Posted on February 3, 2018

Why Nations Fight

William Robertson Boggs, American Renaissance, January 1991

American Flag

The history of every nation is marked by war. No events in a nation’s past are memorialized as solemnly as its wars, for nations are built, smashed, enlarged or truncated through war. Virtually by definition, war is about the life and death of nations.

Single battles have changed the history of the world. If the Greeks had lost to the Persians at Marathon, Western Civilization might have been swept into the sea. If Charles Martel had not defeated the Moorish armies at Tours, Europe might have ceased to be Christian and European. If the battle of Gettysburg had gone to the Confederates, there might be two nations rather than one in what continued as the United States.

Even today, in all those parts of the world where large numbers of men are willing to fight, the birth of a nation is almost always at issue. The Sikhs fighting in the Punjab want to break away from India and create a nation of their own. The Tamils are fighting in Sri Lanka for the same reason. The Ethiopian provinces of Tigre and Eretria have been fighting for independence for decades. Jews and Palestinians are fighting over the same land.

In all these conflicts, past and present, the issue is who will occupy and control the land. At the very least, the victors consolidate or expand the area in which their culture, their religion, their language and their way of life are dominant. At most, they exterminate the defeated people. Always, the outcome of war determines who will occupy and control, which people will prevail.

Ironically, the most powerful nation in the world is now losing a war of occupation and control — and without fighting even a minor skirmish. Slowly, many parts of the United States are being occupied and controlled by aliens who are doing what conquerors always do: They are imposing their culture, language, and way of life.

This is most evident in the southwestern states and in southern Florida. Parts of these areas are now more or less as they would be if they had been invaded and conquered by a Latin American country. What would Mexico do if it conquered California? It would establish Spanish as the official language of school and government. It would expel much of the white population and replace it with Mexicans. It would abolish American holidays and replace them with Mexican ones. Music, food, education, work habits, and religion — all would become Mexican rather than American.

This is exactly what is happening in many parts of California. Everything American is being supplanted by everything Mexican. Ballot papers are printed in Spanish, people speak Spanish in school and watch Mexican television, towns celebrate Cinco de Mayo instead of the Fourth of July, and whites have been displaced by Mexicans. In many towns there are hardly any whites to be seen, and in a few years whites will be a minority in the entire state.

Southern Florida is being transformed in the same way by Central Americans. An “Anglo” tourist must punch half the buttons on his car radio before he finds a station that still broadcasts in English. In many supermarkets he will not find a single English-language offering at the magazine stand. And he will find Hispanics who are openly intent on remaking the United States in their own image. Maurice Ferre, former mayor of Miami has said, “Within ten years there will not be a word of English spoken — English is not Miami’s official language — one day residents will have to learn Spanish or leave.” In fact, the exodus began long ago.

This displacement of whites by Hispanics is due to an astonishing cultural and national capitulation by the government of the United States. It has let millions of Latin Americans enter the country legally and done little to stop further millions from entering illegally. It has spent billions of dollars to keep hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Europe to defend against a Soviet invasion, but claims to be unable to police its own southern border. Illegal immigrants scoff at our symbolic border patrols, and once they are in the United States, Mexicans and Guatemalans go about recreating Mexico and Guatemala.

In the past, Americans used to insist that newcomers learn English and become Americanized. No longer. Part of the great capitulation has been the fashionable view that insisting on Americanization is a kind of chauvinism. As Arnold Torres, Executive Director of the largest Hispanic organization in America, the League of United Latin American Communities, says, “We cannot assimilate and we won’t.” Newcomers are now welcome to occupy parts of what was once the United States and turn it into something else.

If Mexico were to launch a military invasion of the United States, there would be a war and Mexico would be crushed. However, there will never be a military invasion. Thanks to massive immigration and to American cultural, national and racial capitulation, Mexicans are enjoying the benefits of occupation and control without the bother of war. White Californians, their culture, and their way of life are being pushed aside.

As non-whites continue to pour into California whites are leaving. After decades during which people moved to California from other states, the balance for whites has reversed. Most of those leaving California head for Oregon and Washington, which still have solid racial and cultural majorities. So many have escaped to the Pacific Northwest that locals have come up with a new bumper sticker: Don’t Californicate Oregon (or Washington). Recent polls show that for the first time in California’s history a majority of the population has considered leaving.

Invasion and conquest always produce refugees. No people is happy to see its homeland taken over by foreigners. If they can, displaced peoples move where they can live among their own kind again. What is happening in California and southern Florida is a large-scale repetition of the white flight to the suburbs that started when American cities began to look as though they had been conquered by Nigeria or Chad.

Though little is written about it any more, this stream of refugees continues. New Yorkers grimly acknowledge that their state is the 47th least likely destination for Americans who move. Sixty percent of the moving van traffic that crosses the state line is out-bound. White New Yorkers are fleeing the occupation and control of New York City by aliens.

How long will white Americans continue to be refugees in their own land? We brought Africans to this continent by force, and their descendants have an ancient claim on us, but Mexicans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Salvadorans have no claim on America at all. If we continue to let them crowd into our country, will there come a time when whites begin to escape back across the Atlantic?

A lost war may mean national obliteration. Men fight and die for their people and way of life because there is nothing more horrible than cultural and national obliteration. In the long term, obliteration is what the United States faces, but not through war. The United States is being conquered — street by street, block by block — as aliens extend their occupation and control. If this invasion is permitted to continue it will be the first time in history that a great people was defeated and dispossessed without firing a single shot to save itself.