand access and sue everybody in sight. When they “break down barriers” they also bring in the Mexicans and Haitians and Africans.

        They MUST NEVER be allowed in a White nation again.

  • Bobbala

    This sounds a lot like the Virginia Dare story. How long before we never here how they mysteriously are never heard from again?

    • guest

      People die in wars, but the truth always prevails. That region eventually became a European colony and nation. Virginia Dare is long dead, but her legacy is alive and well, 400 years later.

  • PerfectForm

    I’m not sure why they would want to form their exclusively white community in Africa. I for one like to travel about and stretch out my legs. Regardless of how nice their community may be for them, they’re still surrounded by blackness. I’d imagine Australia would be a more suitable location for them. It’s unfortunate we hadn’t colonized more Southern Hemisphere lands when they still only had spears..

    • Anonymous

      I’d imagine the NETHERLANDS to be a more suitable location for them, since it is the land of their ancestors.

      • jackryanvb

        Anonymous PerfectForm • 6 hours ago −
        “I’d imagine the NETHERLANDS to be a more suitable location for them, since it is the land of their ancestors.”

        Correction IT WAS the land of the Afrikaners’ ancestors. Now Dutch cities are inhabited , terrorized by Arab Muslims, Afro Arab pimps, drug dealers.

      • Niven

        No,beacause white South Africans are a mixture of many different European nationalities just like Americans. French,Dutch,German,Italian,English etc.Would be great if America and other white countries would welcome white South Africans,but we all know they prefer non-whites.

  • josh

    Mandela wants to cease thinking of color;what a sick joke! Please folks get guns,guns,and more guns!!!

  • jeffaral

    The article doesn’t mention the fact that Orania is a sectarian community of Christian fundamentalists, which means that only members of some sects within the Reformed Dutch Church would be welcomed there. Not surprisingly the founder of Orania, pastor Carl Boshoff III, as all good protestant calvinists. was an opponent of Apartheid who spent most of his life bringing the Gospel to the black tribes in SA and even in neighbouring countries, helping to “empower” black people. It’s proven again and again that we CAN”T trust egalitarian Marxist Christians.

    • PlumberofNazareth

      Calvinists are among the most unegalitarian sects of Christianity. I grew up going to a hard core Presbyterian kirk in Belfast, and often visited with my maternal cousins in rural county Antrim and Down. Trust me. Calvinists are about as far from Marxists as you can get.

  • Korpiklaani

    GO BOERS GO!!! Us Slavs are behind you 100% We’re brothers till the last man takes his breath.

    • Korpiklaani

      that should read *last breath*….

  • guest

    I just read an article about Orania. It said something along the lines of how it seems like any other South African farming town, but then you realize it’s all white. Of course, they make it seem like it’s a bad thing, since anything that’s good for whites is seen as racist and hateful.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    The Afrikaners showed the world how much whites like being a minority all the way to 1994 with the world giving them a collective crank with a vice-grip. Yet they held out. Now one may say “but look what happened”. True, that was a lesson no race conscious white can ever afford to forget. But many who were part of the treason at the end had somewhere to flee, UK, Australia, Holland, etc. Soon it will become clear we have nowhere to go. Then we will start working together. Then our obsessively competitive spirit will be redirected- less wasted on football and “who can be the more socially accepted liberal at the college party,” and it will become sociopolitical.

    Things will become biblical when the qualities inherent in the germ-plasm of the Caucasian race awaken and dominate in a new, grand arena of action. “What the whites giveth, the whites can taketh away” will be on the lips of everyone, even Morgan Freeman and Django. Oops, had our day, but our world just got turned upside-down. Look- we really are powerless and at the mercies of another race? Crap! Hey, why am I on a
    boat to Arabia? Hey, why are the Arabs castrating me?

    • Romulus

      Interesting that you recall what the camel jockeydid to us. Here’s a fun fact: Most American makes have no clue that they’re being chemically and socially neutered. If you gentlemen have sons, you want to teach them to be as chemical free as humanly possible. Especially,from hormone distillers and plastics. Also, be mindful of any foods that are estrogenic. (concentrated soy protein,bpa, thalates, etc.)

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Just grow your own as much as possible and use farmers markets for what you can’t.

  • jambi19

    Look at a 2013 map of Africa. How many third world holes have been granted independent status based on ethnicity? Look at the map it looks as like a thousand puzzle pieces. Why can’t Afrikaaners have one tiny piece? South Sudan in 1,000 years will never build a medical school, a manufacturing plant or a corporation. Why do they become a country and not Orania?

    • guest

      The politically correct, anti-white social experiments are all failing. We will return. Propping up silly black governments and subduing whites is like a dam holding back a raging river. Eventually the dam will break. You cannot stop nature.

