Posted on May 18, 2021

Bishop Garrison Is Key Mercenary in Biden’s Dark War Against the First Amendment

Revolver, May 12, 2021

Last week, Revolver News exposed the key hatchet man promoted to the Pentagon to install radical race theory and purge all MAGA sympathies from U.S. military organs, officers and personnel.

His name is Bishop Garrison, and he is the head of the Pentagon’s new “Countering Extremism” initiative. Granted incredible new powers to designate ordinary political opinions and personal beliefs a national security threat, Bishop Garrison has waltzed from seeming obscurity into one of the most powerful posts in Washington.


This report will highlight Bishop Garrison’s role as a key mercenary in the Biden administration’s full-court press to redefine, and effectively end, America’s long-standing fidelity to the First Amendment.


Last January, during the heat of President Trump’s second impeachment trial, Bishop Garrison tweeted that civility toward President Trump or his supporters would be the death of America.


This new judge of extremism for the Defense Department believes there is no “both sides”, there is “no room for nuance”, and that America will die if Bishop Garrison’s political opponents are permitted to present their own opinions without being shouted down.

This is the same logic used by the Biden administration’s transition chief for the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), Richard Stengel, when he called to end the First Amendment and institute hate speech laws.

From the transcript:

Stengel: The basis of the First Amendment, the marketplace of ideas model, is actually not working. Marketplace of ideas is this notion that good ideas will drive out bad ideas. Well it was a kind of mystical notion coming from Milton and John Stewart Mill. That doesn’t really happen anymore. I think the marketplace of ideas needs help.

Interviewer: But if the marketplace of ideas isn’t working and good information’s not driving out bad, is free speech really a good thing we should be fighting for still?

Stengel: Well, one of the things I realized in traveling around the world was that our notion of free speech, the First Amendment, is an outlier in the world… I’m very sympathetic now to the U.S. adopting some version of the hate speech laws in Europe. [YouTube]


{snip} The Pentagon is the nation’s largest employer, which means the lives of 2.9 million military families now hang by the capricious whim of whether Bishop Garrison deems any aspect of their private hopes and dreams a manifestation of latent “Patriot Extremism.”

Under the new appropriations bill, the Defense Department has a bigger budget than every other Federal department in Washington combined. With a bottomless budget and little effective civilian oversight, Bishop Garrison now has carte blanche to codify his radical brand of partisan hatred and racial favoritism as the mandatory moral center of the entire U.S. government’s military branch.


It’s not just the half of America who voted for Trump in Bishop Garrison’s crosshairs. In a July 2018 opinion piece, Bishop Garrison called the entire concept of free speech itself in the information age a “digital black plague” that will usher in a “modern day dark age” if not reigned in by censorship.


Never has the country or the world been so interconnected. Never have we had so much information at the speed of light literally in the palm of our hands. While these technological advances work to keep us better informed, holding those with ill intentions accountable for their public actionsthey also provide the means by which those who wish to spread disinformation and instability can commit their misdeeds.

In this way, technology operates to exacerbate our already well-entrenched divides, along with underlying issues like partisan political ideologies, race, gender, and income inequality. Everything from viral videos to combative cable network panels work to dig us in deeper

Today, however, America is renouncing its position as world leader. We’re relinquishing the long fought diplomatic collateral that has defined our security and western world stability since World War II. If we allow this digital black plague to spread furtherthe shining city on the hill will undoubtedly find itself alone in the darkness for years to come[Inkstick]

Arguing “technology is to blame” for the U.S.’s loss of geopolitical footing, Bishop Garrison makes clear that by “technology,” he means citizens’ right to free speech online, as well as conservative media outlets like the Sinclair Network and Fox News retaining access to cable news audiences:

It’s not simply that citizens are discovering disinformation through social media or fraudulent sites, but the mass takeover of local news stations by Sinclair Broadcasting has led to opinion pieces with scant supporting evidence presented as fact on a regular basis and against the wishes of anchors. [Inkstick]

Right-wing media is the threat to democracy, says Bishop Garrison. But if you criticize left-wing media, that’s an attack on “the very fabric of American democracy”. Got it? You better, if you or your loved ones still want a U.S. military career:

The integrity of the system is further eroded by the Trump Administration’s… demonizing the Fourth Estate as not just biased, but dishonest and even fake. The occupant of the most powerful seat in the entire world attacks members of a community who have long been pivotal to the very fabric of American democracy. His actions are condemned as uncalled for, unorthodox, uncivil, and outright dangerous, yet they persist. [Inkstick]

Thematically, the entire core of evidence Bishop Garrison relies on to illustrate America’s foreign disinformation threat — which Garrison quickly bridges to a domestic “digital black plague” — is based on disgracefully fake news:

The July 13 release of twelve indictments against members of the Russian intelligence organization known as the Main Intelligence Directorate or GRU, typifies [digital political threats]. This release truly got to the heart of the issue: private information was stolen from an American political organization and released in order to embarrass a candidate for President. [Inkstick]

All 12 of those indictments Bishop Garrison cites as proof of Russian takeover of U.S. social media in 2016 were subsequently dropped by the Department of Justice —  all 12.


On the afternoon of January 6, just 20 minutes after the first break-in at the U.S. Capitol, Bishop Garrison tweeted calmly, almost triumphantly, that “We should all use this as an opportunity to finally put an end to misinformation.”

Given Bishop Garrison’s Twitter habits of calling ordinary people racists, extremists and terrorists over such mild things as haircuts and Latin idioms, one might predict Bishop Garrison would explode in rage and venom as the events of 1/6 unfolded in real-time. But strangely, just as the U.S. Capitol was being breached, Garrison was already seeing visions of a future “opportunity”  where “misinformation” would be stamped out.

How opportunistic for Bishop Garrison, that the events of 1/6 were immediately used to justify the Pentagon creating his brand new job. Lucky guy.

This is a man with so little patriotism for American heritage, and so much hatred for his political enemies, that he’d vote to replace the Pledge of Allegiance with videos of punching Nazis.

And who are Nazis? Naturally, everyone who disagrees with him. Garrison’s definition of Nazi is evidently, so broad, ahistorical and meaningless that he even accused the the New York Times opinion board of cozying up to Nazi sympathizers.

Of course, if anyone in the Pentagon is a rabid racialist packed to the gills with hatred and vitriol, it’s Bishop Garrison. Bishop Garrison is a devotee of the disgraced race huckster Tim Wise, following him on Twitter and pushing his audience to thoroughly embrace him.