Posted on August 1, 2019

Agents Chasing Pusher Attacked by Foreigners

Il Giornale, July 26, 2019

Tensions during Thursday night in the historic center of Genoa, where two local police officers were attacked by a group of foreigners while trying to capture a Senegalese drug dealer.

The episode around 2:00, when the police decided to stop a car that was passing in Via Gramsci to carry out a check. The African who was at the helm initially showed himself to be collaborative, pretending he wanted to show his documents, only to flee once he got out of the car. From here the pursuit immediately started, with the agents finally reaching the foreigner in vico Cuneo.

Visibly constricted, the Senegalese then began shouting, calling the attention of some of his countrymen, who immediately rushed to defend him.

The two men in uniform therefore found themselves trapped. Surrounded by a group of non-EU citizens, they were even targeted by the launch of glass bottles.

A situation of absolute difficulty that was resolved thanks to the providential intervention of the reinforcements sent by the plant. The arrival of other patrols has dispelled the foreigners, who immediately left, and allowed the arrest of the fugitive, a 31 year old.

The latter, who had lost money during the escape, was found to have a total of 2590 euros in small bills. In addition to money, even 3 grams of cocaine.

This convinced the agents to carry out a more thorough check. The Senegalese was then transported to the Galliera hospital to undergo instrumental examinations. Found with at least 20 eggs in the intestine, he is now hospitalized in the Voltri hospital, and will be transferred to the Marassi prison only after he has expelled the foreign bodies.

No serious consequences for the attacked policemen, who were however accompanied to the emergency room for investigations.

[Editor’s Note: The English translation of this article was created by the Google translator.]