DHS Secretary: ‘Thousands’ of Unaccompanied Children Still Crossing into U.S.

Susan Jones, CNS News, March 27, 2015

Unaccompanied children crossing the southern border into the United States still number in the thousands, probably the tens of thousands, even though the percentages are lower, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told Congress on Thursday.

“For the kids, unaccompanied kids, it’s running about 40 percent lower,” Johnson said. “I hope it stays that way, but we have to be prepared in the event it doesn’t.”

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said he’s happy the percentages are down, but he pressed Johnson to give him the “total numbers.”

“Last year, 2014, the total number including the Mexican UACs (unaccompanied children), I believe, was 68,000,” Johnson replied. “If you take out the–and I’m doing this from memory now. If you take out the Mexican children, I believe the total number was about 58,000. I suspect, if it stays at the current rate, will come in at around 40 percent, 60 percent of 68,000, whatever that number is.”

(Forty percent would be 27,200; 60 percent would be 40,800.)

“So you’re still talking about–and percentages are lower, but you’re still talking about…

“Thousands of people, yes,” Johnson said.


Johnson said in February 2015, 2,395 unaccompanied children (UAC) were apprehended at the southern border compared with 4,845 in February 2014.

“My educated guess about March (2015) is that March will be higher, probably to around the 2,600 or 2,700 level,” Johnson said.


Cuellar asked Johnson if those numbers include “family units” as well.

“No, that’s a different number,” Johnson said.

“Right, which means that you got unaccompanied kids and then the kids that come in with family units, that’s another number. Can you give us roughly what are the (family) numbers for F.Y. ’15?

“When we talk about family units, we’re talking about individuals in family units,” Johnson explained. “For January, it was a total of 1,622. January 2014 was 2,286. February 2015 it was 2,043. February 2014 was 3,281.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The endless browning of America continues unabated.

  • listenupbub

    If you know anything about MS-13, you know that Central American immigrants are the kind we do not want. El Salvador is a mess, and they bring the mess to America in the form of their gang. Many of our recent illegals are from El Salvador.

    • SentryattheGate

      Of the 13 gangs that worry the FBI most, 10 are Latino gangs!

      • Ella

        Two hands in the GOV continue to work against each other.

  • listenupbub

    As a guy who is currently working in a labor job with many hispanics, I can tell you that I am positively fed up.

    For the past week, they have been ordering food at the same time as me at a certain grill during lunch break. Whenever I take my wallet out, a brown hand flashes right at it. It is like they steal involuntarily, out of habit. They see a wallet, they go for it, like lightning. Three different hispanics have done this. It is now a daily occurence.

    One hispanic successfully stole my phone. He was born in America, proving that it is not an issue of nationality. I gave him a stern warning, and he later gave it back.

    One time, a Cambodian friend we work with caught a hispanic trying to steal my s***, and asked him what was up. The hispanic said “mucho dinero” and insulted me in other ways, as if he thinks I have a lot of money (I obviously don’t), and that justifies his stealing. I think this encapsulates the entire hispanic attitude towards whites.

    I’m just tired of it. Get the f*** out of our country.

    • I have a large storage unit with my household goods stored there. things I salvaged after my house burned down. They come by and want me to give them stuff. It’s pretty pathetic really. Between begging and stealing, there must be some sort of huge “undocumented” wealth transfer from white to brown. They also want me to give them rides because they don’t have a dollar for bus fare.

    • SentryattheGate

      A roofing contractor several years ago told me that he uses his Latino crew ONLY on new housing developments, after all the thievery going on in established neighborhoods, once those crews surveyed all the goodies from their roof-top vantage points!

      • listenupbub

        That is totally believable to me. They do not give a rat’s behind about us.

        We forget how easy it is for humans to do evil to other people groups. Whites are better with it, which just makes us suckers, but we are not perfect, either.

        War is the ultimate example of the typical rules of decent behavior being suspended when it comes time to compete with another people group.

        This is not the only reason I oppose multiculturalism (there are MANY), but it is a splendid example of a failure of multiracialism that is essentially undeniable. The only way to deny it is to live in a (basically white) bubble and “see no evil, speak no evil,” which is exactly what our liberal overlords do.

      • DougDeGrave

        The fact that he still has them on the payroll makes him just as guilty.

    • Alden

      So they steal your tools as well

    • H. Mueller

      I suppose you would get in trouble if you accidently struck it in the wrist with a meat cleaver when it reached for your muy dinero.

  • libertarian1234

    I have a hard time believing thousands of kids make a two thousand mile…or greater…trip on their own, yet still make it to the US on their own without any adult help.

    • Hilis Hatki

      A Pied Piper perhaps.

    • SentryattheGate

      The head of the Border Patrol union said the same thing; he said this is obviously a team effort between the US and the Central American countries.

  • Wing-nut.

    The charade continues as the “authorities” talk about the problem, instead of doing anything about the problem.

  • Who Me?

    Did “Grunt” Johnson have any bright ideas about what to do to stop the flow?
    . . .
    Didn’t think so.

  • De Doc

    I have a great idea! Let’s just legalize the ones here already and hope that will stop the flow. No, wait…

  • A friend flew out of Phoenix, AZ. Several strange boys were on the flight. They were slim, small, somehow underage looking but with older looking tough faces and staring him down whenever he tried to look at them. Somehow they seemed and looked out of place.

    It is likely that they were Central American gang toughs that normally don’t dress as nicely and normally don’t behave that nicely, and that pretended to be minors.

  • HE2

    Uninoculated, disease and parasite carrying gang banger wannabes with
    low IQs, conduct disorders, future welfare
    dependents and criminals being stealthily placed in our communities. Great.
    Parents, please be sure your
    childrens’ and [your own] inoculations are up to date. Little known,
    adults need boosters, as immunity diminishes over time.
    Since Soetero’s enacted nation wrecking plan began, my overrun rural
    hometown schools have had several outbreaks of mumps, whooping cough,
    rubeola [aka “hard” measles], H1N1 flu and treatment resistive TB, and a few fatalities.
    citizen kids contracting the diseases from border jumpers were not
    inoculated, their parents too ignorant, lazy or indifferent to take them
    in for free county immunizations.
    As mother did not believe in immunizing us, I contracted and nearly died from “hard measles” as a
    seven year old girl, fever over 41.1.
    Sequela consisted of total deafness in left ear and lifelong compromised immune system.

  • Chip Carver

    They keep calling these invaders “children” when Border Patrol agents themselves have said that the majority of the “children” are well over age 18, some of them in their 30’s. The media is well aware of this, but we know who runs the media.

    • SentryattheGate

      And a fair amount of them are pregnant! Or single moms!

      • DougDeGrave

        ONE ‘anchor baby’ is all they need to be here legally. Unfortunately, they end up having six more.

  • H. Mueller

    Their families, (10-20 in each one) can now come and become automatic citizens. Welfare, education, medical care, social security for all can be had. Oh the joy. Oh, they will be politely directed to vote Democrat, also.