Posted on July 10, 2017

Hungarian Far Right Launches New Political Party

Reuters, July 8, 2017

Budapest Skyline

Budapest Skyline (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)

Hundreds of Hungarian right-wing militants gathered in Budapest to launch a political movement that they hope will run in next year’s parliamentary elections on a platform that includes open racism.


Three groups held a rally in the suburb of Vecsés labelled “unfurling the flag of the far right”.


The movement, to be called Force and Determination, looks more radical than any organisation targeting a serious political role since the fall of communism, and uses openly racist language to oppose liberalism and immigration.

Balázs László, one of the movement’s leaders, told the crowd of mostly black-clad muscular, tattooed men that Europe showed an ill-conceived tolerance in the face of peril from its existing minorities and the influx of millions more people. “Tens of millions are added to the ranks of the Arabs, Africans and gypsies who will show no tolerance once they realise the power that their demographic significance lends them,” he said. “Our ethnic community must come first . . . there is no equality.”