Connecticut College Closed Monday to Address Recent Hate Messages

NBC Connecticut, March 30, 2015

Connecticut College is closed Monday as administrators lead a college-wide conversation after some concerns about racism and hate-related issues on campus.

The action comes a day after racially charged graffiti was found in the bathrooms on the first floor of the Crozier-Williams building at the New London college. Photos shared with NBC Connecticut show writing on a bathroom wall that says “No” followed by the “N” word plural. The graffitti has been removed and administrators are investigating, trying to find the person(s) responsible.

That was after another controversy on campus that led at least 500 people to sign a petition on calling for Connecticut College president Katherine Bergeron to condemn philosophy professor Andrew Pessin’s Facebook post stating in part that Gaza is like a pitbull kept in a cage “because of its repeated efforts to destroy Israel and Jews.”

“By now, there have been many opinions expressed about the original Facebook post, as well as about subsequent comments on Yik Yak and elsewhere. But one thing has become extremely clear: the level of harm that incendiary language can have on a community. The post caused an outpouring of anger and pain among many different groups of students, faculty, and staff. The groundswell of reaction makes it clear that the issue goes far beyond the effects of a single post. It is about who we are as a community,” Bergeron wrote in a letter to the students on Sunday. “Earlier today, as I was writing this letter, I learned of another incident of racist graffiti in the restrooms of Crozier-Williams. We must take action immediately to expose and eradicate this ignorance and hatred. I have decided to cancel tomorrow’s classes to ensure these events receive the proper attention.”


Bergeron plans to talk to the students about goals to strengthen the college community as the campus comes together to have further dialogue about improving school climate. There will be a campus-wide meeting on Monday night. She is also opening her door on Tuesday for anyone who wants to speak with her about the issues.


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  • Chip Carver

    If you’re not prepared for an upcoming exam, here’s the way to postpone it.

    • Bingo. Some courses must have midterms on Monday.

    • Dave West

      How can administrators pretend for even a minute that an incident like this doesn’t have a 95% chance of being a hoax?

      I like how all these incidents are assumed to be racial hate crimes, when the evidence and trends would indicate the exact opposite.

      • Reverend Bacon

        It’s so funny, it’s painful to watch. It’s like Charlie Brown and Lucy; she keeps saying that she’ll hold the football, for real this time. He keeps finding reasons to believe her. And he keeps falling on his back. I’m guessing that the recent BS in Corpus Christi turned out to be a hoax. Otherwise, we’d have heard of it. They had surveillance cameras, after all.

        Another funny-but-painful-to-watch is what happens when they find out it’s a hoax. They still try to salvage the “teachable moment,” except the lesson isn’t about “the Negro who cried Wolf,” but it’s about the evil whites who may not have been guilty this time, but they probably have committed micro-aggressions at one time or another.

        • Dave West

          Libtards are on cloud nine right now when it comes to these “incidents.” They’re still on their pathetic, childish “high horse” after the OU frat event. What’s their record? Maybe 1 for 25?

          • Reverend Bacon

            If that. The OU event hasn’t played out, and the fact that they were expelled for saying these things probably violated their constitutional rights. Even most libtards are saying that now (with the notable exception of some epsilon-minuses at SPLC, who make Eric Holder’s double-standards look benign by comparison.

            Speaking of double-standards, I’d love to hear what all the black “fraternities” sing about YT. I’d just guess it’s closer to “Kill the Boer” than “Kumbayah.”

          • Spikeygrrl

            “Epsilon-minuses.” Nicely done.

            Too bad your comment couldn’t spell out the whole caste without being yanked. We can’t even use the R-word any more; their heads would probably explode if you’d used the semi-M word.

          • Reverend Bacon

            True that. Thanks. Of course, I think “semi-M word” doesn’t describe it; I think there’s nothing “semi” about them.

            BTW, I use that phrase all the time. The ones who would censor me if they had read the book, haven’t. And the ones who have read the book probably have enough intelligence to at least tolerate my opinions, even if they don’t agree with it.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Yes, indeed. I wonder who (what race) of students would not be prepared to take the exam? Who benefits from the exam being postponed? (Think hard now…)

      • John Smith

        Evolution is a slow process, usually, so put it off several millennia.

    • WR_the_realist

      Guess which racial group is least likely to be prepared for an upcoming exam?

