Germans Take to the Streets to Protest Against ‘Islamisation’

Justin Huggler, Telegraph, December 8, 2014

A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing “Islamisation” of the country.

The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

Instead the demonstrators have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, “Wir sind das Volk”, or “We are the people”. They say they want to preserve Germany’s Judeo-Christian Western culture.

The protests come as Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) is seeking to distance itself from a draft proposal for its party conference which said that immigrants should speak German not only in public, but at home as well.

Germany is now the second most popular destination in the world for migrants, after the US, and the country is struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of asylum-seekers.

While Angela Merkel’s government has made clear it will block any attempt by David Cameron to curtail freedom of movement within the EU, the German debate over immigration has focused on those coming from outside the bloc, and on Muslims in particular.

Thousands have defied sub-zero temperatures to join weekly marches each Monday in Dresden under the banner of Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of Europe, or Pegida.

The protests were started by a local man, Lutz Bachmann, with no background in politics. When he called his first demonstration in October, only a few hundred turned up, but the movement has snowballed, and last week 7,500 came.

Pegida has inspired similar movements across Germany. Though the numbers have not been as high as in Dresden so far, marches have been called in cities from Düsseldorf to Munich.

Demonstrations against Muslim immigration in Cologne earlier this year turned violent, but unlike the far-right groups and self-proclaimed “hooligans” behind those protests, Pegida insists its movement is peaceful.

It has run into opposition, though: last week a counter-demonstration by around 1,000 people succeeded in blocking Pegida’s way through Dresden, and in the city of Kassel, counter-demonstrators actually outnumbered those who marched against immigrants.

Critics contend that known neo-Nazis have infiltrated the protests, while Mr Bachmann, who has called for “zero tolerance for criminal immigrants”, was forced to acknowledge he “has a past”, after a local newspaper reported he has a lengthy criminal record of his own, including convictions for burglary and drug-dealing.

He has been at pains to stress that he is not opposed to genuine political refugees, only to economic migrants who “take advantage” of the German system, and has no problem with Islam but is worried about erosion of German culture.

Concerns for the German culture plunged Bavaria’s ruling CSU into its own controversy, after a draft proposal for the opening motion at the party conference called for immigrants to speak German at home.

“Whoever wants to live here permanently should be encouraged to speak German in public and within the family,” the draft said.

After a storm of criticism, including the Twitter hashtag YallaCSU, Arabic for “Let’s go, CSU”, and questions over how such a policy could possibly be enforced, Andreas Scheuer, the party’s general secretary, sought to limit the damage.

The proposal was only ever intended as “encouragement”, he said. “Obligation, nannying or control are out of the question.”

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  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    All of Europe MUST get concerned about Islamisation of their nations. Before you know it, there will be no Europe, but, Eurabia.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Indeed! From a 2010 report from Family Security Matters:

      “In France, 30% of children age 20 years and below are Muslims. The ratio in Paris and Marseille has soared to 45%. In southern France, there are more mosques than churches. The situation within the United Kingdom is not much different. {snip} Presently, there are over 1000 mosques throughout Great Britain—- many of which were converted from churches.In Belgium, 50% of the newborns are Muslims and reportedly its Islamic population hovers around 25%. A similar statistic holds true for The Netherlands.”

      How does a typical Western leader react? From that same 2010 report:

      “Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily.

      “’Our country is going to carry on changing, and integration is also a task for the society taking up the task of dealing with immigrants,’ Ms. Merkel told the daily newspaper. ‘For years we’ve been deceiving ourselves about this. Mosques, for example, are going to be a more prominent part of our cities than they were before.’”

      • B.A_2014

        What is wrong person with the Germans?

        • LexiconD1

          I thought German had strict immigration laws, and no birthright citizenship? It’s why they were able to deport undesirables in the 80’s…

          • Greg Thomas

            Germany does have strict immigration laws if you happen to be for example, a White American with German ancestory. However, if you are a third world muslim, it’s willkommen in Deutschland!

        • KenelmDigby

          You know full well.
          Certain historic events that have rendered the whole subject taboo.
          A taboo infinitely stronger than that prevailing in the UK, if that can be believed.

      • Sick of it

        Merkel’s extended family loathes Germans more than any other white people. Germans told the world about every bit of their wickedness. Germans tried to stop them.

      • See The Future

        Women in political leadership is like committing suicide.

        • KenelmDigby

          I don’t know.
          Mrs Thatcher controlled immigration much better than any of the ‘men’ elected PM in recent British political history.

          • Westphilo

            The Exception does not make the Rule.

