Bill Maher Doubles Down on Islam

Marlow Stern, Daily Beast, January 9, 2015

The TV host and political satirist had more harsh words for Muslims in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and two other shootings that rocked France.
“Look who’s back,” proclaimed Bill Maher.
The outspoken satirist hosted the 13th season premiere of his HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night and doubled down on the comments he made on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that saw 9 fellow satirists, two policemen, and a maintenance worker be murdered by gun and RPG-wielding jihadists, the comedian said, “hundreds of millions of [Muslims] support an attack like [Charlie Hebdo].”Following two more shootings in France by Islamic terrorists, including a hostage situation at a kosher grocery that left four civilians dead, Maher, flanked by political commentator Paul Begala, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, and author and activist Salman Rushdie, went on the offensive.“We’re Americans so we don’t want to single out people, but when you look at that list just since 9/11, then we had the Madrid bombings in ’04, London in ’05, Mumbai, the Kenyan mall, Benghazi, which was one of 20 cities that erupted when that movie Innocence of Muslims was on the Internet, ISIS, Boko Haram who killed an entire village this week, Pakistan last year killing all those kids at the school, Canada parliament, Australia,” said Maher. “What we’ve said all along, and have been called bigots for it, is when there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”


Maher then addressed the Ben Affleck on-air fracas that went viral, where the Oscar-winning filmmaker and author Sam Harris got into a tussle over Harris saying, “Islam is the motherlode of bad ideas.” Affleck lost his cool, claiming that such criticisms of Islam were “gross” and “racist,” and likening them to someone calling Maher “a shifty Jew.”

“Obviously, the vast majority of Muslims would never do anything like this,” said Maher. “But they share bad ideas. This is the thing that caused the big ruckus when Ben Affleck was here. Sam Harris said, ‘Islam is the motherlode of bad ideas,’ and everyone went fuckin’ nuts on this side of the panel. But it is. These two guys who shot up the cartoonists the other day, they were avenging the prophet, they said? A bad idea. Martyrdom? A bad idea. Women as second-class citizens? A bad idea. And unfortunately, the terrorists and the mainstream share a lot of these bad ideas.”


Maher, of course, has sounded off on Muslims before–even to this very publication.


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  • Henry Higgins

    Desert religions are the motherlode of BAD IDEAS.

    • Bossman

      The Greco-Roman religions were no better.

      • John

        The difference is, and apparently you are unable to distinguish this, is they were ours. By ours, I mean of the indigenous Europeans. The only 2 things to ever come out of northern Africa of any use at all are Arabic numerals and crude oil. Everything else, people, cultures, philosophy and especially religion hasn’t been worth a tinker’s damn.

        • Lygeia

          Arabic numerals were actually invented in India first. When the Islamic Mughal warlords rampaged through India, then the Muslims adopted the Indian numbering system.

        • Bossman

          Northern Africa is part of the Middle East culturally and racially. European civilization has its roots in the Middle East. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. The old Greco-Roman gods were copies of Egyptian gods.

          • OS-Q

            The Greek gods are much closer to other Indo-European gods than Egyptian gods, and this is easily proven through language. For example Zeus (Pator) = Dyēus (also *Dyēus ph2ter, alternatively spelled dyēws) = Tiwaz (Tyr of the Norse-Germanic Gods) = Jupiter Pator = Dyaus Pita (or “sky father” in Sanskrit).

            The Egyptians learned about the wheel when the Hyskos ran them over, and learned about iron when the Hittites bashed their heads in with it.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Every civilization has its roots in the Middle East, European or not. Genesis spells it out nicely. And, no, Africa is not the origin of humanity, evolution nor the mythical, black, African Eve who probably had a mouth that looked like a toilet-plunger stretched wide as a thanksgiving platter.

          • Daniel McGrath

            I disagree. Civilization for me is based around bodies of water. The Frogs around the pond of the Med. Perhaps the. Germans and Celts around what we call the North Sea. Even the Baltic. The ME is a construct developed to describe the land based block defined by Arabization and Islamization and the rendering of the Levant from the life of the Med.

          • MartelsGhost

            Judaism is a copy of the old Egyptian god worship, hence the circumcision fetish. And the Egyptian monotheists simply borrowed the old Minoan religious system. The Minoans simply borrowed their faith from a mishmash of ancient Aryan Sky-Father worshippers. Even in Ancient Greece they had debates about the status of Jove and saw him as the Father of all things and the Son of an even more powerful God.

            What exactly is the relevance to the original comment made about desert religions?

            You seem to cast dispersions on everything while having no real point to make about anything.

          • John

            He’s a troll. Every time I read a comment of his it pisses me off which is exactly what he’s shooting for. I realize this however and try to behave myself. He always something snarky to say about Western Civilization and our accomplishments. I wonder if they mail him his check from Tel Aviv or do the electronic transfer thing. Probably mail. Less of a trail that way.

          • MartelsGhost

            Yes, I know. I’ve run into and through him before. God help me but I just feel compelled to engage these fuktards and actually try to pound some logic and facts into their tiny little minds. A losing battle I know but I feel a greater sense of loss if I just let them get away with their actions.

            The sad fact is they will never learn, indeed they choose to not listen and then continue on their merry little delusional way through life.

            For me it’s like a game of whack-a-mole that never ends…………………….perpetual whack-a-troll…………..

            And yes he/she probably gets their checks through the mail……………………….c.o.d. for postage of course…….considering who is sending them.

          • John

            “……..I just feel compelled to engage these fuktards and actually try to pound some logic and facts into their tiny little minds.” Ditto that. It’s like pissing up a rope. You do it anyway not so much to influence the target but to influence the audience. Perhaps not “influence” so much as educate. This is one of the reasons I risk being labeled a one trick pony in my unmitigated approach to the Brews and my taking every opportunity to take whack at them. No problem. Sometimes you just have to draw a line and take a stand. Like the Founding Fathers did for example.

          • John

            “European civilization has its roots in the Middle East.” BS. Okay buddy, time for you to put your money where your mouth is and trot out some provenance for us country folks to support the BS you’ve been spewing here. Your declamations are irritating to say the least. Prove them.

