White Anxiety and the Futility of Black Hope

George Yancy and Shannon Sullivan, New York Times, December 5, 2014

This is the third in a series of interviews with philosophers on race that I am conducting for The Stone. This week’s conversation is with Shannon Sullivan, a professor in the department of philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. She is the author of “Good White People: The Problem with Middle-Class White Anti-Racism.” — George Yancy
George Yancy: What motivated you to engage “whiteness” in your work as a philosopher?

Shannon Sullivan: It was teaching feminist philosophy for the first time or two and trying to figure out how to reach the handful of men in the class–white men, now that I think of it. They tended to be skeptical at best and openly hostile at worst to the feminist ideas we were discussing. They felt attacked and put up a lot of defenses. I was trying to see things from their perspective, not to endorse it (it was often quite sexist!), but to be more effective as a teacher. And so I thought about my whiteness and how I might feel and respond in a class that critically addressed race in ways that implicated me personally. Not that race and gender are the same or can be captured through analogies, but it was a first step toward grappling with my whiteness and trying to use it.

What really strikes me now, as I think about your question, is how old I was–around 30–before I ever engaged whiteness philosophically, or personally, for that matter. Three decades where that question never came up and yet the unjust advantages whiteness generally provides white people fully shaped my life, including my philosophical training and work.


G.Y.: For many whites the question of their whiteness never comes up or only comes up when they are much older, as it did in your case. And yet, as you say, there is the accrual of unjust white advantages. What are some reasons that white people fail to come to terms with the fact that they benefit from whiteness?

S.S.: That’s a tough one and there probably are lots of reasons, including beliefs in boot-strap individualism, meritocracy and the like. Another answer, I think, has to do with class differences among white people. A lot of poor white people haven’t benefited as much from whiteness as middle- and upper-class white people have. Poor white people’s “failure” to come to terms with the benefits of their whiteness isn’t as obvious, I guess I’d say. I’m not talking about a kind of utilitarian calculus where we can add up and compare quantities of white advantage, but there are differences.

I’m thinking here of an article I just read in the Charlotte Observer that my new home state of North Carolina is the first one to financially compensate victims of an aggressive program of forced sterilization, one that ran from the Great Depression all the way through the Nixon presidency. (A headline on an editorial in the Observer called the state’s payouts “eugenics checks.”) The so-called feeble-minded who were targeted included poor and other vulnerable people of all races, even as sterilization rates apparently increased in areas of North Carolina as those areas’ black populations increased. My point is that eugenics programs in the United States often patrolled the borders of proper whiteness by regulating the bodies and lives of the white “failures” who were allegedly too poor, stupid and uneducated to do whiteness right.

Even though psychological wages of whiteness do exist for poor white people, those wages pay pennies on the dollar compared to those for financially comfortable white people. So coming to terms with whiteness’s benefits can mean really different things, as can failing to do so. I think focusing the target on middle-class white people’s failure is important. Which might just bring me right back to your question!

G.Y.: And yet for so many poor people of color there is not only the fact that the wages pay less than pennies, as it were, but that black life continues to be valued as less. Is there a history of that racial differential wage between poor whites and poor blacks or people of color?

S.S.:Yes, definitely. Class and poverty are real factors here, but they don’t erase the effects of race and racism, at least not in the United States and not in a lot of other countries with histories (and presents) of white domination. The challenge philosophically and personally is to keep all the relevant factors in play in thinking about these issues. In that complex tangle, you hit the nail on the head when you said that black life continues to be valued as less. Poor white people’s lives aren’t valued for much either, but at least in their case it seems that something went wrong, that there was something of potential value that was lost.

Let’s put it even more bluntly: America is fundamentally shaped by white domination, and as such it does not care about the lives of black people, period. It never has, it doesn’t now, and it makes me wonder about whether it ever will.