        • Three Stars

          Funny thing, replace “women” with “men” in the above and you’ll have your run of the mill feminist harpy shrieking. Neglecting any factual or argumentative support in favor of emotionally charged bashing.

          Historically, women have a better track record as political leaders than men. Probably because they had fewer occasions to mess things up.

    • See The Future

      It is too late. It is as simple as takeover by breeding and immigration. In just a few years their breeding will overwhelm the native population. Then through democratic process the rules will be Sharia and Islam. End of Europe. The trend cannot be stopped without all out war.

  • DaveMed

    The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right…

    “Wir sind das Volk”


    If they’re invoking “das Volk”, they’re good enough for me.

    That is the essence of the WN/Identitarian/ethnonationalist movement. The people.

    • newscomments70

      That is an old East German communist slogan.

  • anony

    The true enemies of Europe are not the Muslims but those who have encouraged/allowed these people into Europe.

    • Alucard_the_last

      These Marxists are the main source of what is going on in America. I only wish they would catch a horrible disease brought in from an illegal invader (aka immigrant).

    • See The Future

      And the media whores

    • UncleSham

      Even on a website that is considered pro-White it seems like the majority of people want to believe that our only true enemies are other White people (or at least Whitish people). We can’t direct any anger or take any action against non-Whites because they are “only looking for a better life”. Well guess what? Every people that has ever invaded and taken over another country were “only looking for a better life”. Apparently even the Whites who are commonly considered “racist” are ready and willing to sympathize themselves out of existence.

      • Christorchaos

        We have a chronic (morbid?) curiosity about other cultures. I go to museums in a lot of nonwhite (or less-than-white) foreign capitals. I can go all day in some of these cities and not see more than a few handfuls of whites on the streets, in the restaurants etc. But go to a museum? You will see locals on the first floor. But you climb the stairs to look at the less sensational artifacts, and you’ll see Justice. Just us white people! At the end of the day, non-whites think it’s silly to care about some old cultural art/artifact, even their own. But we whites will stare at that stuff for hours.

        • UncleSham

          I share this curiosity for and interest in other cultures, but I have a special affection for the culture and history of my own people. I wish for all people to maintain the parts of their culture that they find meaningful, but never at the expense of my own. Many White people, especially Conservatives, seem to think that we can bring in an unlimited number of non-Whites into our countries and teach them to love and respect our culture the same as we do. The reality is that non-Whites are incapable of identifying with our past the way that we are. There is a certain emotion missing when considering the courage, struggles and triumphs of the ancestors of people who are not your own.

        • Sick of it

          “At the end of the day, non-whites think it’s silly to care about some old cultural art/artifact, even their own.”

          Because those artifacts belong to populations they’ve replaced, generally.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        They want to blame the “Jew” because it is easy.

        If they accepted their own weakness and cowardice in the face of feminism, they would lose hope. Whenever someone is weak and makes mistakes, it is easier to blame someone else for their own failings.

        Sure liberal Jews supported feminism. However, there were MANY (the majority) of White women and even weak White men that pushed for feminism as well.

        If White men were such weak simps, they would’ve never allowed feminism to get off the ground. Due to White male weakness, feminism has been allowed to prosper and take over.

        Even on “White nationalist” websites, a good amount of the men are simps that are controlled by their women.

        They are White Knight Nationalists who are yelling “Heil HItler” and “kill the Juden” while cooking their own dinners at night while their wives are watching Sex in the City.

        • UncleSham

          It seems that the strongest defenders of feminism today are the young men rather than the young women. The young male Liberals that I know have a total disdain for housewives and want nothing to do with children, despite their girlfriends hinting that they would rather go that route than be stuck working full-time their entire lives. Of course, the men are very divided on this issue and the women don’t feel the need to pick a side since most of them believe they can have their cake and eat it too.

          • none of your business

            The feminazis got the support of men through the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution along with almost perfect birth control, preference for women in jobs, the acceptance of divorce and all the rest meant that men could get sex without commitment.

            At first it was sex without marriage or an engagement. Then it was sex without a relationship. Then it was go to the bars ad hook up with whatever was handy. The colleges were a major force with boys and girls on the same floor and shared bathrooms in the dorms.

            Men used to accept children as the price of having sex. Of course some wanted children for good reasons as well. But even the most sexually loose men accepted that children were the consequence of sex.

            The whole thing was the unholy melding of Playboy and Hustler magazine and feminism.

            Men got what a lot of men want, easy sex without even the trouble of a relationship. Women got what some want, a decent job, sex without a relationship and either no pesky children, children without a father and husband or children the old fashioned way with a husband and father; that is if they can find and keep a husband and father.

