Asylum Seekers Stage Sit-in After Sweden Offers Housing in Tiny Town

RT, January 2, 2015

Several dozen people seeking asylum in Sweden refused to leave their bus when they found out that they would be living in a tiny town. They demanded to be brought back to a big city, and police refused to evict them from the vehicle.

The incident happened in Grytan, a småort in central Sweden. The term refers to a small rural community of 50 to 199 residents where houses are built close enough to each other. Grytan, located not far from the city of Östersund, has a housing center for those waiting for their application for asylum to be considered by the authorities.

The center was the destination of some 40 people, who arrived in the village on Wednesday, but when they saw it they were not happy at all, reports The Local.

“I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told to the local Östersunds-Posten daily, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

The group refused to leave the bus and demanded that they were returned to Malmö, Sweden’s third city located in the south, or any other big city. The police were called on the scene, but they refused to evict the protesters.

“We can’t force them off the bus. The case would have to go through the Swedish Enforcement Authority, which can issue an eviction order and only then can the police get involved,” officer Bengt Stadin said, Radio Sweden reported.

Fredrik Bengtsson, a Swedish Migration Board spokesman, said that it was up to Swedish officials to choose where they would offer accommodation to asylum seekers.

“We have seen cases where asylum seekers have certain ideas of what awaits them in Sweden and when that doesn’t match reality, then problems arise. They don’t feel what they see here meets their expectations. We’ve had a large amount of people come to Sweden this year and so we can’t place them where they want,” Bengtsson said.

Asylum seekers are not prisoners and can live wherever they want after they are cleared to enter Sweden, but they would have to take care of their own accommodation themselves, he added.

“We are in dialogue with these individuals, but we are very clear that this is the accommodation they’ve been offered and that if they don’t want it they have to arrange their own accommodation while their asylum applications are being processed,” Sophia Öhvall Lindberg of the Migration Board said.

But the protesters say they feel cheated by the board as they were never told where they wanted to place them.

“No one told us where we were going. Then we were told that we would be taken 40 minutes from Stockholm and in the end we had gone 15 hours,” one of the man told Sveriges Radio Jämtland.

The board said the Grytan housing center is now home for about 150 people. About a dozen of the protesters agreed to move in, while three others found their own housing.

But about 40 people continued protesting and started taking turns to guard the bus, so that it didn’t simply leave them in the town.

“We want a solution to this situation,” Öhvall Lindberg said.

The standoff continued for two days. On Friday, the protesters finally agreed to vacate the bus after Swedish officials pledged to move them within three months.

In 2014 Sweden took in its highest number of asylum seekers since 1992, when people fleeing the Balkans wars reached the Scandinavian country. A total of 81,300 people found refuge in the country last year, almost twice as many as 54,300 in 2013. The refugees come mostly from Syria, which accounted for 30,600 asylum seekers in 2014.

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  • superlloyd

    The entitlement mentality of these ungrateful parasites is sickening. Sweden should grow a pair and deport them all back to whatever third world hellhole they came from.

    • Ed

      They only feel entitled because the Swedes allow it.

      • Scyth Altai

        Indeed, we only let people do to us what we are willing to put up with.

      • Seniorsquadldr

        The Swedes have a fatal case of white guilt.

    • Lygeia

      Then Sweden should insist that the countries to which these people have been deported reimburse Sweden for all of the the transportation costs that Sweden incurred to do this. Jet fuel costs money.

      • See The Future

        It is not a matter of money. Money is irrelevant. It is a matter of race replacement. That is the number one and only issue that any western government should be dealing with. Nothing else will matter in a very short time.

    • dukem1

      Just giv’em some time…They’ll get off the bus, go to the village, and commence the ruination thereof.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    I’m just wondering what the locals were thinking while all this was going on. I suspect they didn’t want these folks off that bus any more than the occupants did. On the other side, perhaps they should have simply driven to an airport and put this bus load on a plane back to where they came from. “You don’t like government accommodations?” Go home. My relatives came from Europe and lived in cities such as New York and Boston. I can’t imagine any of them looking at an apartment and saying “You expect me to live here”?

    • DD-762

      Perhaps it the town’s police who refused to force them off the bus.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Note that these people were seeking ASYLUM. That is, they claimed they were targeted for persecution, harm, or death if they were to stay in Syria. People who seek asylum are claiming they’re fleeing for their very lives. So Sweden takes them into her mothering breast and they bitch about the specific town they’ll be put up in free of charge? Disgusting.

