Hot Air and the Paris Atrocities

Sean Gabb, Libertarian Alliance, January 9, 2015

For the avoidance of doubt, I will begin by saying that the murders this week at Charlie Hebdo were a barbarous crime, and deserve the strongest punishment allowed by law. This being said, the smug chanting of the politicians and media people is getting on my nerves. Here, without further introduction, are the more objectionable mantras:

Je suis Charlie

I will repeat that this was a barbarous crime. But there seem to be barbarous crimes and barbarous crimes. Suppose the attack had not been on a cultural leftist magazine, but on the headquarters of the Front National, and the victims had been Francine le Pen and the party leadership. Would all those city squares have filled with people reciting Je suis le Front National? I hardly think so. Nor would the media have given blanket and uncritical coverage.

Indeed, we had our answer before the gunmen had opened fire. When Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh and Lee Rigby were murdered no less barbarously, we were all urged to moderate our response. In the first two cases, we were told, with more than the occasional nod and wink, that victims had brought things on themselves. As for the third, the only protest demonstrations were broken up by the police.

Cultural leftists have the same right not to be murdered as the rest of us. So far as the present lamentations indicate, they are seen by the directors of public opinion as having a greater right.

We will Never Give up Our Right to Freedom of Speech

The continuing hymn of praise to freedom of speech would sound better if it were seriously meant. I believe that the writers and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo had the moral right to say whatever they pleased about Islam, or anything else. But I also believe that Luke O’Farrell and Garron Helm should not have been sent to prison for being rude to or about Jews. Nick Griffin should not have been prosecuted for saying less against Islam than was published in Charlie Hebdo. The Reverend Alan Clifford should not have been threatened with prosecution in 2013, when he handed out leaflets at a gay pride march in Norwich. Almost every day, in England alone, someone gets into trouble for opening his mouth. Where for them are the defenders of freedom of speech, now more fashionably than bravely holding up pencils or waving candles?

I and my colleagues at the Libertarian Alliance can praise freedom of speech, because we are there for the people mentioned above. Just about everyone else I have seen on the television is a hypocrite. In general, we are free to say only what the authorities want to hear. Even when the law does not cover dissent, there are administrative or economic punishments. See, for example, the UKIP members who were denied the right to foster children, or the difficulty that dissident writers have to find paid work.

These were Cowardly Crimes

The men who shot up the Charlie Hebdo offices are not cowards. They took a considerable risk, and it is generally believed that they will not let themselves be taken alive. This is part of what makes them and their like so dangerous. The Sinn Fein/IRA terrorists were cowards. Their speciality was to plant time bombs in shop toilets, and then run away before they went off. These killers seem to regard themselves as already half way to the company of the seventy two virgins they were promised. There is nowhere they will not go, and nothing they will not do – they and those like them. To call them cowards is a comforting falsehood.

These were Senseless Crimes

The only senseless crime is one that has no evident purpose, or is unlikely to achieve it. The purpose of the Charlie Hebdo killings was to punish outrages against Moslem sensibilities, and to deter their repetition. Can anyone say they failed, or will fail? Some outlets of the mainstream media have republished some of the less offensive cartoons. But it was difficult not to, and there is safety in numbers. From now on, Moslems abroad and in Europe can expect a still more delicate handing of their sensibilities than is already the case. No one wants to be murdered, and one of the surest ways to avoid being murdered will be not to say anything untoward about Mohammed or his alleged teachings.

I now feel obliged to comment on mass-immigration from the Third World. Anyone who said this would be other than a disaster must have been a fool or a villain. It has forced down working class incomes. It has raised housing costs for everyone. It has increased crime and welfare dependency. It has Balkanised politics and administration and law. It has been the excuse for a police state. I am not a violent or an uncharitable man. I am committed to an abstract and universalist ideology. I do not object to a certain porosity of borders. But, like most Jews in Israel, or most Chinese in China – or like most people in all times and places – I regard every square inch of my country as the birthright of my people, and do not look favourably on levels of immigration that seem likely, within the next few generations, to dispossess us of that birthright. Yet this is where we now are, in England, in France, and in many other European and European-settled countries. I have no convincing answers to the problem we face. All I can do is predict one of two outcomes:

First, present trends will continue, and growing weight of numbers, and a greater willingness to resort to violence, will bring about the transformation of our societies in the image of the newcomers;

Second, there will be a nativist reaction, attended by expulsion and the removal of citizenship rights for those allowed to stay, and an authoritarian political settlement.

