French Police Kill Gunmen in Twin Attacks, Free 16 Hostages

Lori Hinnant and Samuel Petrequin, AP, January 9, 2015

With explosions and gunfire, security forces on Friday ended a three-day terror spree around Paris, killing the two al-Qaida-linked brothers who staged a murderous rampage at a satirical newspaper and an associate who seized a kosher supermarket to try to help them escape.

The worst terrorist attacks France has seen in decades left at least 20 people dead, including the three gunmen. The fate of a fourth suspect–a female accomplice of the market attacker–remained unclear.

At least seven people were killed Friday–the three terrorists and at least four hostages–a policewoman was killed Thursday and 12 people were massacred in the Paris newspaper attack Wednesday. Sixteen hostages were freed Friday, one from the printing plant where the two brothers were holed up and 15 others from the Paris grocery store.

Paris shut down a famed Jewish neighborhood amid fears that a wider terror cell might launch further attacks.

French President Francois Hollande urged his nation to remain united and alert. Calling the grocery attack “a terrifying anti-Semitic act,” he said the terrorists were “fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”

“The threats facing France are not finished,” he said. “We must be vigilant.”

The four attackers had ties to each other and to terrorism that reached back years and extended from Paris to al-Qaida in Yemen. {snip}

Said and Cherif Kouachi, the brothers who attacked the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly, came out with guns blazing Friday evening after an all-day hostage siege at a printing plant northeast of Paris, a French police official said. They were killed and their hostage was freed, authorities said.

An accomplice, Amedi Coulibaly, took hostages Friday afternoon at a kosher grocery in the Porte de Vincennes neighborhood in Paris–then died in a nearly simultaneous raid there, said Gael Fabiano of the UNSA police union. Coulibaly had threatened to kill his hostages if French authorities launched an assault on the two brothers, a police official said.

A French television news network spoke directly with two of the terrorists Friday before they died. BFM television said it spoke with Cherif Kouachi as he and his brother were cornered near Charles de Gaulle airport and he told the station they were financed and dispatched by al-Qaida in Yemen.

The station also said it spoke with Coulibaly, who said the three men were coordinating and that he was with the militant Islamic State group. The organizations are normally rivals.

France has been on high alert since the Charlie Hebdo massacre left 12 people dead. The next day, a gunman shot a policewoman to death in a gunfight just south of Paris. Police later identified the gunman as Coulibaly, who had been a co-suspect with Cherif Kouachi in a court case involving terrorism that never made it to trial.


At the kosher grocery near the Porte de Vincennes neighborhood in Paris, the gunman burst in shooting just a few hours before the Jewish Sabbath began, declaring “You know who I am,” the official recounted. The attack came before sundown when the store would have been crowded with shoppers.

Paris police released a photo of Coulibaly and his wife, Hayet Boumddiene, who the official said was his accomplice.

Coulibaly and his wife, Hayet Boumddiene

Amedi Coulibaly and Hayet Boumddiene


Cherif Kouachi, 32, was convicted of terrorism charges in 2008 for ties to a network sending jihadis to fight U.S. forces in Iraq.

A Yemeni security official said his 34-year-old brother, Said Kouachi, is suspected of having fought for al-Qaida in Yemen. Another senior security official said Said was in Yemen until 2012.


Both brothers were also on the U.S. no-fly list, a senior U.S. counterterrorism official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss foreign intelligence publicly.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Yeah – they really look ‘French,’ don’t they?
    (Also with ‘authentically French’ names too, of course.)

    • propagandaoftruth

      I’m loving the socialist pig Hollande’s vapid lecture on Islam and Muslims.

      • See The Future

        Now there you go denigrating the innocent animal. Pigs are useful innocent and provide us nice food products.

        Say it as it is! Traitor……..the crime is treason.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      You should have seen the shamelessly dishonest CNN headline this afternoon about 1:30 or 2 p.m when it blared the headline, “THREE FRENCH TERRORISTS KILLED.”

      Yeah, right. French terrorists. The headline should have read, “Three Islamic-terrorists killed.”

