Posted on May 24, 2016

The Schizophrenic Left, the Confused Cuckservatives, and the Path to American Greatness

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 23, 2016

The Left is having a messaging problem. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has a simple slogan: Make America Great Again. But the Left can’t decide whether contemporary America is the fulfillment of all their hopes or a bastion of racism, sexism and transphobia.

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton introduced her response to Donald Trump’s iconic red #MAGA hat: a blue hat with the slogan “America Is Already Great,” now available for sale at the official Democratic Party website. Mrs. Clinton has also been hammering away at the implicit message of national redemption Trump represents, claiming that “despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great.”

But not everyone in the great Democratic Coalition of the Oppressed agrees. Krystal Lake, a black employee at Home Depot and avowed Sanders supporter, started wearing a hat to work saying “America Was Never Great.” She is getting death threats (something every open white advocate is already familiar with) as well as adoring media coverage (something we never experience). Papermag has declared Miss Lake their “hero” and she may have set herself up for a career in her field of “music, radio, social media or journalism.”

Still, the divide is a problem for the Left. After all, Barack Obama is the President of these states united, and telling everyone the country is an embarrassing disaster is hardly a winning message. Hillary Clinton can’t exactly run against the man she served as secretary of state. If America isn’t “great” now, why would another Democrat make it any better?

There’s a deeper issue. The Democratic Party depends on the anti-white fury generated by leftist identity politics to keep its disparate coalition together. However, a fundamental premise of the anti-white world view is that the United States, as a creation of European-Americans, is fundamentally oppressive. Its history, according to this view, is defined by white supremacy, racism, imperialism and the exploitation of “black bodies.” At Home Depot, “America Was Never Great” might raise eyebrows, but it’s the conventional wisdom at almost every American university.

Having fueled anti-American and anti-white rage for their own purposes, leftists have a hard time keeping their minority mascots on script when the cameras come out. For example, when Mexicans in the Southwest protest Donald Trump, they do so in the name of their own raza and fatherland, openly declaring their intention is to “Make America Brown Again” or “Make America Mexico Again.” The slogans are even on hats. Such inconvenient candor is a problem for a Democratic Party that needs to convince at least some patriotic Americans to support Hillary.

A columnist at The Root tried to square the circle by saying that while America has never been great, it’s “greater now than it ever has been.”

Damon Young, a contributing editor at Ebony and editor-in-chief of something called “” writes:

There’s never been a time when the country was more closely aligned with the ambitions of its creation. When our government was better positioned to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of each of its citizens and not just straight, Christian men without much melanin.

Of course, you don’t have to be a “very smart brotha” but just an average white man to see the problem with this. The “ambitions of its creation” were set by the Founding Fathers, all of whom would be called “white supremacists” by today’s standards.

As Jared Taylor wrote in “What the Founders Really Thought About Race:

Since early colonial times, and until just a few decades ago, virtually all whites believed race was a fundamental aspect of individual and group identity. They believed people of different races had different temperaments and abilities, and built markedly different societies. They believed that only people of European stock could maintain a society in which they would wish to live, and they strongly opposed miscegenation. For more than 300 years, therefore, American policy reflected a consensus on race that was the very opposite of what prevails today.

The best leftists can do is to promote a false view of American history in search of a “usable past.” In order to do so, they must direct the egalitarian ideals of the founding towards ends that would have shocked the Founders. And certain figures will either be retroactively co-opted as honorary non-whites (as in the Hamilton musical) or plucked from the margins of the American story and put in the center (as with Harriet Tubman).

Yet the racial truth of America cannot be denied. The Constitution was written by white men. The country’s institutions were built by white men. The territory was settled by white men, its wealth generated by white men, its victories won by white men, its glories from the skyline of New York to the conquest of the moon achieved by white men. In any honest history of America, non-whites are irrelevant, enemies, or details. Until the last white person is eliminated from America, there will always be, as Barack Obama likes to say, “so much more work to do” when it comes to divorcing the story of America from its founding stock. But as the white majority disappears, the high standard of living, reasonably efficient administration, and economic and military power produced by that population will disappear too.