            Of course 40 years on the playboy with easy sex with a lot of women without any kind of commitment or kids will turn into a shabby old bachelor with no one but an escort girl as an outlet for his viagra. But men like easy non commital sex. They got it. They were displaced in the workplace and home but they got easy free

          • hastings88

            “The whole thing was the unholy melding of Playboy and Hustler magazine and feminism.”

            Excellent insight.

      • anony

        My statement was in no way meant to exonerate the “invaders”, and they should be sent back to their countries of origin. My statement was meant to draw attention to the policies and policy makers which allow those “invaders” into the European countries in the first place.

        You are right that the “invaders” are at fault, but in my opinion, those who allow the invasion to happen are equally at fault if not more so.

        • UncleSham

          I agree with you, we should have done something about the people allowing this invasion to happen decades ago. But now that the invasion is already so far underway, we are forced to deal with the actual invaders as well.

    • Charlie

      The Juden…

  • dmxinc

    Even Hitler couldn’t have seen this coming.

  • Christorchaos

    Germany is now the second most popular destination in the world for migrants

    I wish I could still say immigrants were going to a place to look for work and an opportunity. That was the old days. But today, it’s work and to leech off the welfare system and yank the diversity chain at every opportunity. Germany is now, and long has been, an extremely prosperous nation. Which parasite wouldnt want to feed off of that?

    • IstvanIN

      Even if they want work they are not Germans, or even Europeans, and shouldn’t be in Germany.

      • SentryattheGate

        It’s such a shame that such an intelligent people has such a low birthrate, one of the lowest in the world! I read somewhere that native Germans have an average IQ of 109 (higher then the IQ cited for Asians). Germans for decades have been taught to be overly tolerant to prove they are not of “Nazi” mentality, maybe young Germans are beginning to shuck off that burden?

        • anony

          You might enjoy HUMAN ACCOMPLISHMENT by Charles Murray. the Kindle edition is under $4.00

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          Time to remind them that they were safer in Germany c. 1936 than most Western European cities today.

        • LeonNJ

          That’s the problem with the important White and Asian countries. The places that should be having babies are not. The future populations of places like S.Korea and Japan are a nightmare.

        • none of your business

          I keep posting that every time JT runs an article claiming that asians are so superior to Whites in IQ. The average IQ in China is only 100, the average for Whites. Only Japan, S.Korea and Tawain have IQs higher than 100. I believe Poland has an average IQ of about 106 and Italy 102, both higher than the average Chinese IQ of 100.

          The rest of the asians except for mongolians have average IQs in the 90’s.

    • See The Future

      The leech will die when the host dies

      • anony

        The leech will not die if it has prepared another host while sucking the last possible morsel out of the dying host.

        The leech will abandon its dying host and fly to the new host in its Gulf Stream 650 while having already electronically transmitted its assets to its new bank in the new host’s country.

  • Christorchaos

    A little allegory to consider: If a country was inhabited by 100% devils, would it make you more comfortable moving to that country to know that most of the devils were retired and the country was being run only by children and grandchildren of the devils?

  • Alucard_the_last

    I’m sure they’ll be demonized over this. My answer is GOOD FOR THEM!! To bad America and the rest of Europe care more about the civil rights of criminals and terrorists than the victims.

    • Sick of it

      I’ve talked about this with a co-worker. Things worked better even in all white areas when we still executed people for various crimes. Now the criminals run the show without fear of punishment.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    I bet Hitler is rolling in his grave. The jews really have taken their revenge on Germany in a sneaky way.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Yeah dem JUDEN.

      Its always dem JUDEN.

      Nothing to do with feminism of White women.

      • LexiconD1

        Single, huh? And, obviously bitter about it…

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yeah very “bitter”. With your shaming tactics, I would’ve thought you had a vagina. Sound like it.

          Look people. The liberal Jews are definitely a problem.

          However, to solve this issue, we need control over our women. No society in history has lost control of its women and stayed on top.

          The White pathology is largely due to feminism. Sure Betty Friedan and other Jewish women push it (but so did Anglo women), however, the great mass of White women have strongly accepted it.

          Even at Stormfront, the White nationalist women sound like antisemitic Betty Freidans.

          • Three Stars

            Aren’t those “anti-semitic Betty Freidans [sic]” proof that our women aren’t naturally inclined towards the left, as you seem to imply?
            It would thus follow that “achieving control” (whatever the hell is that supposed to mean) over them is not strictly necessary for bringing them to our side.
            I can honestly say that none at Stormfront pay any deference to degenerate third wave feminism, the prevalent view seems to be that personal merit should dictate one’s social position, regardless of gender.

