Posted on January 9, 2020

Joshua Foxworth Is Running for Congress

Joshua Foxworth, Foxworth for Congress, January 9, 2020


My name is Joshua Foxworth and I am running for Congress in Texas District 14.

Who am I and why am I running?

I have been a US Marine, an aerospace engineer, and a tech entrepreneur. Republicans are doing nothing about illegal and legal immigration. Inaction means that Texas will “go blue” in less than a decade. I cannot stand idly by and let that happen.

I pledge that on my first day in office, I will demand two things: the immediate enforcement of immigration law and an end to affirmative action policies. I will also work to end guest worker programs such as the H1B, the OPT program, H4 EAD, EB5, and to establish a merit based immigration system.

Why is immigration law enforcement vital?

There are laws to fine employers of illegal aliens. Enforcing those laws, as well as ensuring that illegal aliens cannot receive welfare and Medicaid, will ensure that the vast majority of them return home. Those who remain must be deported when they encounter law enforcement.

New legislation is neither possible nor required. The Democrats want complete amnesty and the Republicans lack the will to pass legislation to build the wall and solve the current problems. If nothing changes, it is just a matter of time before enough people arrive both legally and illegally to vote for amnesty. Demanding that current laws be enforced solves the problem. This is not a question of legislation, but of will.

Any “compromise” that includes amnesty for illegal immigrants will not work. Republicans who oppose amnesty will be portrayed as bigots. To shield themselves from this charge, they will try to make amnesty a bipartisan position. It is much better to enforce current law. This will force Democrats to side with foreign nationals who are here illegally over American citizens and the rule of law.

What is wrong with guest worker programs? 

Every single person who comes into the nation illegally competes with, and lowers the wages of Americans. Every single person who comes into the nation through as a guest worker displaces either an American student from a university or an American worker from a middle-class job.

The common refrain is that America “needs” these workers in engineering and technical fields. This is an insult that suggests we and our children are not capable of sustaining our own society.

This nation went to the moon more than 50 years ago and we continue to produce high quality engineers and technical leaders. The quality of engineering and technical work of foreign recruits is typically substandard.

H1B and similar programs are subject to corruption and this will get worse because of HR1044, the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act”.  This legislation would remove the cap that limits the total number of H1B Visas granted to any one nation to 7% of total visas. That means the nation with the best infrastructure to get their people here – India – will monopolize the system.

There are almost 20,000 foreign students in high quality Texas Universities through the OPT program. Every single American agrees that we should be educating our own children as engineers and tech workers instead of importing foreign students and educating them in our universities.

Why end affirmative action?

Affirmative action is costly to our businesses, unconstitutional, and immoral. Our government does not have the right to give legal and economic privileges to certain citizens based upon race. This is even worse when you consider that those who are discriminated against in college admissions, hiring, promotions, contracts, and legal protections will have their successes used as justification for harsher treatment against their children.

I will fight any policy that openly discriminates against my children. All Americans – of all races – deserve equal opportunity, not discrimination.

Note : Plank 57 of the Republican Party of Texas calls for ending affirmative action.

How else would I restore the nation?

We must guarantee freedom of speech online, end overseas wars, solve the student debt crisis, reform health care, and reject transgender ideology.

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