Posted on March 27, 2019

Democrat Andrew Yang Garners Support from White Nationalists

John Gage, Washington Examiner, March 27, 2019

Andrew Yang, the 44 year-old New York tech entrepreneur running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, has one distinction he might want to lose: He is the preferred presidential candidate of white nationalists.

“[Yang] is not white, but he is the only Democrat who opposes anti-white identity politics,” Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief of the white nationalist site Counter Current Publishing, wrote in a post Monday. “He is also the only Democrat who has talked about the problems afflicting white America. I will vote for him in the Democratic primary, and I will vote for him as President if he goes up against Trump.”

Yang, who has recently seen his profile rise with the help of Reddit and 4chan users, has denounced white nationalism and says it is laughable that they would be supporting an Asian man.

“I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop,” Yang said in a statement. {snip}

Andrew Anglin, editor of the Neo-Nazi commentary site the Daily Stormer, wrote Yang’s denunciation of white nationalism will not deter the community from supporting him.

“The Jews are already going at Chairman Yang and his Royal Gang,” wrote Anglin. “He has repeatedly said ‘white people’ and talked about how we aren’t breeding and are dying of drug overdoses. This is a clear electoral strategy, and you journok–es know this and YOU are trying to sabotage him by getting him to stop saying these things.”

Anglin and other white nationalists routinely point to a 2018 tweet from Yang in which he noted that white men are dying of suicide to argue he secretly supports their movement. {snip}


“If America is going to hell,” wrote Johnson, “why not America going to hell plus a thousand dollars a month?”

Alt-right personality Nick Fuentes, who attended the Charlottesville rally two years ago and hosts a white nationalist podcast, summed up the sentiment:


Some have suggested the alt-right support for Yang is meant to divide the Democratic field, but white nationalists like Johnson say that their support is unironic.

“I think that quite a few White Nationalists sincerely support Yang because he has better policies than anyone else in the race. Others support him just as a protest, because they are heartily sick of Trump,” Johnson wrote in the post. “Others are just enjoying the Yang memes and the new sense of excitement, purpose, and unity Yang has brought us.”