          • Bossman

            You could start with Herodotus, the first Greek historian, who admitted that many Greek customs, including the Greek gods, came from Egypt. The Greek alphabet came from the Phoenicians (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine.) Egypt is the grand daddy of Europe. The one key difference between the Greeks and the Middle East was that the Greeks learned to think for themselves and did not claim that the gods revealed things to them.

          • John

            Martin Bernal is a certified, card carrying Brew. As such anything he writes is going to be slanted with that peculiar anti white, anti European, anti Christian mindset displayed by all of them when you start doing a little digging. That said, I have better things to do than read his drivel. One of my requisites was “If it’s authored by a “Berg” a “Stein” a “Witz” etc., forget it. I stipulated real history”. Add Bernal’s to that list too then if you must. Are you trying to convince yourself or me? I said offer proof and so far you’ve fallen on your face. Give up or keep throwing up more “Bernal’s” as you uncover them. They’ll remain equally unconvincing. Next you’ll be making other, broad all inclusive statements without offering up proof along the lines “the Jewish contributions to Western Civilization….yada, yada, yada”. Pure lies. All of it. You won’t find any Bergs, Steins or Witz’s in long lists of great classical artists and composer, helping Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, designing and building the Chapel of Notre Dame and similar such constructions, lending Issac Newton a hand when he got stumped advising Da Vinci on better colors when he painted the Mona Lisa and so on.

      • MartelsGhost

        Now your being facetious. None of the Greco-Roman religions ever caused a state government to encourage the wholesale slaughter of “non-believers”.

        These desert religions are inherently more violent and destructive than anything the Romans or Greeks came up with and you know that.

        • Bossman

          Really? So why did the Romans fed the Christians to the lions?

          • MartelsGhost

            Actually the Romans fed almost nobody to the lions. I’m guessing you aren’t much of a student of history.

            None of the state sponsored punishments done in the name of the Emperor or in the name of the Senate had religious connotations. They did execute many thousands of people for daring to challenge the might of Rome but not because Jove told them to do it…………..

            Any other complete leftist drivel you need corrected? I’ll be here all day…………………….

          • Bossman

            The Romans fed the Christians to the lions because they refused to worship the Roman gods.

          • MartelsGhost

            No, they didn’t. This is a long debunked myth.

            People were occasionally thrown into the coliseum to fight for their lives as punishment for not paying taxes or for fomenting rebellion against the state but no multitudes of Christians were “thrown to the lions”.

            Romans viewed all religions as compatible as long as the Roman State received their money.

            There was no religious impetus behind any of the Roman executions.

            I’m confused, you seemed to attack Christianity and then attack secularism. This would imply you are atheist, agnostic or nihilist. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything I guess………………

          • Katherine McChesney

            “Romans viewed all religions as compatible as long as the Roman State received their money.”

            Pax Romanus.

            In Rome, Judaism was a “safe” religion but Christianity was NOT.

          • MartelsGhost

            Until the Roman population and tax revenue had declined enough and Rome saw an opportunity to split an already fractured jewish people by encouraging the new found religion focused on a little known Jewish prophet then Christianity became the new safe state religion and the rest is, quite literally, history.

          • Daniel McGrath

            In the 100s AD see the Kitos War. The Monotheists butchered 250,000 Greeks and Romans

          • Samuel Hathaway

            You’re exactly right… and upvote you, Mr. Bossman.

          • Garrett Brown

            Why comment on things you’re obviously so uneducated in? You’ve been watching way too much Gladiator.

        • Mason Gull

          Sure, but the people who adopted the “desert religions” didn’t need any help being violent. Europeans were already fighting wars and didn’t need any encouragement. Religions usually fit the people that adopt them.

          • MartelsGhost

            Every culture throughout history has fought tribal wars, Europeans are no different in this regard. Why single them out?

            Europeans had been accustomed to Roman rule for centuries and so when the Empire became Christian the rest of Roman Europe followed suit and stuck with what they had become accustomed too.

            However most of the pre-Roman regional tribal wars were not based on differences of religion. Warfare in the name of a God is almost a strictly middle eastern religion phenomenon. Starting with a bunch of misguided egyptians who had a penchant for slicing of foreskins and culminating with a bunch of misguided arabs who have a penchant for slicing off heads.

            But again, why do you single out Europeans? Am I sensing some anti-White rhetoric around the corner?

          • Mason Gull

            I don’t see how I’m singling out Europeans, we’re talking about the old European religions in contrast with the Abrahamic “desert” religions. What I said goes for pre-Islamic Arabia and everywhere else. My point was that Christianity didn’t create violence where there was none, and it certainly wasn’t a destructive force.

            The myths and legends of the pagans are very interesting, but the reason why they fell out of favor so quickly is because unlike monotheism, they’re theologically untenable and can’t be reasonably defended. Some pagan philosophers had figured monotheism out but since they didn’t have a clear set of beliefs for the laymen, they lost out to Christianity. Like it or not, the so-called desert religions were a step up from traditional paganism because they had better theology.

          • MartelsGhost

            Europeans were already fighting wars and didn’t need any encouragement.

            No mention of any other group that I can see, so yes I would qualify that as “singling out”.

            Early Christianity was indeed a violent destructive force. Constantine even embraced it as such during his famous moment. “With this sign, ye shall conquer” and all that.

            The myths and legends of early pagans were ALL stolen and co-opted by the various monotheism’s during their various conquests of separate tribes. Please do some research into Mithra as an example. Even Judaism is simply a stolen mixture of Sumerian, Assyrian and early Egyptian beliefs. Monotheistic religions are simply the an evolution of greed as it pertains to the people in charge of the faith. They refuse to allow any donations to be made to any other gods but theirs………………

            The reason pagan religious tribes fell victim to monotheistic forces is more due to the nature of forced conversion and forced unity that is so fundamental to monotheistic cultures. Pagans realize that many peoples have many different faiths and so have no desire to conquer in the name of any one particular spirit. Monotheists, by definition, can allow only one god and so embark on quests to wipe all all tribes and peoples who don’t follow the “one”.

