Victor Orban’s “State of the Nation” Address to the Hungarian Parliament

Victor Orban, Kormany, February 27, 2015

Today I would first like to talk to you about the fact that some serious questions tower over European civilization, the European people and, in particular, European leaders.


Terrorist organizations recruit fighters to join their ranks from among immigrants living in the continent’s western part, while the southern borders of the EU–including our own state’s borders–are besieged by waves of modern-day migration, in the face of which increasingly frustrated states and governments are at a loss. And this is happening in an economic environment in which millions of Western European citizens feel that they have to work ever more for less money, just to keep their jobs. Europe is facing questions which can no longer be answered within the framework of liberal multiculturalism. Can we shelter people, many of whom are unwilling to accept European culture, or who come here with the intent of destroying European culture? How did we lose and how can we regain the common European homeland to which every nation of the Union–including the Greeks and the Germans–can say “yes”?


Europe today continues to huddle behind the moats of political correctness, and has built a wall of taboos and dogmas around itself. . . .  [W]e let go of the delusion of the multicultural society before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp, and we let go of liberal social policy which does not acknowledge the common good and denies Christian culture as the natural foundation–and perhaps the only natural foundation–for the organization of European societies. We decided to face the barrage of unfair attacks and accusations, and also let go of the dogma of political correctness.

And as far as I see it, Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect–in other words, they have not yet lost their common sense. . . . They do not want to see their country thronging with people from different cultures, with different customs, who are unable to integrate; people who would pose a threat to public order, their jobs and livelihoods.


The modern world sees economic facts as the ones that truly count. It may be right, but I would attach higher priority to facts related to life. Above all, the facts which determine our biological survival and continuance.

Life in Hungary presents us with facts that surprise even the most pessimistic of people. More children were born last year than at any time in the last five years. The so-called total fertility rate–that is, the number of children born into a family–was 1.41 in 2014; this is its highest value since 1997, though still not high enough. The number of marriages has increased continuously since 2010; it rose by 9% in 2014 alone. Let me remind you that between 2002 and 2010 the number of marriages in Hungary fell by 23%.

The number of divorces decreased by 15% between 2010 and 2013. The number of abortions is in continuous decline, and has fallen by 20% since 2010. While the truth is that the number is still high, it has not been this low since 1954. . . .  What matters is that we may finally hope that Hungarians have more faith in the future, and that they also seem to have attached greater value to life itself.


We cannot be successful if we can only be servants in our own country, if we have no independence. National sovereignty is a fundamental question. National sovereignty gives us a better life, which is our core interest.


Let us not forget that those who believe that there is ultimate victory in democracy are completely wrong. Only the communists believed that there can be a final struggle and an ultimate victory–and look where they ended up. In democracy, in the world of civic principles, we must fight for trust and recognition over and over again, day after day. If you want a civic Hungary–and that is what we want–it is once more time to fight for it. But we can only fight together, and not against one another, because strength lies in unity, and because we stand together under one flag.

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  • Chip Carver

    Hopefully Mr. Orban has a lot of bodyguards and his vehicles are under constant supervision to ensure the usual suspects don’t adjust them – and then try to blame some unfortunate accident on their usual scapegoats.

    • TruthBeTold

      That’s my concern for Mr. Taylor.

      • John Smith

        Michael Hastings. Had a brand new Mercedes and crashed it, suspiciously. Apparently M-B has had their vehicle software code hacked, along with many other carmakers. With all the connectivity available to vehicles and apparently little thought having been given to firewalls between vehicle electronic components, it’s very much a possibility that a vehicle can be programmed to react (or not react) to control inputs for brakes, throttle and steering, which are becoming ever more automated.

    • Alden

      Remember Jorge Haider the anti immigration Austrian politician who died in a mysterious car crash about 2weeks after his anti immigration party win 30 percent in national elections

      • John Smith

        I was just thinking about him.

  • Easyrhino

    I hope Mr. Orban doesn’t die in a single car accident on a country road in the middle of a sunny day while driving alone.

  • “And yet…” — Richard Spencer

    • propagandaoftruth

      Isn’t this the guy that backstabbed that conference? I don’t get continental Magyars.

      • Mahound

        I’ve got a feeling the action of the conference was in part due to Dugin’s presence, given that the Ukraine question was in a delicate position at the time. Hungary is after all still a Nato member.

      • Tony Murphy

        He and his party would have been strongly supportive of the conference. Be in no doubt that he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse when it came to the cancellation.

