Posted on June 7, 2016

San Jose Police Chief Who Allowed Mob Attacks on Trump Supporters Is Affiliated with La Raza

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, June 6, 2016

San Jose, California, disgraced itself last week, allowing rioters to attack people exiting a political rally for the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Now, thanks to Aleister of Gateway Pundit, we know that the police chief of that city, Eddie Garcia, who admitted that he instructed his officers not to intervene and arrest the attackers, is aligned with an extremist race-based group, La Raza (Spanish for “The Race”):


The La Raza Roundtable of California celebrated when Garcia was sworn in.

This is how the Roundtable describes itself:

La Raza Roundtable brings together community organizations, community leaders, elected officials, private and public sector representatives in leadership capacities that can impact positive change for La Raza.

Garcia has released a laughable statement in which he suggests that the police didn’t arrest the violent thugs because it would have just made them angrier. From San Jose Inside:

Mayor Liccardo, San Jose Police Issue New Statements Regarding Violence at Donald Trump Rally

San Jose police issued their own media advisory Friday, noting what actions it took as the media gives closer scrutiny to how well the department conducted crowd control.

In its release, SJPD said it held off in arresting people seen committing crimes because it “had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight [incite] the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

There were four arrests in total.

Monica Showalter yesterday movingly wrote on these pages of the sea change in our political culture that this signifies:

The message of the San Jose violence is that you don’t have a right to go support the candidate you want as you had in the past. No more corny political rallies, no more cutesy red-white-and-blue satin basketball outfits with pom-poms to cheer your candidate, they are off limits without bullet-proof vests and bodyguards.

If you ignore this new reality, you will be beaten to a pulp by righteous mobs brandishing foreign flags. You don’t have that right anymore.

La Raza claims that its name doesn’t mean what it plainly means. And we can expect denials that La Raza Forum has anything to do with the group whose name it has adapted–though the absence of trademark infringement litigation suggests otherwise.