            Decreasing options and freedoms is never “a step up”. Reduction in choice and freedom can only be seen as a step down. And truly as monotheism spread, either though Christianity or islamism, the civilized world fell into a dark ages that wasn’t halted until rational thought and science began to prevail again.

            Nowhere do you mention the various Eastern theologies and peoples who have had centuries of warfare between them without ever embracing or even knowing of European cultures. But you chose to single out Europeans. Belatedly offering up a slight critique of pre-islamic Arabia or “Abrahamic desert religions” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

            I have heard similar arguments recently that all follow the same trend of how “Europeans were/are uniquely warlike” and find it to be an odd sort of thing to believe due to the large amounts of evidence that speaks to the contrary. I’m wondering if that’s what you’re attempting to say but just aren’t saying it outright………….

          • Mason Gull

            First of all, the “dark ages” as you know of them never happened. The idea that Europeans suddenly went into an irreparable cultural decline after the fall of the Roman empire comes from the imagination of the Enlightenment thinkers and anti-Catholic protestants of later centuries. There’s a great deal of writing on the subject and I’m actually quite surprised to see that there are people who believe in it on a site like this.

            The idea that Christianity “stole” the customs of European people is ridiculous because you can’t steal what you already own. The people who adopted Christianity naturally integrated their own customs into their religion to make it unique to themselves, and the same is true for the various religions that preceded Christianity. Hell, the Romans even adopted the Greek pantheon and made it their own. I think this is a healthy and natural practice that gives religion a national character, but you might have a different opinion.

            Paganism fell because it didn’t make the grade. You say they were all forced to convert, and many were, but you don’t want to recognize the reason why so many leaders chose Christianity. Forget about religious diversity and a freedom to choose from a hundred mystery cults. Christian theology makes sense and provides reasonable answers to religious questions. Native European monotheism does exist in the form of Hermeticism, but they were/are very into mysticism and not so much into proselytizing, so the religion doesn’t attract the layman.

            “Nowhere do you mention the various Eastern theologies and peoples who have had centuries of warfare between them without ever embracing or even knowing of European cultures.” Because it goes without saying. Did you think I didn’t know that? Do you think anyone here doesn’t know that? Sorry, but I thought this was a conversation about European religion and Christianity. I didn’t feel the need to make a reservation about how “x fought too” because it should be obvious.

          • MartelsGhost

            First of all, the “dark ages” as you know of them never happened. There was most certainly a time starting in the late 5th century AD that extended up until the mid 17th century AD that saw mathematics, science and reason take a back seat to religion and would certainly qualify as a Dark Age. I realize many Christian and islamic apologists would like to see the facts otherwise but that doesn’t make it so. There are and always will be theories that are agreed with and disagreed with especially in regards to history and it should only come as a surprise that somebody disagrees with “everyone else” to a closet fascist who expects lock step rote memorization of the “approved” version of anything.

            The idea that Christianity “stole” the customs of European people is ridiculous If a treasonous man from my tribe goes and tells my natural enemy what all my holiest days are and then proudly presents his calendar that includes new names for all of my holy days then they most certainly stole my holy days. Seems like you’re a fan of Gruberising people.

            Hell, the Romans even adopted the Greek pantheon and made it their own. Thats a false equivalency. While it may be true that the Roman system activly copied much of the Hellenistic Pantheon they did so unabashedly and with great honors being given to the Greeks who had created the Pantheon in the first place. The adopted with pride. They did not steal and then lie about the influence of their religion. Your equation would be similar to giving the same grade to a student who included 9 pages of references and has footnotes saying where he got his information to the student who cut and pasted from Wiki and says it was his own work.

            Paganism fell because it didn’t make the grade. Paganism is alive and well even inside the so called monotheistic Christianity. There are so many saints, at least three Gods and even a Holy Mother who all compete for importance. If anything there could be an argument made that European Pagans co-opted the Mediterranean desert faith and made it their own. Hard argument to make but possible. But getting back to your point, who wants to make that grade? Why would any nature worshipping people see conquest as a reasonable option? Why is that something to be proud of? Only fascists, socialists and communists think that way.

            but you don’t want to recognize the reason why so many leaders chose Christianity. The only reason any leaders chose Christianity was due to funding. The Roman empire was in serious decline even after converting to Christianity and so threw it’s money at anyone in the West who would agree to carry the cross. Poor regional leaders could suddenly find their coffers full of Christian gold should they choose to accept the Roman faith.

            “Christian theology makes sense and provides reasonable answers to religious questions.”Yes because a divine trinity makes so much sense and the science behind having only Adam and Eve is so well founded and of course two animals of every kind can fit onto a ship and purgatory is a great solution that they have since gotten rid of and evil people are never successful and, and, and, etc. etc. etc. Please tell me what facet of Christianity makes so much sense. Is it the part about a zombie zionist who will someday return to judge us all with his mouth of fire?

            so the religion doesn’t attract the layman Having more stupid people follow a thing doesn’t mean it is worth following.

            Did you think I didn’t know that? Yes. You only mentioned Europeans and have indeed continued to focus only on Europeans. Religions fit the people who adopt them you said. Europeans were already fighting wars and didn’t need any encouragement These are your words correct? Tell me again how you mentioned that everybody has a history of violence based on tribal beliefs because I see you only mention Europeans………………

            Do you think anyone here doesn’t know that?I try not to assume anything least of all that everyone who might read these comments would “know” everything about pre-monotheistic cultures. You sound like you’re backing away from the argument and trying to seek solace in the crowd.

            I shall let you go if it makes you feel better about not being right. Bear in mind that most leftists try to convince people that “everybody knows a thing so why should I mention actual facts” when they’re trying to convince people of a lie. But that would make sense in your case since you’re such a fan of Grubering people………………….

            Next time, stick to speaking with laymen. I’m sure it suits you better anyway.

          • Mason Gull

            The statement “Europeans were already fighting wars and didn’t need any encouragement” is one hundred percent true and I don’t see the point in qualifying it with an token remark about how x non-white civilization fought wars too since that isn’t really what we’re talking about. The statement “Religions fit the people who adopt them” is debatable I guess, but I can’t imagine how someone could object to the idea of warfare in pre-Christian Europe. I just can’t think of a good reason to put in the qualifying statement.

