Le Pen’s Moment

Philip Gourevitch, New Yorker, January 10, 2015

“We’ve been predicting this for a long time,” Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the French radical-right National Front party, said on Wednesday, shortly after the massacre at the Paris office of the radical-left satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. “It was to be expected. This attack is probably the beginning of the beginning. It’s an episode in the war that is being waged against us by Islamism. The blindness and deafness of our leaders, for years, is in part responsible for these kinds of attacks.”


Le Pen, the former fascist street fighter, relishes his role as a scourge of the establishment as much as the former Communist street fighters of Charlie Hebdo did, and he has always delighted in an opportunity to taunt his adversaries and critics. When I wrote about him in 1997, I reported that he had asked me, “What do I have to do not to be racist? Marry a black woman? With AIDS, if possible?” After the article appeared, he wrote to the magazine, complaining that, as “an Anglo-Saxon,” I had missed the Gallic subtlety of his wit: he had not said “une noire,” a black woman, but “un noir,” a black man.

The cover story of the issue of Charlie Hebdo released on the day of the massacre was about the author Michel Houellebecq and his new novel, “Submission,” a political fiction that describes the takeover of France by an Islamist party in the 2022 elections, following a tight runoff race against the National Front’s current leader, Marine Le Pen (who in reality took the party’s reins from her father four years ago).


[N]obody in France needed Houellebecq’s novel, or Jean-Marie Le Pen’s I-told-you-so, to recognize at once that the terror played directly to the National Front’s advantage. Whereas Le Pen, the father, was content for most of his career to rattle the political order as a protest candidate, Marine is hellbent on remaking that order in her own image.

“You’re looking for a place at the table,” I said when I met her four years ago, while reporting on Sarkozy’s collapsing Presidency.

“You’re right,” she said. “I’m looking especially for the Presidency of the table.” She laughed. “That’s right,” she said, and added, “It’s true today that we’re in a phase of accession to power.”

Since then, Le Pen’s popularity, and her share of votes, has only increased, and she has managed to present her agenda–anti-European Union, anti-immigrant, anti-euro–as approaching the mainstream, even as she cherishes her status as an outsider, untainted by the past twenty years of deepening French political crisis. In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Wednesday, as traffic surged on her Facebook page and she picked up thousands of new followers, she did nothing special to insert herself into the story or to exploit the fears that the Front has long fed on. She reiterated her longstanding call for France to withdraw, unilaterally and at once, from the Schengen Agreement, which allows for open borders within the extended European community, but that was hardly newsworthy. Rather, Le Pen appeared to adopt the time-tested opposition strategy of waiting for the political establishment to make a misstep that would turn attention her way–and she did not have to wait long. Within hours of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the ruling Socialists and a coalition of allied parties of the left announced plans for a massive solidarity rally on Sunday–a silent march through the heart of Paris in the cause of “national unity”–without extending an invitation to the National Front.

The exclusion of the Front was great news for Le Pen. Nobody believed that she would have wanted to go and be associated with the political mainstream, but, by failing to invite her, the Socialists had given her a cudgel. “I don’t intend to submit myself to this blackmail,” she told Le Monde. “It’s a total perversion of the concept of national union. They’ll have to accept the consequences from the voters.” She went on, “This whole thing is a way of pushing aside the only political movement that has no responsibility in the present situation, along with its millions of voters. All the other parties are deathly afraid. They’re thinking of their little elections and their little mandates. Their old reflexes that have frozen political life for twenty years and that dug the chasm between those who govern and the people. If I’m not invited, I’m not going to insist. It’s an old trap. The slightest incident and they’ll say it’s my fault.”


On Friday morning, President Hollande included Marine Le Pen on the roster of national leaders he summoned to the Élysée Palace for consultations, in the name, again, of “unity.” But Hollande pointedly declined, in their face-to-face meeting, to invite her to the march on Sunday. Meanwhile, his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls–like Hollande, a Socialist–kept the controversy alive by announcing that he had invited Sarkozy to the march. When Libération pressed him on whether he would also extend an offer to the National Front, Valls scoffed at the question. “Are the families of Charlie Hebdo supposed to march with Marine Le Pen?” he asked, seeming to forget for the moment that they were going to march with leaders of nearly every other social and political element that the martyred cartoonists had reviled. In fact, Stéphane Charbonnier, Charlie Hebdo’s late editor, had rebuked the government when it tried to block an Islamic demonstration, saying that his censorious adversaries should have the same freedom of expression that he had.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Article from the far-leftist New Yorker rag…

    Skip article…


    • propagandaoftruth

      Actually it was remarkably unslanted and…kind of admiring…
      Marine is France’s modern Joan of Arc. She, however, will not burn. She’s masterful and charming.

