Posted on March 15, 2018

Mexican Flags Fly at San Diego Anti-Trump Rally and Press Tries to Hide It

Monica Showalter, American Thinker, March 14, 2018

Waving the flag of the country they’d do anything to avoid being sent back to, DREAMers were out in force as President Trump’s plane touched down in San Diego. The Mexican flags flew, and the hate-Trump chants pounded from the left.

Don’t expect the rest of the media to notice any of this. Or the chants of “¡sí se puede!” or the Che banners and t-shirts, the foul language, or the scads of ethnic Mexican clothing to demonstrate the absence of assimilation. Nope, most of the press did its level best to keep such images out of the news and present only the most sanitized versions of the anti-Trump protesters to the public.

Fortunately, since there were a lot of them covering the rallies, the details leaked out here and there. Two news agencies, Fox News 5, the local station in San Diego, and Breitbart News, in Beverly Hills, reported without filters, as did the San Diego Free Press, a radical left-wing news agency that actually likes the foul language and Mexican flag-waving. The New York Times did note the Che t-shirts even as it snidely called the pro-Trump rallies “pep rallies.” (Would they have called a pro-Obama rally a “pep” rally?) But if you wanted to see what the rallies were really like, most of the local press by and large blacked out the flags from the coverage.

Get a load of some of these screen grabs from Fox 5, the local affiliate of Fox News, or better yet, go see their video.