            Now, for the “Dark Ages.” It is certainly true that there was a general decline in the quality of life and literacy in the West when the Roman Empire collapsed, but the idea that it was due to fanatical Christians suppressing all the wonderful knowledge of the Romans is just untrue. It did not happen and there is no debate to be had. I don’t mind if that’s a “Fascist” way of putting it since I have a soft spot for that era of history. Did you find a narrative that fit your worldview? Sorry, but it doesn’t hold up. We can endlessly debate the merits of Christianity and monotheism generally, but the dark ages myth was destroyed long ago.

            Speaking of myths, I wouldn’t say that Jesus rising from the grave, the Holy Trinity, or even Adam and Eve are particularly unbelievable if you accept the existence of God and are familiar with Christian theology. If reject it and think that all religions are foolish, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. It’s a fair position to take, but my view is that religion is a necessary part of a healthy society, and since the old polytheistic religions don’t have a leg to stand on theologically, Christianity is the best religion for the European people past and present. You can argue that Christianity never legitimately displaced the old religions because provincial rulers merely adopted the religion for the cash and forced on their subjects, but that ignores the strong following that Christianity already had. It doesn’t matter whether or not there are casual practitioners, the point is to establish a strong moral code and encourage positive values.

          • MartelsGhost

            One can accept the existence of a Creator without accepting a misguided version of events revolving around the importance of a tribe of lost egyptians or a resurrected carpenter.

            You aren’t going to convert me to Christianity so please stop trying.

            I have no patience for any faith that encourages weakness and wrongfully labels turning the other cheek as a strength to be coveted.

            You go on forgiving your enemies if you wish but don’t you go forgiving my enemies on my behalf. I hate my enemies. I will defeat my enemies. I will meet them on the battlefield, axe in hand and die on my feet as opposed to any meek groveling that requires a life on my knees.

            Nobody said warfare didn’t exist in pre-Christian Europe. I said the exact opposite in fact. I merely said that religious war, that is wars of conversion and conquest based on belief, did not exist until the Christian faith showed up in Europe.

            There is no debate about the Dark Ages? I guess not if you believe everything PBS, leftists in general and Harvard have to say on the issue. As for all the scientists who were imprisoned throughout the years they might just disagree with you. For centuries Europe and indeed the entire Western world descended into a period of aristocratic warfare based on who was or wasn’t chosen by the church.

            Early Christianity, and early Judaism for that matter, resembled the same ideologically driven murderous rampage that is represented by islamic fundamentalists attacking newspapers in today time. Indeed much of the dress code for hassidic orthodox families, Christian priests and nuns or muslim clerics and women dressed in burqas is all the same and it all originated in the same backwater wastelands of the earth.

            Your attempts at whitewashing the Christian conquest of Europe might be little more than just annoying except that in the back of my mind I have a feeling you are not completely White. At least you certainly aren’t a proud European White Man.

            Therefore you are just another salesman of the mediterranean lies that have poisoned a people into thinking that their “best” option is to fall to their knees and worship a god who is not theirs and relinquish their own history in an attempt to placate a far-away mediterranean pontiff. In short I think you are full of it.

            What else should I think of someone who admires Pinochet and Saddam? Pinochet was a great man, and Saddam was at least an able leader These are your words correct?

            There are many, many better and just as believable options when it comes to religious choices for Europeans and I certainly never said I rejected all religions.

            I have a strong belief in the Creator. I respect His strength, for creation is a violent act that requires a mighty stroke of the Hammer and the planning and foresight of the wisest general. My God has no patience for cowardice and weakness. My God has no respect for mealy mouthed prayers asking for forgiveness for this or that transgression. My God respects strong actions and strong morals and indeed expects the best, not the worst, from his creations. My God truly is an awesome God and He reigns everywhere, not just in the heavens above.

            Those who carry themselves in a cloud of shame, lies, immoral acts and fear will soon meet their demise upon the blade or bullet carried by one such as myself.

          • Chasmania

            Brother, I can only remind you of the pearls before swine parable.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I would say a combination of climate and the influence of Christianity certainly played a major role in the dark ages and this period is well documented.

          • Chasmania

            I wonder what definition of ‘Dark Ages’ you are employing ?

            You realize the term was coined back almost 800 years ago, and was used to describe a post Roman literary period and then went on to be broadened , changed and redefined periodically ? As the periods been studied it’s time frame has been further and further truncated and more narrowly defined until it has lost any real meaning.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Europeans are uniquely cooperative. Towards the end of the middle ages some pagan tribes began to convert to Christianity to encourage a sense of European unity. The Saxons in England did it as a choice in order to become more integrated with the rest of Europe.

            The war like history is taken out of context. You have periods were people were starving to death and so they naturally fought over resources, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. No one writes a book about a 100 boring years plowing the field. Instead the two years out of a 100 where everyone is raping and plundering goes down in the history book and is remembered.

            By contrast, in Native American society or African society conflict was a daily normal part of life, as well horrific crimes of torture and such. They seemingly could not cooperate together very well. East Asia was largely cooperative through its history though, although there are brief periods of war that are blown out of proportion like I said.

            The war like nature of Europeans is unique primarily in that they were victorious. A typical Roman was less likely to see war or conflict than a typical primitive tribesman. But when Rome fought a war, then tended to win. So we have a history of Roman conquest, which one can falsely interpret as war like. Certainly Roman society was more violent than is normal today, but less violent than its more primitive neighbors.

            In a similar way North America was full of small tribal bands that constantly fought each other. The war never stopped for native americans and they killed each other year after year. Yet there was never one tribe that emerged victorious over the long run. It just created an equilibrium. When white men came, Indians steadily lost territory. Most of the time it was the Indians that attacked first. So, once again, we can interpret success as equal to war like but it’s not the case. The average European was far less violent or prone to war than the average Native, which is why they referred to them as savages.

            It’s like when liberals point out that Polar Bears or Sharks are being hunted to extinction. The poor innocent shark would never hurt a fly and is just the victim of the evil, war like white man. In reality the shark is a hundred times more violent and vicious than the white man. The man is simply superior at survival and wins.