      • The Dude

        Reminds me of her father’s Joan of Arc quote:

        “When Joan of Arc was asked by her judges why, as a Christian, she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she loved the British in their country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks; we love them, but in their country.”

        • propagandaoftruth

          When the MSM actually engages with and spends time talking to Marine…

          She charms them with her intelligence, grace, self control and devotion. She reminds me of an enlightenment salon dame born into the modern world.

          May France soon be her salon and all the FRENCH people her circle.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Jean Marie Le Pen: We wish you all the best to defend your beloved France and the forgotten history that made France a respected world leader in so many ways. But we fear the window of opportunity is quickly vanishing.

  • See The Future

    It is not a problem that can be solved by any politician anymore.

    The problem will require overwhelming military force.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Directed by who? Military coup?

      I don’t know – Le Pen seems to know what she’s doing. Don’t expect her to talk like you or me bloviating here on Amren.

      She would be in jail and marginalized. Though perhaps soon even being prosecuted by a hypocritical socialist gubbamint all full of “free speech” hot air could make her MUCH more popular.

      People are really getting sick of the BS.

  • wildfirexx

    Vive La France!

  • IstvanIN

    her agenda–anti-European Union, anti-immigrant, anti-euro This is how the left frames everything they don’t agree with, as “anti”. Perhaps the truth is that she is pro-France and pro-French people. She is the positive, not her advisories.

    • bilderbuster

      Ms. Le Pen once said something to the effect of “All the French media is communist”.
      The left is never referred to as “far left” even the communists.
      Never anti-business, anti-free speech, anti-Christian, anti-White and on and on.

  • The Verdict of History

    Le Pen represents an expression of the legitimate aspirations of the patriotic working classes in France, against the anti-patriotic supporters of globalist mass immigration and the financial-plundering of the nation…

    Madame Le Pen’s policy prescriptions are rather Leftward in tenor and orientation. Her movement is “neither right nor left – [but] French”…. Her platform is not merely cultural-conservatism and opposition to mass immigration, and multiculturalism… Frankly, National Front is merely a populist party with working class mass-appeal.

    The National Front’s trade protectionism (hostility to transatlantic treaties), support for monetary sovereignty (hostility toward Brussels financiers and speculators), opposition to budgetary austerity (support for social safety net), support for nationalization of energy, healthcare and transportation, are all indicative of its populist appeal.

    Even socialist observers have noticed that the working classes in France identify more closely with Le Pen than they do with the self-described socialist workers parties in France.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      A good salesman can sell a lemon. . . once.

      The working classes are abandoning socialism because it is a proven failure.

      • bilderbuster

        Multiculturalism only has to be fully implemented once and the French people are gone forever.

        • dmxinc

          Exactly as planned.

        • Usually Much Calmer

          The sky is not falling. Westerners have a great deal of unpleasant work before them, however.

    • C. Magnus

      As Roger Scruton would call it, ‘oikophilia’, or feelings of love for one’s home, as opposed to ‘oikophobia’, or basically internationalism – from “How to think seriously about the environment, a case for an environmental conservatism”. A sense of oikophilia being necessary for true conservatism.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    Too much is cut from the original article: Go read it in full at the link!

    The author is so simple. He is obsessed with whether Le Pen, per et fille, are insiders or outsiders. Reality is all social for him! Sad.

  • dd121

    The old cultural marxist, Hollende, will never admit the problem is with muslims.

    • bilderbuster

      Give him a few years in the dungeons of the Bastille to ponder it.

  • anony

    That’s exactly what France needs right now, a good, strong Marine!

    • bilderbuster

      I still like Papa best.

  • David Ashton

    “The Observer” of London on Sunday reported that 63% said that Islam was incompatible with French values and 65% said immigration levels were out of control, and anti-immigration movements, and their “fears” and “prejudices”, were growing right across Europe. The answer: Hollande’s and Sarkozy’s parties must tap into the spirit of unity to forge a new reality for both minority and majority “communities”. No further monitoring of Muslims or “kneejerk reactions by western security services”. Instead further limits on “individual and social freedoms, including free speech”, i.e. using “racist” terms to describe different ethnic groups and critical stereotypes about “members of the opposite sex” and other “minorities”.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It’s about time some crazed muzzies pull something horrendous in merry old England, don’t you think? Just a feeling I have. Be careful.

      Nigel and Marine. Aren’t you proud the UK will be right there with France when they break the back of the EU and begin to reclaim Europe for Europeans?

