Copenhagen Gunman’s Burial Attracts Hundreds

The Local, February 20, 2015

At least 500 people turned out Friday as the gunman who killed two people in twin attacks in Copenhagen nearly a week ago was laid to rest.

22-year-old Omar El-Hussein–identified by police as the shooter behind two fatal shootings last weekend–was buried at a Muslim cemetery in the Copenhagen suburb of Brøndby despite objections from the Islamic group that owns it.

The group said it had considered denying a request by El-Hussein’s parents of to have him buried in the group’s Muslim cemetery, but that its rules did not allow for it.

“My concern is over extremist attitudes and actions on both sides,” Ahmet Deniz, head of the Islamic Burial Fund’s support group told Jyllands-Posten. “Both from his friends and from young Danish people who perhaps could also riot later.”

The ceremony took place at the Islamic Society of Denmark in Copenhagen following Friday prayers and was followed by the burial outside the city. Police estimated that at least 500 people attended the burial service.

Two people–a documentary maker and a volunteer security guard at Copenhagen’s main synagogue–died in two separate shootings last Saturday and Sunday.

Friday’s funeral was open to the public but according to a report from wire service Ritzau was mostly attended by young men, who were described as “wearing large black coats with many of them having covered their faces”.


Copenhagen Police sent out a press release prior to the service urging anyone attending to “show appropriate respect” while Kasem Said Ahmad, who conducted the burial ceremony, told Jyllands-Posten that he would require everyone to “remain silent”.

Ahmad rejected media suggestions that a large turnout at the funeral would be a sign of support for the alleged killer.

“It is support for the family, not for him,” he said. “I do not think that anyone is coming to pay homage to him.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    The guilt-ridden, self-loathing, spineless, hypocritical elites from all White Western nations let this garbage in – and WE have to pay for it, not to mention getting dispossessed from our OWN countries.

    Oh wait – I just wrote the same comment under the “Teenage (British) Jihadi” article right below on AmRen.

    Never mind…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Everyone who attended that funeral should be deported.

      Better yet. drop them into southern Syria after giving them “Death To ISIS, Long Live Israel” tattoos.

      • MekongDelta69

        The problem with that is NoBama wants to import thousands of Syrian ‘refugees’ (*cough, cough*), so the people you see in that picture may be living right next to one of US, not too far off in the future.

    • propagandaoftruth

      And why are we trying to stop them from going off to join IS???

      We should let them go, immediately revoke their citizenship, and get them all in one place…not here. There.

      One rather small, hemmed in place. We should give them a farewell party.

      • dd121

        They don’t just go away and stay away. They come back to their European countries, trained to fight and really mad.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Not if their citizenship is revoked.

          Yes, it will take a political upheaval and a return to national conservatism.

          • dd121

            That seems unlikely at this time.

          • propagandaoftruth

            You know, it’s almost like we’re holding radical Islamists in the West who want to destroy us hostage. Like we must absorb them borg-like, by enlightening them with our scientificul goodism…

            Oh oh please, hateful, backward Muzzies. Please love us, please be like us. Please don’t go home to wage war on us…

            Wage war on us here!

            To put it in libtardese it’s akin to interning the Japanese in WW2 to NOT let all Muzzies return to their Caliphate and fight us there. Or fight the Turks. Who knows? Start the inter-muzzie 30 years war and us watch in morbid delight.

            National Conservatism. Viable ideology.

          • dd121

            That’s the liberal position all right. We all live in a big mixing bowl of diversity and we’ll all evolve into a uniform soup of people who all get along and sing kum by ah.

            In my opinion, liberals couldn’t be more wrong. Muslims don’t want to integrate; they want to dominate and then make us change to their beliefs or be destroyed. To me, it’s all crystal clear.

      • jayvbellis

        No, allowing 30,000 drug dealer, gangster rappers Muslim men in Europe to go join ISIS in Iraq doesn’t remove the Muslim problems in Europe as well over 200,000 more Muslims, worst Blacks are coming in to Europe, Uk each year. Muslims like to be able to go back and forth in to Europe, UK, they scream RACISM same as the worst Latrinos here in the USA. Liberals, Libertarians, cultural Marxists at the UK Guardian newspaper simply demand Muslims should do what ever they want, all border controls are RACIST.

        • propagandaoftruth

          No, allowing 30,000 drug dealer, gangster rappers Muslim men in Europe to go join ISIS in Iraq doesn’t remove the Muslim problems in Europe
          Well, it would be a start. Gotta start somewhere.