          • MartelsGhost

            Well said. Best summation on the subject I have seen in a while actually. Wish I could direct some of the less intelligent fools I have been dealing with towards your comment.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            The evolution of European society was when they were able to evolve above primitive tribalism and adopt a larger, more cooperative form of humanity. It is a natural extension of agrarianism wherein tribal peoples came together to form larger permanent settlements and began cooperating in larger communities.

            You have this cooperative tendency to varying degrees among different people and in different time periods. Of course when there is a climate change that causes starvation and such you enter a dark age where conflict is normal and people revert back to the stone ages (and this explains the medieval period), but Europeans, especially in the West have always been rather cooperative compared to other groups. This cooperation really surged during the Renaissance and expressed itself in a milder more loving form of Christianity.

            The primary reason that places like Africa can’t form a civilization is that tribalism is rampant. It happens in the American ghetto where people fight each other because of what street they live on. With Islam and Judaism we have this type of tribalism encased in a religion. If all non-muslims or all non-Jews disappeared tomorrow, then they would suddenly start fighting and swindling each other.

            Now Judaism actually underwent its own renaissance and in many ways has embraced the European Renaissance more than mainstream European society itself. So you have very cooperative and rational forms of liberal Judaism out there living side by side with primitive and backward orthodox forms of Jewry. The extremist ultra orthodox sects are destroying Israel and largely hijacked the government and stirring up most of the conflict in the middle east. They breed like cockroaches, out breeding normal Jews in Israel and subsidized by generous welfare. The Zionists see them as a useful tool to populate Israel and expand settlements but it may be their own undoing.

            As well Christianity has largely de-evolved and reverted back to its primitive state as normal, educated and well adjusted people leave the church in droves. What is left is most churches are extremist forms of x-ianity where they preach that all others are wrong but them etc.

            So I mean yes we can say ancient Aryans 3,000 years ago were rather tribalistic, but we should look to evolve beyond that. Even so, those Europeans were more cooperative than other groups. Rome became an empire by emphasizing cooperation, where each person respected the gods of his neighbor. This is in stark contrast to Abrahamic religions that teach supremacism and conflict with other peoples. When Rome adopted Christianity it became decidely less tolerant and the decline of the empire began. Climate change down the road led to southward and westward migrations of “barbarians” and dealt the final blow to an already divided and weak empire. At that time Rome was divided into East and West and constantly bickering among itself. After that, though, during the middle ages Christianity began emphasizing cooperation and morality more though.

            Christianity reached its peak around the 1950s with Unitarianism and other humanistic/rationalistic sects forming. Even Swedenoborgianism or Mormonism can be seen as slight improvements. But since then, it has gone backwards as educated people left Christianity. Oddly, this didn’t happen with Judaism. Its more rationalistic sects continue to thrive and is one reason Jews as a civilization are stronger than Aryans currently.

            In regards to Mason Gull:

            Christianity primarily spread due to the Roman empire and having a central “Bible”. It adopted pagan traditions to such a high degree that it can be seen largely as a continuance of old European pagan customs in most respects. Had Rome kept Paganism, I doubt Christianity would have spread in Europe and you would have something similar to what they have in China with a political/state philosophy like confucianism largely melding with local pagan traditions and ancestral “worship”.

            Islam only spread because they killed everyone else and it had some appeal via a central book the Koran. The only real improvement was having a central book and promoting obedience to authority (thus the state liked the religions better).

          • Mason Gull

            I completely agree that Christianity would not be as widespread had the Roman Empire not adopted it, but I still think it would be relevant since it already had a significant following in the Empire and because the traditional Greek pantheon was declining in favor of other religions. It was only a matter of time before it was abandoned and so the adoption of Christianity was inevitable. If not Christianity, than something else. I also agree that “merely” surviving doesn’t make something better, but I do think that Christianity and monotheism generally possesses qualities that make it more attractive than pagan polytheism, beyond the fact that it has a central text. The same goes for Islam, which gained many converts through forced conversion but was also successfully spread in Southeast Asia by Arab and Persian merchants.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Pagan religions are natural religions created by a father and passed down to his son and passed from mother to daughter. They teach people to be strong and to appeal to spirits for victory in life. There was little belief in the afterlife and less concern about it. It didn’t concern itself with fantasies for the most part. The values were assertive- be honorable, be loyal etc.

            Christianity by contrast is a slave religion. It teaches people to obey authority, to be child like, sheep like etc. that success is not desirable, education is not desirable, that power and wealth is to be shunned. It focuses on rewards in an afterlife and denies ambition in this life. Although there may be variations of Christianity and deviations and specific ideas that have use, overall it only benefits those in power.

            Those in power, by contrast, still practice the pagan beliefs or else Judaism. The old Greek cults are still alive in secret at least. consider bohemian grove. For the most part though Judaism is the religion of the masters. It teaches the old pagan values of ambitions, desire, strength, folk etc.

            The reason the slave religions spread is because the emperors, kings, bankers etc. forcefully push it on as many plain folk as they possibly can. It’s not that they have much use. I guess one can argue that castrated and obedient slaves make society as a whole run a bit smoother, but that’s about it.

        • Daniel McGrath

          They exterminated the Druids. The ferocity was almost inexplicable.

          • MartelsGhost

            They are still Druids around today.

            The Druids never exerted direct strategic control over the actions of the Celtic or Gallic peoples.

            The Roman Army never sought out to do battle with the Druids based on religious disagreements and indeed would have welcomed the addition of the Druid faith, as they did to all the other faiths they came in contact with.

            The Druidic priests were simply advising people to not forget their heritage and to not submit to the Empire of Rome. The Roman Army simply got rid of people who again saw themselves as exempt from Roman control and Roman taxes.

            Now if you had made the suggestion that Roman greed and want of money was indeed the Roman version of faith and it’s god was gold or silver coinage, then I might have agreed with you………….

      • propagandaoftruth

        That Hecate was pretty smoking, wasn’t she?

        Nice fangs…

      • Samuel Hathaway

        We’ll take Greco-Roman civilization over the “moon-god” civilization any day of the week. These desert rats have virtually every inch of land from the coast of Morocco east thousands of miles to India. they have enough of the world under control. they don’t need ours.