      When you rebuild your societies make sure to include some form of 2nd amendment. Having a gubbamint that fears its Folk is worth a few isolated gun deaths. A government that does not fear its governed is genocide/mass murder waiting to happen.

      The urge to destroy all evil is the root of all evil.

    • libertarian1234

      “The answer: Hollande’s and Sarkozy’s parties must tap into the spirit of unity to forge a new reality for both minority and majority “communities”.

      I’m just wondering why the Observer thinks there is a “spirit of unity.” It isn’t possible to tap into something that isn’t there.

      Placating radical Islamists with gestures of wanting to get along with them, will only result in hysterical whining about something only a Muslim would attach any importance to, like the suggestion that they might reduce wife beatings or the elimination of the horrendously painful procedure of genital mutilation of women, to say nothing of stoning people to death over misdemeanors or killing them, because they changed religions.

      Everything these people do is incompatible with the West and Western culture and much of it is illegal. That anybody could suggest establishing a “new reality” with Muslims is unbelievable.

      • David Ashton

        That’s how “liberals” “think”. James Burnham’s “Suicide of the West” explained the dominant psychopathology years ago.

  • MartelsGhost

    How about Marine Le Pen for President of the UN, Geert Wilders for President of the EU and Nikki Haley for President of the US? Let’s see how much they can get done on this islamic issue…………………………..

    • propagandaoftruth

      I like Nikki. Good Souf Krakalaka girl. Nice tan.

      • See The Future

        Don’t judge a book by the cover.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      No Niki Haley. She is not white.

      • MartelsGhost

        A hardline on only Whites huh?

        I am in the camp that all sides not black or muslim can and should work together to destroy our common enemies.

        That and I understand most European genetic markers come through her ancestral homeland. So even though her skin might be a tad tan she is most certainly not black and she is not muslim, so she qualifies as a potential ally in my book.

        But i understand and sympathize with your views and feelings and will acquiesce if that is the common feelings of my White brothers and sisters. My wife takes the same stance as you. I still feel that the enemy of my enemy can be a useful ally and the world would get along much better without blacks and muslims but I am loyal to the decisions of the group.

        If not Haley then would you accept Palin as a viable option?

        • See The Future

          A fatal error.

          • MartelsGhost

            The only fatal error is to back yourself into a corner where everyone else can align against you.

            Different tribes must work together in order to rid the world of our collective enemies. blacks and muslims threaten the existence of everything and everyone.

            I never said that Whites and non-whites must breed or co-mingle, I simply say that on the field of battle many different flags may unite in order to secure victory.

            We must divide the forces aligned against we Whites. The best way to divide is to first befriend the most useful of the non-whites illuminate to them why it is in our mutual interest to attack a common foe.

            I hate to use a Tolkien reference, but the Armies of Men and the Armies of Elves worked together to fend off the orcs for example…………………

        • propagandaoftruth

          I was going to respond but you said it.

          Many groups like ME Christians and more Aryan Indian subcontinentals I consider “White enough” based on…

          1. how they live

          2. how they act

          3. how the self ID (though in the current anti-White culture, be careful with this, especially for public figures)

          4. with whom they associate

          Haley is married to a very White Lt. Colonel in the NG, has always associated with Whites, comes from a productive family that pays taxes like Whites…

          Anyone who knows the history of the Sikhs knows they are on our side regardless.

          I believe in freedom of association and its necessary corollary, freedom to dissociate. If Souf Krakalakan Whites have decided she is one of us, Souf Krakalaka being recently rated one of the most “racist” states in the union as per a recent article featured here…

          Well if choking on gnats and swallowing camels is your thing, go ahead and limit “White” to a narrowly defined Nordic blondeness and absurd standard of purity and…

          1. Don’t look too hard into your own woodpile

          2. We’re going to lose a lot of White folk and “close enoughs” as well as other potential allies.

          Palin? Ha ha ha! A cascading embarrassment.

          • MartelsGhost

            Well said.

            I came to grips long ago with my thoughts and feeling on the White Nationalism issue. I am willing to work with all races except the blacks. And I am willing to work with all faiths except the muslims.

            I am not advocating for mixing our race with any of the other races but under threat from a universal enemy, allies must be found from other “tribes” who share our common behaviors and morals.

            As far as the residents of South Carolina are concerned, me being one of them who voted for Haley twice, she is most certainly a welcome addition to our tribe. She behaves, believes and marries White. Those crying out in desperation to be accepted under the White flag must not be turned away.

            Unless they are black……….in which case they should be shunned and fought against.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Howdy neighbor!


            Even though I love to watch a good Pastor Manning holy tirade…unfortunately my experience tells me his types are very few and far between.