    • John Smith

      It was that students were calling in bomb threats, but they could try this tack. I’m not sure you wouldn’t get as much or more prison time for writing the “N-word” on the wall though.

  • superlloyd

    There is no one community and trying to not offend all the different interest groups is futile. Free speech carries costs but should be defended despite those costs. This was once an axiom of the West but has now been subverted by PC weenies who cite micro aggressions and the right not to be offended above all as their maxims. Surprising how few people realise the implications of this cultural marxist fiat.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Look at the SCOUS’s refusal to even review the case where American students couldn’t wear Flag shirts because it offended illegal Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo.

      Free Speech is in jeopardy…..

    • bilderbuster

      These days free speech and freedom of expression is strictly limited to porn in most White nations.

      • John Smith

        And who is behind the porn industry? Hmm….

        • bilderbuster

          The same ones who have been behind every “hate speech” law.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Now if the graffiti said “No Whites Allowed”, if would be celebrated and there would be NO discussion whatsoever.

    • LHathaway

      It would be an important statement. And in fact, for an event or two on campus, such as a White privilege talk or to, this has been official policy. This is ignoring the fact there Are No white student groups allowed on campus. Not the case with groups of color where they are practically a requirement as they striving to respect ‘diversity’.

    • bilderbuster

      If someone was caught doing that it would be called “guerilla art”.

    • H. Mueller

      Absolutely. They would consider a “No Whites” graffiti incident as making real progress in the “discussion about race”. They would be proud of the progress that the downtrodden minority has made in the lifelong quest to stand up to the White oppressors.

  • Race Heretic

    I find it really absurd that even news organizations can’t report what the graffiti said for fear of reprisal.

    • bilderbuster

      They did but in such a pathetic way.
      They said the graffiti read “No N word plural”.LOL!

      • Travis Lee

        My mommy brought me up right.
        I have NO IDEA what nasty word people are getting upset over.
        Someone will have to SAY IT out loud.

        I dare you.

        Thought so.

        • bilderbuster

          Say it?
          Amren will delete you if you write it.

          • Travis Lee


            “Not a truth existing which we fear…..”

            It’s not WORDS which we fear, it’s the truth of them which is unspeakable.

            If words MUST be squelched, then the THOUGHTS must be doubly so.

          • bilderbuster

            Same old story.
            The White man said a bad word and done made the Black man cry.

  • shmo123

    What a pathetic bunch of cry babies. Close the school for what? The only thing that should be closed is the administration building so they can all change their diapers.

    • TomIron361

      In the not too distant future, many of these emporiums of higher learning will be closing there doors for good. Slowly people are wising up to what’s going on in these places and not sending their children. Especially at the stupid cost of it all.

      • Michael Whalen

        You would get a better, higher quality, more practical, more useful education at the community college of East Screwbag, Arkansas than you would at any major university these days.

        • Rhialto

          There are many college programs available on-line. This can be a good option, but care is selection is essential to avoid loss of money, time, and opportunity.

          • John Smith

            Need to make sure it’s accredited by a regional accrediting body – I believe there are six of these. University of Phoenix wouldn’t be on my list unless it was just something to make an employer happy and they paid for it, because they don’t have a good rep, like many other for-profit schools. Nothing like blowing your money on a degree employers laugh at.

        • bilderbuster

          We have a friend who is an RN and she’s getting her PHD online.

  • MekongDelta69

    More ‘conversations’ means more White groveling and self-flagellating, even though it’s just another in an endless stream of HOAXES.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Was it actually written on the bathroom wall or in the within the nefarious grout?

  • I’m sure the message of “No Naggers” was written by a libturd student or professor in order to stir the pot.

    Notice that the president of the university is a woman. Big mistake. The fairer sex has no business in these leadership positions. Their soft management style will be exploited by blacks, browns, woman, and cultural Marxists every time. Of course, a Maggie Thatcher type would be different.

    Since I was in higher ed for 30 years, I watched as the goalposts were moved so that blacks and browns could “succeed” in the new grade-inflated, watered-down curriculum. Then, I watched as women, blacks, and browns took charge to make sure that if no one of them could ever be offended. Every traditional expression of a white culture that took thousands of years to create was to be wiped.