          • none of your business

            Because women give birth and are ultimately responsible for helpless babies we are naturally leftist and socialist. In ancient Rome at least half the population were not married and had children. They were supported by the government apartment houses and food doles. The Christian church continued the tradition with its doles for widows and orphans.

            Face it folks, if you have babies and no man one needs either the church or the government or an extended family. Nowdays few men die young, but until 100 years ago it was common. The Indian/Asian extended family system for widows and orphans was to take care of them but make them work very very hard for the care, basically exploiting them.

            Face it. At least some women and their children have always been taken care of by the larger society in some way or other since we crawled out of the trees and into the caves.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Maybe you haven’t read the recent debates at Stormfront concerning feminism.

            Whenever someone speak bad about feminism on that website, the women come out of the woodwork crying about male “oppression”.

            These are the same women crying about “Jews” and “negroes”. Yet when it comes to women, they sound the same as Betty Friedan.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Also by “controlling” women, since you appear to be a simp White Knight nationalist, I am speaking about taking their voting rights away and putting them back in the kitchen.

            The old German method of “kitchen and children” is the place for women.

            Even your boy Hitler thought that way.

          • Sick of it

            I actually agree re: your last point. Masculine women aren’t my thing.

          • LexiconD1

            I do have a vagina, moron. I don’t wonder at all why you’re single.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I am single because I choose not to marry worthless American women. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get more ass than a toilet from these worthless sluts (such as yourself).

            However, all women can do in arguments is use shaming language because they can’t win through debate.

            This tactic has lost its effect.

          • LexiconD1

            Now you’re bragging/projecting.

            Rosie Palm and her five sisters don’t count as ‘getting ass’…

      • Sick of it

        Read a bit about the Weimar Republic.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Jimmy, feminism was founded by Bettery Friedan who was a jewess. So it come back to dem Juden. Understand!!!!!!

        • hastings88

          Founded by Karl Marx before that. Oh, also Juden!

          • Jimmy Joseph

            There were tons of Anglo Feminists before Marx.

            There was the suffragette movement, etc. The liberal Jews just tapped into an existing feminist movement and gave it more support.

            Without strong support from the VAST MAJORITY of White women and chump beta white knight White men (like half of the clowns on Amren and Stormfront), feminism couldn’t have done anything regardless of the Juden.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yeah because them Juden at 2% of the country run EVERYTHING.

          I mean White people are such pathetic losers they can’t stop 2% of the country.

          Wow, if we’re such losers, we should deserve to become extinct. If 2% of the population is that strong compared to Whitey, we are not the “master race” then huh?

          • none of your business

            “I mean White people are such pathetic losers they can’t stop 2% of the country.”

            You meant to be sarcastic but you are exactly right. In America the judiciary, not the other powers or the constitution rules and the jews rule the judiciary.
            Commie anti White racist jews rule and we let them.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yeah how does that explain Germany and the rest of the Western world too?

            Hell, you let your women run all over you.

            Why not let the Jews, Arabs, Chinese, etc do so as well?

      • Sick of it

        Feminism was a product of Marxism. Karl Marx was a Jew.

    • KenelmDigby

      In fact, it is the ultimate demonstration of the failure of Hitler and Hitlerism.
      The fact that the end result of everything he set in train from 1933 onwards is the ultimate genetic extinction of the German people by Afro/Asians.
      I know I will catch a lot of flak from certain quarters here, but I cling to the belief that it was the cataclysmic failure and utter, utter defeat of Hitlerism, that has rendered all race consciousness and feeling amongst Whites – and thus unashamed and explicit race based immigration controls, that used to exist right up to the mid 20th century will full acceptance and impunity were made taboo.
      The terrible situation which we see in today’s Germany, rather than the ashes of Dresden or Hamburg, is the real, lasting and irrevocable monument to Hitlerism. Ironically a political movement founded to protect German racial interests has, in fact, guaranteed the genetic destruction of the German people.

      • hastings88

        “Ironically a political movement founded to protect German racial
        interests has, in fact, guaranteed the genetic destruction of the German

        Not irony, but a purposeful reversal. Our enemies have found our great weakness–feelings of guilt and empathy–and by psychological jiu-jitsu used our own race consciousness against us, making us feel guilty even for existing. Other races don’t care about “the other” at all, so they are not susceptible.

        Hitlerism rose because something needed to be done to rid us of our enemies, who were already wound around our intestines like worms, and the bolsheviks were on the move. Hitlerism was not a failed philosophy; it lost a war–by pitting racial brethren against each other, and our enemies just kept on killing us ever since.