            So much of my judgment of who is white or not, despite my rational criteria, depends on my “gut feeling”. If I feel comfortable around someone, I take that as the best indicator.

            I used to be a demonrat, didn’t vote either way her first election, but have come to the conclusion that if I vote, it will be for Republicans like Haley. She’s walked the walk as much as any politician can and yes, I voted for her this last time as well.
            Voting Republican may not make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but voting Democrat is tantamount to treachery to my Folk, and I’ve taken part in way too much of that in my lifetime.


            I’m in Cola-town. Maybe I’ll run into you sometime.

          • MartelsGhost

            Well said and well met Brother. My wife is a huge Pastor Manning fan. She watches in order to laugh as opposed to actually support him but he is one of the few blacks who is willing o tell the truth about the current state of affairs in the black community.

            That said, no matter how much I may agree with him on his various tirades or how much I like what Allen West has to say they are both encouraged to stay at least 650 yards away from my property and shouldn’t come any closer unless they feel that they can run faster than 3025 feet per second…………………….

            I too started life as an ideological young fool who registered as a democrat. BUt then I was raised by hippies who were convinced that the world would be better if we all just lived on communes and ate soy.

            I find myself holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils when it comes to politics.

            I get into many arguments with my friends but I still believe that there must be an allegiance with all races and faiths in order to truly defeat blacks and muslims. After our common enemies have been dealt with then we can go back to debating and proving who is the best race on the planet.

            The best analogy I have is baseball. I love the Braves. Always have since I was a child, well before they ever started their recent popularity upswing. I hate the yankees. I cannot abide cheering for anything north of the line. However I will cheer for any team playing against the yankees even if it is not the Braves. When the Braves are on the field then I will cheer for them to beat everyone, including the team I might have been cheering for yesterday when they played the yankees.

            In short I will always choose and defend my own race. But if others are engaged in battle against our common enemy then I shall cheer them on and hope for their victory.

            On the Haley issue, she really truly wants to be White. Then again………………….everybody wants to be White. ; )

          • BulgAryan

            The Indian subcontinent has a millennium long history of racial and ethnic segregation, aka caste system.
            The Sikh bodyguards of vehement Marxist Indira Gandi had the common sense as to assassinate her : -)

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Palin would be good if she smartens up a bit, but I have just made another comment saying that we can kep Nikki and my other Indian friend because they are more pro white than brainwashed whites.

      • benvad

        She may not be white but she has given a real effort in trying to pass as a white. I heard she’s born of Sikh Indian parents who married a white guy and converted to Methodism.

        When I saw her the first time, I thought she was white? Probably Mulungeon?

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          I guess we can keep her because she is more pro white than other whites and most indians are caucasians, but darker skin tone. I have another indian friend who has white ancestry and he is more pro white and Christian than any white I know.

          • benvad

            Right now beggars can’t be choosers.

    • See The Future

      Both the EU and the UN should be disbanded in their present form.

      In theory and if done right, a sensible EU could have been good.

      Similarly an unbiased UN with a proper leadership could have done much to encourage population control in the third world and provide guidance for individual countries solving their own problems at home.

      The reality is that ideology and theory are just that, in practise it comes down to basic power.

      • MartelsGhost

        The key phrase being “in their present form”. The world is much to advanced to ever go back to the isolationist tendencies of the late 19th century. The only course is forward and the only mission is how best to ensure the survival of our race and our people.

        We must assume command of the UN and the EU and actually uphold their mandates for protecting people form the evils of the world. Chief among those are the problems that blacks and muslims pose to all good people around the planet.

        You are correct that ideology and theories are no good without the will to use power. People tend to forget that a good shepherd must, from time to time, take up arms to protect his flock………………..

  • je suis paganisme

    When they persecuted and killed the Huguenots, and forced them to leave France, the French lost a lot of their original thinkers.

    Leftists are not original thinkers—they have infantile minds that cannot distinguish truth from lies. The smutty, adolescent Charlie Hebdo misfits are prime examples. I applaud le Pen and even Obama for not marching in support of these boy-men. Even one of those Algerian Muslims, or even Marine le Pen herself, could have gone in there and kicked all their asses. It is too bad that they gave them the distinction of martydom. A simple ass-kicking would have sufficed.

    le Pen (the female) could kick Hollande’s ass intellectually or physically. I would love to see his ass physically klcked. He will not risk that confrontation.

    • libertarian1234

      “Leftists are not original thinkers—they have infantile minds that cannot distinguish truth from lies. ”

      Absolutely right on.

      They live in a reality that is of their own making, childishly envisioning prancing ponies, pixies and a world based on fantasies and unrealistic concepts.