      • Frank_DeScushin

        The elites scold us for telling the truth when we call them Muslim terrorists, and the elites pat themselves on the back when they mislabel these terrorists French. If these terrorists were still alive I’d bet my life vs. Hollande’s life that if we asked the terrorists what they consider themselves, they’d say Muslim before French… if they ever even said French at all.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          they may have been born in France, as I’ve heard, but they were of Algerian ancestry, in other words, African. Nothing French about them except the “paperwork.”

        • benvad

          Their denial of the truth reminds me of when transsexuals try to tell me the are what they feel they are.

      • See The Future

        At least their pictures were posted most of the day.

        They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

      • Cid Campeador

        How about three Dromedary Dorkers?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “he said the terrorists were “fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”

    Blatantly lie to the public and then wonder why the public is gravitating toward the Nationl Front. If I’m a moderate Frenchman and my choice is the so-called Islamophobic National Front or being blatantly lied to by the people who destroyed my nation, the choice seems fairly simple.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hollande called it “a terrifying anti-Semitic act” by “fanatics who had nothing to do with the Islamic religion”.

      So you see, this whole ordeal was just French anti-Jewish bigotry with no Muslim involvement.

      • Augustus3709

        Verbal gymnastics in order to only ‘offend’ ‘non-protected groups’.

        • Triarius

          And to appease those in power.

          • Augustus3709

            Just yesterday I had wandered onto Reddit and there were several posts by angry Jews who say the media ignores attacks on them by Muslims, and so they are now fleeing Muslim dominated areas.

            There are some interesting dynamics at play here. If “White Nationalists” attack Jews, or deface a building or something, it is big news plastered everywhere. But if Muslims attack Jews, supposedly the media covers it up.

            What we may take away from this, is that the media promotes Islam because it is hurting the West, and we know from history that ‘Big Jews’ are always willing to sacrifice ‘Little Jews’.

          • Triarius

            They are always complaining, and when they are the victims there is no such thing as too much coverage. Fact of the matter is I never heard of one home invasion crime in France until the occupants were Jews. I never saw one black charged with a hate crime for knocking out a white, until it was reported the victim was Jewish in NYC. I have heard of synagogue s defaced (most of it “hey Rabbi”), but not one church.

            But yes, the big Jew will sacrifice the little Jew, if need be. The media will never promote Islam at the cost of Jewish interests because the media is owned by the Jews. Right now they are promoting Islam because 99.9% of the victims are white. Let me know when the media starts ppromoting Islam is Israel and are telling Israelis to be multicultural and more tolerant. Hint, it will NEVER happen.

          • Augustus3709

            Whenever Whites are the victims they are “hush crimes”.


            Because anger equals motivation.

            Our enemies want White people to always feel demoralized and depressed, never angry and inspired.

          • Vyncennt

            “If “White Nationalists” attack Jews, or deface a building or something, it is big news plastered everywhere. But if Muslims attack Jews, supposedly the media covers it up.”

            ….some protected groups are more equal than other protected groups ….

            – Animal Farm, 2015 edition

          • Augustus3709

            Any intelligent observer can tell that Jews are at the top of the victim pyramid.

            If insults are exchanged between Jews and anybody else, through the eyes of the media and their culture, the Jewish person is the winner/victim (funny combination of terms).

            But as you say, the only time a Jewish victim will not be sanctified is if ignoring the incident is part of a larger agenda.

            By their actions we learn their intent, which is to de-Whiten the West.

            Non-White immigration into North America, Europe, and Oceania is their strategy.

            Once they’re on our soil, the media and culture goes on auto-pilot.

            Cry “racism”, scream “discrimination”, fight for “equality”, rob White tax-payers through welfare, and promote interracial relationships (especially White women with dark men).

            And if you don’t support your racial and national demise, you get threatened, intimidated, insulted and slurred backwards and forwards.

          • Cid Campeador

            What are those in the media going to do when the beasts come after THEM?

