An Aging Europe in Decline

Arthur C. Brooks, New York Times, January 7, 2015


As the United States economy slowly recovers, analysts across the political spectrum see little to cheer them from Europe. {snip}


{snip} As important as good economic policies are, they will not fix Europe’s core problems, which are demographic, not economic. This was the point made in a speech to the European Parliament in November by none other than Pope Francis. As the pontiff put it, “In many quarters we encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe which is now a ‘grandmother,’ no longer fertile and vibrant.”

But wait, it gets worse: Grandma Europe is not merely growing old. She is also getting dotty. She is, as the pope sadly explained in an earlier speech to a conference of bishops, “weary with disorientation.”


Start with age. According to the United States Census Bureau’s International Database, nearly one in five Western Europeans was 65 years old or older in 2014. This is hard enough to endure, given the countries’ early retirement ages and pay-as-you-go pension systems. But by 2030, this will have risen to one in four. If history is any guide, aging electorates will direct larger and larger portions of gross domestic product to retirement benefits–and invest less in opportunity for future generations.

Next, look at fertility. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the last time the countries of the European Union were reproducing at replacement levels (that is, slightly more than two children per woman) was the mid-1970s. In 2014, the average number of children per woman was about 1.6. That’s up a hair from the nadir in 2001, but has been falling again for more than half a decade. Imagine a world where many people have no sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts or uncles. That’s where Europe is heading in the coming decades. {snip}

There are some exceptions. France has risen to exactly two children per woman in 2012, from 1.95 in 1980, an increase largely attributed to a system of government payments to parents, not a change in the culture of family life. Is there anything more dystopian than the notion that population decline can be slowed only when states bribe their citizens to reproduce?


One bright spot might seem to be immigration. In 2012, the median age of the national population in the European Union was 41.9 years, while the median age of foreigners living in the union was 34.7. So, are Europeans pleased that there will be new arrivals to work and pay taxes when the locals retire?

Not exactly. Anti-immigrant sentiment is surging across the Continent. Nativist movements performed alarmingly well in European Parliament elections last year. Europe is less like a grandmother knitting placidly in the window and more like an angry grandfather, shaking his rake and yelling at outsiders to get off his lawn.


So what is the prescription for Europe’s ills–and the lesson for America’s future?

It is true that good monetary and fiscal policies are important. But the deeper problems in Europe will not be solved by the European Central Bank. No matter what the money supply and public spending levels, a country or continent will be in decline if it rejects the culture of family, turns its back on work, and closes itself to strivers from the outside.

Europe needs visionary leaders and a social movement to rediscover that people are assets to develop, not liabilities to manage. If it cannot or will not meet this existential challenge, a “lost decade” will look like a walk in the park for Grandma Europe.

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  • B.A_2014

    Well western women have careers to think about. You can’t expect them to marry and have children. That’s oppressive.

    • Mary

      Right. And now they have been “gifted” with millions of fecund Africans and Muslims to have those race replacement babies that native Europeans either can’t afford or don’t want to be bothered with. But, according to the NYT, many of these stodgy, passé, Europeans are too selfish and ungrateful to embrace the golden opportunity these, ahem, “strivers from the outside” bring to Europe. More like massive societal and cultural upheaval and then eventual destruction.

      • The Dude

        The black hostage-taker in France that was killed a few hours ago is said to be the seventh child of ten. At least we know who’s brought “the exceptional” French birthrate up to 2 ch./woman.

        • Speedy Steve

          I’m sure he’ll be branded “a French citizen.”

          • John R

            My news station already called the man “French.” Funny, in his picture he didn’t look the way I imagined French people to look.

        • Eddie Lutz

          He’s part of the “bright spot” of immigration that might save Europe according to the nut who penned this article.

        • Charles Martel

          And likely raised at taxpayer expense. Like those two jackasses who set bombs at the Boston Marathon. The family came to America and immediately started drawing benefits – all while hating the country!

    • LHathaway

      What you can’t expect is career women to do is proposition loser white men for their hand in marriage and to support them while they stay at home raising children, especially when immigrant men (both well educated and not) eligible for positive action are flooding into the country. Don’t expect these victims to be doing that.

