Posted on February 26, 2018

“We Don’t Want a White MP”: Diversity Fail on French Guiana

Diversity Macht Frei, February 25, 2018

French Guiana borders Brazil yet is considered part of France (and therefore the European Union) and elects MPs to the French parliament. According to Wikipedia, its population is about 14% white. But it seems the message that “There’s only one race, the human race” hasn’t yet reached some of its darker-skinned inhabitants.

The message below was found sprayed on a wall.

“Riché, nou pa lé oune député blanc”

Translated from pidgin to French, this is: “Riché, on ne veut pas de député blanc”

Translated from French to English, this is:”Riché, we don’t want a white MP”.

Police are now investigating this “hate crime”.

Riché is David Riché, a candidate in the upcoming elections.

Some soul brothas have stepped up to defend him.

“He was born in Cayenne [capital of French Guiana]. He’s a Guianan in every sense of the term, he’s a child of the country,” according to Roland Léandre, secretary general of the Guianese Socialist Party (PSG) which is supporting the candidacy of David Riché.

In a statement published on 24 February, the PSG “forcefully condemns this type of ignoble behaviour that consists of cataloguing a man, a Guianan, a brother, just because of the colour of his skin…. Let us not imitate these followers of a new black Ku Klux Klan,”