Posted on January 26, 2020

Tulsi Gabbard’s Righteous War

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, January 26, 2020

In John Carpenter’s film They Live, the protagonist (played by Roddy Piper) ends up with a special pair of sunglasses that let him see the demonic elites secretly running society and keeping the people obedient. Once he gets over his surprise, he starts taking righteous action:

Tulsi Gabbard, the Democrat congresswoman from Hawaii and candidate for her party’s presidential nomination, is today’s real-world Roddy Piper. Of mixed European, Oceanian, and East Asian ancestry, a practicing Hindu, Iraq War veteran, and surfer, she is America’s most heterodox politician — and she is doing useful work.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard

Her policy stances are a mix of good and bad, but what matters most  is not her beliefs, but the enemies she has made and the tenacity with which she fights them.

In July 2019, as the race for the Democratic nomination started to take shape, Miss Gabbard attacked Senator Kamala Harris during a debate. At the time, Mrs. Harris was a rising star who many thought could overtake  Joe Biden for the lead. For example:

Mrs. Harris wants forced busing and reparations, so it was pleasant to see Miss Gabbard attack her — even if only from the Left and on criminal justice — but Mrs. Harris was visibly rattled and the challenger was the most Googled candidate of the evening: 

The national press secretary of the Harris campaign “responded” by claiming that the Russians were backing Miss Gabbard: 

This was in July, during the peak of support for Mrs. Harris. It dropped sharply in August, and then plummeted for the rest of the year until she dropped out. Miss Gabbard was not entirely responsible for this, but she certainly played a role. As a white man who went to an integrated public school, I am grateful to her for helping get Mrs. Harris out of the race.

Tulsi Gabbard Perfect Kill Shot Meme

Even better than her “Kamala clash” is her lawsuit against Google. She discussed the grounds for the suit with Joe Rogan on his podcast, and I have transcribed the most relevant parts:

Joe Rogan: Tech is a really important conversation to have with you right now, you’re in the Middle of this lawsuit with Google.

Tulsi Gabbard: Yeah.

JR: Explain that.

TG: So, the first debate that we had in this presidential election, you know we had hoped that I would do well going into it and that people would go and start their Internet search and say, “Hey, who is Tulsi Gabbard? I’ve never heard of her before.” And so we went and got it, you know Google ads set up, got them approved — everything was ready to rock’n’roll. I was the most Googled candidate of the night — as I have been for every debate that I’ve participated in. The issue was during that first debate. You know, while that peak period was happening our Google Ad account was suspended by Google with no explanation whatsoever. No like, “Hey there!” There was nothing like, “Hey you guys screwed up; fix this [and] we’ll put your account back up.”

. . . 

So you know our tech guys are freaking out. They’re like: “Man: This is what we were waiting for. You guys took our account down: Tell us we gotta do to get it back up!” And we didn’t hear back for a while. Once we start hearing back, we heard back from different people with different answers. Nothing clear cut to say, “You did this wrong — fix this [and we] will put your account back [up].” Nothing, and then all of a sudden you know hours and hours had gone by and then our  account was reinstated without any explanation about what happened and you know . . . this is bigger than just the the loss in opportunity that my campaign had because; this happened on that night during that peak period, it’s [a] bigger issue about the power that this corporation has in Google in interfering essentially in fair elections, and in what kind of information they’re willing to put in front of people.

. . .  particularly with Google and Facebook, the . . . amount of power that they have as we sit and type in a Google search for whatever or you know what’s popping up on our Facebook feed — they control that.

Racial dissidents know how frustrating and unjust censorship by Big Tech is. Google has been trying to keep potential readers away from American Renaissance for at least fifteen years. Recently, instead of just bemoaning the problem, some of us are taking action: American Renaissance sued Twitter and VDARE sued PayPal. But the more people sound the alarm and take action the better — especially when the plaintiff is a mixed-race Democrat. And as others have pointed out, depatforming and censorship are arguably the most pressing issue we face. We cannot even begin to solve problems if we are silenced. I wish Miss Gabbard success in her suit. 

Lately, the Hawaiian Congresswoman has recently sued none other than Hillary Clinton for calling her as a “Russian asset.” Dissidents know all about smears. 

Tulsi Gabbard Clinton Can Not Control Me Meme

Again, though we do fight back — see Peter Brimelow’s recent suit against The New York Times, for example — the more people suing the media for the same reasons the better. Everyone with a legitimate grievance and the means should fight back.

Like the hero of They Live, Miss Gabbard can see our elites for what they are. We have plenty of differences with her but she is fighting many of the right battles. Wish her the best.