Teenage Jihadi Guilty of Plot to Behead Soldier Was Radicalised by Hate Preacher in Just 12 Weeks

Rebecca Camber and Sara Smyth, Daily Mail, February 20, 2015

A Muslim convert who planned to behead a soldier had been radicalised by Britain’s most notorious hate preacher just weeks before, it can be revealed today.

Brustholm Ziamani, 19, fell under the spell of cleric Anjem Choudary and his followers last April and became obsessed with the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Months after joining the preacher’s banned terror group al-Muhajiroun (ALM), he underwent a dramatic transformation that culminated in him wandering the streets looking for a serviceman to execute in a Woolwich-style killing.

Brustholm Ziamani

Brustholm Ziamani

As Ziamani was yesterday found guilty of arming himself with a hammer and a 12-inch knife for the copycat attack, the UK’s most senior counter terrorism officer said the case illustrated how quickly disaffected young Britons could be radicalised.

Police and MI5 consider the plot to be one of the most serious to have threatened the UK since the escalation of the Syrian conflict.

Detectives were so concerned at the speed of his radicalisation that after his first arrest in June Scotland Yard launched the biggest counter-terrorism surveillance operation since the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, dedicating 40 officers full time to keep tabs on him.

Known to his friends as Bruce, Ziamani was raised a devout Jehovah’s Witness by his Congolese parents, who took him door-to-door preaching and forced him to read the Bible daily.

But he rebelled against his strict upbringing, leaving school with no qualifications to join a gang involved in robberies, drug dealing and procuring prostitutes.

Within two weeks of meeting Choudary’s mob at Camberwell Mosque, he was writing on Facebook: ‘Sharia law is on its way. On our streets we will implement it.’

Overnight, he converted to radical Islam, tucking his ankle-length robes underneath his clothes and stashing copies of the Koran at his girlfriend’s house to keep his beliefs hidden from his parents.

Soon after, Ziamani left the family home in Camberwell and slept at the mosque before moving in with a member of the ALM group–who mentored him at secret meetings in the basement of a halal sweet shop.

When detectives first arrested Ziamani in June they discovered a letter in which he pledged to behead British soldiers.

Incredibly, Scotland Yard decided to release him on bail when he denied planning any attack.

And despite close monitoring, Ziamani managed to buy a hammer.

He was arrested again in Whitechapel, east London, on August 19 carrying a rucksack with weapons wrapped in an Islamic flag–hoping to emulate his ‘heroes’, Woolwich killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.

Ziamani’s ex-girlfriend yesterday recalled how the ‘kind, affectionate’ teenager she loved changed within weeks.

The 17-year-old said he tried to convert her–showing her video tutorials on how to tie a hijab and looked up Muslim baby names.

She added: ‘It was almost laughable–the night I first met him I was wearing a short dress and heels.’

As Ziamani was warned he faced a substantial jail sentence at the Old Bailey, Choudary said his protege ‘didn’t stand a chance’ because the jury was ‘biased’.

Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer, Commander Richard Walton, said: ‘Ziamani was an impressionable young man who became radicalised then rapidly developed an extremist, violent mindset.’

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  • MekongDelta69

    The guilt-ridden, self-loathing, spineless, hypocritical elites from all White Western nations let this garbage in – and WE have to pay for it, not to mention getting dispossessed from our OWN countries.

    • Unfortunately this is happening everywhere, so also unfortunately we can’t all go to Australia to escape it. In spite of my federal felony conviction, I can go back on a Resident Return Visa. The only reason I didn’t get citizenship was because I would be required to vote in their elections or else pay a A$300 fine for each one I missed. Ironically, I always tried to stay neutral about other countries’ politics. I liked Randwick very much, but the reason I didn’t stay was also ironically because their gun laws had changed.

  • dd121

    That’s just your garden variety beheading plan that has nothing to do with religion or a clash of cultures. Purely random event. How long do you think people will buy that?

    • Speedy Steve

      The gutter press go by percentages. Some people can be fooled all of the time.

      • dd121

        I don’t think the leftist media are being fooled. I think they know perfectly well that Islamist terrorists are the cause. Their denial is to advance a political agenda.

  • May I be so racist bold as to use the power of inference here?

    If all it took was 84 days for him to go from nice cheerful red-cheeked limey (who just happened to have a dark tan) to a vicious militant Jihadist, then the way I figure, he was already “radical” to begin with.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Hey, he’s a “teen” jihadi?

      Yup, looks like a “teen” to me. I was a teenage jihadi? I’d much rather be teen wolf, lol…

      • Wrong crowd.

      • John Smith

        Same as in the US, where they call them “teens” despite being adults, most of the time who have lengthy criminal records. These “chilluns” are trotted out by progressives every time they shoot one another as a statistic in support of gun control laws… for the children (mostly adult “chilluns”).

