Posted on July 8, 2019

Swedish Politician Reported by Police for ‘Hate Speech’ for Wanting to Deport Criminal Migrants

Peter Imanuelsen, Gateway Pundit, July 5, 2019

Swedish politician reported by police for “hate speech” for wanting to deport criminal migrants.

Leader of the right-wing Alternative For Sweden party Gustav Kasselstrand has been reported by the police for “hate speech”. This after he held a speech talking about deporting migrants who have committed crimes in Sweden.

Although the police have not given any details as to exactly what it was in the speech that was offensive, it is clear to party leader Gustav Kasselstrand that this is “political harassment”, pointing out that it is the police themselves who have reported him for “hate speech” while he was merely holding a political speech.


This happened in Almedalen, a place where every year all major political parties and politicians gather for a week having speeches, an important event in the political calendar.


This year Sweden has been dealing with a record number of explosions, 93 in just the first 5 months this year alone. And according to opposition leader Ulf Kristerson the number of shootings in Sweden is “extreme for a country not at war”.

The speech in question is available to watch on their YouTube channel.