          • David Ashton

            This is an opportunity for aliyah to boost the population of Israel. Look at how events have developed over the past ten months. It is also a chance to use the forthcoming Holocaust Day commemoration to attack the white “far right” for their stand against immigration – their “logic” not mine.

  • dd121

    Martyrdom by cop.

  • guest

    “Hollande: “The threats facing France are not finished.”

    And as long as there are muslims in France and everywhere else in Europe and all Westernized nations, the threats will never be finished.

    Where there are muslims, there’s terrorism. If you really want your country to stay safe, stop importing muslims and leave them in the third-world islamic countries where they belong.

    • See The Future

      The will win by legally and peacefully increasing their demographic position past 50 percent in the next few generations.

  • superlloyd

    “fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”

    This is the lie being touted by all the political leaders of Europe. Absolutely disgusting. Islam is a barbaric, totalitarian death cult that has more to do with conquest and subjugation than spiritual matters.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      We can also thank the vacuum that the snooty, French secularists left with its rabid attacks on Christianity. These “cartoonists” were anti-everything religious. Seeing the militant Islamic terrorists take out the secularists was the inevitable result of what began during the militantly-secularist French Revolution, Robespierre and all those colorful figures who used the guillotine to lop off the heads of dissenters.

      • benvad

        They spread it around unlike the Lilly livered rats in America.

      • kikz2

        The one w/the penis has been scrubbed frm google.. however, this was my second least fav..

        • Samuel Hathaway

          the only cartoon which I thought was genuinely a good one was the Danish cartoon, depicting the tip of Mohammeds turbin as the fuse of a bomb… now that one was cute.

  • A Freespeechzone

    This is but a glimpse of what is coming to America sooner, rather than later.

    Be prepared.

    • See The Future

      Every black and/or muslim is your potential executioner.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    WOW 3 blacks and a white or arab girl took a Kosher store hostage. Well serves God’s chosen people right because they always say how great these blacks are and that we should inter marry with them. Now I am glad that they are reaping what they sow and that blacks are giving it back to them.

    • See The Future

      One black at the kosher store. The burka muslima is on the loose.

      Two muslims at the warehouse location.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        While at the grocery store recently, I was scanning the shelves for what I might get, when suddenly, I looked up and saw a Muslim woman in a burka…. I just about jumped ouf of my skin. Just glancing at her gave me the “heebie-jeebies”.

        • saxonsun

          Saw 2 black Muslim women at the store recently–hated it. I wanted to tell them to go home.

          • I hate seeing those as well. Fortunately, they hate the weather here. So do I, but I hate it less than they do, so I am here, and I haven’t seen one in many years. The last Muzzie I saw at Wally World had her hair covered, but not her face, and looked Arab. Her master was probably visiting the nearby Air Force Academy.

          • CharlieSeattle

            …or attending a flight school learning how to fly a plane but not land it.

        • jaye ellis

          In most places it is illegal to go around public in masks, except children at Halloween.

          Make a public incident. Call in the cops.

        • Shopping this morning here was great. I saw only two blacks at Wal Mart, of all places. We got a package of five unfinished, natural wood coat hangers for $2.50, and on returning home, I disassembled one to use it as a pattern for making copies, before reinforcing the gaps in the others with additional wood glue and later staining them a nice chestnut color. Tomorrow, I will varnish those with a clear semi-gloss coat. I knocked out the parts for an additional, improved batch of 12 and made a jig for bending the wire hooks. The stained wood on the first (factory) four already looks quite beautiful.

          We have better things to do than murder people. A little work costs nothing at all, and produces things which one’s family will always appreciate.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Michael… I hate Wal-Mart, but am willing to go shopping with you there next time you go if there are two or less blacks.

          • CharlieSeattle


          • CharlieSeattle

            There are whites and blacks and then there are nigg3rs.

            There are white and black nigg3rs.

            There is a difference.

            Al Sharpton is a race baiting nigg3r.

            Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who happens to be black, is a true patriot.

            thepoliticalinsider. com/black-sheriff-slams-al-sharpton-destroys-ferguson-race-rioters-video/#ixzz3Od0kuadA

        • CharlieSeattle

          muslim he/she in a burka. those things hide a suicide bomb very well. you were lucky the bomb was defective or maybe he/she was really just shopping.