    • dd121

      Do you really think this is about a clash of religions?

    • Chasmania

      I am amazed that so many people bit at this obvious trolling. The obvious Christian haters are going to jump on board and spew, and then knee jerk defenders will respond…all of it pointless and futile as they will not convince any of the adherents of one side or the other of their arguments merits.

      Lets stick with “Islam sucks” which was the point of the article, m’kay ?

      The original post should have been deleted as well as 90% of the drivel it caused.

      • HJ11

        Desert religions are alien to Whites.

        • Chasmania

          Thanks for that ‘factoid’. You’re still trolling.

  • Easyrhino

    “When there are this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

    I’d wager Bill’s favorite ME orchard is the cause and or motivation of some of the blowback the West is now the recipient of.

    • DaveMed

      That may be the case, but Islam would still be at war with “the West” if Israel were nonexistent.

      • adplatt126

        True, but that orchard and the seeds of it are no less the source of much of the West’s suffering by various means and channels.

      • Charles Martel

        Bin Laden’s justifications for attacking the West were based more on the presence of “infidel” troops in Saudi Arabia than the existence of Israel.

        If you are keeping score, ALL of the major jihadi attacks have been in countries other than Israel (e.g., France, USA, Spain, UK) and some that have not even a tenuous connection to Israel (India).

        • Daniel Mcgrath

          If you look at the foundation story of Islam in Medina it’s pretty obvious that Mohammad absorbed the female population of the Jewish tribes in that oasis. They became concubines and wives. Producing the leadership cadre of the first Migrants as they emerged out from Arabia in the Levant. There are no coincidences here.

      • terramare

        Maybe, but the recent zionist wars on Libya, Iraq, Syria,Palestine etc. are bringing millions of Arab/African immigrants to Europe and US now. Cheered on by Barbara Spectre and her tribe.

  • Dave4088

    “What we’ve said all along, and have been called bigots for it, is when
    there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

    That’s rich, because that charge could be made against Maher’s ethnic group as well.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      Maher also routinely calls whites racist when whites discus the propensity of black crime.

      With that said about Maher’s hypocrisy, he is correct about Islam.

      • adplatt126

        Maybe in old age he’ll follow his logic all the way to its terminus. Today he focuses on ideas, but will he one day wonder about ideology’s correlates, like culture, race, genes?

        • Daniel McGrath

          Culture is a biological construct

    • John

      Sorry Dave. Didn’t see your post until after I made mine. Essentially the same thing only yours is a lot more concise than mine.

    • MannyR

      Anyone that believes that Jews are involved in a centuries old quest to mongrelize and enslave the world is a mentally I’ll bigot. Conspiracy theories are for crazies, except for the conspiracy against the Jews! That s# it is definitely real! The Germans , Russians, and the Arabs, all totally difirent cultures with little in common yet somehow they all came to the conclusion concerning our favorite little group of wandering money changers. Give it another 25 years and you’ll be able to add Americans to that list.

    • Charles Martel

      The Irish??

  • To quote the Cesspool, even a blind hog finds an acorn.

  • NW

    He opposes Islam, but for the wrong reasons.

    Liberal atheists are very concerned about how Muslims will treat the poor defenseless homosexuals. And that women might think twice before dressing or acting like cheap whores around Muslim men.

    The fact is, many of the Muslim cultural values are conservative, and very similar to a lot of traditional conservative Christian values. This is why liberals are coming out and opposing Islam. It’s just an extension of their hatred for the white Christian value system.

    • Bossman

      Bill Maher has said many times that all religions are just superstitions and he’s right.

      • NW

        And you’re a Mexican. We have nothing in common.

        • Bossman

          When did I ever tell you that was a Mexican? Just because I sometimes defend migrant workers that doesn’t mean that I’m one of them.

          • NW

            From my perspective, you’re just a Mexican with a chip on your shoulder against Christianity like your fellow people from the “Aztec Heritage Foundation” et al.

          • Bossman

            No, I’m like Bill Maher. He sees the world the same way I see it.

          • NW

            And Bill Maher is a liberal idiot.
            Again, we have nothing in common.

          • Zimriel

            I’m reminded, watching you two, of the minions from “Despicable Me” having a slap-fight.

            NW: saying “you’re a Mexican” doesn’t prove or disprove anything.

            Bossman: saying “all religions are just superstitions” is trollbait.

          • Reynardine

            Bossman is a professional Latino troll.

          • adplatt126

            It’s true however. Religions are built upon superstition, and unfalsifiable but also empirically unsupported suppositions. Trollbait, like the statement “blacks are generally dumb”, but no less true.

      • adplatt126

        They’re much worse than that.

    • NoMosqueHere

      When it comes to fear and loathing about islam, there’s something for everyone. So something can unite left and right, after all.

      • NW

        That’s true. However, i still feel that one should always do something for the right reasons.

        • NoMosqueHere

          I am a traditionalist and right winger. But I find Islam’s treatment of women and gays appalling. Islam is a barbaric religion, founded by a warlord, pedophile, and arch criminal. This is a fight between barbarism and civility, and it supersedes political inclination.

          • NW

            I couldn’t care less what Muslims do to the gays. I’m more concerned about the white women they rape.

          • ElComadreja

            The homosexuals deserve them.

          • adplatt126

            What exactly is your beef with gays? Too artistic? Too law-abiding? Too passive? Not black enough for you?

          • Reynardine

            Homosexuals have proven over and over that they’re more loyal to the act of sodomy than they are to all other forms of identification, such as race, class, and nationality.

            Given the enormous AIDS rate among homosexuals in America, I’d say they’re willing to die for sodomy as well. A homosexual is a homosexual first and foremost.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Their perversions.

          • HJ11

            My beef with WHITE gays is that they are not producing more White children, and by mainstreaming them, young White boys, during a time of life when they “don’t understand girls,” may simply decide to make a gay choice and subsequently not have White children.

          • HJ11

            And as far as non-White gays–I say they should all be gay and not have children, every last one of them. Three cheers for non-White gays!