      • evilsandmich

        I like that line of thought: “We white South Africans have created our own state out of a small piece of South Africa so that blacks no longer have to live around our horrible racist attitudes. Blacks are now truly free thanks to our sacrifice”. *wink,wink,nudge,nudge*

    • guest

      South Sudan is going to create a space program, build a fusion reactor, and establish a colony on Mars, didn’t you know? All that as soon as they figure out some preliminaries, like how to build a two-story building, how to provide clean drinking water, and how to read.

      To the OP, yes, it seems like every tribe in Africa ends up with its own country. Orania could do it. It will need a lot more than 1,000 people though. Once they get 10,000 people living there, and get them armed, it will be a starting point.

      It’s not hopeless. Israel started with a few small farming communities much like Orania today. It did take them decades to go from there to becoming Israel, and it took decades for Israel to go from being a very unpleasant place to being reasonably comfortable and successful. Of course, Israel had a lot of help, from Jews, and from the US gov’t. But note that none of Israel’s support came from any government before 1948. That’s another lesson to learn – we should be helping Orania. Maybe our government won’t help, but it was individual Jews who supported pre-independence Israel. We can step up.

      Another lesson from Israel: Orania needs to broaden its base. I know they want to preserve Afrikaner culture but maybe they need to expand this a little bit to include some other supportive whites.

      Finally, Orania needs a better website! I would love to find out what kind of economic activities are possible there. Could I have something manufactured there, or hire web developers there? But their website doesn’t give me any information in English that I can find.

  • RHG

    But Mandela said: ‘I want a united South Africa, where we can cease to think in terms of color
    That’s because Mandela is smart enougth to realize blacks need whites a whole lot more then whites need blacks. Whites provide blacks with employment, a living standard and a governmental system, not to mention a convenient scapegoat for all their problems.

    • laager

      Mandela is a white creation.
      Both his parents were illiterate but he was educated in schools and institutions created, funded and managed by the white Methodist Church. He studied at white universities – again created, funded and managed by whites. He served his law articles in a white Jewish law practice. He qualified as the first black lawyer in South Africa. Besides gaining a qualification in an occupation that did not exist in black society, white people taught him how to speak, read and write English and Afrikaans. They also converted him to wearing western apparel from African animal hides.
      Upon qualifying he opened the first black law firm in South Africa – Mandela and Tambo. His partner Oliver Tambo was a qualified school teacher – an education also gained through white patronage. To the best of my knowledge there were no white employees in this firm. He also received a state house at nominal rental in Soweto [a museum today – dedicated to his life]
      After benefitting from all these opportunities he maintained that he was oppressed.

  • Nathanwartooth

    They seem like they are self sufficient It seems like nothing short of military action will get these people to accept Blacks into their community.

  • They’re self-determined but it’s not an independant state? I’d be curious to know more about the exact legal arrangement.

    Anyway, they don’t even seem to be challenging PC as they refuse the dreaded R word. If that’s their point of view, their hypothetical future state would probably succumb to a mass immigration business interest.

  • rebelcelt

    Eventually the blacks will come for their wealth. Forget any law. Get out of S.A.

    • newscomments70

      and go where, Europe? Europeans will become a minority in their own countries in the next 30 years. There is no where left to escape. We all have to take a stand.

      • Jackryanvb

        Go to the American Pacific Northwest.

        There is a growing movement for a White Republic The Northwest Republic

        Www dot Northwestfront dot org

  • Paleoconn

    Exclusively black areas don’t need to explicitly exclude Whites; we just avoid those places and want nothing to do with them.

    Exclusively White areas have to explicitly sut the door to blacks because they follow us wherever we go, and they know that wherever we are, things are good.

    So we’re racist while they come out smelling like roses.

  • gemjunior

    The author missed the part where he lets the readers know about the savage panga-wielding blacks who rampage through white homes slashing, raping, and viciously murdering people Because Of The Color Of Their Skin. Genocide. Why shouldn’t they want to protect themselves from The Diversity? The tone is of these supremacists hurting blacks (feelings) when in actuality they will probably be making their last stand soon, their Alamo, while the children and elderly huddle in fear in their homes. When Mandela dies, the negros will be pulling all 4 tires off of every existing car to conduct necklacing parties on whites, if they haven’t already raped and slashed them, including elderly to infants, to death. They have no qualms about who they rape and kill. “Equal Opportunity Genocide”. Why didn’t the writer put that in the article? Cos it doesn’t fit the proper frame of Evil Whitey The Destroyer.

  • eduard

    There is another area that only exists for Boer/Afrikaner people. It is not within the municipal area and thus does not fall under the legal issue that only whites may live in a complex or security village. It is far more advanced than Orania is. It is a farm that has been developed into a security area and only Boer/Afrikaners may enter or live there.
    Servants, plumbers, electricians, security personel, and even the builders are all Boer/Afrikaners. The area is inhabited by many professional people, who are fed up with crime situation in nearby Pretoria area. More enclaves of this type is needed for the whites to survive the onslaught of the criminal third world and their government which is just as criminal.