I do not look forward to either outcome. But, thanks to the conscious or negligent treason of our rulers, it seems likely to be one or the other of these. Anyone who can suggest a less unpleasant outcome that is other than wishful thinking will have at least my gratitude.

The question now outstanding is whether these killings will only contribute to the breakdown of the multicultural illusion, or whether they will be seen, by future historians, as one of its key events. Are they in the same dividing category as the defenstrations in Prague or the Oath in the Tennis Court? O will the continued chanting of the mantras discussed above keep everything under control? Does the continuing uproar in France mean that something has begun there of wider significance than the murder of a dozen cultural leftists?

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  • LHathaway

    “Anyone who can suggest a less unpleasant outcome that is other than wishful thinking will have at least my gratitude”

    3. Scotland and Wales become ‘reservations’ for Whites in the UK as a consolation to any of them riled up by conservative nativists.

    As for the rest of Europe, they will need to seriously cut back on non-white immigration, and native white boys will need to overcome their distaste of sleeping with ugly genetically inferior, dirty women of color. Who could do that, gross. What would be the pleasure in that?

    • Daniel McGrath

      No one discussed London in the 80s. Much of the real estate should have been ploughed under and returned to farmland or parks. The population was contracting nicely, then Thatcher and her old Estonians started to think of London as a Manhattan.

      It’s satanic.

  • This was a good piece until this part:

    Second, there will be a nativist reaction, attended by expulsion and the removal of citizenship rights for those allowed to stay, and an authoritarian political settlement. I do not look forward to either outcome.

    I do look forward to a nativist reaction. I wonder what the hell is taking us so long.

    • WR_the_realist

      The left always uses “nativist” as a bad word. I see nothing wrong with being a nativist. “Nativist” simply means, that like Al Sharpton, I care about my own people. And unlike him, I’ve never incited a riot or an act of arson.

      • Augustus3709

        In America “Native” is always thrown around with the implication of historical wrongdoing.

        Nevermind that before we “colonized” from Europe, they “colonized” from Asia.

      • David Ashton

        UKIP MP Douglas Carswell uses “nativist” as a bad word (“The Mail on Sunday”, December 28, 2014, p.11). Still, read Peter Hitchens in the same paper today to “cheer us up a bit” – we are not alone among journalists.

    • ViktorNN

      The nativist reaction is there in the comment sections. But we are, of course, utterly un-represented, and apparently not permitted to have official political representation.

    • Garrett Brown

      He’s a libertarian, what is you expect?

    • Earl P. Holt III

      E-Mail me, please? (I’ve got a question about routes, and I KNOW you know the answer.)

  • Tarczan

    These people are not cowards, but they are not brave. They believe that a momentary flash of pain will be followed by an eternity of bliss. It is much like when you were a child and were afraid to jump off of the high diving board. Once you got over the initial fear the feeling was euphoric.

    These people cannot be compared with a mother who sacrifices her life to save her child, or a soldier who risks his to save a compatriot.

    These people just believe there is minimal discomfort followed by a sexual reward.

    • Kenner

      So, Jihad is like prom.

    • John Smith

      Shows how simplistic and barbaric their primitive religion is that they believe the temporal, carnal lusts have any relevance in the spiritual world.

      • Daniel McGrath

        It’s called Muh Dik. These Africans are around nice looking blondes and Brunettes and are probably not getting much love. They are in paradise, but they are frustrated.

      • WR_the_realist

        Yup. Islam is the only major religion where the afterlife is a pornographic fantasy.

        • meanqueen

          Well said! I may borrow that in the future.

        • Vyncennt

          “Yup. Islam is the only major religion where the afterlife is a pornographic fantasy.”