      If they expounded on their views to explain where they’re coming from, they’d have sensible people rolling around on the floor in side-splitting laughter.

      They’re very close to insane. That’s why Michael Savage declared that liberalism is a mental disorder, and he’s right on target.

      • See The Future

        Leftists suck off their hosts and then complain.

    • bilderbuster

      Had Le Pen and the National Front been the victims there would’ve been no “unity” marches or outcry from Charlie Hebdo.

  • The Dude

    “What do I have to do not to be racist? Marry a black woman/man? With AIDS, if possible?”

    It was that kind of comments of the likes of “We love the Turks, but in their country” and calling the Holocaust “a detail” of the WW from her father that had kept the party off the mainstream for so long. Marine is making sure not to make the same mistakes again because she knows the slightest slight gets exploited by the Left (and the Right) against them for years.

    • anony


      • Sid Ishus


  • libertarian1234

    The left in France is every bit as bad as the liberals here.

    All of them are a complexity of contradictions and hypocrisy, and I don’t think I’ve heard even one of them outline logical reasons why anyone should support their agenda.

    If they don’t like something the right is doing or is promoting, they don’t come out with good reasoning and logic explaining what they believe and why they just launch into a scurrilous attack, screaming Hater, Nazi, homophobe, xenophobe and the like.

    For one of their representatives to say that jihadists have nothing to do with Islam or that, “We have to pass the bill so we can see what is in it,” is so moronic only a drooling idiot would regard such statements as credible.

    • anony

      Obviously it doesn’t take much sanity or logic or reason to garner millions of low-information/low IQ voters.

      The “System” needs “fixing”.

      • See The Future

        It is not the system that is the problem.

        It is the morality and integrity of people in leadership and in general society
        that will make any system work..

        No system can work for society under corrupt leaders.

        Corrupt leaders can make any system work for them.

        • WhiteVeinKratom

          The people look to their leaders.
          If the leaders are corrupt, so will the people.

          Politicians are like diapers.
          They stink like sh!t, and need to be changed often!

    • LHathaway

      I don’t know about France or Europe, but one by one, everything good in this world has somehow been tied to racism on the road to getting rid of it.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    If Le Penn and oher right wing members were killed, the libs would be rejoicing,

  • C. Magnus

    Hopefully the Houellebecq novel will add to FN hopes. I reckon it’s good because it makes immigration, demographics and national identity front and centre of politics, and that massive changes can occur from the political process as long as enough people wake up and get behind the movement. It makes things like economics and infrastructure spending seem like petty concerns in comparison – that’s mostly what politics is to people, two parties in opposition over how to spend taxpayer’s money, economics is everything, that’s really all that gets discussed in the national arena, it seems.

  • Singingbird1

    Marine le Pen is so sexy.

    • ricpic

      Well, she’s a handsome woman.

      • Singingbird1

        Absolutely so.

  • David Ashton

    Going her way, hopefully. We shall see. The “nationwide sympathy” has been already hijacked by the media-dominant “liberal narrative” of “multi-cultural unity”, plus propaganda about “French Christian antisemitism” and the transfusion of demographic strength and moral sympathy for Israel, so we can expect a pro-immigration and pro-refugee theme to be intensified before, during and after the forthcoming Holocaust Week commemorations, certainly in Britain, and almost certainly in France and Germany.

  • MartelsGhost

    Did not know all that about Palin. Thank you for the info.

    In truth my Palin suggestion was more tongue in cheek than a serious suggestion.

    While I agree with all of your “rules” when it comes to the internal structure of our people, how can we not work with those other races who are facing the same enemies we are?

    The last six years? We have been ruled by blacks since LBJ sold us all down the river. That is over 50 years of BRA nonsense.

    You are correct on your assessment of the traitor Beck. I have never liked or trusted the “man”.

    I see a possible future with Whites working alongside other racial groups to exterminate our common enemies but agree completely that interbreeding should never be encouraged. That said I find it hard to completely ignore the merit of a non-black female who is White in everything but her ancestry.

    It would be a wonderful world truly if Whites could just be left alone but the hermit who avoids the world has nobody but himself to blame when the world falls into ruin…………………..

    Surely there must be some option you could agree with that would allow Whites to work with other non-black groups in order to achieve victory.

  • Fr. John+

    “Since then, Le Pen’s popularity, and her share of votes, has only increased, and she has managed to present her agenda–anti-European Union, anti-immigrant, anti-euro–as approaching the mainstream…”

    You say this, like it’s a bad thing. Well, it is… for YOU! (New Yawker)
    All I can say is:
    “Vive le Pen. Vive la France. Long live the Right.”