Posted on March 31, 2017

The ICE Man Cometh

Lloyd Billingsley, Front Page Mag, March 31, 2017

Those who violated U.S. immigration law and remain in the country illegally claim to be fearful that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will grab them in church or at the doctor’s office. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones thought it would be a good idea to bring in ICE acting director Thomas Homan “to try and find common ground by reducing conflicting information, eliminating ambiguity, and reducing fear by presenting factual information directly from their sources.”

ICE Director Thomas Homan

Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), speaks during a town hall meeting in Sacramento, California, U.S., March 28, 2017. (Credit Image: © Stephen Lam/Reuters via ZUMA Press)

No sooner had Jones announced the March 28 informational event, the first of its kind, when the Democratic Party of Sacramento County issued an Instagram “action alert” stating: “It’s time to tell Scott Jones what we think of his discriminatory efforts to divide families & harm our community. Join us as we stand united against his hate-filled attacks against immigrants.”

Protesters marched under banners reading “no ban no wall” and bearing the image of a Muslim woman in a hijab and a Mexican farmworker with a red scarf over her face. Local SEIU union boss Miguel Cordova said it was to “celebrate and honor the work of Cesar Chavez.” It somehow escaped notice that United Farm Worker boss Chavez had deployed goons to attack illegals coming across the border, lest they take union jobs.

The day before the event, Salvador Sarmiento of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network announced “ICE is not welcomed here.” On Tuesday protesters sang “this land was made for you and me,” chanted “California is an immigrant state, we don’t want your racist hate,” and carried signs reading #resiste.

The organizing group was Hermandad Mexicana, founded by the late Bert Corona, a Stalinist with a history of violence and adept at extracting millions in government funds from Democrat politicians. It is entirely possible that California taxpayers paid for the March 28 protest materials.

Also appearing was state senate boss Kevin de Leon whose Democrat-controlled Senate recently silenced and ejected Janet Nguyen, a refugee from Communist Vietnam, for daring to criticize New Left icon Tom Hayden. On Tuesday De Leon told the protesters “sanctuary cities and counties are safer” than those that are not. “Study after study,” he said, shows that the “undocumented” commit crimes at a lower rate.

Thomas Homan explained that sanctuary cities make it difficult for ICE to do its job. ICE prioritizes “those with criminal histories,” and 75 percent of illegals arrested in Los Angeles had criminal histories. So did violent illegals who had been active in Sheriff Jones’ jurisdiction.

In October, 2014, Luis Enriquez Monroy Bracamontes, a Mexican national in the United States illegally, gunned down Danny Oliver, 47, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy. Bracamontes shot Oliver in the head with a 9mm handgun but the killer and his wife Janelle Marquez Monroy also packed an AR-15 rifle.

After killing Danny Oliver, Bracamontes and Monroy shot Anthony Holmes, a motorist who refused to give up his car. Holmes survived the shooting but later Bracamontes killed police detective Michael Davis with the AR-15 and wounded Jeff Davis, a deputy. Bracamontes also fired at Placer County deputies Charles Bardo and Joseph Roseli before being captured and arrested.

In a YouTube video, Jones said that the person who killed Danny Oliver “is in this country illegally from Mexico. He has a significant criminal history and on at least four prior occasions he was removed from this country, each time having no consequences for his actions.”

In similar style, Mexican nationals Saul Isidro-Aucencio and Francisco Delgado breached the border with no difficulty. In February 2011 the pair shot and killed Robert Corpos, 20, Richard Ward, 16, and Jamir Miller, 15, an African American. The illegals shot Miller in the head from behind with an AK-47. They shot Corpos, father of an 18-month-old boy, in the back as he sought cover behind a tree.

Local media did not identify the killers as illegals but Melissa Jellison, Jamir Miller’s mother, discovered their status and expressed anger that her son’s killers were in the country illegally. Judge Helene Gweon told her the case “has nothing to do with illegal aliens.”

Another northern California case had everything to do with terrorism. Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, came to the United States in October, 2012, as a refugee from Iraq. He left in 2014, as he explained, to visit his grandmother in Turkey. On that trip he rejoined the armed struggle in Syria in company with terrorists.

On his overseas adventure, the refugee praised acts of violence against Americans and took part in the execution of three Syrian soldiers. “I am eager to see blood,” he told a fellow Islamist.  When another contact lamented that he had never sprayed fire with a Kalashnikov, Al-Jayab wrote back: “All my work was with the Glock and a nine Tariq and also its silencer … Once it hits someone, you would think the person fainted right before your eyes. It does not look like you killed him.”

Al-Jayab is the kind of radical Islamic terrorist President Trump is trying to keep out of the United States so police officers don’t have to deal with their hate-filled attacks. Trump is also trying to deport violent criminal illegals before they can inflict further harm on Americans in the manner of cop-killer Luis Bracamontes and Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the illegal charged with gunning down Kate Steinle.

As the forum made clear, California’s leftist Democrats seem inable to distinguish between Mexican farmworkers and Muslim terrorists masquerading as refugees. Likewise, the leftist protesters made little if any distinction between legal and illegal immigrants, criminals and non-criminals.

According to a RAND study, in the Los Angeles riots of 1992, 51 percent of those arrested were “Latino” and “Latinas” were twice as likely to be arrested for looting. And according to the INS, those arrested for riot-related acts included 1,044 illegal immigrants.