Posted on November 8, 2022

Nassau County Assembly Candidate Vibhuti Jha Apologizes for Anti-Muslim, Anti-Sikh Tweets

Candice Ferrette, Newsday, November 4, 2022

Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and the Nassau Republican Party condemned what they characterized as anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh Twitter posts by Vibhuti Jha, the Republican candidate in the 16th Assembly District in Nassau County.

Hochul, who is running for reelection against Republican Lee Zeldin, tweeted: “Racism and Islamaphobia do not reflect our New York values. I strongly condemn this hate — there is no place for it in our state.”

Nassau GOP spokesman Mike Deery said in a statement: “We stand strongly against all acts of hate, as well as hate-fueled language. We are united with Muslim and Sikh communities who have been the subject of disgusting, uninformed and hateful tweets. {snip}”


Newsday obtained screenshots of his tweets from Democratic officials before the posts were removed.

On Nov. 17, 2019, Jha wrote: “Yes, unfortunately Islam has no concept of reciprocity & respect for others. Unless sharia slavery goes nothing will change … Extremism is in islamic [sic] theology, sadly, practicsed [sic] by all.”

On Dec. 13, 2020, Jha wrote: “Hindus are inclusive faith & non discriminatory in practice — Christianity & Islam are not inclusive at all & believe in their sense of false ‘own superiority’! They reckon celebration of their festivities as a sign of Hindu inferiority !”

In a Dec. 28, 2020, post, he said: “The “asylum” racket for US immigration by Sikhs is real — it must be exposed. Those fake asylum seeks are “required to” stand and protest ANY thing against India!”

On Feb. 16 of this year Jha posted: “Islam might consider fighting its own definition of who they are! That will help the rest of humanity!!”