      “For a woman to work, it must be fun. To make sure it is she needs a working husband” Esther Vilar.

      • B.A_2014

        I’ve been visiting amren for years and posting for over a year now. Do people still not recognize my sarcasm.

        • LHathaway

          You can come off as quite abrasive at times. What can I say? The word ‘abrasive’ was probably invented with me in mind in the first place. I just say stuff. . no offense intended toward you today. . .

    • elderlee

      And….I’m done with reading this site. Way to chase away natural allies – white women. I lived through the era of women entering the work force in droves, and it had very little to do with women not wanting children. It had more to do with economic forces and pressures on white families, higher standards of education to help children compete and achieve success, and a large pool of spoiled and childish white men who DO NOT WANT CHILDREN. This site is the most literate and rational of its kind, but I’m gone – too many woman hater commenters.B.A_2014, I am not targeting you in particular. Just a straw/camel’s back moment.

      • B.A_2014

        I don’t think we are blaming women entirely. If you look at comments in different articles, you will see plenty of criticism of childish men addicted to (Negro) sports and porn. We are all to blame for the current mess. Yes, sometimes we are a bit tough on the gals but it must be even worse for those dastardly Jews at Amren. The race realist/new right is dominated by men and I think many of us feel that our women don’t care, rightly or wrongly. As you said this is the best site of its kind, so stick around. I’ll tone down my hateful anti woman rants if that helps and if the commenters are getting to you, just bash the Jews (sorry Jews.)
        You criticisms are valid but bickering amongst ourselves is not going to help. Stay at Amren, where else are you going to go, the daily stormed?

        • Augustus3709

          There’s no point in arguing. When she says she’s done with the site, does that also mean she gives up on the race?

          We must focus our energies positively. Your opening joke was innocent enough. Our current woes are complicated, but feminism is a major cultural disease and women do vote much more than men for destructive leftist politicians. What is the point of a “career” if you lose your heritage and family?

          It was not valid to say White men are “spoiled” however. I look around and see a blatantly hostile environment. Companies will look for an excuse to NOT hire a White man. If White women need to go to work “due to economic reasons”, that is because our enemies are preventing White men from accessing the wealth necessary to raise a family.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        Well, it’s a shame to see someone go. His comment is quite ambiguous as to where he apportions blame, but I think what he’s getting at is that women didn’t have to worry about careers 50 years or more ago because a single bread-winner could support a family. Sadly, this is no longer the case, much to the advantage of corporations who now have not only both sexes to choose from in the labor pool, but also a growing pool of imported labor.

      • John R

        And that is why we have problems. You are ready to turn against White men, vote against them, and think that when White men have no more power, things will be better for you White women. No. Some Muslims will enact Sharia Law on you and make you your husbands property, or some negro will break into your house and rape you. White men are your protectors. Not non-Whites, not Muslims, not blacks, not hipster liberals. You need to wake up and realize that. Stay on this site and learn.

      • Johnny Harper

        LOL Where are you going to go?

        If White men turn on you ladies, your lot will be MUCH WORSE.

        What do you think the female role will be under an Islamic, African or even Asian rule?

        Good luck with your moronic ideas.

        You are the typical feminist female these days. Unfortunately, this mental illness is too deeply engrained among White women (even Nationalist ones) that the White race won’t be able to turn this around.

      • dean53

        As a mother of 3 young men, I think B.A._2014 is on target, even in sarcastic jest. The young ladies my sons date all want careers, first and foremost. Some come from divorced families and fear being left financially destitute. But it seems all of them believe their self worth in society’s eyes depends upon them having a career.
        Also, young men seem to believe it’s preposterous that they should support a wife throughout adulthood. This is really completely unacceptable to most young men today. They expect their wives to “carry their own weight” — and the young women know this.
        Very, very few young white couples want large families, of even 3 or more children. How can a one-income family provide for many children what a two-income family can give to one or two children? How can a one-income large family even afford to live in a safe white neighborhood?