    NEVER donate money to any college or university. Save your money no matter how nostalgic you are for your alma mater. It’s not the place you remember.

    • evilsandmich

      It does disappoint me that there aren’t more trouble makers at colleges. When I was that age if I knew being such a mild ass would rattle cages so loudly I would shake them every chance I got. Now all we get are lefties who want to draw even more attention to themselves.

      • MBlanc46

        Indeed. We were the people our parents warned us about. We were bad.

    • John Smith

      Not a problem, since the MFs bombard you so often that you get PO’d after even a short while – especially when you’ve only been out a year or two and have loans still. I don’t have loans anymore, but I figure I gave enough to go there and the huge increases in tuition costs is because they’ve gotten greedy and unable to live within their means.

  • Dave West

    Amren should start an online gambling hoax betting site. Anytime one of these “racist hate” incidents turns out to NOT to be a hoax the payout should be 15 to 1.

  • Dave West

    Later in the week we’ll find out this was done by the “parasite-studies” department chair.

    “I was just trying to raise awareness of institutional racism and the emotional scar of people of color at the hands of white people, blah, blah, blah.”

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Outpouring of pain is hyperbole, I get that. But I don’t understand what is objectionable about the pitbull in a cage comment. Did it offend Jews or Palestinians or Arabs or pitbull owners (who do get kind of anti-racisty about the breed)? I don’t really care, I just want to point out that the psyops is stretched to the breaking point. I would think most empathic and socially adroit human beings would just be confused by this. Confusion is alienating. The tide is turning.

  • Who Me?

    (Yawn) Hoax #4,928,216 and counting…

  • Alden

    I almost fell off the couch laughing Is it midterm exam time? Is a black professor suspected of using a fake transcript and resume to get the job?
    How will Hilel and the local ADL react to prof Pessin’s support of the Palestinians?
    Liberalism is a parody of itself

    • Katherine McChesney

      Read the article again. He wasn’t supporting the Palestinians. He was defending the Jews.

  • LHathaway

    Let’s take this seriously, for a moment, and assume it’s not another Hoax or someone trying to ‘raise awareness’. These administrators Have to be wondering how such a person could have got in to their university.

    • bilderbuster

      Just the thought of those pinheaded weenies scratching their heads and wringing their hands, agonizing over that is TOO funny.

  • Pa Guy in NJ

    So the world stops when blacks are “offended” but nothing happens when they openly attack us?

    • kikz2

      ding ding! we haaaaaaave a wiiiiiiiner!

    • Travis Lee

      Psst…. It’s racist to NOTICE things like that.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    We must take action immediately to expose and eradicate this ignorance and hatred.”

    How was it ignorant? It was blunt and a bit rude, but why does he think it’s ignorant?

    • libertarian1234

      He likely regards anybody who isn’t “enlightened” with the pressing need to regard social engineering and a quest for the rainbow utopia as someone who doesn’t believe as he does, because he lacks the knowledge to understand what it’s all about and how wonderful it is.

      It’s about the same mindset as they members of the Heaven’s Gate cult had, when they were conditioned to believe the mother ship would arrive on earth at a certain date to take them to Jupiter and when it didn’t show at the appointed time they all committed suicide.

      They thought anybody who didn’t share their beliefs was ignorant, also.

  • libertarian1234

    “Connecticut College is closed Monday as administrators lead a college-wide conversation after some concerns about racism and hate-related issues on campus.”

    These bastions of political correctness are now dysfunctional. Instead of concentrating on teaching various subjects, almost their entire attention now is focused on the cult of social engineering.

    Don’t be surprised if you read the news sites pretty soon wherein one of these PC institutions became so disappointed in politically insensitive infractions the entire student body and faculty all lined up in front of a cooler full of cyanide-laced Kool-Aid and each had a glass in protest to what they regarded as intolerable.

    • Rhialto

      I think that they are dysfunctional even as purveyors of political correctness. I can understand the value of a vicious denunciation, but how does suspending classes and declaring a day of flagellation advance the Liberal agenda?

      It’s not as if a “Hate Crime” had been perpetrated, and the perps had been White males. That would make the schools actions reasonable (for Liberals).

      Once again I am perplexed by the Liberals.

    • John Smith

      I’d take the day off and play video games, were I a white student. No way would I waste time with one of these bogus “conversations.”

