Posted on June 7, 2016

Hispanic Democratic Congressman Tells Trump: ‘You’re a Racist and You Can Take Your Border Wall and Shove It up Your a**’

Associated Press and David Martosko, Daily Mail, June 6, 2016

A Democratic congressman said Monday that Donald Trump’s criticism of a Latino judge overseeing a lawsuit involving Trump University shows that the presumptive Republican nominee for president is a racist and the candidate should take his border wall and ‘shove it up your a**.’

Rep. Filemon Vela, who represents a district in southern Texas along the U.S.-Mexico border, said in an open letter that Trump’s ‘ignorant anti-immigrant opinions,’ border wall rhetoric and continued attacks on a sitting federal judge ‘are just plain despicable.’

‘I will not presume to speak on behalf of every American of Mexican descent, for every undocumented worker born in Mexico who is contributing to our country every day or, for that matter, every decent citizen in Mexico,’ Vela wrote.

‘But, I am sure that many of these individuals would agree with me when I say: “Mr. Trump, you’re a racist and you can take your border wall and shove it up your a**”.’


‘If I had to guess, your own business enterprises either directly or indirectly employ more of these workers than most other businesses in our country,’ he told Trump in the letter. ‘Thousands of our businesses would come to a grinding halt if we invoked a policy that would require ‘mass deportation’ as you and many of your supporters would suggest. That is precisely why the Republican-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce agrees that these workers deserve a national immigration policy that would give them a pathway to citizenship.’


‘Why any modern-thinking person would ever believe that building a wall along the border of a neighboring country, which is both our ally and one of our largest trading partners, is frankly astounding and asinine,’ Vela said.