Posted on September 4, 2018

Child (10) Raped by Elementary Students on School Trip

Hildburg Bruns, B.Z., August 31, 2018

{snip} For a ten-year student from Berlin, the school trip to the Uckermark became a nightmare. He was raped by three fourth graders!

Shortly before the summer holidays, 38 girls and boys went to Schloss Kröchlendorff. The operators there are known for their experience pedagogy. Motto: “Classmates become teams.” No supermarket, no cinema is nearby, the environment is pure nature.

For ten-year old announced the disaster

For the ten-year old, the disaster was announced. “We fuck you today”, his tormentors hissed at him during the day. But he was silent. In the evening it was bitter serious: Two eleven year olds held the boy. A ten-year-old from his class raped him.

Two uninvolved classmates have watched everything. {snip}

“I am appalled by this shocking case. Everything must be done to support the injured child and the family, “said Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (48) to BZ

School is in a social hot spot

Only one and a half weeks later, a friend of the victim confided in a social worker at his school. {snip} Again and again there is violence at school. Even novice students have little respect for teachers, talking in fecal language. {snip}

After the rape became known internally, the school immediately informed parents and police. The perpetrators were excluded from teaching until the beginning of the holiday. In the presence of city council and class teacher, all agreed: No offender may return to his old school. Expulsion from school!


Ten-year-old Afghan was already behaving abnormally before the fall.

For the two eleven-year accomplices (one Syrian, one Afghan), other schools have been found in other districts.


The ten-year-old Afghan, who also lived in Iran, had always hewed other classmates or stood in their way before the act. So he was already behaving conspicuous. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: This is a machine translation of a German-language news story.]