Posted on August 23, 2016

Clinton Plans Thursday Address in Nevada on Trump and the ‘Alt-Right’

John Wagner and David Weigel, Washington Post, August 23, 2016

In a renewed effort to diminish her opponent, Hillary Clinton plans to deliver a speech this week in Nevada on the “disturbing” connection between Donald Trump’s campaign and the “alt-right,” a conservative movement often associated with white nationalism.

The address by the Democratic nominee, planned Thursday in Reno, follows news reports, including in The Washington Post, that the alt-right has been heartened by Trump’s candidacy, finding recent moves by the Republican to be consistent with its goal of maximizing the white vote in November.


John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, said the arrival of [Steve] Bannon and other Trump advisers completes Trump’s “disturbing takeover of the Republican party.”

“We intend to call out this ‘alt-right’ shift and the divisive and dystopian vision of America they put forth because it tells voters everything they need to know about Donald Trump himself,” Podesta said in a statement. “Republicans up and down the ticket are going to have to choose whether they want to be complicit in this lurch toward extremism or stand with the voters who can’t stomach it.”


[Jared] Taylor, who lives in Fairfax County, Va., and has edited the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, told The Post that Trump should “concentrate on his natural constituency, which is white people.”

A Clinton aide said that Clinton will stop short of accusing Trump of being a white nationalist in her speech Thursday. In the past, she has strongly accused the Republican nominee of being racially divisive.