  • JackKrak

    Mark Steyn has already said it more eloquently than persuasively than I ever could, but the Euros’ enthusiastic surrender of the basic duty to take care of themselves to big government had the side effect of erasing the urge to replace themselves.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Robots and perhaps cloning is all Europe needs, Germany is still Germany with 20 million or 80 million young or old.You cant change what has already happened, and is trending.We are now Polar bears, except we have the technology, at least I hope to survive.

  • Ceterius paribus, a slight population decline is not much to fret about. It’s only a problem to the practitioners of the cult of economic growth uber alles.

    • Paleoconn

      Spot on. Between France and Japan, whose prospects do you like better? The smart money is on the Nips, despite a much lower birthrate and much more aged population.

      • John R

        Thank you. The issue is not population decline; it is population replacement.


          Yes, BUT you also need to have more white people, of breeding and fighting age, to defend us and defend our nations from these invaders. That’s the issue. Sure, I’m glad more of us are waking up, but we need more whites in the future.

    • Johnny Harper

      A slight decline? LOL

      A 1.4 (probably 1.2 in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden) for WHITE women is a COLLAPSE demographically.

      The 1.6 number takes into account the very high birth rates among the non Whites. Ergo, the White female birth rate is even lower.

  • Easyrhino

    If Russia and the EU can form an alliance and open borders for trading this demographic decline can be turned around within a single generation when one considers the abundance of fertile hot Russian chicks who would love to come to the West.

    • Bartek

      Oh , h… no.
      No need to destroy the last of the Slavs with Western European liberalism and stupidly.
      The West can fall, no need to drag the last of the White race with it.


        I agree 100%. I’m glad the Russia and much of Eastern Europe is nationalistic, against homosexuality, against transgender freaks and doesn’t tolerate nonwhites/muslims/gypsies harassing their people. In fact, I wouldn’t blame the Russians or Hungarians or Polish people, etc, for not wanting to take in whites from Western Europe or America. They think “These people handed over their nations to nonwhites without a hard fight, and they’ll do the same thing here.” Much like how we in the USA resent taking in whites from California into more conservative white states because they bring their same liberal mindset with them.

  • MekongDelta69

    One bright spot might seem to be immigration

    Only a paper such as The New York Slimes would even consider illegal aliens from the third-world to be a ‘bright spot.’

    • Reynardine

      Oh look our birth rates are declining! Oh no, who will pay my social security?!?

      But look, hooray, we’re being replaced! At least that’s good!


        I don’t think Jose or Trayvon or Achmed will be taxpayers, especially footing the bill for whites and other outside their race.

  • james AZ

    Ok then ………STOP to send food and other aids to third world. Let them to die and keep their population numbers down

    • See The Future

      Foreign aid is a great way to get money to your contractor friends for kickback.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      That is why I stopped giving money to churches and to humanitarian organizations. They only use our money to help non whites.

      • John R



        THat’s also why I don’t give money to ‘feed the children’ because it always goes to nonwhites.

  • IstvanIN

    a country or continent will be in decline if it..closes itself to strivers from the outside.
    Maybe if Europeans had been left to their devices things would have worked. Bringing in assimilable aliens accelerates the decline.

    • See The Future

      It will take draconian measures by Barbarians to change the course of history.

      Those in charge will not be swayed by any number of incidents with regard to immigration policy and all that goes with that.

  • dd121

    And we’re all invited to the funeral.

  • John Ambrose

    NYT- “Nativist movements performed alarmingly well in European Parliament elections last year”
    It’s good to know that there’s no bias coming from the newspaper of record!

  • Luca

    Do what your parents and grandparents did. Marry, then have 3 or 4 children, the father works, the mother stays at home and enters the workforce when the kids have been sufficiently andproperly raised.

    • See The Future

      Yes but we are forty years too late. By the time we have our first crop reaching maturity it is too late.

      • Luca

        This is advice for our younger readers. It’s never too late to change.

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        They also smoke too much and that affects their eggs.

  • FloridaGal2005

    The only reason the population situation is a catastrophe for the West is because of the massive funds needed for social programs. It’s a charade. The very people who enticed us with the carrots are the very people pushing the influx of Third Worlders.