    • benvad

      She’s not White she’s a Maghreb arab/Berber vermin.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Once this French terror thing dies down, the politicians will be back to kissing the butts of these Muslims saying how peaceful they are.

    • See The Future

      Hollande has already stated in his congratulatory speech that the “fanatics” responsible have nothing to do with muslim religion. You can’t fix stupid.

      • benvad

        Denial is thy name.

      • Valmont

        “Nothing to see here, mes amis. Onward with the
        population replacement initiative.”

  • Sick of it

    The U.S. is a perfect case in point. We have hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, religious cults, etc. and folks aren’t exactly saying the same thing when they talk to each other (assuming it’s in a mutually intelligible language). We don’t see things the same way. We don’t even agree on simple things like the basic family structure.

    • See The Future

      The USA was built by immigrants. The old style European immigrants that came here to work and build their families.

      The new style immigrants come here to make demands and implement their laws and customs at the expense of ours.

      And then there are the illegals.

      • benvad

        They brought fraud also and leftist/Marxist enlightenment to the universities also. So let’s not pat ourselves on the back quite yet.

        • See The Future

          After the war years and up to the mid 60’s America was great.

          Since we have opened up the doors to massive unrestricted third world immigration and Hispanics the golden age is turning into the dark ages.

          The situation was still manageable when all we had to deal with was home grown blacks. Muslims are a whole new ball game. And the flood of Hispanics.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            These non whites are al trouble no matter how nice or hard working some of them are.

          • 4d7711

            The West collectively switched on its first televisions beginning in the late 1950s. Thereafter, a Jewish pulpit was erected in every home, issuing daily sermons demanding disinheritance and deracination throughout Christendom. The Western World’s following waning years are a testament to the danger of controlled discourse, particularly at the hands of a hostile alien elite.

            If there is hope of an “American Renaissance” it rests in the Internet, provided Jewish-directed companies such as Google or Facebook do not gain a stranglehold on speech outside of the established channels of the media cartels.

          • benvad

            Maybe I’m crazy but I get a kick out of the little Mexicans. In general I’ve gotten on well with them and even Dominicans.

            Black a Spike Lee types just drives me batty.

          • antiquesunlight

            I can understand why you feel that way about them. I worked with illegal Mexicans for a few years. They are goofy and sort of childlike. They are more sensible than blacks. On the other hand, they have no problem with circumventing the law (prostitutes, drugs, black market license plates, fake SS#s, etc.) and tend to have at least one glaring personality defect (e.g., hair-trigger temper, apathy, licentiousness). Anyway, that was my experience with them.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Lord, the Reconquistadores. Gawd, I wish they’d shut up. you should see the headline in this weeks Spanish rag, “Mundo Hispánico”, where Mexican reconquistas are complaining that it is “immoral” to charge them a $20 fee to process all the paperwork and inconvenience to everyone else to get them on food stamps and Medicaid.

            In early August of last year, they were complaining about the lack of translators at Sequoyah Middle School in Doraville, Ga, when they registered their reconquistadoritos for school, although all translation services were OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE.

      • 4d7711

        >The USA was built by immigrants.

        The USA was built by colonists …specifically, North-Western European colonists. The Republic did not precede the North-Western European colonists who founded it.

        Whenever you hear the “nation of immigrants” canard, correct the statement to “nation of colonists”. Your birthright is at stake.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Don’t forget “E Pluribus Unim”.. out of one many. Not racial and cultural diversity as we’ve been brainwashed to believe, but a motto of the many 13 colonies uniting to make the new American nation in 1776.

          • Let’s not forget “Viribus Unitis”, the old motto of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The last time I was there, in 1991, it wasn’t much fun. “With Common Effort”, I believe it means. Compared with a map of 100 years ago, Austria-Hungary looks like someone dropped and broke it.

            Multicultural empires have a miserable record in history.

