Posted on February 1, 2020

Mexico: Seven Cops Tied to Murder in Michoacán Arrested

Mexico News Daily, January 30, 2020

Seven police officers suspected of aiding the getaway of robbers who murdered their victim were arrested Wednesday in Cuitzeo, Michoacán.

Michoacán Attorney General Adrián López Solís told a press conference that among the seven officers under arrest is the Cuitzeo police chief, identified as Hugo A.

According to his office’s investigations, the victim, a textile merchant, was kidnapped from his home by several armed men on the night of November 4 last year. The men took money from him and beat him in front of his family.

“Upon leaving the property, the offenders asked police waiting outside for help loading the victim into a private truck and subsequently left the place escorted by the public servants aboard official vehicles,” said López.

The man’s body was found the next morning on the Mexico City-Guadalajara highway.

The seven officers were placed in custody at the Cereso state prison in Morelia while they wait to go before a judge.

López said that his office is also looking into the officers’ possible involvement in other criminal activity in the area.