          So what you’re saying is that the Islamic version of Heaven is a 32″ 4k monitor, fiber optic internet, and a bottle of Jergens lotion?

          Christ…I could manage that setup without killing even one infidel!

    • Realist

      “These people are not cowards, but they are not brave.”
      But they are stupid.

      • Vyncennt

        “But they are stupid.”

        Unfortunately, genius levels of human intelligence are not required to win a war, or overtake a territory. Simple human intelligence, a proclivity for deceit, and a willingness for barbarism seem to provide a solid foundation for these goals quite adequately.

    • Vyncennt

      “These people are not cowards, but they are not brave.”

      Within context, there is little difference in end results. Why they perform acts that can be misconstrued as bravery is irrelevant. They will commit them nevertheless, to our misfortune, and we muse therefore respond to them as if they were acts of bravery.

  • dd121

    Modern liberalism is a suicide pact.

    • LHathaway

      Except they expect you to commit suicide.

      • Vyncennt

        “Except they expect you to commit suicide.”

        Absolutely lovely.

  • Daniel McGrath

    If the French are that whipped then some part of the soul of Europe is dead.

    • meanqueen

      It’s not like the French were the warriors of Europe, and they were always so whippable. I’d like to know what Germany is doing right now. That country is the barometer, for me, anyway.

      • Chasmania

        I think you may be selling the French a wee bit short. They live smack in the heart of one of the most highly contested and fought over pieces of territory in the worlds history. Scarcely a generation goes by where that region of Europe isn’t involved in some war or another.

        When you consider the fact that vast portions of their young men marched off to war, time and again, instead of staying home and raising families….? Europe in general had the very flower of it’s youth mowed down time and again during the 19th and 20th century, and I think one could argue we are feeling the effects of those tragedies in todays world.

        • meanqueen

          Okay, Chasmania, I hear you. But why are they so leftist?

          • Daniel McGrath

            They are not. 1/3 of the population is sympatico with Franco, Pinochet, De Gaulle, Le Pen, Napoleon… The Nationalist Right probably would run the country without extreme opposition from Jews, Muslims and Marxist twits.

            The rest of the world stomps on them currently. Algerians speciticall6.

          • Chasmania

            In a nutshell and simply put,you’re just seeing the result of left wing progressives who have been hard at work for many, many decades. The veritable sweet lie overcoming hard truth.

  • JohnEngelman

    I now feel obliged to comment on mass-immigration from the Third World. Anyone who said this would be other than a disaster must have been a fool or a villain. It has forced down working class incomes. It has raised housing costs for everyone. It has increased crime and welfare dependency.

    – Sean Gabb, Libertarian Alliance, Jan. 9, 2015

    I have been trying to find data on this. Because of European laws against “hate speech” it has been difficult. Does anyone have web addresses to credible data on how the crime rates of immigrants to European countries, especially Muslim and Negro immigrants, differ from the crime rates from native Europeans?

    • Paul Lycurgues

      there was that paper in the Washington Post (I think) quoting a prison chaplain as saying that “85%” of French inmates are in fact Muslims.

      • Daniel McGrath

        Around. 60% of inmates in the UK are Muslim. If the blacks who go into jail are not already Muslim most come out as Muslims.

        • JohnEngelman

          I doubt conversion to Islam reduces their recidivism rate.

          • Nonhumans

            Given the tenents of islam, I bet it encourages it. A nonhuman muslim likely feels righteous indulgemce in their deplorable behaviors.

    • PouponMarx

      Beware the Globalist Jew, like this one, who views cultural and economic sovereignty as a threat to his tribe.

    • meanqueen

      I know that Scandinavia outlawed including religious or ethnic identity in crime statistics. I don’t know where we can get reliable data now – it seems the libtard powers that be wanted to ensure this would be impossible. I think Gates of Vienna stated that 95% of Swedish rapes were committed by Muslims. Obviously, one cannot quote Gates of Vienna.

      • Chasmania

        I would trust GoV over the Swedish gov when it comes to reporting anything about their muslim population.

        • meanqueen

          Yeah! So would I! But if you are having to present data to a group of outsiders to make your argument, you can’t quote GoV.