    Diocletian’s Theory. Problem. Reaction. Solution. The elites create the problem, know “our” reaction, and come in as saviors with the solution. The solution which really hurts us but furthers their real agenda.

    Problem: hanging chads. Reaction: angry voters. Solution: electronic voting machines.

  • LHathaway

    “In 2014, the average number of children per woman was about 1.6”.

    What? Flooding Europe with immigrant males hasn’t raised the birth rate any higher? Could it be women on some level have seen immigration as an opportunity to exploit men even more? In 1971 Esther Vilar wrote, ‘In a nation where men are exploited as unscrupulously as the USA, any call for women’s rights is reactionary. If they do not stop men will never get the idea they are actually the victims’. She also wrote, ‘Only women can break the vicious cycle of man’s manipulation and exploitation but she will not do it. Since women gain but one advantage after another as the situation exists, she has no reason to’.

    ‘Equality’ won’t be achieved until women have spent so long working out doors they have grown beards, and men have spent so long at home raising children, choosing from among the best and most capable women to support them, that men are the same size and strength on average as they are. Equality won’t be easy to achieve, never-the-less it’s worth the effort.

  • LeonNJ

    Send some Iberian women into places like Britain and Germany to get the marriage and birth rate up. Who could say no to them?

  • The Dude

    Some statistics to give you a better comparative idea:

    2014 fertility rates by region:
    – Sub-Saharan Africa: 4.98 children/woman
    – MENA: 2.58
    – South Asia: 2.30
    – Latin America: 2.05
    – East Asia: 1.86 (NE Asia, 1.52; SE Asia 2.01)
    – Europe and British colonies: 1.59

    – The good news: the birthrates fell slightly in all world regions compared to the previous years.
    – The bad news: including our white regions.

    (The CIA Factbook)

    • Reynardine

      The U.S. is looking less and less white every day.

      New Zealand though… hmmm…

      • LHathaway

        They have ‘maois’ or something on their islands. Maybe Whites will be left with one of the two islands, if they are lucky.

        • Reynardine

          Maoris are indeed a joke, I wouldn’t worry about them. Just give them some alcohol and heroin and they’ll do the job for you.

          • LHathaway

            You certainly leave a large opening there as to what job it is they do for you. . .

    • Bartek

      The USA, France, and UK are not White countries.
      The White birth rate is below replacement levels in all of them.
      White women in the USA don’t bother reproducing until their 30’s, in that time an average Black is well on their way to becoming a grandmother.

      • Johnny Harper

        Correct assessment.

        The “birth rates” are far worse when you break them down by demography. The White women have decided against having children in the West.

  • Bill Moore


    Rational Caucasian prospective parents look into the future, and make a rational decision to not bring children into such a world. I’ve had conversations with Caucasians who have expressed such an opinion.

    Changing demographics point to poverty and inter-racial strife leading to civil war. The migration of Africans into Europe leads to increases in poverty, diseases, rapes, beatings, murders, and a lowered standard of living in a more violent and dangerous world.

    A century ago, they could opt for moving across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and starting a new life. Today, that option makes no sense because the USA is facing the same future.

    We may be looking at the end of civilization, in Europe and in the USA.

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

    • Reynardine

      But the WORST thing to do to others who do have kids is not to support them by having kids of your own. It’s the ultimate selfish act for an already selfish generation.

      Every family, even those who don’t want to have children, has extended family that does have children. You contribute children to the future, you get to live a safe life along with securing a better future for your and your neighbor’s children.

      That’s how ethnocentrism functions, and historically we know it works.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello Reynardine,

        Unfortunately, the demographic statistics show that your suggestions/opinions/advice is not working.

        All across Europe and the USA, the Caucasian demographic is shrinking.

        As it shrinks, conditions will only get worse, and Caucasians will have fewer and fewer children.

        I agree with you that for society (and civilization) in general, this is the worst thing that can happen. However, for young folks looking into the future, they see that their best option is to not have children.

        As I said, we may be looking at the end of civilization, in Europe and in the USA.

