Posted on December 26, 2018

Vietnamese Community Fights Back Against Sudanese Gangs Terrorising Their Strip of Shops

Hannah Moore, Daily Mail, December 25, 2018

Young Vietnamese people are vowing to take action after video of their elders being attacked by thugs went viral.

The shocking footage shows people, believed to be shopkeepers, defending themselves with chairs against a group of men of African appearance.

Screaming, shouting and smashing can be heard as the group of Vietnamese people try to push back against the group, who allegedly attacked them after asking for a cigarette and being rejected.

The clip left many young Vietnamese people in the area furious, and they have vowed to band together and fight back.

The man said the job could not be completed alone, and encouraged his friends and followers to stand up against ‘bullies’.

‘If you guys have pride in your community, let’s do it together,’ he wrote.

Another Vietnamese man said it was ‘time to prove who we are’.

‘This message to all Vietnamese people in west Melbourne!

‘You rather just stand there and watch your children or family member been [sic] robbed, bashed, raped then do nothing — or join us to protect our love [sic] one from this.’

A message chain obtained by Daily Mail Australia alleges a Vietnamese man was hospitalised with ‘fractures, mild amnesia and internal bleeding’ after the fight.

Another message claims the men of African appearance had come back after the fight and stolen from customers.

‘They went into the shop… and stole people’s handbags and phones that are table,’ the message read.

‘And now today they’re sitting outside [the] door … Not letting customers in.’

One Vietnamese woman said she had been at the restaurant with her young son during the fight.

‘It’s sad to feel unsafe in your homeland. The Vietnamese community stuck together and defended themselves,’ she said.

The woman claimed the men of African appearance did not ‘deserve’ to be in Australia, and claimed her immigrant community had done a better job of assimilating than the one the alleged attackers belonged to.

‘Why we let them in, feed them and give them money for making trouble to us, what is the Australia law?’ she wrote.

‘It’s not fair — we are working hard, paying tax and support these mother f***ers.