        • Handgun Control Incorporated was at one point including persons up to the age of 25 as “children” in their faked shooting statistics. They also included suicides to further inflate their numbers.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Well, mentally speaking, perhaps 25 is the curved equal to 18 for some folk, if you nome’I’sayin’?

            Oh yeah, and 1/4 of all college wimins get “raped” in college…probly by evil White fratboys, not feetsball and baxketball playas…

          • UncleSham

            I used to go to a university that was known as a “party school”. Having to pull a half-passed out White girl away from a pack of Black sexual predators was a regular occurrence. I wasn’t even really racist at the time, but seeing how Black males preyed on vulnerable White girls was sickening.

          • superlloyd

            The average black aged 25 is even more stupid than the average black 18 year old extrapolating from the following.

            From ‘Common ground and differences William T. Dickens and James R. Flynn, 2002’

            ‘The results Flynn and Dickens came up with are quite curious. They found strikingly different black IQs at different ages:

            “95.4 at age 4, 90.5 at age 12, 87.0 at age 18”

            In their counter-rebuttal to Arthur Jensen and J.P. Rushton’s rebuttal, Flynn and Dickens mention something else interesting:


          • propagandaoftruth

            So relatively speaking they get dumber vis-à-vis Whites of the same age group as they age?
            I know I’ve gotten stupider as I’ve aged, but wiser and more eviler too, which I think is more important unless you’re into physics or brain surgery or professional excuse making.

        • Speedy Steve

          With IQs commonly in the 60s the chirrens often don’t reach maturity until 35 years old.

          • John Smith

            Not even then.

    • Wing-nut.

      Suprised it took that long to program an idiot.

      Must of stopped to pray alot.

    • Speedy Steve

      I guess the word ‘radical’ will soon become politically incorrect and possibly illegal. The new word will be “rigger.”

    • Singingbird1

      Briton? Some Briton he is.A Briton would not have attended these radicalisation sessions.A true Briton would abhor Anjem Choudary and killing a British serviceman (or any Western service man)would be anathama.

  • Luca

    “Democracy Go To Hell” and yet they emigrate to democratic nations. Hypocrisy? Irony? Stupidity? Or just maybe perhaps tactical.

    Nice printed signs by the way, I wonder who is funding that?

    • The native born white Britons are the people that should be holding signs in public that read “Democracy Go to Hell,” because all democracy got them was their own capital city looking like an international airport, with the rest of the country soon to follow.

      The adherents of the death cult from century number seven should love British and western democracy. It’s their ticket to ride.

      • Luca

        Democracy did not get them that. Liberal politics got them that.

        • Liberal politics that were an inevitable outgrowth of democratic republicanism.

          • Trevor Pilsbury

            Democratic republicanism and other forms of Western-derived governments in which ordinary citisens play a crucial role in the governing process can only work well in white homogeneous societies.

        • John Smith

          They voted for it without seeing the logical extension of their actions.

      • More like the Mos Eisley cantina than an international airport.

      • WR_the_realist

        Certainly when I see the “democracy” in the United States I can’t see any good reason to bother bombing other countries into democracy.

    • Sick of it

      Surely it’s a White Anglo Saxon Protestant banker paying a White Anglo Saxon Protestant printer. /sarcasm

      • Trevor Pilsbury

        Why, of course, it is a tiny organised group of superior beings following their religion which commands them to destroy the white race and whose mind-control techniques have catpured and controlled the minds of presidents, prime ministers, and the governing bodies of every white nation since WWII. Of course. /sarc

        • Fletch



        • Sick of it

          The British elite have been heavily breeding with a certain group since the 19th century. They aren’t exactly British these days.

          • Speedy Steve

            And the latest fiasco is that the hapless, dysfunctional Saxe-Coburg- Gotha family just married into the awful Goldsmith family. Princess Kate is a real favorite of the gutter press.

          • Sick of it

            As Diana was before her.

    • Speedy Steve

      Florence King describes democracy as the crude leading the crud. Behold the crud in the photo.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Despite the close surveillance he managed to (gasp) buy a…..hammer. Now I realize Britain is strict about guns, but a hammer? Are you required to have a “hammer permit” in Britain? Is carrying a concealed hammer an offense?

    • UncleSham

      All jokes aside, I was recently wondering if their were any laws against carrying a concealed hammer in the US. Its illegal to carry brass knuckles or a 5-inch blade in a lot of states/localities. I think a hammer would be a superior weapon to either one of those things.

      • drunkbobby

        There are motorcycle clubs known for carrying ballpeen hammers. Quite efficient and no bar to felons possessing them.

      • The limit on a concealed blade in Colorado is 90mm (3 and-a-half inches). A one inch box-cutter is legal and works just fine.

  • Dave West

    Why didn’t someone give that poor, marginalized, victim of color a job???

  • superlloyd

    If you’re a low IQ Congoid then it is very easy to be brainwashed by lunatic jihadis.

