Posted on April 20, 2017

Shattered: A New Fairy Tale about How Hillary ‘Forgot’ White Voters

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, April 20, 2017

The Russians are off the hook. The chattering geniuses have discovered a new villain to blame for the shattering demise of their heroine, Hillary.

White guys did it.

The same reporters who cheered Hillary’s every misstep and doubted every Trump triumph are now trying to convince us that Hillary would be wearing the presidential pants suits today if only her staffers had not forgotten about white voters.

That is what we learned from Shattered, the latest 2016 campaign obituary that crashed into bookstores this week.

Shattered Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

The pundits were so busy misreporting the election, they did not listen to what was actually happening in the campaign. If they had, they would know that far from forgetting white voters, Hillary and her Klan actively demonized them every day.

Do you really need reminding? Then let’s do it:

During the NBC debate, Lester Holt asked Hillary if cops were racist: “Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. And therefore, all of us need to be asking hard questions” about race.

Hillary was happy to share her solutions to hidden white racism with America’s pied paper of racial reconciliation — when he was not starting deadly race riots — Al Sharpton: “White Americans need to do a much better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face everyday,” quoth Hillary to cheers of “amen” from the black audience. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility.”

Commercial after commercial, speech after speech, Hillary put white privilege and evil white people who killed Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, etc.  front and center.

While Hillary was using her carefully crafted, poll tested talking points on the trail, Hillary supporters were taking her message of relentless white racism to rougher places, in rougher tones.

In Baltimore, the black mayor and state’s attorney — Hillary surrogates — were excusing and even encouraging black violence following the death of a drug dealer in police custody.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was forcing white football fans to listen to his sideline protests of white racism that grew and grew and grew as more and more fans stayed away.

At the Democrat National Convention, 15,000 delegates stood up to chant “Black Lives Matter” to honor the mothers of several black people who died breaking the law, some threatening police officers.

Let’s not forget the primaries.

Hillary, Bernie, and Mr. No Name from Maryland spent a huge chunk of time reminding voters how black people are victims of white racists.

Will anyone ever forget how a governor and major candidate for president — Martin O’Malley — cowered before a Black Lives Matter interviewer, apologizing for not recognizing the blatant racism of his claim that “all lives matter.”

Or Bernie Sanders in Seattle, cowering again, as Black Lives Matter leaders stormed his podium, took his microphone, and sent him to corner as they lectured him and his audience on their racism? All they forgot was the dunce cap.

Soon after, Bernie hired a Black Lives Matter leader as a spokeswoman. He also hooked up with Killer Mike to introduce him at campaign events. Killer’s major claim to fame was a song asking “when you niggas gonna unite and kill the police, motherf*ckas?”

Killer’s second claim to fame was convincing Fox reporter Brian Kilmeade the song was not really about killing cops and Killer Mike was really a “nice guy.”

Whether Hillary was arguing with Bernie and Martin about who was really most down the cause, or later during the general election, white racism and black victimization were central themes of her campaign.

Baltimore, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Ferguson were just four of the cities hit with major black race riots — all to the cheers of Hillary supporters and their satraps in the press who insisted the violent protests were not just justified, they were really “largely peaceful.”

And they thought white voters would ignore that? Just as they were supposed to ignore how black crime and violence against white people is wildly out of proportion — documented in that scintillating #1 Amazon bestseller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry?

NPR hoped they would, doing story after story about how Trump was “having trouble with white voters.”

In Dallas, after a black person killed five cops, Hillary reminded Wolf Blitzer of CNN: “The facts are clear,” she said. “Too many black Americans have been killed in encounters with police over matters that should not have led to that action being taken.”

“And frankly,” she told Wolf, the federal government should be going after the “systemic racism which is a reality and to go after implicit bias.”

Hillary promised Wolf she would “speak out against systemic racism every chance I get.” Mission accomplished.

What reporters did not go after were 300 black people in Dallas looting a 7-11 then celebrating — dancing — in the parking lot shortly after the murders. All on video.

Another Hillary surrogate, President Obama, picked up the Hillary mantra when he too reminded his national audience of white racism during a eulogy for the cops killed by a black person who hated white people.

Even her vice-presidential pick was a racial move — Tim Kane’s lackluster personality was supposed to be overcome by his only claim to fame:  he attended a black Catholic Church in Richmond.

This is a long list, a smattering of which I have gathered on my YouTube channel for you masochists and amnesiacs out there. Check it out here.

In the end, Hillary’s constant demonization of white racism was not enough to fire up her black base. Black voters in big cities in swing states just stayed home. They were just not that into her.

In Hillary’s game of identity politics, she lost because black voters wanted the real thing, a black candidate. Not a pale imitation.

No amount of racial groveling could change that. Though Hillary’s shadowy Russians seemed to make a lot of people forget about it soon after the polls closed and the excuses began.

Hillary’s demonization got the full attention of a lot of white people, regardless of whether they admitted it to pollsters. In the same areas where black people shrugged her off like an old coat, white people decided they were not going to vote for a candidate who hated them.

One pollster figured it out. Appearing on the NPR affiliate in New York, a Democrat pollster said: “There’s one really fascinating thing that keeps popping up with Donald Trump. He wins counties with large African American populations. We are seeing it over and over again. And he’s not winning the black vote because there are not many black voters in Republican primaries. He’s winning whites who live near blacks and we see it over and over again.”

Sociologists have a name for it, Routine Activity Theory: white people in black neighborhoods can routinely expect to be the victims of crime and violence.

Did Hillary think they would forget that?

White voters answered loud and clear and fully informed: Nyet.