Posted on May 12, 2016

The Truth in the Streets

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 10, 2016

The truth about America is in the streets.

Every time the presumptive Republican frontrunner holds a rally, we see that truth. The protests against Donald Trump reveal the horrible reality: America is not a nation, but a hollow empire filled with squabbling racial tribes.

The protests against Trump show us the true nature of the campaign. In Chicago some weeks ago, a Trump rally was actually canceled because violent protesters associated with Black Lives Matter stormed the stage and fought with his supporters. Demonstrators waved the Communist hammer and sickle and Mexican flags, and shouted Black Lives Matter slogans. The image of a bloodied police officer, his eyes wide with shock, circulated rapidly among Republican primary voters in Illinois. It was a stark illustration of the black violence gripping Barack Obama’s Chicago, the city our president supposedly “organized” during his days as a community activist.

Ted Cruz sided with the protesters, arguing Donald Trump was to blame:

When you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this kind of nasty discourse.

Mr. Trump went on to win a narrow victory in the Illinois primary, a state Mr. Cruz expected to win. Mr. Cruz blamed John Kasich’s continued presence in the race for losing the state. However, if Mr. Cruz had not sided with Black Lives Matter or had simply declined to comment, he might still have won. Talk show host and former NYPD officer John Cardillo reported Chicago cops unanimously turned against Mr. Cruz after his comments, and Nate Silver noted Mr. Trump did notably better than was usual with late-deciding voters.

It was the same in California. Protesters waving Mexican flags surrounded a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, screaming obscenities and attacking Trump supporters. Social media filled with pictures and videos of protesters who looked more like gang members than college students. One Trump voter said the scene outside the rally looked like a “prison yard.” With these images in mind, voters delivered a crushing victory for Mr. Trump in Indiana, essentially ending the Republican primaries.

If the purpose was to stop Mr. Trump, the protests failed. And this isn’t unusual. Only a few years ago in 2006/2007, George W. Bush tried to push amnesty through Congress, prompting huge pro-amnesty demonstrations in major cities around the country. While Mr. Bush nursed the usual Beltway Right delusion that Republicans would get credit for proposing amnesty, the activists on the streets had only contempt for the American Right and America itself. Mexican flags flew above American flags even at public schools, radical Chicanos called for the expulsion of whites from North America, and protesters claimed that the American Southwest didn’t really belong to the United States. The average American was disgusted; a grassroots uprising defeated amnesty.

The protests then and now backfired. The Los Angeles Times even warned anti-Trump protesters to tone it down, saying there were “unintended consequences” to rubbing Americans’ faces in their dispossession. The implication is that it’s fine if America is filled with hostile Third Worlders, but Americans must not notice in time to do anything about it. If non-whites could just control themselves, eventually it will be too late. But they can’t.

At the time of the last mass demonstrators, savvy organizers begged Mexicans to leave the burrito flag at home and wave American flags–to no avail. Many Hispanics simply could not bring themselves to march beneath the stars and stripes.

Interestingly, race driven protests are also beginning to affect Hillary Clinton. At a recent rally on Cinco de Mayo, Hispanic protesters screamed insults and curses against the probable Democratic nominee and her husband, accusing them of being too tough on immigrants. Protesters included the uniformed (and masked) Brown Berets, a group that openly declares its intention to create a Chicano ethnostate in the American Southwest. American flags were almost entirely absent from the protests; the flags of Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and other Hispanic nations were prominently displayed. Hillary Clinton’s center-Left neoliberalism is far too bland for the Raza.

These open displays of racial revanchism come at a time when the mainstream media is declaring the Trump nomination means the Republican Party is now a “White Nationalist Party.” This is absurd. Trump himself is not a “racist”–whatever that word means–nor does he show any sign of explicit racial consciousness. He doesn’t even oppose the anti-white racial preferences called “affirmative action,” meaning this supposed “white nationalist” supports legal discrimination against white people.

Mr. Trump is an American nationalist. But what does that even mean anymore? The Beltway Right functionary will say “America is a nation of ideas,” but only white people seem actually to believe that. Everyone else, from the lowest street protester to the media elite, understands that when people say “America,” they really mean “white America.”

Mr. Trump and many of his supporters seem at least to sense that America has a core culture, and that American identity can’t expand to include everyone in the world. Though Mr. Trump doesn’t understand–or can’t openly say–that this culture and identity depends on a white majority, his enemies do.

Thus, messages such as “America First,” the unapologetic use of the term “nationalism,” and the promise that he will put citizens first inspires rage not because people are afraid President Trump will help “America,” but because he might help whites. For Mr. Trump, nationalism means we [citizens] “are going to love each other, we’re going to cherish each other and take care of each other.” For his enemies, it means a return to the bad old days when European-Americans defined the country.

America’s symbols, history, and traditional heroes are associated exclusively with European-Americans. As shown by the protests against Mr. Trump, immigration enforcement, and even against Hillary, millions of people who are present within the territory of the United States do not see themselves as part of the country, but simply as populations ruled by racist whites.

At the same time, the government of the United States systematically discriminates against whites, funds programs to replace them demographically, and works to break up their neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, whites also feel themselves to be occupied by a government that is in some way “foreign,” rather than ruling themselves in the country their forefathers created.

Today, America is implicitly white and explicitly anti-white. The result is that everyone is miserable.

There’s no way out. The only solution is, as Mao said, to heighten the contradiction. Let Mr. Trump carry his message of America First to every community in the nation. And let the self-declared enemies of America show themselves and reveal to the world the racial roots of their malevolence.

It is a pity that there will not be 20 or 30 Trump rallies leading up to a dramatic California Republican primary. They would force the television networks to broadcast the truth that is in the streets: that yes, many non-whites really do hate America. Yes, they do consider themselves distinct peoples. Yes, they hate America because they believe “America” was created by whites.

And they are right to think so. Without whites, “America” is a meaningless geographic expression. Donald Trump doesn’t understand this–yet–and can’t say so without destroying himself–yet. But his enemies are helping reveal this truth to the world. And by provoking this, Donald Trump is paving the way for a European-American awakening and the future of politics in what is shaping up to be the Century of Identity.