Posted on December 19, 2016

Cologne Prepares For New Year’s Eve: Twelve Months On From The Sex Attacks That Shocked The World

Jennifer Newton, Daily Mail, December 19, 2016

Police in Cologne have been preparing empty cells ready for a possible new outbreak of migrant sex attacks during the upcoming New Year’s celebrations.

Officers have revealed the inside of the sober looking cells which will be used to lock up any sex attackers or pick-pocketers trying to ruin this year’s celebrations.

It comes in response to the shocking scenes at last year’s celebration in the square in front of the Cathedral, which was the target of mass migrant sex attacks that shocked the world.

Inside the police station, officers showed a desolate corridor leading to the cells, where anybody arrested will have to spend the night.

The cells contain tiled walls, a mattress and a urinal but there will be no blankets to keep suspects warm.

In total there will be 66 prison cells available and they will be able to accommodate up to 100 people at a time.

A police spokesman said: ‘In addition to the five prisoner-transporter vehicles already in Cologne, more vehicles from other cities have been ordered for use on New Year’s Eve.

‘They will be distributed at different locations in the city as required, and can bring up to seven people into police custody at the same time.’

Once at the prison complex, suspects are to be searched for dangerous objects, after which they will enter a reception area.

Here everyone is searched again with their hands on the wall, arms wide apart, fingers pointing outwards, legs slightly spread apart. After that, personal data are recorded.

If necessary, the police can give fresh clothes out of their wardrobe to prisoners, after which an official brings the prisoner into one of the 66 cells.

A judge, who will be waiting just a few yards away who, depending on the allegation, will decide who remains in custody and who is going to be sent directly to prison.

Police in Cologne have also revealed that 1,500 officers – ten times as many as last year – will be on duty this New Year’s Eve to avoid a repetition of last year’s events.

They are also planning helicopter surveillance of revellers, limiting the number of people in certain areas and deploying police officers trained in investigating sexual assault.

In total, 1,222 criminal complaints were investigated by the authorities in Cologne in last year’s New Year’s Eve fiasco, of which 513 involved an accusation of sexual assault. These included sexual coercion, rape and sexually motivated insults.

So far only 35 of the accused men have appeared in court with a total of 24 found guilty. Six of the 24 cases are still pending appeals, while 18 sentences have been made final. Of these, just three related to sexual assaults.