        • John

          I collect quotes. For example, as Mark Twain opined: “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” With this thought in mind, I added your statements above to my collection “The USA….. is at stake”. Very nice. I’m sure I’ll have occasion to use it often and I’ll give you credit and post a link to this page where permissible. With that thought in mind, even though it’s none of my business, I’d just like to encourage to participate in these forums more often that you have, time permitting. I read some of your previous comments and they all had the following in common; concise, insightful, well constructed and above all, on the money. In short, you have above average analytical ability and the means to express yourself. Last, but not least, you “get it”. So if you have the time… Thanks for reading.

  • See The Future

    So long as Hollande and his type are in leadership the country is doomed.

    • benvad

      The French got soft because of the Algerian War.

      • Where is Napoleon when you need him?
        I really miss that little guy.

    • Valmont

      Hollande is down to a 12% approval rating nationwide.
      Not a typo, I meant 12%.
      But he got roughly 85% of the Muslim vote in 2012 and he can run again in 2017.
      This is what remains of his base.

  • 4321realist

    Hollande: “The threats facing France are not finished.”

    That’s true, shorty, because you’re the biggest threat to the country and you’re still in office.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    It really is inexplicable that the brothers were known to French authorities as jihadis and were on the US no fly list, and yet still were allowed to leave France, return, and travel freely within with little scrutiny or supervision. They were likely given more leeway because they’re minorities. And now, due to that political correctness and government failure, over a dozen French citizens are dead. It’s shameful and must end.

    • Daniel McGrath

      It’s typical really. There is something especially Wierd about Algerians. Even the mentalist Pakis the English deal with hate Indians and sorta ignore English. India looms large in the mind of a Paki. In France the Algerians are not concerned about Libyans or Malians.

    • RationaliseThis

      People like him should have been given a 10-20 year sentences with execution by hanging a sentencing option the momment his Jihaadi sympathies and links were discovered I’m not kidding and I know this flies in the face of western common law practices. Islamic nations both now and throughout the ages even after achieving total islamic domination need this level of authoritarianism to prevent a degeneration into civil war and assassination. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sheik, shah, caliph or a president running an Islamic republic. The nature of the Korans effects on human behaviour prevents any other model.

  • benvad

    Algerians have a pathological hatred of France mixed with jealousy/envy.

    • Kenner

      Sounds familiar.

    • Magician

      And ironically there are a lot of algerians living in France

    • CharlieSeattle

      Frances colonial past had a little to do with that.

      • benvad

        They should have done a little cleaning of the aforementioned trouble.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    A big, “SHOUT-OUT” to the brave French forces for taking out three Islamo-terrorists… now, if there were a way to handle the French socialist, self-white hating ruling class there….

    • See The Future

      Same approach, different target, same success.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Same approach, different target, same success.
        Amen, Brother.

  • benvad

    They could have an Imam from the Islamic university Al-Ahzar declare this is “Islam”, the left would just deny and pretend it wasn’t true.

  • Chris R

    I keep seeing the apologist lefties mentioning that what these terrorists did was not an act of the true Islam. But what they did is what the good prophet (I had to resist calling him a pedophile) and his soldiers would do. Al Qaeda and ISIS ARE the true Islam. The “moderates” follow a more, dare I say, liberal practice of Islam.

    • Uncle_Dan

      No matter what happens to them, they’ll blame “Islamophobes.” they’ve got a beautiful closed system: it cannot be penetrated.

  • Paleoconn

    Terrorists: we’re doing this for our religion and our prophet.
    Media, political, academic elites: we don’t believe you.

    • Valmont

      MSNBC, NPR, David Cameron and the BBC will be the judges of what constitutes authentic Islam, thank you very much.

      • Paleoconn

        Just them? You forgot the GOP, Fox News, NYT, NR, Daily News. Pretty much every media outlet outside the dissident right camps occupied by AmRen, VDare, Taki’s Mag, Breitbart…

  • Paleoconn

    If the kosher store incident is anti-semitic, why aren’t the other terrorist acts anti-French? Why was Bibi talking to Hollande about the kosher incident? Is these people’s allegiance to Israel or to France? Are the victims there Jewish or Gentile? Bibi and co. seem to want to cash in on a tragedy where the victims may not even be his own people.