            Also, Whites should not have abortions, but non-Whites should get all the free abortions they want. We should even pay them to have abortions.

          • I care about their treatment of gays because once they are allowed to get away with that, they’ll cheerfully do it to anyone else, like French newspaper publishers. Should gays leave kids alone? Of course, but heterosexuals must do so as well. Anything two consenting adults do behind closed doors is bound to be disgusting, but the whole point is educated consent. One friend’s stepdaughter was raped repeatedly by her rat-bag PoS ex-father. He’s been locked up about 20 years for it. She’s now married to a decent guy. In my own case, it was only having the dog-$#!& beat out of me by my own ex-father and then eventually cheated out of $625,000 before being sent to federal prison. He’s full of cancer, and completely deserves it.

            I received “pick-up” attempts by gays only twice. One was a complete fruitcake, and the other was just a relatively OK gay dude. I wasn’t interested in that sort of thing, told them I only liked really pretty women, and that was all there was. I later fixed the second one’s MG.

            I would die with a smile on my face for my old sergeant, but that is for a very different reason.

          • Reynardine

            We should be more concerned about checking the expansion of Islam rather than defending the pervocrats. Any defense of Western sickness as freedom is inexcusable. Once we sink to the level of “whatever adults do in the bedroom is fine” we remove any moral authority we have on sexuality and place it firmly in the hands of the degenerates.

            Once we become concerned about sodomites, the West becomes their defenders and we institutionalize their depravity. The institution we should most be concerned with is that of the sacred divine connection between men and women. There is a strong connection between sexuality and spirituality, and married heterosexual intercourse is the highest expression of both.

            Marriage is the cornerstone of all Indo-European civilization.

          • adplatt126

            And yet Islam is expanding in adherents. Many of their tactics largely work. There is much to doubt in the virtue of civility. A little bit of exclusion, coercion, forceful repudiation and dare I say hate, has its uses too, even if it entails a bit of conflict.

          • HJ11

            What do you think of Jewish mutilation of male genitalia? That’s barbaric, don’t you think? And, what about women not being allowed to sit with men at Orthodox services? And, what about Orthodox Jews spitting on women who don’t dress as they demand?

    • adplatt126

      I despise the white, Christian value system as much as the next reasonable white guy, considering that the Christian value system is idiotic and its values are also perfectly at odds with actual white interests. Moreover, Christian organizations all over the nation are at least as much the enemy of whites as the state itself.

  • MartelsGhost

    I wish I could like Maher for his recent comments but they are just that, recent. People have been saying for centuries how dangerous islam is and Maher is just another johnny come lately.

    When he hosts a few panels with Gert Wilders, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel and starts having conservative actors and activists on his show, then I might tune in…………..

    islam must be wiped from the earth either through extreme reformation or multiple applications of napalm……………………………

    • Zimriel

      He’s not really a johnny come lately. He’s been saying this for years.

      He had the reputation for being soft-on-Islam mainly because he opposed Bush’s war on Saddam. But those are clean different things.

      • MartelsGhost

        years is just “lately”.

        Even as recently as his movie Religulous, Maher was still softballing the islamic issue while giving some longhair working at a Christian theme park a really hard time.

        Maher and his cronies are still thinking there is some “reasonable” outcome to this whole issue. He and his ilk still pose for pictures with Cat Stevens for example.

        His anti-Bush nonsense was part of the knee-jerk reaction to all things right wing that was misguided.

        Saddam did need to go, he needed to be removed from power, he was wiping out all those who opposed his reign and his version of islam, he had WMD’s and was an existential threat to us all.

        I applaud his recent stance on islam but find it to be a sad shadow of what others have been saying for decades, if not centuries.

        At this point in the culture war though, I will take any allies we can get……………………….

        • Good points! It’s interesting too how Maher’s words are deemed by many to be ‘controversial’ and ‘alarming’ as if he’s saying something really outrageous and ‘off the grid.’ But this only underscores how generally dull-minded people are and how most westerners are sheeple, led here and there by popular opinion.

          What was once general knowledge among the populace – namely, that Islam was a primitive and violent religion – is now seen as an ‘extreme’ viewpoint to hold even though the evidence for Islamic savagery is abundantly apparent.

          It’s a crazy world we live in.

  • IstvanIN

    when there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.” I wonder how open-minded he would be if I pointed out that this also applies to blacks.

    • MannyR

      Or Eskimos?

      • IstvanIN

        Eskimos don’t seem to be such a bad lot. Certainly no where near as bad as Muslims or blacks.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Islam isn’t just bad ideas; but DANGEROUS ideas.

    • See The Future

      1.57 billion is a significant size group telling you that they are going to move into your place.

    • Spot on! It’s the motherlode of wickedness, savagery and ignorance.

    • Winston_Jack

      They’ve been trying to move into our place for the past 1400 years.

      Islam is NOT just another religion. It’s a completely self-contained religious
      and political system, which states (to paraphrase) in the Koran that all
      non-moslems are to be killed or forcibly converted, and that the penalty for apostasy is death.

      Anyone with doubts about its true nature would do well to
      check out this lecture from a learned scholar.


      • Reynardine

        Absolutely correct. Whenever muslims reach a critical majority, there is a push for Sharia law. It’s part of the Islamic Organism’s metamorphosis stage.

  • Winston_Jack

    Maher talked about how ridiculous it was that these men were killed “for the crime of drawing cartoons,” but the last person (that I am aware of) to be killed for cartoons was Julius Streicher, who was executed – hanged, in fact – at the Nuremberg trials for drawing cartoons of Jews.

    I am just going to assume that the sickening parasite Maher would not argue that Streicher’s murder was even wrong, let alone as bad as the Charlie Hebdo massacre, even though it was literally the exact same thing.

    What a filthy, arrogant hypocrite.

    • IstvanIN

      Interesting, never heard of this man before. It does seem he was hanged for his political writings and speeches although he may have committed a few minor crimes as well.

      • Winston_Jack

        Julius Streicher had no leadership position in the Third Reich.
        He was convicted at the Nuremberg Show Trail, and viciously hanged-throttled to death actually. Sgt.Wood, a Jew from Texas, deliberately adjusted the rope to make the old man’s death agonizing. “To my wife Adele”,and “Purim 1946” were his last words.