    • Speedy Steve

      And we all know how A-Rabs feel about congoid bantus; they are seen as cannon fodder and sign holders.

  • LHathaway

    “the case illustrated how quickly disaffected young Britons could be radicalised”.

    All that Positive Action, favorable news stories, and White vagina’s must ‘disaffect’ them.

    • John Smith

      Nothing “British” about him.

  • Sick of it

    I’m sure he loves a religion which allows him to commit the same crimes as a part of said religion.

    • John Smith

      Almost like the “prophet” himself, who was a rapist, robber, murderer and pedophile.

  • Magician


    • Speedy Steve

      I reckon heroin is OK in the shah-rear zones.

  • Christorchaos

    “Sharia law is on its way. On our streets we will implement it.” Can I just ask a silly question? What is Sharia law and why is it so bad?

    I am living under a law now where I have to spend all day baking a cake or planning a wedding for homosexuals or or else go to jail with gangbangers. And if my homosexual son wants to visit a therapist to get therapy to help reduce or eliminate his homosexual urges he can’t even though they are “two consenting adults” yadda yadda.

    Does Sharia law have MohammedCare that requires Catholic hospitals to provide abortions?

    What does Sharia Law do to force employers to hire based on racial sexual and gender quotas?

    Why am I thinking I do not have that much to lose presently by sharia law???

    • Daesh has been recently cutting the hands off women for using mobile phones. This is ostensibly to “prevent rape”, so-said by the rapists. As much as I loathe mobile phones, I don’t hate them quite that much.

      • Christorchaos

        My suspicion is that the phrase “Sharia Law” is a bogeyman phrase. It is like saying “Western Law” and blaming lynchings, and everything else bad that happens under the sun, for it. I would just like to know what it means before we start slinging it around. My understanding of sharia finance is that it is quite good.

  • Magician

    Whenever I read a muslim proclaims “Sharia law is coming to this land!” it is in UK. Possibly, that is because UK is the only country in this world where the authorities, mainstream media, and locals will not do a thing when muslim immmigrants try to impose very incompatible cultural values upon the indigenous locals.

    • LexiconD1

      The people/government of the UK are a very special sort of stupid, on not just this front either.

    • John Smith

      Sweden won’t either.

    • Cid Campeador

      They don’t even execute two guys who slit the throat of a young serviceman on a street in broad daylight.
      All those millions killed to halt the Nazis. For What?

  • Musashi5000

    If anyone here doesn’t understand how to deal with hostile, parasitical populations of entitled, low I.Q. roaches and their traitorous, White enablers…..I’ll be happy to explain.

  • bv

    Why was this thing allowed in? He’s not even from any British colonial territory.

  • John Smith

    Why did the UK ever let trash like this into the country? Even if he never became a muslim, he was still a negro and still sleeping with white women, which is what his GF in silhouette appears to be.

  • Speedy Steve

    As Ziamani was yesterday found guilty of arming himself with a hammer and a 12-inch knife …

    That does it! Parliament must pass laws banning hammers and placing a limit on knives. Nobody needs anything larger than a box cutter.

  • Speedy Steve

    chipper-shredder; feet first.

    • Who Me?

      Sounds about right to me, but be sure to lower him S-L-O-W-L-Y.

  • david dorian

    One way tickets for all Muslims and their families to the Middle East. 5000 on time payment.

    Never to return or face execution.

    • Tim

      I hope that “one time payment” is coming onto our books for an exit visa. Otherwise it`s a bad plan….

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    “Disaffected young Britons”

    That is NOT a Briton.

  • Fr. John+

    This is folly. It’s not ‘good’ vs. bad Moslems, it’s Moslems as a race/group/evolutionary strategy (however you wish to call it). The You Tube video “Was Mohammed a terrorist?’ by ‘Clean TV’ answers the question easily, simply, and to the point. They are ALL terrorists.

    Even Washington, Jefferson, and Adams knew this, back in the days of the Barbary Pirates. Nothing has changed in over 1500 years. Deport them all back to the Levant. THEY DON’T BELONG. THEY ARE XENOS.

  • Conrad

    This is not a young Briton. He’s an African that hates whites.

    • Cid Campeador

      I agree. Let’s stop calling these monsters Brits, French, German or even American.
      African- American? They’re NEITHER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cid Campeador

    The only solution in the West and Oceania is the mass deportation of all Muslims and discontented Blacks back to from where they came.
    The Whites in all these countries need to face reality. There will NEVER be harmony between Whites and Blacks or Muslims.

  • ElComadreja

    Impossible. Why, Barack Hussein Obama was born and raised an America hating Muslim but it never fazed him. Then he “converted” and spent over twenty years in an “ex” Black Muslim’s whitey hatin’, America hatin’ “church” but he never heard a word Rev. Wright said.

  • rebelcelt

    the UK’s most senior counter terrorism officer said the case illustrated how quickly disaffected young Britons could be radicalised.

    I guess from this sentence that disaffected means loser.