    • Daniel McGrath

      The Republic is a Dog and Pony show.

    • jaye ellis

      It’s bad, but not that bad.

      This is similar to the Sharpton led anti Jewish Pogrom in Crown Heights Brooklyn in the early 1990s. Yeah, Liberal/Left Jewish people did pretty much nothing, or excused equally horrible Black racial attacks on non Jewish Whites, but the Crown Heights Brooklyn pogrom changed things. These attacks, with the special emphasis that the last murders happened in a Jewish sector and are depicted as anti Semitic attacks, it’s going to change things, same as the Crown Heights Pogrom changed politics in New York and the change is going to be for the better.

      International Jewish wealth and power and media control will now shift a lot to address Muslim terror, mass Muslim immigration to Europe the West as a bad thing.

      If these nasty Afro Arab Muslim terrorists were smart they would only attack, rape, slaughter non Jewish Whites, but they aren’t so smart, they do stupid things.

      Targeting Jews for typical Muslim murder and mayhem is rather stupid and will have negative repercussions for Muslims, not just through the National Front.

      The word is going out to the likes of Christian Zionist, Neo Conservatives like John McCain, Lisping Lindsey Graham that it is now OK to talk about, support stopping , reversing Muslim immigration in to Europe, UK, USA the West. The powers that be will no longer silence Pat Buchanan style immigration as NAZI, RACIST etc.

      When non Whites, Muslims start slaughtering Jewish people, things change and they change for the better.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        I am surprised that amren has not deleted your comment. Jews are the ones that made this problem by forcing multiculturalism on the west.

      • RationaliseThis

        I doubt they will change permanently or significantly, more a temporary tactical change. Sure we are seeing some change by some individuals but it may be too late. The human behaviour behind this is atavistic and not all that rational. I see it as a bit like those game shows or reality TV shows where various B graders unite to destroy the tall poppies and only then turn on each other We Whites are the tall poppies. Jewish interests and their intellect have incredible “soft power” but the Muslims have intense focus, and unlike western liberals are impervious to diversion from their Koran by Jewish soft power. If you read a Koran it basically says not to trust the Jews. Some will claim this is only in reference to specific historical incidents but that is just squid ink. It’s clear to me. Look at what has happened to christian minorities in the ME. No one cares about human rights all of a sudden.

  • benvad

    She isn’t white she’s a Maghrebian.

    • Daniel McGrath


      • benvad

        That’s what Maghrebians are generally made from. A combo of arab and berber.

        • RationaliseThis

          I’ve just read “gods battalions” on the crusades. It’s a regret that the crusades weren’t far more successful and wider in scope. Medieval regime change away from islam would have saved the languages, culture, autonomy and race of people’s like the Berbers.
          That woman is in a pathetic state.

  • See The Future

    Hollande of course is saying what he says to prevent backlash against moderate muslims who are the ones that will peacefully take over.

    It is the 8 million moderate muslims that are breeding the native French out of existence. Add continued unabated muslim immigration and you can see where this is headed. This is the problem that will manifest in electing Islamic representatives that will implement sharia..

    A few Islamic terrorists killing a few French is not going to win anything.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    ‘French President Francois Hollande urged his nation to remain united and alert. Calling the grocery attack “a terrifying anti-Semitic act,” he said the terrorists were “fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”’
    I guess stupid Hollande did not get the message or read the report that the terrorists shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ when they shot those 12 victims dead. How stupid can this man be??? No wonder France is doomed. I say Marie LaPenn next French President.

    • RationaliseThis

      Nothing to do with the islamic religion? Just another random crazy shouting Ali Akbar who happens to be Muslim yet again.

  • KenelmDigby

    ‘Fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion’.

    Yeah right. I suppose their beef with Charlie Hebdo was all down to the decor of the Charlie Hebdo offices.

  • See The Future

    Why is the military not sent in the clean up the “no go” zones?

    Same thing here with Dearborn, Mich………….clean it out.