        Time will tell,

        Bill Moore

        • Reynardine

          While I appreciate your contributions to amren and your stories, I don’t approve of your defeatism.

          When conditions are poor, many people actually have more children, as evidenced by the harsh conditions of the past. As we grow smaller, we must enforce more and more ethnocentrism. Let us save what we can while we must.

          White may contract, but we’ll never die. I’ll teach my children to fight, survive, to carry on literacy, to wear the kilt, and to hum the ‘The Bluebells of Scotland.’

          I am no Christian who believes in final judgement day, an apocalypse, a final end. I believe in the new world that rises after Ragnarök.

          • See The Future

            It is not defeatism! It is a sensible observation based on facts and trends. It assumes stability for the foreseeable future.

            It is probable that we will have a total economic collapse reminiscent of the 30’s. Minimal food and fuel deliveries will lead to chaos. This is about the only thing that can serve as a catalyst for changes necessary to rebuild.

          • Bartek

            White people think too much about everything, and as a result can’t doing anything normal properly.
            Have some children!

        • Bartek

          Contemporary White people analyze everything and think too much.
          As a result they can’t doing anything normal properly.
          Have some children!

      • LHathaway

        I think in the past, families had large numbers of children because this meant more work could be done around the house. This could potential raise the incomes of the parents. And also, as you suggest, more children could better take care of them in their old age.

        • See The Future

          Feminism and contraception are major factors in our decline.

    • See The Future

      Bang on………my sentiments as well.

    • John R

      Good point. The End of the White Race is really the end of all civilization, period.

  • Paleoconn

    So turning the old country into a young Muslim one will save the country? Reminds one of the Vietnam era meme of destroying the village to save it.

    Let’s play chicken and egg, shall we? In France they imported the third worlders to a booming economy. Why? Cheap labor. Now the native Whites are competing for jobs but also paying more for housing, more taxes for schools and healthcare and the rest. Now mommy has to work too. She is lucky enough to afford to have one kid. Do we have another? Let’s wait. She turns 35, her eggs are all but dried up. They decide to lavish all attention on junior and never mind baby brother.

    So, lets bring more young vibrant Muslims in to pay for our retirement. Makes sense now.

    • See The Future

      You will really enjoy your care in the retirement home when all the staff is speaking a foreign language and does not care whatsoever about you.

      • Paleoconn

        Forget language. Some of these so-called caregivers are downright abusive to the sick or elderly. I read severa stories of cruel and/or negligent minority nurses in Britain’s old age homes, with the victims being defenseless Whites.

        • dean53

          Exactly. Here in Texas most of the nursing home staff is nonwhite, black or Hispanic. They give preferential treatment to their own kind. God help the poor whites left to the mercy of black staff!

  • István Nagy

    „There are some exceptions.
    France has risen to exactly two children per woman in 2012, from 1.95 in 1980…”

    Unfortunately it is false. In a
    scientific paper published in 2012 the authors found that 36% of newborns in
    France harbor the marker of sicle-cell anemia- a clear indication of
    african-arabic origin. In the Paris region the incidence of this marker went up
    to 60%. The fertility rate of white women in France actually around 1,1-1,2.

    • Mary

      It’s utterly typical that the media would attempt to obfuscate this. They naturally wish to leave the impression that it’s native White French whose birthrate has risen, to assure the uninformed reader that the situation is not as dire as it appears. A birthrate of 1,1-1,2 is truly horrible.

    • Johnny Harper

      Very good assessment.

      I am surprised more people don’t realize the numbers are far worse than the “official stats”.

      They aren’t breaking down the numbers by demographics.

      Even “Whites” in the USA (counted by the CDC) include Arabs, Turks, some Indians, etc.

      Its far worse than it appears.

      The true European female birth rate is closer to 1.2-1.3

  • Brady

    Solving the immigration problem is not enough. Europe is will not recover until Europeans shake off their hedonism and the raising of the next generation is understood to be the civic duty of all.

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s a damned cheek for NYT to pontificate and sneer at White European fertility levels.

    In fact, the fertility rates of WHITE American women are worse than those of White European women. More White Americans died than were born last year – and this trend will continue basically forever from now on. In a very few years most school students in US schools will be black or brown.
    Yes, the US population is still rising due to births, but it’s not White births that are doing it.