      • John R

        THANK YOU! See? That is what I was saying all along. It isn’t the Jews; it is a group of northern Protestant liberals, the ultimate being Scandinavians. These are the Whitest people on earth yet are so overwhelmed with White Guilt that I am embarrassed for them. They are the ultimate example of “PC” on steroids. So, we should just outlaw showing any crime statistics according to race, huh? Yeah, facts might be racist. Rolling my eyes.

        • meanqueen

          I’m not one of the Jew-haters here. I’m fully aware that the greatest number of dangerous, demented leftists is to be found among non Jewish whites. They ARE an embarrassment, just as I know Jews who are embarrassed of their libtards, too.

  • See The Future

    The French and rest of Europe will be peacefully bred out of existence.

    • WR_the_realist

      So will white America, with the Democratic Party cheering this every step of the way and the Republican Party utterly uninterested and unconcerned.

      • GIJoeJones

        You know, I sincerely doubt that White America is in any true danger. I know that this belief drives much of the passion and discourse on this webpage, but as an outsider looking in White America appears to be thriving. Interracial marriage went from .7 % of marriages in 1970 to 3% of marriages in 2010. Keep in mind those numbers include some non-white races marrying each other. Most successful whites tend to move far enough away from large concentrations of minorities and are highly concentrated in positions of authority and wealth. Whites make up the vast majority of police departments and higher ranked military officials as well. Whites control and thrive in higher education by an overwhelming majority. I’m pretty sure white America is going to be fine for many generations to come.

        • See The Future

          This is the attitude that allows the enemy to gain strength.

          White America has never been in greater danger.

          • GIJoeJones

            The Idea that Whites are in danger and threatened is definitely a new concept to me. I am not white, so that has to be at least part of the reason that I am new to this idea. But my question would be, if whites are losing, then who is winning? It certainly isn’t black people. The majority of black children are being born to unwed mothers, they are the poorest, unhealthiest, least educated, and most criminal group. They won’t be taking over anything other than the bottom rungs of society anytime soon.

            Once whites become the numerical minority, I can see that voting patterns and political leadership have the potential to shift in favor of minority interests, and with that a certain amount of threat could occur. But as long as market principles remain intact, it’s hard to imagine an America where whites are not the most numerous and competitive group in the professional realm.

            You don’t think some of you are being a bit paranoid? I predict a future where whites are perhaps in fewer numbers, but still command much of the wealth, land, and property while minorities grow in numbers but have very little wealth. Whites will have more security concerns for sure as they run out of open land to facilitate white flight and have to live in closer proximity to impoverished minorities. I think what we will see is more of the pattern that already plays out in urban landscapes all over the country. Extreme poverty festering just blocks away from exceptional wealth and prosperity. Whites will have to dedicate more resources to security, but they won’t by any means vanish. Roughly 2-3% of Whites marry and reproduce with other races, but maybe it’s more like 4-5% if you consider what @disqus_9vDrk8evXY:disqus said about coupling and offspring outside of marriage. I would estimate that at least 70-80% of whites are completely disinterested in other races, I have no data to support that. Just my perception as an ‘other’ walking around and observing people, speaking with people, and noting their response to me and my family.

          • WR_the_realist

            Saying that this country will become more like Brazil (which, in fact, it will) is hardly striking a note of optimism. In Brazil the white middle class has to live behind fortress like walls. Affirmative action will make it ever harder for whites to get good jobs, regardless of their abilities. That policy will only grow more virulent as the white population declines.

          • Daniel McGrath

            You are wrong. Territorial displacement leads to reduced births. It is associated with miscarriages, defered breeding and infant mortality. We will be hurt like the Boers.

          • MBlanc46

            The winners will be the transnational elites. The losers will be everyone else. Some groups, such as blacks and Mexicans, have little more to lose. Whites, who created the modern world, have a lot to lose and are losing it at a fairly rapid pace.

          • See The Future

            When whites lose everything, there is going to be revenge.

