Posted on November 9, 2019

Florida: Huge Majority of Hispanics Support DeSantis, Mandatory E-Verify

John Binder, Breitbart, November 4, 2019


A new poll by the University of North Florida finds that 82 percent of Hispanic voters in Florida approve of the job [Gov. Ron] DeSantis is doing as governor, along with 72 percent of all Florida voters. Only eight percent of Hispanics said they disapproved of DeSantis.

This indicates that DeSantis is more popular among Hispanics than he is with white Floridians, who support him by a majority of 76 percent. DeSantis’s popularity with Hispanic Floridians comes after he outlawed sanctuary cities in the state, a move that was opposed by the open borders lobby.


Similarly, DeSantis’s immigration agenda for Florida is massively popular. About 74 percent of Hispanic voters said they support mandatory E-Verify, which would ban employers and businesses from hiring illegal aliens over American citizens and legal immigrants. Only 22 percent of Hispanic voters said they oppose mandatory E-Verify.

Mandatory E-Verify earns widespread support across the board with more than 7-in-10 of all Florida voters approving of a statewide ban on the employment of illegal aliens, along with 63 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of non-college educated voters, and 66 percent of voters between 18 and 24-years-old.

Currently, DeSantis is making a statewide push to get mandatory E-Verify passed by the state’s lawmakers after corporate interests and the donor class helped kill the initiative last year. {snip}