  • laager

    The Daily Mail is seen as a middle of of the road newspaper in the UK. However the author reveals his left wing liberal roots and judges Orania according to the western world he was raised in. He misses the point a number of times.

    “The colour scheme on the wall harks back to the old apartheid flag.”

    The orange white and blue he refers to comes from the flag of reconciliation approved by colonial Britain in the 1920s. After Britain conquered the Boers in the Anglo-Boer war of 1899-1902 the flag of the Union of South Africa was a British Union Jack with the SA coat of arms in the centre. In no way did this flag recognise the 60% majority white Afrikaner population. The Afrikaners rightfully argued that their heritage should be recognised in a new national flag. This duly happened and the orange white and blue was adopted recognising the Dutch House of Orange. It was flown alongside the Union Jack until 1961 when South Africa became an independent republic and the Union Jack was seen no more.The Union Jack is actually the old apartheid flag for it was the British that promulgated the first racist legislation in their colonies of Cape 1806 and Natal 1843.

    “Orania, one of the last outposts of racial segregation, is a whites-only enclave.”

    You find no white people living in the black townships. They are equally outposts of racial segregation. In the same way in London UK 300 ethnic communities have been identified. A white flight by ethnic Britons is taking place from these communities as the immigrants arrive. Once again we see this selective racist clubbing of white South Africans by the British media while they remain silent about what is happening right now in their own backyard.

    “All the residents are Afrikaners – descendants of white migrants of Dutch and German heritage – who make up about 7 per cent of South Africa’s population.”

    The South African population is an assembly of minorities. Afrikaans is the second largest language spoken in the country after Zulu. The 9% Coloured community and 7% Afrikaners speak Afrikaans = 16%. Zulu speakers are 23%. English comes in at 8%.

    “Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times under Dutch and British rule but became official policy in 1948, enforced through legislation by the National Party – the majority of whom were Afrikaners.”

    The National Party gave the existing status quo of segregation a formal name – Separate Development [English] Apartheid [Afrikaans] Segregation was formalised by the first British laws in their Cape Colony post 1806. The National Party increased its majority through successive elections in the 1960s. 70s and early 80s. It could not have done so without substantial English support. There simply were not that number of Afrikaners around to cast that number of votes.

    “Mandela became South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison for his fight against racist apartheid rule, and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.”

    His” efforts” included indiscriminate bombings of innocent civilians – black and white, including women and children – to whit the Pretoria Church Street bomb. No different to the Boston Marathon bomb for which Pres Obama condemned the perpetrators as terrorists and murderers. No Nobel Prize for them but probably a lifetime of incarceration.

    “Mandela went to Orania to meet Betsie Verwoerd – the widow of the man [Hendrik] who virtually invented white rule, and who sent Mandela to jail.”

    White rule was created by the British in 1806 and entrenched by them post the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War. The Union was governed by a minority of white English speakers within a minority white group to protect the business interests of a minority Jewish mining magnates within the minority English group. Afrikaners only governed South Africa for 17 years between 1902 and 1961 compared to Britain’s 44. After republic the National Party – with substantial English support – ruled South Africa for a further 33 years.

    Mandela was tried for treason and attempting to overthrow the white government by violent means. His trial was attended by Amnesty International who concluded that he been offered the full and fair due process of law. He was declared a terrorist by Pres Ronald Reagan and British PM Margaret Thatcher. Only recently was his status as a persona non grata to the USA lifted.

  • Niven

    Why is amren not posting my comments?

  • Lygeia

    I read that Nelson Mandela became anti-apartheid when he fell in love with a very light-skinned black woman.

    Because he was too dark, the society at the time, and her family, was against the match. That woman went on to become the mother of Jo Woods, the now ex-wife of Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones.

    We live in a very strange world. An unrequited love set in motion forces that have nearly destroyed white South Africans.

  • lucie

    Milica Djordjevic, the only white child in Prizren in Kosovo.
    Before american bombing were living 40000 Serbs there…

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This story is recycled from two years ago, but without some of the commentary by the former author’s subject interviews. One of them pointed out that the big problem is that having barely settled themselves, their strong strain of Christianity causes them to engage in Christian outreach to “impoverished” blacks – obviously repeating the cycle of white self-negation. Even this article closes with Mandela’s “vision” of a “color blind” Africa. Sure, when no whites can be found because they have been absorbed into the far larger Negro genetic pool, the issue of color will no longer be there to be noticed.

    • jeffaral

      Isn’t a color blind world unifying ALL mankind under Jesus the ultimate goal of Christianity? Just asking.

  • Luis

    The author is wrong about who the ‘architect of apartheid’ is. He says it was Henrik Verwoerd. In 1948, Daniel Malan started apartheid. Verwoerd became prime minster in 1958.

  • richard hiilingdon borough

    Orania has worked better than I suspected it would, a cultural group rather than a racial group is clever, their language and religion make them almost like Amish with guns and trucks. Look how long the Amish have lasted!