  • Jason Lewis

    “We cannot be successful if we can only be servants in our own country” Perfect statement. Never thought to put it that way. Most western societys bring these people in and allow the tax payers (native population) to fund their lives.

  • George Moriarty

    I notice that this address was made more than 6 weeks ago, it certainly was not on the world news headlines at the time. Perhaps It would have had a lot more impact if the speech had been condemned by both President Obama and Angela Merkel. The reality is that Hungary is a bit of a European backwater best known for being invaded by the Soviets back in 1956.
    But Mr Orban is very nationalistic, he is unpopular in the EU partly because of his stand on immigration and he is on very good terms with Russian President Putin. All in all a very interesting situation.
    Yes, as other comments have suggested he may need to watch his back but what he is saying needs to be said and the rest of Europe needs to take notice.

  • MekongDelta69

    Someone who NoBama is NOT…

  • Ronald Roman

    ORBAN 2016!

  • LeonNJ

    I would be curious to see what Barbra Spectre thinks about all this. Let me get her. She’s in my kitchen making her famous matzoh soup.

    • John Smith

      I like matzo ball soup, but not her and most of her kind.

  • Interested Party


    • George Moriarty

      @guest; You have asked all the right questions, I have yet to hear any credible answers. Now I hope this is not too far of topic, but some time ago Amren ran a story about how a very popular UK TV crime show, Midsomer Murders was under fire for being far to white and it had no diversity.
      I accidentally watched a few minutes of this show this evening, yes it was set in picture postcard perfect English village, all the cast were white, well dressed and intelligent looking. I thought this is great! BUT, along comes this casually dressed black African, looked totally out of place but it got worse, a well dressed white young lady runs up and kisses him on the mouth. My skin crawled and my blood boiled and the TV was switched OFF.
      Just why do we need diversity? The above event was obviously part of a script, perhaps to bow down to the diversity police, but this diversity and multiculturalism most certainly does not come naturally.

      • guest

        All the right questions, yet only one answer is ever given to them by the multiculturalism elitists. That answer being a hysterical “RACIST!”

        If diversity really was so great, it would only be because people would naturally want it, but nobody ever does. The fact that the multiculturalism elitists enforce this only on Whites and never give a logical and rational explanation as to why this diversity is the greatest thing in the world proves that they have very evil intentions.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    What “right”?

    • jambi19

      You know, the modern right. It doesn’t care about white,black,yellow….only green, green and most importantly MORE GREEN !!!!!!!

      • Tony Murphy

        Dat’s true!


      What right? You know, the one that’s for the massive immigrant invasion, both legal and illegal, the introduction of sharia law, affirmative action, multiculturalism, pro discrimination against native whites, yet against any and all laws < Rand Paul Style ) that have a disparate impact upon criminals who are not white, while simultaneously for any and all laws that have a disparate impact upon criminals who are white, all while constantly preaching about how our diversity is our greatest strength and somehow, not our greatest weakness. You know, the right, the ones who are the complete opposite of the left, duh!

  • John Smith

    The guy makes an interesting point about white European demographics and white perceptions of economic security and public safety. I tend to wonder what the white birthrate in the US would be if our society and economy hadn’t be allowed to fall apart by all this focus on rewarding minorities, foreign and domestic, for living here?

  • LHathaway

    “while the southern borders of the EU–including our own state’s borders–are besieged by waves of modern-day migration, in the face of which increasingly frustrated states and governments are at a loss”.

    Ah, the soft, underbelly of Europe.

  • CM732

    This is a great start. Even if he does not follow through with actions he has started the conversation.

  • Mark Hillyard

    Because it’s a war against Christian Nations formerly called Christendom. It’s no mistake that Western Civilization grew into greatness while other nations can’t figure out how to feed their own people. Christianity is not simple people going to church on Sunday, it has to do with law and order and Kingdom. It’s also false to say that the Kingdom will be in heaven as is stated, “Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

    Christ stated that the “violent take the Kingdom by violence”. Few preachers understand that Jesus was referring to such forces as Communism which is the most obvious anti-Christ political, cultural force we are facing. Karl Marx was a Jewish guy. Communism is called Red, Esau, Idumians were the ones who invaded the Temple Priesthood and were not Israel at all, with a few exceptions such as Joseph of ARIMATHAEA.
    Esau was called Red when he was born, this is not a coincidence

  • antiquesunlight

    Just read this. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Very well said, sir.