        Streichers’ only ‘crime’ was publishing Der Sturmer, a magazine ,exposing Jew machinations, which included cartoons.

  • Steven Bannister

    I hate Bill Maher about 50% of the time, but I gotta admit, when he’s on, he’s a real funny bastard….

  • The Dude

    I actually watched that show because I was expecting his comments on Islam. And I wasn’t disappointed.

    But his anti-cop inaccurate liberal rant in the end ruined it.

  • HJ11

    Maher and his tribe want Whites to fight Muslims for them. Don’t buy it.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but we need to fight Islam for our own white survival (in the sense of driving them from white, western nations) and not necessarily on behalf of the Jews. Let Israel take care of its own. They have the funds and resources to eradicate the muslim dogs.

      • benvad

        Use them for information when necessary!

      • HJ11

        Whites have many enemies, but we shouldn’t become the cannon fodder, fighting the battles of others who are also our enemies. Let them fight it out while we watch.

    • MannyR

      Yep, somebody gets it. They want us to fight the Jihadists over there while handicapping and criticizing us for stopping them from immigrating here. Leave the Middle East and stop all support for Israel along with stoppingall Muslim immigration and schooling here in the US. They’d throw a fit like you’ve never seen in your life. They would try to use a Nuke on us. Mark my words.

    • Charles Martel

      Bill Maher is Irish-American and was raised Catholic.

      • HJ11

        Raised,shmaised–He’s genetically Jewish. His mother is Jewish.

  • a1781054

    Thanks to high-status members of The Tribe, criticism of Islam is gaining mainstream support. If it’s kosher to bash a group, that group can be bashed. E.g., Whites and Muslims.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    “Obviously, the vast majority of Muslims would never do anything like this”

    Boy he really knows how to stick his neck out don’t he?

    Feel free to continue heaping praise on the commie.

    • Charles Martel

      What he fails to say is that their inaction is the result of laziness. Ask anyone who has ever worked in the Middle East. NOTHING gets done on time

  • IKUredux

    Who cares what these worthless hollywood types say? Do you not get it? Your opinion is worth as much as theirs. Hollywood does not get to say what our culture is. Hollywood does not get to say what our morals are. Hollywood does not get to say how we should view the world! Who the hell do they think they are? GOD!!!

  • This is an actual PSA from the Philippines. Does anyone see a resemblance?

  • Belinda Boundreau

    The French want both the islamic ‘orchard’ and the ‘amish orchard’ gone.

  • Alexandra1973

    “When there are this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

    The same could be said about blacks.

  • Snazzy Snook

    Who even listens to this jerk ?

  • ElComadreja

    But they’re still culturally incompatible.

  • adplatt126

    Religions generally are filled with bad ideas. Those bad ideas are concentrated in Islam, but by no means exclusive to it. Combine Islamic ideology with hyper-aggressive and fundamentally flawed Middle-Eastern and African genes, and voila, disaster.

  • ElComadreja

    Maher is a despicable POS. That said, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’m amazed he could pull his nose out of Obama’s butt long enough to spout a little truth.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Islam is a war like religion but has not been a major threat to Europe since the crusades. The factor here is Israel. We can say something similar about Judaism being filled with bad ideas. Namely that Jews should have special privileges (under Torah and Talmud law Jews and Goyim are treated different legally- always favoring the Jew). Jews are proclaimed to be a holy race meant to rule over all other races and non-Jews are meant to serve Jews. Jews are gods and/or part of god whereas non-Jews are not etc. These are things taught in a typical synagogue on any given day. Such teachings lead to irrational behaviors that stir up conflict and anti-semitism. Israel itself has lied to the muslims over and over again, not been willing to live with them, but rather enforced this idea of supremacism where Jews must dominate over muslims as a special supreme caste and so forth. It is too similar to what Jews have done to native white Europeans in their own lands. Really Mel Gibson had it right when he said most wars and conflicts of the world are caused by Jews. We should be looking at a more moderate and rational form of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam certainly isn’t any worse than the other two. The threat of Judaism is the greatest because Jews have the most wealth and power to act on their absurd beliefs and they do.

  • Reynardine

    There are white Jews.

  • MikeofAges

    Since we are debating history, I want to set out my own homemade scheme of history, and see what people think of it. In the the 1980s, I told this to two graduate students in history at Stanford University. One of them said, “That’s what people think.” The other one said, “That’s not very interesting.” The scheme is a knock off of Will Durant.

    1) Our Barbarian Ancestors. Everybody is descended from barbarians.

    2) The Age of Slavery. Slave empires rule the world.

    3) The Dark Ages

    4) The Age of Kings

    5) The Age of War and Revolution

    6) The Age of Annihilation. All previous systems of life and belief are annihilated. Or perhaps this age ends only in the annihilation of modernity. The world rebellion, which comes from all quarters of politics, ethnicity, race, nationality and religion, may produce only the annihilation of electromechanical, biotechnic and cybernetic civilization and a return to “a world lit only by fire,” a return to worldwide feudalism. Even with shorter lifespans, limited social mobility, low standards of living, and limited education, this might be a more comfortable world for many of the world’s peoples. Even some white Westerners.

    Any thoughts?

  • MartelsGhost

    Well said. Nice reference to Johnson BTW.

  • John

    I think you’re lending entirely too much credibility to this Judaicized version of European history. For example, Troy was generally considered a myth until Schliemann uncovered portions of it in an 1871 archaeological expedition. Concurrently, one of the earliest theories for the historical foundation of Rome has it that they were survivors of Troy (specifically Aeneas) who ended up there after their city was conquered by Greek invaders. So don’t be putting too much faith in the theory that dark skinned, swarthy contemporary edition of Mediterranean man was a prime mover and shaker throughout all of Europe. The ruling class of Rome’s Republic and early Empire were mostly fair haired and blue eyed. As were the ancient Greeks and Alexander the Great (Masedonia). The miscegenation leading to the dark Italians and Greeks of today may have started along about the first century but didn’t gain much traction until Moslems invaded Europe in the 8th century.