        • none of your business

          Nonsense. If Hitler were so anti communist why didn’t he go directly to Russia via Poland instead of invading and occupying most of W. Europe? He conquered Poland in 3 weeks. The Poles hate the Russians. In 1920 Poland made a major grab at parts of Ukraine that had been Polish for centuries. Poland lost that one.

          Hitler could have just invaded Poland and gone straight to Russia. Or he could have cut a deal with Poland to let German troops go through to Russia.

          Ask your self why Hitler invaded and occupied W. Europe when he could have gone straight to Russia.

          • hastings88

            W. Europe declared war on him first.

      • newscomments70

        I was just watching a DW documentary on Silesia, a former German state that now lies in Poland. The demographics and language is a mixture of Polish and German. They are not really German, but they still sing German language folk songs and identify more with old German culture. A large group of Silesians want autonomy from Poland. The Polish government sees this as a “German conspiracy”. I had to laugh at this. If the “new” Germany ever had the tenacity to wrest control of Siliesia from Poland (which they do not), they would fill the region with Africans and Muslims…basically they would fill the region with third world rapists on welfare. The Germanic Silesians might yearn for old Germany, but that does not exist anymore. The new Germany pushes self-genocide, therefore the old parts of Germany are better off of under Polish leadership.

        Silesia is somewhat ugly due to industrial waste, but other formerly German areas in Poland are beautiful. The Polish/German city of Gdansk (Danzig) in Eastern Pommerania is beautifully restored. I used to cringe at the Polish spelling of this formerly German city, until I saw it’s residents: mostly blond haired Europeans. Such demographics are unheard of in modern German cities.

        • none of your business

          Poles and Slavs are a lot blonder and taller on the average than Germans.

          • newscomments70

            They look good mixed.

      • Sick of it

        It was led by a less than capable man who had no compunctions about murdering German folk who disagreed with them. Including a hero like Rommel. The generals could have won the whole war.

      • none of your business

        I agree. it is not just Germany either. American Jews still favor unlimited immigration and pull the guilt trip because in a time of the worst depression in the 1930’s our state department enforced the 1920’s immigration acts and did not give visas to every Jew who wanted one.
        I have heard that jewish propaganda for years. “If FDR had only let every European Jew into the United States during Hitler’s reign the holocaust never would have happened.”
        American Jews believe that. If we refuse to deport some hispanic serial killer in the country illegally when the next Hitler comes along we won’t “save” all the endangered Jews.

        i also believe that the jews are getting ready to leave Israel sometime in the next 100 years and want America to absorb every one of them from the non jewish russian mafiosos to the lunatic fringe haredim.
        That is another reason jews are so pro unlimited immigration.

  • Reynardine

    If we can go from ethno-nationalism to struggling to keep our language as the predominantly spoken one in 50 years, what lies ahead for us in the next 50 years?

    • Whitesneedtobebrave


    • See The Future


      • James Mayer


    • Guest


      • Reynardine


  • Jimmy Joseph

    Germany will become Muslim because German women don’t have children.

    German women are too “feminist” and “empowered” to be wasting time on having kids!

    They got sex in the city to WATCH!

    • See The Future

      Too busy being talking heads on the TV

    • newscomments70

      The German dubbing of sex in the city would be even more annoying than the English track. I can’t imagine those annoying bitches yapping in German.

    • Reynardine

      Have you seen the fake babies that German women buy so they can have an infant forever? It’s so twisted.

    • hastings88

      And after they have reached the pinnacle of power, they invaders they didn’t fight will make them wear burkas, and all their power will be gone. Then they will be having lots of half-brown children whether they like it or not.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Thats true.

        However, these women will accept their Muslim fate without much resistance.

        Feminism can only occur when men have become weak simps who don’t control their women. The female imperative of hypergamy and irrationality isn’t conducive to a functional society. This was known throughout the ages. This is why men dominated the societies.

        Islam understands this basic principle of biology. White men are too “progressive and educated” to understand this.

        It’s easier to cry about the “Juden” or some other nonsense, then confront their own women.

        Unfortunately, the average White male has become a total simp that bows before his woman. He has no leadership or dominance role.

        • hastings88

          I cannot disagree. Women are hard-wired for submission. Being submissive to men in sex turns them on; powerful men turn them on. Many White men have lost this instinctual insight, having allowed their minds to be propagandized. You can’t underestimate the role of die Juden, though. Strong White men of the past stood up to them, also.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Men who can’t stand up to their own women won’ t be able to stand up the mythical “Juden” or any other entity.

            That is why Islam, China and Mexicans are going to be taking over.

          • hastings88

            Come on, now! Mythical? You must be a troll.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Not saying the “Jews” aren’t a problem since they are anti- White, however, the feminism issue is far bigger.