          • Nonhumans

            It wont take going that far down the spiral. Once we get to a point where your common, uninformed, and upper-middle class white Joe regards the libtards and their whining in defense of multiculturalism as null, thats when we will see an effective turnaround.
            Personally, I feel that an economic collapse, a return to early 20th century living conditions for a time, and reorganization as we re-establish our current standards of living, is much more likely. At that point, the remaining libtards wont have the luxury of imposing their flawed ideology upon us. Hopefully, their numbers will be thinned sufficiently, from realsitic exposure to dieversity, that they will cease to be of any real effect.

          • MBlanc46

            I hope that you’re right.

          • See The Future

            Your first paragraph is accurate.

            Second paragraph does not address the significant results from becoming a minority at the voting booth. Minorities will elect minorities not whites. As bad as the current pack of traitors is, the minority law makers will turn the whole country into Detroit or equivalent Hispanic communities.

            Third paragraph, we need to be paranoid because if we do not act very soon, no amount of security will be effective. Even today, there are already too many areas that are unsafe to even drive through. Most whites don’t want to race mix. The black on white rape, assault, torture and murder statistics need to result in a return to natural justice. Places like Dearborn need to be cleaned out.

          • jaye ellis

            GiJoeJones writes:

            ” But my question would be, if whites are losing, then who is winning?”

            I respond:

            When Whites lost Rhodesia Zimbabwe – Whites lost, an extremely small corrupt Black elite around the brutal dictator Robert Mugabe “Won” everybody else really, really lost.

            When Whites lost Detroit MI after the 1967 Black riots, the election of Coleman Young – Whites LOST, a very small elite around the corrupt, White hating Mayor Coleman Young “Won” everybody else, including working class Blacks lost.

            So Ms Jones, my answer would be when White civilization collapses , the general result is that Whites lose everything, a small, violent, corrupt elite of the take over group (Blacks, Muslims) WINs, everybody else loses.

            Civilization…. It’s a White Thing, They Wouldn’t Understand.

        • That’s because you’re only looking at the situation in terms of a static still picture taken at one moment. Our ills are almost entirely a function of mental lethargy.

        • meanqueen

          While I respect your presentation of factual numbers, I have to say that this is not what I am seeing. Granted, I live in the libtard mecca of the U.S., but I have seen within my own circle numerous cases of black-white coupling (won’t say “marriage”) that produce offspring. In these cases, all have college degrees, for what it’s worth. I also see it walking around, regardless of social class.

        • HJ11

          Whites ARE in danger of extinction. Any miscegenation by Whites harms all Whites. Any abortions of White babies harms all Whites. Any Whites who do not have lots of White children harms all Whites.

          We simply need to make many more like us. We need to repopulate this dark planet with Whites. WE need to engage in population replacement of those unlike us, by having so many White children that we fill all lands with us.

        • Daniel McGrath

          That’s simply not true. See Obama Holder and Johnson.

          In addition the US has had changelings like Albright, Cohen, Frum and the Supremes to deal with. White America is dead.

        • WR_the_realist

          Whites are now less than 50% of the children born. They are the only major racial group in America that is now declining in absolute numbers every year. It is now impossible to enforce immigration law in California because Hispanics are a majority. As South Africa has shown, affirmative action will only get more virulent as whites decline in both numbers and as a proportion of the population. The pace of change is speeding up, not slowing down. If you’re in a majority white are things may look just fine to you, but I assure you, in only a few more decades you will see radical change, and for the worse.

          • Daniel McGrath

            We are so doomed. So screwed.

    • Tarczan

      It won’t be peaceful at the end.

      • UncleSham

        Its not peaceful now. Blacks and Muslims attack Whites daily.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      I agree, all except for that “peacefully” part.

  • Cory Welch

    AMEN TO EVERY SENTENCE WRITTEN IN THIS ARTICLE! There are still men who know and speak the truth thank God!

  • WR_the_realist

    A libertarian who makes sense. Too many libertarians favor open borders and, like Doug Casey, are unconcerned if it destroys a nation because they are against the concept of a nation state.

    • John Smith

      Adhering too strongly to any ideology makes one inflexible and unable to deal with realities not previously anticipated.

      • I’ve said it myself here not too long ago, that inordinate adherence to abstract ideology is a mental illness.