          Can’t imagine Israel would want such a thing but I don’t care.

  • Luca

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone desecrated that Muslim graveyard the way they desecrate Jewish Graveyards? Now that would be a tragedy indeed.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Last week the French police revealed that their recent Jewish cemetery vandalisms were committed by an elderly Jewish couple.

      Another day, another hate crime hoax.

      • Wing-nut.

        Not like there’s a pattern here.

      • NoMosqueHere

        An elderly jewish couple did all that? Really?

        • Oil Can Harry

          I looked up the article again to refresh my memory and I now see the couple in question defaced 20 parked cars, and not tombstones, with anti-Semitic graffiti. I stand corrected.

          • Spaniard in LA

            Not really! The tombstone were likely desecrated by those wishing more bodies would head to the West Bank. It’s just a ploy to get a certain European population to settle in the West Bank.

          • KyraNelson

            What ploy did your ancestors use to get you here? “Spaniard?”

          • Spaniard in LA

            No ploy what so ever. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on. If Jews left Europe for Israel, more than likely they would end up living in the West Bank. Convenient.

          • KyraNelson

            Ah, you mean JUDEA and Samaria?

          • Sick of it

            They could take over Saudi Arabia too if they want. Kill two birds with one stone.

  • dd121

    Don’t native Europeans have eyes to see the threat right in front of them?

    • Sick of it

      Their eyes are too busy watching Jewish movies and reading Jewish news.

      • NoMosqueHere

        What Jewish movies or newspapers are they? Can you be specific?

        • You zionists truly are a creepy lot. I’ve dealt with a few of you at work through the years, and your fanatical support of israel, compounded with your utter refusal to acknowledge that the “chosen people” could ever do any wrong borders on the clinically insane.

        • Irish

          Oh, you apparently are unfamiliar with motion pictures & major market newspapers in the U.S…DreamWorks, or should I say Katzenberg-Geffen-Spielberg..The Weinstien Bros. etc, etc.. The New York Times, No?…Let me guess, your contention is that their ethnicity doesn’t inform their worldview..That explains why we’re still being fed multiple Holocaust films every year, 70 years since the end of WW2, but I’ve yet to see a film on the catastrophe that was the Great Hunger in Eire. Of which far more American families would be directly linked to…

          • Interesting … I commented about nomosque being a (mildly annoying) zionist, and it was removed. I guess it was garnering too many up votes?

            So now we cannot name the unnameable ones, OR their fanatical “christian” supporters… is there a list of things we cant discuss somewhere, or should I just assume that anything with an even remote possibility of pertaining to israel or the holy ones who reside there will be censored?

            (Just piggybacking off your post since its in the relevant thread, Irish)

          • Irish

            It tis, as they say, what it tis..Being cognizant of that reality is the best you can do..And of course waking others up.

  • libertarian1234

    “It is support for the family, not for him,” he said. “I do not think that anyone is coming to pay homage to him.”

    Yeah, sure. And the Pope isn’t catholic either is he?

    Here’s an example of what the “peaceful Muslims” think about jihadists.

    • Sick of it

      Actually, the current Pope is the least catholic Catholic I’ve ever come across.

      • Epiminondas

        He’s just stupid.

      • Irish

        While I think the Holy Father has a touch of South American Socialist leanings. He, like every other Pope is a Nazi by the MSM’s standards. They think by lavishing him with praise (As they have so many Middle-American actors) they’ll bring him further to their way of thinking. But the church isn’t swayed by public opinion. The center will hold..

    • Jaggers

      Yes, don’t you like having your intelligence insulted? To say the Muslims were not paying homage is an evasion worthy of our president himself.

    • jayvbellis

      I do not think the current Liberation Theology Pope is Catholic, not by traditional standards. He is just a standard, PC Liberal Leftists, wants to be a pop music star, get featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine, which he won.

  • LHathaway

    by the looks of the photo . . . muslims manage diversity better than we do. I hope all diversitoids move there. Let’s give Muslims Poland, and send all forms of vibrancy and hope, there, since they manage diversity so well. They would no longer be subjected to wicked racism. Such a move might save the rest of Europe quite a bit of headache. You can pay me now, or pay me later. In fact, it might save Whites in Europe.

    Or allow them to integrate and assimilate into Europe. White girls would never be attracted to all that violence. They’re too sensitive and forthright.

    • IstvanIN

      Destroy Poland? Why hurt the Poles?

      • Epiminondas

        The Poles will fight for their nation. We need them.

  • propagandaoftruth

    That’s pretty solid stuff. Good to see some real theoretical work going on in the social sciences.

