Posted on May 15, 2017

‘This is the Great Negotiator?’ Donald Cheerleader Ann Coulter Admits She’s Frightened that the Trump-Haters Were Right

James Wilkinson, Daily Mail, May 15, 2017

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter has admitted that, four months into the Trump presidency, she’s worried that her favorite candidate’s administration is a bust.

Coulter – who last year published the book In Trump We Trust – has told The Daily Caller that she is beginning to doubt Trump’s ability to pull off his promised changes.

Likening his presidency to a man who promised to drive to LA, but then started heading to New York, she says there is still a chance for him to ‘turn the car around’.

But if he doesn’t, she said, ‘I’ll say we had no choice, but the Trump-haters were right… It’s a nightmare. I can’t even contemplate that. Right now I’m still rooting for him to turn around.’

Coulter was one of Trump’s most high-profile backers during his campaign for the presidency.

In July 2015, one month after Trump announced his candidacy, she told Ring of Fire radio: ‘Trump is different. We have been lied to for thirty years about immigration. That’s why Trump is striking this chord.

‘He’s attractive. He’s tall. He’s hilariously funny. I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who would win.’

But speaking to the Daily Caller on Sunday, she admitted that his failure to deliver on his election pledges had shaken her confidence.

In particular, she said she was perturbed with the continuing lack of a Mexico border wall, and said she would ‘resist’ any attempts to go to war.

She said she still backed Trump, ‘But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out. This is why we voted for him.

‘I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.’

Her remarks about North Korea are a marked change for the pundit, who said in ‘In Trump We Trust: that she felt about Trump like the ‘people of North Korea worship their Dear Leader – blind loyalty.’

Coulter also questioned why Trump – who had sold himself to the US public as a brilliant business mind who would make better deals for America – had not done more with his supposed skills.

‘Where is the great negotiation?’ she asked. ‘Where is the bull in the china shop we wanted?

‘That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke… Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?’

For Coulter, Trump was ‘our last shot’ to ‘save America,’ she claimed.

‘I kind of thought it was Romney, and then lo and behold like a miracle Trump comes along.

‘I still believe in Trumpism. I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him. What choice did we have?

‘We had no choice. Yeah, I mean, my fingers are still crossed. It’s not like I’m out yet, but boy, things don’t look good.’

Coulter added that when she wrote her 2015 book Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, she thought ‘there was a 10 per cent chance of saving the country.’

‘On the evening of November 8, I thought, “Wow we have a 90 per cent chance now, this is a chance that comes a long once every thousand years, we can save America now.”

‘And now, I don’t know, I’m someplace between 10 percent and 90 percent.’

Coulter also blasted Trump for hiring son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser and daughter Ivanka as his assistant.

‘I have from the beginning been opposed to Trump hiring any of his relatives,’ she said. ‘Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.’

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (Credit Image: © Michael Kappeler/DPA via ZUMA Press)

‘But I understand if you’re in Washington you don’t know who to trust, the party was against you, the politicians were against you, the bureaucracy was against you, and by the way this isn’t to say anything bad about Jared.

‘Everything I know about him, I think he’s doing a great job. But even if he is absolutely the best person for the job, I don’t like the hiring of relatives.’

But most of her ire was directed at Congress, calling them ‘swine’ who ‘only care about their own careers’.

‘Who knows how much of it is corruption and how much of it is pure stupidity?’ she asked.

‘People should start sending Paul Ryan bricks to indicate how much we want the wall. They are the opposition party to Donald Trump.’

‘This is really something we’ve never seen before. The president stands alone, it’s his own political party, he’s Gary Cooper,’ she said.

‘It’s weird because I really think in his heart he’s a genuine patriot, she added.

‘It’s just that it has been such a disaster so far, and that General Kelly is so preposterous, and McMaster – did you see him at that press conference? I thought he was retarded.

‘I’ve never actually heard anyone other than liberals mocking their idea of a stupid Republican say, “Murica.”‘

Coulter signed off by promising to back Trump for now, but said: ‘all of the Trump true believers are petrified.’

Coulter appeared to be holding some frustration with Trump last month, when she complained in a Fox News interview about his immigration policy.

Speaking to Sean Hannity after her planned talk at Berkeley was cancelled, Coulter said the president had gone soft on the ‘Dreamers’.

Those are people who entered the country illegally as children and are protected by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

‘You have Donald Trump, he gives away DACA and then he doesn’t get the wall,’ she protested.

‘Well that’ll show them how good he is, what a good humanitarian, by saying what a big heart he has for those Dreamers – the illegal aliens he promised to deport. “Next time we’ll get them!”‘

She also complained about her own loss, after the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) – which had sponsored her Berkeley speech – pulled out, saying the university had refused to provide the necessary security and other requirements.

‘We have YAF saying, “Well we’re going to strike a blow for the next speaker at Berkley,”‘ she said. ‘No! I want to win now! Can the Republicans ever win now?’

‘What I’m frustrated with right now is the GOP should change their motto to “Next time we’ll fight, this next time, we’ll show them how good we are”‘ Coulter added.