        If we win for our cause in our generation, then the portion of our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren that become professional historians will look back at our generation and the one or two or maybe three before and conclude that those generations’ most depressing addiction and opiate was not dope, or religion, or entertainment/amusements, but it was really abstract ideology.

        • Daniel McGrath

          Like medieval Scholasticism.

    • jaye ellis

      Very well said.

      There is a reason that “Libertarianism sounds so much like Liberal”.

      The modern versions deny obvious racial realities and make endless excuses for the worst Black, Muslim crimes, cultural practices like slavery, female genital mutilation, polygamy, rape, failure to use toilet paper or basic sanitation.

      • Vyncennt

        “The modern versions deny obvious racial realities and make endless excuses for the worst Black, Muslim crimes, cultural practices like slavery, female genital mutilation, polygamy, rape, failure to use toilet paper or basic sanitation.”

        Any ideology that relies on the obfuscation of truth in order to flourish must eventually embrace failure.

  • Augustus3709

    The “elites” will always be parasites who say whatever it takes to maintain their position of authority and luxury over the masses. They will play people against each other to confuse their energies, and focus their powers to defuse and sabotage any organization that they deem a threat.

    This is why we have multiculturalism (which creates a hot bed of perpetual possible conflicts), and why all White Identity or National organizations are uniformly attacked outright.

    • Daniel McGrath

      That’s the reality. The danger moment is the realization that their villages and big houses are under threat from dark interlopers.

  • PouponMarx

    “I do not object to a certain porosity of borders. ” Well, stupidity and blindness seem to respect no idiotology. The raw sewage overflowing from the suicidal left seems to have sealed into your offices.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


      Perfect. I’m totally stealing that one.

  • lily-white

    “The purpose of the Charlie Hebdo killings was to punish outrages against Moslem sensibilities, and to deter their repetition. Can anyone say they failed, or will fail? “…

    Seems to me the writer says somthing that keeps getting overlooked… These mussys sent a clear message that criticizm of allah can not and will not be tolerated… and if you choose to do so then expect to find yourself looking down the barrel of a kalasnikov… and THAT is their message to the West… so yes… they’ve won their battle over “free speech” when it comes to allah.. no reprocussions or punishment to the muslum people whatsoever…

    • Nonhumans

      If their primitive and backwards religion was at all worthy of any credibility, they would be able to endure any criticisms of it. Instead their reactions are similar to, in some cases worse, than those of the libtards when someone starts speaking truthfully about race.
      Islam has no place among western civilisation.

      • Vyncennt

        “Instead their reactions are similar to, in some cases worse, than those of the libtards when someone starts speaking truthfully about race.”

        Their success can be directly attributed to the actions and inaction of the progressive left. I no longer call them liberals, bar long standing habit, as they’ve sullied the title.

  • Rurik

    I certainly approve Mr. Gobb’s advocacy of free speech and concur with all the examples he cited, and I agree that Libertarians deserve credit for it. However, it is Mr. Gobb’s Libertarians who have been generally among the most strident advocates of open, or abolished borders. When the Libertarians show they take Mr. Gobb’s sensible words more seriously, then I shall take them more seriously.

    • The only libertarian who thinks that Sean Gabb is a libertarian is Sean Gabb.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Still, I’m not giving too many courage points to people who shoot up an office full of unarmed citizens.

    • Vyncennt

      “Still, I’m not giving too many courage points to people who shoot up an office full of unarmed citizens.”

      Respect your enemies capabilities and fortitude. Not doing do will only lead to failure. They respect ours, which is why they never attempt all out war, and have even made (relatively) public statements alluding to this fact.

  • meanqueen

    I thought that around 50% of the Scots were nationalists?? What’s going on?

    • Daniel McGrath

      Scottish nationalism is an expression of anti-English hostility.

      It’s perfectly compatable with Pakis and Nigerians.

      • LHathaway

        Yes, exactly true. Their ‘nationalism’ is also of the ‘moral superiority’ type. They believe they are better than the greedy British. They often try to prove this. There are very few non-whites, though, in Scotland or Wales so far.