            White men have become simps who are controlled by their women. Without any control of their women, they have no chance in turning things around.

          • LexiconD1

            This guy is like ‘how to never feel the touch of a woman, ever’ type of troll. If the guys on this site follow his lead, they will die alone.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Im sure I bang more women than you.

            That is the sad part.

            White Knight simpering betas like yourself are usually buying women all kinds of stuff and bowing before them.

            Women don’t respect chumps like you.

          • LexiconD1

            Considering I AM a woman, I think I know more than YOU, obviously, what woman find attractive in a man. I can’t imagine any women find your narcissism, and arrogance, appealing.

            I know I don’t.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL my mistake.

            Using the typical “shaming” language as usual huh?

            The first dictum is determining female interest in men is DON’T LISTEN TO WOMEN!

            Show me anything that I am saying that is inaccurate. Please name some specifics.

          • LexiconD1

            This isn’t the first time you insinuated that I’ve ‘shamed’ you. YOU shame yourself, with each and every post you write.

            Good luck in life, YOU will need every ounce of it.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yes because this isn’t the first time you used feminist shaming language that your mentor Betty Freidan taught you.

            Yet you have not refuted anything I wrote. Interesting isn’t it?

          • LexiconD1

            You haven’t posted anything to refute, jeez…

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I have made multiple assertions in my previous comments.

            I actually gave a list of generalizations of the modern American white female.

            You have yet to refuse any of them.

          • LexiconD1

            You may need to check yourself, after all your name calling, and bragging about how much ‘ass’ you get (which I totally DON’T believe)…You’re sounding more and more like a repressed homosexual. You might want to seek some counseling for that…

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL HA HA HA

            Its like debating a 5th grader.

            “You’re gay” is another typical shaming language statement.

            Come up with something original.

          • LexiconD1

            Jesus God you’re stupid, I was MAKING FUN OF YOU.

            Since you can’t pull your head out from you ass, I’m no longer going to respond to your idiocy.

            Again, good luck in life. Someone as brain damaged, low IQ, angry, and anti-woman as YOU will very well need it.

          • LexiconD1

            Oh, and just so you know…Yes, I am laughing AT you, not with you. You’re so pathetic, and desperate to prove just how much of a ‘man’ you think you are, it’s hilarious.

            I read your post on your Disqus feed, is that specific enough for you?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL once again weak shaming language.

            Nothing of substance. Refute anything I wrote. I am daring you.

            I know you won’t and will revert back to your feminist shaming language that you learned from Betty Freidan.

          • LexiconD1

            Yawn, you’re so boring. Get a new riportare, this one is as over played as the ‘race’ card.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Its fact. You ladies need new tactics. Men have woken up to these methods. Shaming tactics are getting old.

            Normal shaming tactics include:

            1) You can’t get laid
            2) You have a small “p-nis”
            3) You aren’t a real man

          • saxonsun

            You couldn’t be more incorrect. Your statements are desperate wishful thinking. If you were right, all women would be simpering morons just hanging on the male word. But you and I know that that’s not so. Go into the street. Go into the real world, not the one you concocted in your frightened mind. Go observe the female lawyers, doctors, dentists, scientists, politicians, etc. Do you suppose they are an illusion? Do you think you would succeed in imprisoning them inside of a world your male fear constructed? Never happen.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yes most of them are an “illusion”. They are due to affirmative action.

            Specifically in medical school, women are given strong preferential treatment considering their far lower MCAT scores on average.

          • hastings88

            Ok, but they want to breed with the strongest men, anyway–the most dominant men–no matter how successful the women themselves are. If white men are wimps, white women will breed with Joos or Blacks or Arabs. The evidence is ubiquitous. I don’t care about female career success. Maintaining the existence of our race is more important.

          • Charlie

            The Jews have been waging war against the White Race and Western Civilization, for the past 2,500 years…as early as the 4th century, B.C., measures we taken to get rid of the plague of Jewry…Alexander the Great, according to legend, tried to corral all the Jews in the lands that he conquered, which were in the present-day region of the Ukraine, and settle accounts with the bacillus, once and for all…unfortunately, the son of Phillip of Macedon failed, and the Jews continued their practice of polluting every thing that they touch…the Khazar Empire of the 8th century, A.D., was populated with people who were devil worshippers, phallic worshippers, and inbreeders, which is why Ashkenazim are the only people in the world who get Tay-Sachs, a degenerative disease that eventually results in insanity, and muscle weakness…these same “children of Bulan”, are the ones who currently have total hegemonic sway over the United States, their media outlets are demonizing Whites on a minute-by-minute basis, their “educators” are brainwashing our children with the poison of civilization called Multiculturalism, Cultural Marxism, Miscegenation, Zionism, Atheism, and Liberalism…ask yourself this question: why does Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew, support amnesty for Third Worlders? Because he and his Tribe know, that Germanic Europeans have the lowest birthrates of any racial demographic on the planet, and that Whites will eventually become a minority by the year 2100, and once that milestone is reached, the Zionists vipers, much like their predecessors in the Ukraine during the 1930’s, will engage in a wholesale, genocidal campaign against all White Americans…while you’re sitting at home, sipping coffee, talking with your children, or at work at a computer, or in the car during rush hour…remember my words, White America, for it is all true…you’ve been warned…