      I feel so sorry for the Swedish people for what their government has done to them and the country — thrown its doors open to Muslims who set he streets ablaze when they don’t get to break the laws that don’t comport with their versions of Islamic law. I don’t know know which nation has gone downhill faster by its government’s insane immigration, Sweden or the U.K. It’s so sad what’s happening all over Europe.

      • See The Future

        We will see the fall of Europe in our lifetimes.

      • archer

        Thanks to another neo-con war we started the flood gates are now opened for the Syrians to enter the west.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Let’s not absolve the Swedish people of all the blame and put it all on the government. If I were a native Swedish resident of that town and I heard about this, I would rally up everyone I knew and surround the bus and it’s occupants with torches and pitchforks. After that, I would lead the charge on the government offices. What has made people so hypnotized that they put up with this outrage? I personally believe that people get the type of government that they deserve. That’s why Third World governments are mostly dictatorships.

      • Seniorsquadldr

        The Swedish people elected their government. The Swedish people asked for this wondrous new world. They are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

    • Charles Martel

      Unfortunately, the local folks were probably happy to welcome their poor oppressed brown brothers. Their tune would quickly change!

      Check out the articles from a few months ago about Libyan “soldiers” being trained in the UK.

  • The people of Grytan should be the ones protesting.

    • See The Future

      Their children and grand children will pay for the actions of the recent crop of leaders.

    • John Smith

      Currently illegal in Sweden.

    • bilderbuster

      I am convenced that somehow an intentional revival of Flagellantism has taken place among European nations with the media and government agents encouraging the Swedes to behave as the most pious of all.

  • dd121

    I guess it won’t occur to the leftist Swedes to offer these people a one-way ticket home.

    • See The Future

      They have been brainwashed to cannot conceive of the result of present policies as they are led by the corrupt media and politicians.

      • John Smith

        They can’t criticize those policies either, without committing a criminal offense.

  • MekongDelta69

    How low can a nation sink?

    • Ed

      The Swedes are determined to test it out.

    • See The Future

      It can sink its native population out of existence.
      Extinction…… the Dodo bird.

  • Scyth Altai

    Africa – warm. Sweden – cold. People with forward thinking would have researched where they were going. Period.

    • Reynardine

      These people can’t read, let alone research.

      • Scyth Altai


      • See The Future

        But they sure know how to reproduce and assault our white women.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Additionally, I’m sure the Swedish government was planning to pay these people’s heating costs and everything. They probably would also have been provided with free or low-cost warm winter clothing.

      The “asylees” wouldn’t have suffered in the least if they’d just accepted the housing the Swedish government generously provided for them. But because they have a massive sense of entitlement, they believe they’re being cheated somehow.

  • Truthseeker

    “Asylum seekers,” huh? Whatever happened to “beggars can’t be choosers”?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

    Oh please, you ingrate. It’s far more dangerous for actual Swedes to live among the foreign barbarians now inhabiting Sweden’s cities than it is for foreigners to be living among rural Swedes.

    • Reynardine

      “So it’s MORE dangerous for you here than it is in Crapistan or where ever you’re from? Well then, let’s just return you, shall we?”

  • IstvanIN

    From the original article: “I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get
    sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told to the local Östersunds-Posten daily, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

    A drag on the economy and someone who will only suck off the taxpayer teat.

    • See The Future

      To read these articles is enough to make a sane person vomit.

  • Alexandra1973

    Icy roads? And I thought Southerners had it bad on ice….

  • Yves Vannes

    The left in Europe so despises any and all forms of national and cultural pride that it will sacrifice their civilization and see it destroyed by the turd world before it gives up power to traditionalists and nationalists.

    The decline and death of the West is really a civil war being waged by progressives. They are the real enemy.

    • See The Future

      There is only one solution that can stop the present tide of genocide of white Europeans.

      A peaceful solution is no longer possible. The numbers have become too great.

      It is do or die.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Lots of space in Siberia for asylum seekers. Especially in the Arctic circle. Just drop them there…

    • Reynardine

      Lots of room under the ocean too!

      • John Smith

        And they can hang around with Osama, who’s allegedly there to meet them.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      They will complain to the eskimos about how cold it is.

  • connorhus

    Of course they feel entitled. Just like the immigrants the US get’s these days they are practically Recruited by the government, even the illegal ones. So they feel entitled like any other recruit that has been begged to take a position and told they are valuable.

    • George Costanza

      “Just like the immigrants the US get’s these days”

      Whoa!! whoa !!whoaaa!! didn’t you hear what obama said!!! ONLY NATIVE Americans can complain about the hordes of immigrants pouring into this country..NO WAY can the ancestors of the people who built the very structures and institutions that formed the foundations of this very nation..ever have a say !!

    • Charles Martel

      They run their own countries into the dirt then want to come here because it’s too dangerous to stay there.