Contra Ta-Nehisi Coates and silly myths of “white privilege,” European-Americans do not benefit from the presence of other races. Much of American history, and certainly the bulk of American life, is about the struggle to secure enough resources to live away from them. The big lie of American race relations is that we need minorities. We don’t need them and would be much better off on our own. They are the ones who need us; many of them need us very badly.

The work of white dispossession can continue only if most European-Americans continue to cooperate. We have to be convinced that America itself is still somehow the same country even as the population is utterly transformed. European-Americans must also be convinced that it is their resistance to dispossession that endangers the Republic, not the endless power grabs of the anti-white Left. And those self-described conservatives who further this mission of betraying the cause of their people are the ones we call “cuckservatives.”

One specimen of this breed recently emerged at RealClearPolitics. Mark Salter is former chief of staff for John McCain, and like his former boss, has criticized his party’s presumptive nominee. Dismayed by the harshness with which he was, in turn, criticized, he is nostalgic for an earlier time when political disagreement could be gentle and respectful. Mr. Salter wrote:

My grandfather was a staunch Republican. His closest friend for 30 years was a loyal Democrat. They never once voted for the same presidential candidate . . .

They recognized the same local, national and international problems, and I doubt they disagreed too often about the best approaches to solving those problems. Although they preferred the leadership of politicians in opposing parties, they believed that problem-solving in a free society was an all-hands-on-deck business. That’s what patriotism meant to them, every citizen contributing to making the country better.

The notion that one party should get to decide everything would have been strange to them. The idea that you wouldn’t have friendships or meaningful relationships with people whose politics differed from yours would have struck them as ridiculous.

Needless to say, Mr. Salter cannot bring himself to understand that the the spirit of all hands on deck has been crushed to death by the very America he is helping to bring about. His earlier, idyllic America was 90 percent white. As Mr. Salter admits: “Although their friendships weren’t confined to one socio-economic class, neither my grandfather nor his friend would have had relationships on an equal footing with African-Americans or Latinos. I can’t remember ever meeting a Jewish friend of my grandfather’s.” What he wants is an egalitarian, patriotic America with high social trust and a sense of a common good. Plus racial diversity.

That’s impossible. As we know, diversity destroys social capital. Desegregation ruined community institutions such as parks, pools, and public schools. Mr. Salter laments that:

We’ve come to define ourselves more than ever by our politics. We segregate ourselves socially by politics. We get our news about politics from partisans. We’re entertained by the like-minded. We’re developing our own vocabularies. Americans with opposite political views are not just becoming more antagonistic to each other. We’re becoming strangers to each other.

This should be no surprise. As the late Lee Kwan Yew said: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

American politics are becoming more polarized because they are becoming racialized. In the 2014 election, despite the GOP’s best efforts, the Republicans moved closer than ever to becoming the “white” party, or to what Peter Brimelow calls the “Generic American Party.” Meanwhile, the Democrats are relying on ever more outlandish anti-white posturing to hold their disparate coalition together.

Media bias is not blinding us to some common interest. “Americans”–whatever that term even means now–have no common interest. And as the government of the United States increasingly becomes a vast machine for transferring the wealth of whites to non-whites, patriotic sentiment for European-Americans becomes yet another expression of pathological altruism.

Both cuckservatives and Democrats make the same mistake. They think what is good about America–however they define it–can be preserved without the people who made it possible. Those who claim “America Was Never Great” still benefit from a standard of living created by the productivity and charity of whites on whom they depend even as they rage against them. More moderate Democrats believe they can convince white Americans to support them despite the anti-white rage the party promotes. And cuckservatives continue to delude themselves that a Third World America will have any use for them.

Only racially aware whites have anything to contribute to this debate. They know that America was great because of the core European-American population that created its institutions. They know that it can be great again if whites reclaim their leadership and again become the overwhelming majority. Otherwise, everything that made America great will vanish with the people who created it. It’s not about the color of your hat or even the color of your skin. It’s about the far deeper heritage and power we share as sons and daughters of Europe who, if we will it, can Make America Great Again.