    • Dave West

      I agree, saving the white race can wait.

      I wouldn’t want to interfere with the “rights” of ethnic German women to stay un-married until the age of 40, drink 3-5 nights a week at the techno-blarring nightclubs, have random casual sex, and eventually have 0-2 children.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        LOL seems like the normal American white woman these days.

        Who wants to marry them at 40?

  • JohnEngelman

    The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

    – Justin Huggler, Telegraph, December 8, 2014

    White nationalists who idealize the Third Reich remind me of new leftists who during the War in Vietnam idealized the Cultural Revolution in China. That does not, and did not play well with the voters.

    • hastings88

      You remind me of a race-mixer, which means I don’t care what you think. You are a living example of how to commit race-suicide.

      • none of your business

        He’s right.

  • OyVey00

    I hope they added that “Judeo” just to prove they’re not Nazis and not because they really believe that Judaism is a part of traditional German culture. Jews were always segregated and perceived as the “other” in Germany and they returned that animosity towards the Germans.

    • UncleSham

      I wonder what is the more pernicious form of White Guilt. The kind directed toward Blacks like we have in America, or the kind directed toward Jews like they have in Germany?

  • Anglo

    “A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing “Islamisation” of the country.”

    This Caliphate forming to rule the world will end in Armageddon. There is no other way it can end.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    I saw a documentary many years ago and in it it was Henry Morgenthau, Jr. who was the secretary of the Treasury who wanted to completly destroy Germany and the German race, after WW-2 for what they did to the Jews in the so called Holocaust. However, cooler heads prevaled and the Marshall Plan was enacted and that saved Germany from becoming a destroyed place. However, the jews sneaky as ever have mangaed to make Germany a cesspit by allowing the immigration of non whites, turks and muslims. Very soon that country too will be a cesspit like America and the UK will be in a few years. Never trust these jews as they will use stealth and deceit to destroy you and a nation and then lie to your face about it.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’m fairly convinced that the only thing stopping Germany from having a serious, power wielding nationalist anti-immigration political party, as most northern European nations have, in fact, is the memory and legacy of certain unfortunate events dating from 1933 to 1945.
    I’m also fairly convinced that given the time elapsed, and the remoteness of that historical period, combined with Germans’ natural aversion and reluctance to see the Vaterland turned into a black/brown colony – which the German political class will surely do, if not challenged – we will see a nationalist anti-immigration party established in Germany, which will gain mass popular support.

    • hastings88

      I got to know my in-laws in Germany when I visited there for a couple of weeks. The horror of WWII seemed just beneath the surface. They were like survivors of trauma, with a silly, superficial pop culture to take their minds off what happened. Imagine knowing that many of your family members were slaughtered in war. My wife’s mother lost all but one family member–in the firebombing of Dresden. The Germans may not be able to fight again, and there’s that occupying army still in Germany to deal with.

      • ElGringo

        Do you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area or is your wife from there? I know an older Ukrainian guy up there who happens to know who I think you are talking about.

  • hastings88

    I’m afraid nothing is going to save us from total collapse. Anti-immigrant political parties can be targeted, smeared, assassinated by our traditional enemies. People need leaders, and leaders are vulnerable. The anti-immigrant right is building too slowly–slower than the third world invasion. The dark ones will not leave, except by force of war, and whites have lost the will to fight, while the professional armies are in the hands of our enemies. Perhaps we can rise phoenix-like from the ashes: the third-worlders cannot maintain the system, so the system will collapse. In that wreckage, a new white consciousness could be forged, as new stars are forged from supernovas.

    • anony

      If there are any of us left.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    The main reason for the collapse of Germany is due to feminism. How many Juden live in Germany now? They barely exist there.

    White Knights (including White Knight Nationalists on Amren and Stormfront) are such pathetic weaklings that they have let their women run all over them. Throughout history, no society has survived after giving women such “independence”.

    The female imperative and hypergamy isn’t conducive to a functional society. Once the West (due to Beta White Knight clowns and the vast majority of White women) became feminized, it was game over. The only question became how many generations can it last?

