Posted on October 9, 2019

Gov. Evers declares Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Wisconsin

Sierra Trojan, FOX 11 News, October 8, 2019


“Through this executive order, we recognize and appreciate our tribal nations and Indigenous people and their resilience, wisdom, and the contributions they make to our state,” said Gov. Evers. “Native Americans in Wisconsin and throughout our country have suffered unjust treatment—often at the hands of our government—and today is about recognizing that Wisconsin would not be all that it is without Indigenous people.”

Oneida Nation Chairman Tehassi Hill said this change has been a long time coming.

“There is a long history of, I’d hate to say it, but genocide in the United States from the time of ‘discovery,'” Hill said.

Renee Gralewicz is a Brothertown Indian Nation peacemaker and citizen. She said she’s ecstatic about the executive order.


Gralewicz teaches a class to educators through the Department of Public Instruction on the history and culture of Wisconsin tribes.


Hill said Indigenous Peoples’ Day can start a dialogue.

“It’s really kind of an education tool also, to be able to help share our culture and our history,” Hill said.

Both Gov. Evers and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes encourage Wisconsin businesses, organizations, public institutions and local governments to recognize, celebrate and cultivate strong relationships with Wisconsin Native Nations.

The second Monday of October is federally recognized as Columbus Day.