    You don’t have to deal with “critical theory” in your field, do you? Is that still how English departments deconstruct and destroy all literature?

    What are you going to do your work in? I hope you make a splash. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you have enough sense and cynicism to do some good, scientific sociological work.

  • bv

    OUT OUT OUT out out out get ouuuuut!!!!

  • SentryattheGate

    Huntington,( Political Science, Harvard) was the author of Clash of Civilizations, and the Remaking of World Order; a favorite book of mine. He warned that multiculturalism will weaken America. Amazon review: Not only does he point out that Muslim countries are involved in far more intergroup violence than others, he argues that the West should worry not about Islamic fundamentalism but about Islam itself.

  • John Smith

    500 more who should be watched, imprisoned and deported ASAP.

  • Spaniard in LA

    How was this guy come to possess such a weapon? False flag operation!

    • Guns are actually quite easy to get, almost anywhere. I am forever banned firearms, but I know how to make them. Once I was released from federal probation, I made an electromagnetic coilgun and several very nice crossbows. I am thus disarmed only by voluntary agreement. The crossbows look like they could have been made back in the day at Enfield. I made my first firearm when I was 14, designing it from a clean sheet of paper. It worked great.

  • jaye ellis

    We need to treat these events like we used to do Mafia funerals.

    Get telephoto cameras, document who is there. Get license plate #s.

    We need to circulate the information of who the bad guys are and don’t be “Shocked” to learn that some people giving homage to Islamic terrorists do very bad things in the future.

    And it ain’t about economics, social welfare programs and we don’t need to get PHD in Arabic Middle Eastern studies to “Understand their point of view”.

    We understand their point of view.

    We just do not share their point of view.

  • Alucard_the_last

    If I had my way, they would be paying their ‘respects’ in one of the many crapistains out there not in Europe.

  • qqrrsstt

    Too bad the Scandinavian “Social Democrats” are only just NOW figuring it all out.

    They (meaning the tripartite Norway-Denmark-Sweden) threw open their borders to tens of thousands of Muslims … each taking in close to roughly 5% again of their own population (i.e., Sweden has, very roughly, close to 400,000 Muslims, most of whom love to riot; Denmark has, very roughly, over 200,000 Muslims).

    Scandinavian countries, which used to be the “most advanced” … economically and “societally” … countries on earth, threw open their doors to Brown Illiterates with a 12th-century or so mentality. 500 of them (in Denmark) paying last respects to a Jihadist and Cold-Blooded Murderer.


    • jayvbellis

      Yeah, dumb blondes.

      Slavs never do stupid things like this.

  • jayvbellis

    I would have love to be there dressed with a yarmulka head covering waving a large Israeli flag.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      The Israelis are not our friends. They are our enemies just like the Muslims. Haven’t you been paying attention as to who is destroying the west and will gain from it??

      • jayvbellis

        Yes I am paying attention. And I am not a dumb goy. Causing dissension between invading Muslims and pro Israel Zionists, that works fine from our perspective.

        Please stop being a dumb goy.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Jay, I am not one either.Preaching to the choir buddy.

    • Epiminondas

      You couldn’t use a Danish flag?

      • When I was living Down Under, I had a Confederate flag.

      • jayvbellis

        No, Israeli flag is much better – gets nastiest Muslims thinking that Jews are their enemy, gets regular Danes to notice that the Arab/Muslim vs Israel hatred and violence is now being fought in Denmark and Danes are dispossessed spectators that might have to choose one of these sides.

        Plus the legions of Cowardly American Christian Zionists who would never do anything pro White racist, they get cover and can say: “we are only going to control bad Muslim immigration because it’s bad for the Jews”.

        It’s win win for us all around.

  • Ringo Lennon

    We should wrap all these gunman in pigskin. No virgins for them.

    • The plains injuns used to wrap living prisoners in wet hides and then let them dry out. This seems like a good idea to me.

  • Fr. John+

    The visual is so telling, there’s no other way to say it- the faces were ALL NON-WHITES.
    Deport all NON-WHITES from WHITE LANDS, and our ‘problems’ with Moslems and other Levantine residents will become next to nil, across the Board.

    Europe/America/OZ/NZ for white people – only. Just like it used to be.
    That’s the only final solution that will work.

  • Too bad they didn’t burn the body and then flush the ashes down a police station toilet.

  • ghettovalley

    This is disgusting. How could any white nation think that allowing these people into their country would be a good idea? Wherever they go senseless violence seems to follow.