    Islam doesn’t believe in feminism. Ergo, it is a strong belief system and will dominate the West due to its traditional gender structure.

    This isn’t that complicated people. There is no “conspiracy”. We are our own worst enemy.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Unfortunately, White men have become total simps.

    The average Storefront male is some clown who yells “Heil Hitler”, listens to “Deutschland Uber Alles” and blames the “Juden for the world’s problems”. They think that pretending to be an old school Nazi makes them “powerful”.

    This dude usually works a blue collar job breaking his back for an ungrateful wife. This weak simp usually cooks his own dinner because his wife is too “tired”. He is definitely NOT the head of the household but still pays the bills.

    His wife is still watching “Sex in the City” and being “independent” while he pays the bills.

    Or he is divorce raped living in a trailer while his ex-wfe has her new boyfriend in his home.

  • LHathaway

    There’s still the great Russia. Hell, Canada could be saved too but it would take deportations. A more likely happy ending: Canada giving up chunks of it’s territory to non-whites. I bet the they give up all south of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Out West? Who knows what they give up.

  • Dave West

    I indirectly blame Hitler for all this multicultural hysteria in present day “Western” Civilization.

    If Hitler just targeted Gypsies and Poles and spared the Jews, he’d be seen as a ruthless conquerer like Napoleon, but not as the most evil man that ever lived. Hitler became a great tool for the left to equate anyone to that went against their agenda.

    • Pezdrake

      Poor Hitler.

    • none of your business

      If Hitler targeted the Poles he would be a major Jewish hero. Although the Jews exploited Poland and Poles for centuries they hate the Poles more than most of the Goyim.

    • hastings88

      Why Poles? They are a beautiful European people, their women among the most beautiful in the world. Hitler should have recruited them. Many Jews had already proven themselves communists and traitors to Germany in WWI. How could he spare them? It was Holohoax propaganda that made him the most evil man ever.

      • Dave West

        I guess the point I’m mainly trying to get across is that due to the Jewish propaganda machine, his brutal targeting of the Jews allowed them to indict him as the “most evil man ever” and white nationalism as the root of that evil. I’m not at all saying his targeting of Poles was positive. Look at Stalin and Mao, they murdered over 100 million people, a fact that I sure didn’t learn about in any high school or college course; nor was there any peep of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Turks. Whether or not the Holocaust happened to the extent it is claimed is another argument all together. Nevertheless, students in classrooms around the world learn that “evil” white nationalism is responsible for the deaths of millions; while, as stated above, ignoring the millions of deaths caused at the hands of communist dictators. This propaganda is used by the media against anyone arguing for an America or Europe that remains vast majority white.

  • Paleoconn

    When I see the term Judeo-Christian in an article like this, I smell neocon. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian. It’s Christian. Germany had a Christian tradition.

  • Three Stars

    “This is feminism, at least the version that advertised itself as aiming merely at equality, but that was a sham, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Feminism was aiming at control and power. Tammy Bruce (former president of the L.A. Chapter of NOW) illustrates this well in her book, “The New Thought Police.””

    Look, just because ideas coincide doesn’t mean they have the same reasoning behind them, or they are aimed at achieving the same purpose.

    One of my problems with the anti-feminist crowd is that it tends to view every aspect of reality through the feminist – anti-feminist paradigm. You are akin to classical marxists in this regard, as you are akin to present day cultural marxists when you purport that a state entity should enforce the social outcome of your concepts upon women. While you are diametrically opposite to feminists in narrative content, you are structurally identical: you separate society almost solely along gender lines, find a boogie-man against which to rally (patriarchy and feminism), demonize the gender you are opposed to by imposing upon its entirety the attributes of your boogie-man while being apparently oblivious of any differences that might exist among said gender, etc. etc.

    I don’t believe in gender innate equality myself, but that doesn’t mean I find it necessary to enforce this inequality via social policy. Quite the opposite, if unchecked by the media, state, or any powers that be, society will tend to fall along natural lines by itself.

  • UncleSham

    What I took away from that article is that the best option is to try and impregnate a bunch of sluts and become one of those dead-beat dads that everybody hates. Working hard and having a good career will do nothing but make you reluctant to get involved with women because the risk is too high. If you have nothing to lose than you greatly increase your chances of passing on your genes. Ghetto Blacks are ahead of the times and have the best evolutionary strategy.

  • anony

    Yes, it’s time, maybe past time, for Whites to organize into pro-White groups. After all, our “civil rights” are being trashed at every turn.

    When we are the minority in this country, don’t think for one nano-second that there will be affirmative action for us.