Posted on November 10, 2021

Governor DeSantis: Illegal Alien Who Allegedly Murdered Father-Of-Four ‘Was on One of Biden’s Flights’

Daily Wire, November 9, 2021

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asserted on Monday night that an illegal alien accused of murdering a father-of-four in his state was flown into the state on a flight facilitated by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“So these are flights that are coming in two or three in the morning,” DeSantis told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “The feds, of course control the airspace and they’re there on the ground. They take these folks and then they send them in other parts of Florida by bus or other parts of the southeast.”

“And that individual, who was murdered, was, in fact, murdered by an illegal alien who was on one of Biden’s flights, these these midnight flights, unannounced, no notice, no support for the state, no ability for us to veto it ahead of time,” DeSantis said. “And if Biden had not been doing that, if he’d been doing his job, that individual be alive today.”

DeSantis said that his administration was looking at ways to go after the contractors responsible for operating the flights, including barring them from state contracts, taxing them, and denying them access to Florida’s market.