    • Spikeygrrl

      Please, please, let it be soon.

    • H. Mueller

      I’m am wondering how many tears I would shed, any? One or two? None?

    • Travis Lee

      Well after a week of shocked news reports, wouldn’t we all feel a bit better?
      Think of it as social hygiene.

  • Hilis Hatki

    They think it was written by someone sitting brokenhearted.

    • LHathaway

      I actually went into a bathroom once and they had a blackboard on the wall, well it was green. You could write anything you want and they could just erase it. Took a photo of it, actually.

      • I once wrote a quite hideous limerick on one of those in the physics department restroom at UC Santa Cruz:

        “There once was a crack-whore named Dot
        who subsisted on pig-$#!& and snot.
        When she couldn’t get these,
        she ate the green cheese
        that she scraped from the walls of her twat.”

        The next, and final message someone else wrote was “The human race is doomed.”

        I already knew that.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Thanks for the….errr….”blast” from the past.

  • bilderbuster

    The fact is that any student with a marker and the will to use it to scribble a 6 letter word on a wall can terrorize a modern college.
    All I can do is laugh and imagine the havoc I could wreak with the SJWs if I were a student today.

    • John Smith

      I once took a class at a local junior college for training purposes and the campus police busted into the room because someone had written that word on a desk and these knuckleheads (a couple of whom were “diversity” candidates) were there accusing us, when most had just gotten there and were over thirty – not exactly the likely culprits. It was probably a negro who did it.

  • Gerald Michael

    There is graffiti on restroom walls? Isn’t that what restroom walls are for?

  • Spikeygrrl

    college-wide + conversation = oxymoron

  • InAFreeCountry

    It’s funny, the pro-Israel professor was expressing an opinion. Everyone else has the right to express a counter-opinion. No need for condemnation from the school’s president.

  • Tim

    This makes me remember Junior High a lifetime ago and how we would shut down classes to keep from taking tests or giving oral reports etc. we weren`t prepared for. We would simply break off the splines of a plastic comb in the door locks to keep the teachers from inserting keys in. I believe this “Grafitti” might just be today answer to that problem…

  • You know you’re in the liberal twilight zone when a piece of graffiti and a facebook comment not only makes the newspapers (or is NBC a TV station? Which would make it worse) but shuts down a whole college. I would like to say it is astonishing, but this kind of madness has no boundaries.

  • You know, thinking about it, things like this just show how fragile and wafer thin our opposition are. Just imagine something really kicking off, they would not be able to cope with it. If graffiti and a facebook comment so hurts the poor dears, then how would they cope with some real action and some real talk?

    • H. Mueller

      A Bizzarro World, it has become.

  • flunkdaddy

    Conn. is the bluest of the Blue States, I wonder if the governor will declare a state of emergency and have everyone shelter in place?

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      That’s why I no longer live there. I’m almost 3000 miles away and the difference is like black and white … oops, dat be rayciss.

      • H. Mueller

        You said the word black, I think that the country should shut down for a few days now.


    “NNs” should be posted everywhere

  • Raydonn

    Spineless commies……………….

  • kikz2

    funny april fools pran…………no, wait.. you’re serious……?

  • kikz2

    CT rebels????.. bwahahahahaha! was it just me, or is this town completely devoid of non-Whites? it is quite the lovely place. i so wish many many HB-1 Asian visa students and HUD Section 8’s on them 🙂 the graffiti was probably asking what the “N” word meant, as obviously none of these students has ever actually encountered one, unless they’d ventured into the “Big Rotten Apple”.

  • Realist

    Were they misspelled?

    • Travis Lee


  • H. Mueller

    It is much easier for simple minded liberals, lefties, progressives, whatever they are, to make a big deal out of things like this than it is to do real work. It fits right in with their lazy mindedness and simple thought processes.

  • H. Mueller

    I have found that allowing and encouraging a bunch of these cretins to loot, pillage, and burn a community, (Ferguson, MO for instance), has a much higher level of harm on a community than some stupid words on a restroom wall that the janitor could remove in 3 minutes.

  • Travis Lee

    Was this college founded and funded by prominent families who made their fortunes with the slave trade or the opium trade?

    The sanctimony seemed to be thickest there.

  • Travis Lee

    ARE there grow ups in university settings, anymore?