      • jaye ellis

        Yeah but not really.

        It’s the PC form of nationalism that is allowed – Like Mel Gibson filming Braveheart, Kennedy voting Irish Americans outside of Boston insisting that Irish are another oppressed minority like Blacks, Jews, gays etc.

        There are so many benefits to being politically correct and finding some way to stay in the PC system.

        What’s the alternative? Being blacklisted for life as an evil White racist?

        We have to look to France and Russia to see successful European Nationalists who promote their own people but don’t slag off other White European people.

  • Vyncennt

    Countries do not produce a people. People develop a country.

    Cultures do not produce a people. People develop a culture.

    Only a madman could believe that inserting the population of one country into another will not change one country into another.

    Where I live, dumping powdered ice tea mix into a glass of water produces ice tea, not more water.

  • meanqueen

    Well apparently the moderators thought it was just simply egregious because as you can see, my comment was deleted. I had no idea that the French were a protected group who must not be criticized here!

  • gah

    We can throw Canada in with countries where freedom of expression is greatly hindered by the Human Rights Commission. It was even ruled that “truth is no defense” when it comes to saying anything that offends minorities.

  • meanqueen

    Fair enough, D. But I don’t like the French. Never have.

  • jaye ellis

    “I now feel obliged to comment on mass-immigration from the Third World.
    Anyone who said this would be other than a disaster must have been a
    fool or a villain.”

    I respond:

    Well said. But, sadly the American Libertarian establishment have been fools and villains.

    The Wall Street Journal used to make the lead July 4th Editorial:

    Thou Shalt Have Open Borders

    the implication is that unrestricted 3rd world immigration, including mass Muslim immigration is a religious commandment in the Libertarian Loon world.

    I have been working tirelessly to document the crazy, traitorous immigration policies of American Libertarians like Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Gary Johnson, Reason Magazine.

    Those in this cult simply deny that this immigration insanity/treason can’t be.

    yeah, it is.

    Maybe the only cure for immigration craziness/treason is these Isis Islamic terrorists who murder all Libertarians.

    Maybe there simply is no cure for immigration insanity/treason.

  • John R

    I generally agree with this article. But, a few thoughts.
    First, yes I agree that the Islamofasciests that do these things are NOT cowards. They believe fanatically in their twisted ideas, and we had better understand the kind of people we are dealing with. Evil? Yes. Cowardly? Sadly, no. The war on Islamic terror would be so much easier if they were. I do take issue with the comment that IRA terrorist are cowards. (To some they might be IRA freedom fighters, but not our pro-British news media.) They are just very clever. Many times the IRA actually warned the authorities of pending bomb attacks so as to minimize the cost of human life. These people are White Catholic Christians, not non-White savage Islamists. If the IRA wanted to do something like the World Trade Center Bombing, they would have done it years ago.
    Second, yes the media is making more of this attack because these terrorist are attacking people on the Left. That is to be expected. And it is probably the one factor that will unltimately defeat the Islmic terrorists. They are attacking the powers that be in the West. Similar to the black “flash mobs” that became news only because White liberals and yes, Jews, were attacked.
    That is all for now. Interesting article.

    • Vyncennt

      “Second, yes the media is making more of this attack because these terrorist are attacking people on the Left.”

      I wonder if they are clever enough to narrow the scope of their future targets to avoid collateral damage to their enablers.

      • John R

        Probably not. Our one advantage is that these Middle Eastern Muslims are not that savvy to understand the distinctions between “infidels.”

  • Dick Hatewell

    I dunno, think of how this played out. Some ISIS/AQ Muslims see that France has recognized Palestine and decide hey, lets shoot up some cartoonists. So on an empty street in the middle of a workday (?), “terrorists” shoot up 12 people who “luckily” happen to be all together for their monthly meeting. Nut lucky for us, they leave their identification at the scene and a Jewish journalist happens to be on hand to capture footage.
    What “actually” happened could be debated,but the solution is the same: Launch ALL of the desert-dwellers back to their hell-holes and let Europeans and Americans get back to advancing civilization…instead of playing wet-nurse to imbeciles.