  • TotallyPeeved

    “Hollande: “The threats facing France are not finished.” With insane commie dhimmis like you in charge, they sure aren’t. Someone, please drop him into the worst dar-al-islam. Naked, with a Star of David tattooed on his giant forehead.

  • antiquesunlight

    The girl could almost pass as white. That is a sad thing.

    • IstvanIN

      Yes, she is kind of cute. Sad to waste her life.

  • Magician

    The woman looks like a white French woman but I might be wrong

    An Algerian woman who is really light skinned?

    • The Visigoths were a Germanic tribe who took over coastal Algeria as well as Spain. They were white. They ran a pirate kingdom there as the Western Roman Empire collapsed. Before then, the Romans were there. Roman cavalry were frequently mercenaries, and in Europe were often Celts in later years. Was there a Gaul in the woodpile in this gal’s ancestry? Almost certainly.

      The article also said she converted to Islam. I can not imagine such a defilement of one’s own existence as that, other than hooking up with a negro, which she apparently also did.

      I’d call the idiotic, murderous gal “completely deluded”. On the other hand, she had to have known what those guys were going to do.

      A quick history of Europe shows amazingly big wars. Why would anyone want to start trouble there?

      Most nights, I dream I am locked up again, and nobody can tell me why, but I sometimes have worse ones, mostly about shelling and rocket artillery, or pinned down under machinegun fire at a certain doorstep. I wake up, realize I am home next to my wife and am very happy, and then return to more of the same sleep.

      How would this woman want to inflict this upon herself or anyone she knew? It won’t get better for her in Syria; my own experience is that you take it with you.

  • Magician

    Islam – the only religion on earth where its “God” constantly advocates beheading non-believers and stoning women to death

  • libertarian1234

    “They seem to feel that American Multiculturalism/diversity liberalism should be the model for the world. ”

    You’re right, they do.

    Because self-delusion can create any world a person wants to live in.

    I wonder if they know the textbooks used in the schools in Arizona are teaching the Hispanics there to overthrow the existing government and that this country was stolen from “their people?” And I wonder if they know that Mexico teaches the same thing in all their schools?

    Also, I’m wondering if they are paying enough attention to black terrorism to know that blacks are rioting and tearing things up over a lie that is their own creation, and that one of their leaders, Farrakhan, has outright declared they will “tear this g..d.. country up if they don’t get a piece of the earth? (Whatever that means) I’m also wondering if they know he has threatened war against whites many times?

    Now they’re rioting because they don’t want the police to arrest them when they commit crimes and they also think they shouldn’t be shot when they attack the police.

    And all these problems are the result of the fact that these people do not want to assimilate. They want to colonize and then take over.

    I also wonder if these same media types can understand that the US is a land of contentious, fighting tribes who have no desire to assimilate, so we’re much worse off than Europe.

  • Sloppo

    Politicians and propaganda network talking heads say stuff like:
    “the terrorists were fanatics who have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.”

    Islamic jurisprudence says stuff like:
    Ishaq: 676 “‘You obey a stranger who encourages you to murder for booty. You are greedy men. Is there no honor among you?’ Upon hearing those lines Muhammad said, ‘Will no one rid me of this woman?’ Umayr, a zealous Muslim, decided to execute the Prophet’s wishes. That very night he crept into the writer’s home while she lay sleeping surrounded by her young children. There was one at her breast. Umayr removed the suckling babe and then plunged his sword into the poet. The next morning in the mosque, Muhammad, who was aware of the assassination, said, ‘You have helped Allah and His Apostle.’ Umayr said. ‘She had five sons; should I feel guilty?’ ‘No,’ the Prophet answered. ‘Killing her was as meaningless as two goats butting heads.’”

  • CharlieSeattle

    Deport all muslims from the west NOW!

  • CharlieSeattle

    islam is NOT a religion, islam is a violent terrorist ideology and must be destroyed.

  • Cid Campeador

    Same old blank, soulless stares. They need to “whack” two every 15minutes until the beasts get the message,

  • benvad

    It’s on its way as we speak.