    • Mary

      It’s actually chilling. I have three small children, and I know absolutely no one else from high school or college who has this many. Most have either one or none, although a few have two. The demographic problems are actually much worse than most people believe, and the demographic downfall will happen much faster than forecast. (At least in the absence of a major game changer–I’m holding onto a small bit of wishful thinking)

      • IstvanIN

        I graduated high school in 1976 and am astounded at the number of kids I went to HS with who have no children or only one and then there are the one’s who still live with mom and dad.

      • Bartek

        Out of twenty people (all White) I associated with in high school only me and one other had any children by age 40.

        • Mary

          Wow, that’s horrible! I imagine you must live in a very liberal area.
          I actually live in a conservative area, but most Whites don’t want to procreate very much, anyway.

        • Ella

          I had people ask me why I went for the mommy track instead of “better” opportunities (career). On the brighter side, at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my white friends went on to having 2-4 children. They tried for a boy or girl and kept getting the same sex! I came from an upper middle class neighbourhood in which they have had more white babies.

  • KenelmDigby

    How can anyone with a brain or an atom of honesty in their body, claim that ‘demographic decline’ is the problem facing Europe, when it’s just so damned obvious that massive, mass unemployment – is a *surplus* of workers, is the real salient characteristic of the European economy?

  • freddy_hills

    Just like a flaming leftist. He can’t admit his beliefs are wrong. Instead, he wants to feed Europe (and presumably America) more of the poison that made it sick in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with Europe that deporting a few million people won’t fix.

  • John Smith

    Meanwhile, aren’t muslim immigrants to Europe having around four children per woman?

  • Augustus3709

    The problem with 1 leader is he will be assassinated. We need an ocean of leaders, with a common belief and goal.

    • IstvanIN

      And they have been……

  • John R

    There is a low birthrate in China, Japan, South Korea, and other East Asian nations. That is not the issue. The issue is low birthrate combined with immigration by alien higher birthrate people. This would not be much of an issue were it not for that.

    • HJ11

      I’m glad there is a low birthrate in non-White countries, but I’m saddened that there is also a low birthrate among Whites. We need to expand our kind.

  • HJ11

    The issue is that we Whites need a spiritual revival and begin to start having many, many children but only with Whites. We must increase the biomass of our DNA and let the biomass of non-White DNA shrink via natural disasters, diseases, birth control, abortion, murder and genocide of them by themselves. We must not interfere and try to keep non-Whites alive.

    Butt out Whites! Stop being pathological altruists, you’re just increasing the odds of us going extinct and being replaced by non-Whites.

  • Eddie Lutz

    “Bribing citizens to reproduce” is innaccurate. It is the state easing the financial burden caused by wage destruction and rising taxes caused by the so-called “bright spot” of rampant immigration.

    • Eddie Lutz

      Childless couples are already supporting the children of immigrants in welfare taxes. Thus, they have little income remaining to afford children of their own. This is the extinction of western civilization in slow motion.

      • Ella

        You said it exactly in our situation. We wanted 3 children but stopped at two with much disappointment, partially due to mass inflation, education and big city life.

  • libertarian1234

    This is just propaganda. What better way to try to psyche the public than to pretend a situation is dire and in need of third world immigration. And is there a better vehicle to advertise that propaganda than the NYT?

    The only reason constant economic growth is needed is to provide for population increases and to enrich the big money boys.

    Any society that is trending toward fewer people is one that will have less employment, fewer purchases and less tax revenue. But that doesn’t mean the present work force won’t have jobs, nor does it mean a lower standard of living.

    But, then, the big money boys won’t be able to add to their wealth and power unless they can have unending economic growth………………which, incidentally, can’t go on forever, due to limited resources, no matter if women have ten kids each.

  • I agree with Augustus. We cannot wait for this (mystical) strong leader to arrive.

    There have only been a handfull in the last 150 years, they are as rare as hens teeth and the pyramid structure of having a leader (that the rest of the people cling their hopes to) is so easily dashed by the opposition, via assasination or other means of putting them out of action.