  • Chris R

    So these third world refugees don’t want to stay in a small Swedish Village? Darn…

    • Reynardine

      I’ll sacrifice and take all their places and live in that small Swedish village myself, especially if it’s full of cute girls. It’s the least I can do for these poor, poor mistreated middle easterners.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    I am astounded at just how ungrateful and utterly pathetic these “immigrants” are. To the Swedish people…what are you thinking letting these people into your nation?

    • The same thing we’re thinking letting the dregs of Mexico and the inferior Americas into our borders. It’s wildly unpopular and we want it to stop, but our government has been hijacked by one-world globalists who are actively trying to genocide us in our own country.

      • Yancy Derringer

        And we’re paying $300 a day per illegal immigrant child to house, feed, nurse, and entertain them. 0bama.

        • This started long before Obama. Wasn’t it Reagan who was responsible for the first amnesty? We can go back to 1965 and blame Hart, Celler, Kennedy, et al.

    • See The Future

      I am astounded at how stupid and utterly pathetic those Swedes are!

  • Lygeia

    “We can’t force them off the bus. The case would have to go through the Swedish Enforcement Authority, which can issue an eviction order and only then can the police get involved,” officer Bengt Stadin said, Radio Sweden reported.

    Oh, God. Just send them back to the Middle East and make their countries pay for it.

  • MBlanc46

    The people of Grytan lucked out.

  • WR_the_realist

    Why are there so many Syrian refugees? Because of the civil war in Syria with Assad on one side and various Jihadists, including ISIS, on the other. And why is there civil war in Syria? Because neocons have insisted upon a policy of weakening Assad no matter what the consequences. There is so much evil the neocons have to answer for.

  • DaveMed

    “I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told to the local Östersunds-Posten daily, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”


    The nerve.

    I truly wish that it were dangerous for his ilk to be there. And by “there”, I mean anywhere north or west of Turkey.

    • I guess the silly Muzzie forgot his parka and cross-country skis. Perhaps the Islamitard thought he was moving to that “other” Sweden in the South Pacific.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Take my advice Sweden, kick them out now before they take over.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    They can live in Nigeria where there is no ice and lots of negros to boss around.

    • See The Future

      But no social programs and blondes to rape.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        They can join Boko Haram since they are muslim and rape the kidnapped girls.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Very soon there will be Sharia law in Sweden. The muzies are taking over the Christian West.

    • See The Future

      There are many Sharia zones already in place. Their numbers are increasing.

  • Bill Moore


    Those Africans will change their minds once they get a look at those blonde Swedish cute girls.

    Lots of African fun will be had raping and beating those lovely women.

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  • Augustus3709

    Funny thing, Sweden is an awfully long way from places like Syria and Somalia.

    How many countries do these “refugees” need to pass through before descending upon their target?

    It is a blatant agenda of racial replacement. Someone out there is trying to kill Sweden. They need our support.

  • benvad

    Return them to their paradise.

    • John Smith

      Send them to Paradise….

  • KenelmDigby


  • Ragnarök

    I see swarthy stone-age savages and they look unsafe to me.

  • John Smith

    Sweden is trying its best to destroy its small towns, usually the best preserve of cultural traditions, with foreign muslim savages. I’m almost glad the refugees are so ungrateful.

    • RationaliseThis

      The irony is that the most persecuted groups are the remaining Christians but the bulk of the refugees are muslims. Some are even using Swedish travel documents to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS. Western refugee aid educates, feeds and shelters their families while they fight for ISIS.

      The most moderate muslims are the Allowites, this is Assads sect. Yet the only half moderate group of Muslims there ever approached the liberal “religion of peace” nonsense is the one both sides of government in the US and UK targeted for destruction.

      To be frank however we need to cut of refugee flows entirely.

  • USN Veteran

    Why is Sweden committing suicide? Why are the importing immigrants who will never become Swedes, & will only devour Sweden’s social welfare system? See France if you need an example of what’s coming your way.

    • RationaliseThis

      I suppose if you educate tens of thousands of lawyers, plus pay hundreds of “elected” people to pass laws prewritten by public interest groups you end up with no one that can make a decision or even fullfill democratic will of the people. Possibly only total collapse will get rid of this log jam / constipation. No one can make a decision. Refugees will be the end of Europe. Raspials book “Camp of the Saints” was Spot on.

  • These people are allegedly fleeing for their lives by claiming asylum, yet an icy road {and the inability to escape into the gaping system holes and black-economy in the city} seems to be making them wonder what is the greatest risk…. being persecuted in their homeland (allegedly!) or risking a broken wrist.