    What we need is clarity, precision, an action plan that unites efforts, to be masters of our own houses, to bolster deeply held beliefs through whole communities (so they are not as fickle as voters or fad movements) and to never forget that we should not be limited to the rules which our opposition have applied.

    We are often stuck in the concept that we have to use their tools, their rules, their confines of action, their language. If there were enough of us acting in unison, I suspect we could break out of the mold and be much more bold. Nature is king here, not laws.

  • Proletarian Contemplations

    The Russian birth rate was in decline until Putin implemented several policies to promote child rearing by Russians. There’s no way we could get that sort of policy going in Western Europe without a nationalist government. The current traitors would denounce the idea as racism against minorities.

    • See The Future

      One million fools in Paris marching for diversity.

      And celebrating their own replacement!

      You can’t make this stuff up. Unbelievable.

    • Johnny Harper

      The Russians haven’t turned it around that fast.

      The Muslims are still a very substantial portion of the Russian population and growing.

      He has just slowed the decline for some time by introducing more traditional values.

      It is still an uphill battle. It will take GENERATIONS to fix.

  • Johnny Harper

    Feminism will continue to depress the birth rate of Europe. The “1.6” rate of each female is actually when combining the Muslim population growth as well into the European birth rate.

    Therefore, after removing the “immigrant” population birth rates, the actual birth rate is even worse at approximately 1.4 per female.

    Countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Spain and Sweden are probably at 1.2 per WHITE female.

    Ergo, there is a terminal decline in the West. Unless feminism is reversed, it is basically over.

    However, I don’t see this being possible.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    Of course, this article comes out after immigration was on display this week for all to see it’s consequences in France: damage control.

    I liked how a nativist surge is seen as “alarming-…” Does the MsM even try to be objective, or are they just so oblivious?

  • Whirlwinder

    There are no strivers from outside, fool. Those coming into the EU are Islamic and only strive for the welfare gains to be had by all non workers.

  • Ella

    With the 25% VAT in many countries with high rent, it is near poverty to raise 2+ children so I put the falling birth rates back onto the dirty politics of European governments. Do you really need to tax food at 9-12%, place 200% tariffs on certain imports, or tax 45-65% from a paycheck?????? That REALLY encourages a healthy birthrate (sarcasm).

  • See The Future

    The million plus marchers in France today provide a window to the future.
    There are 750 “no go” zones in France. Perhaps they could have marched there to experience the cultural enrichment of sharia.
    This was nothing more than a leftist feel good exercise. We are united, we are all equal, we all love each other, we are all for freedom, we are all for candles and feel good stuff. An exercise to placate the rest of the masses to think all is well.
    The fact is that things are not well and the majority is living in a fools paradise and when they do awaken from their stupor find out that sharia is the law of the land.

    • IstvanIN

      The no-go zones should be surrounded by the military and sealed off.

  • Ella

    Maybe, Germany and other European countries will come to their senses by allowing healthy, skilled white workers into their countries in the near future. NYT has to be boastful about “white man’s defeat” and other ethnics will save Europe from its birth decline, more fear tactics.

  • Charles Martel

    The Europeans demonstrated the ability to efficiently round up & transport people not all the long ago. . .

  • Johnny Harper

    Maybe that is correct.

  • Jim

    Sorry, I wish white civilization would continue on forever since I’m part of it. However nature loves to mix things up. Italy, for example, is no longer full of just the descendants of the Romans. Many Greeks, North African, Lombards and Slavs arrived over the centuries, not to mention Attila the Hun is probably a distant ancestor to more than one Italian cardinal.

    For thousands of years people have been conquering, migrating, intermarrying and dying off. Now whites are not having kids, and the vacuum will be filled with outsiders. Those outsiders will change their new countries and they themselves will change.

    Change is the only thing you can absolutely count on in this world. Nothing continues without it. I don’t especially mind a browner Europe in one hundred years, but hate the thought of a more brutal and barbaric one. People like Kadaffi, Idi Amin, and Saddam Hussein could rise again, this time ruling France or Britain.