Here is an important question: What would it mean to face up to the fact that the United States doesn’t really care much about black people? I think a lot about Derrick Bell’s racial realism nowadays, especially after reading some recent empirical work about the detrimental effects of hope in the lives of black men–hope, that is, that progress against racial discrimination and injustice is being made. How would strategies for fighting white domination and ensuring the flourishing of people of color change if black people gave up that hope? If strategies for living and thriving were pegged to the hard truth that white-saturated societies don’t and might not ever value black lives? Except perhaps as instruments for white people’s financial, psychological and other advantages–we have a long history of that, of course.

G.Y.: We’re all aware of the recent non-indictments of the Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who killed Michael Brown, and the New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner in Staten Island. How do we critically engage people who see this as another blow to black humanity, another blow to hope?

S.S.: It is another blow to black humanity. I don’t see any way around that. And also another blow to hope. But that doesn’t mean that despair is the only alternative. I admit it’s hard to see beyond that dichotomy–hope or despair–and I struggle to see beyond it. But maybe it’s a false dichotomy, pegged to hopes that the legal system, including civil rights struggles, can get us out of this mess. What if we operated instead from the hypothesis that the legal system cannot do this, at least not at this moment in history? One thing that both Ferguson and the failure to indict in the Eric Garner case tell us is that “we” must come up with other alternatives or else “we” (I have to underscore the question of who the “we” is here) risk driving people to violence. Even when “they” don’t necessarily wish to resort to violence, I think that also is important to underscore. I don’t think that anyone particularly wants violence in its own right, but what happens when there aren’t other options to ensure that black people are considered full persons?


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  • WR_the_realist

    I think that sterilizing the feeble minded, a group that includes all advocates of white privilege theory, is still a good idea.

    • SentryattheGate

      I agree. Years ago I worked in some state nursing homes where severely retarded people were kept at a high cost, at taxpayer expense. Nature has a way of culling out genes that should not survive. And I think of wolf packs; where only the alpha male and females breed, thereby improving the gene stock. But, in our society, it’s the opposite! Brings to mind the movie Idiocracy.

      • meanqueen

        Mixed feelings about this. Being a common sensical pragmatist, I can’t argue with it. But I’m also somewhat religious, and have no desire to monkey Hitler’s value system.

        • SentryattheGate

          Yes, I realize it can be a “slippery slope” to offing politically-incorrect people or whomever deemed inconvenient. But, at what point do the healthy, productive people have the right to say “no more taxation”! Atlas shrugged? I propose sterilization in certain cases.

          • 1G25

            “But, at what point do the healthy, productive people have the right to say “no more taxation”!

            Strict voter qualifications, the first being NO WELFARE recipients ( then literacy and civics tests, tax receipts, property and or income, etc.), would more or less take care of the problem.

            Only rowers allowed to steer the boat; not free passengers.

  • “America does not care about the lives of black people. Period.”

    I didn’t used to care, but now I do, though only in a negative sense of the meaning.

    • TruthBeTold

      How much more can we care? How much more can we do?

      We give them everything they tell us will solve their problems but THEIR own solutions never work for them.

    • Reverend Bacon

      It was not suddenly bred; it will not swiftly abate.

  • MekongDelta69

    Look. Over here. In the New York Slimes. Look. It’s two more groveling, self-loathing, guilt-ridden, hypocritical, spineless, White leftists, bemoaning their horrible, horrible, Whiteness.

    • DonReynolds

      Maybe someone will popularize the idea that the only cure for white guilt is suicide. I would gladly pass out the leaflets.

    • Travis Lee

      Not theirs, YOURS.

  • WR_the_realist

    Why should we whites care any more about black children, black women, and other black men than the typical black man does?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Zing. Cant blacks realize that they come from maternal societies and it is unnatural for the men to care about the woman or vice versa. WT, the great babysitter of the maternal races

      • Daniel

        I have never heard of that idea before. (I am also new around here.) Can you point me to some reading about maternal societies?

        • LHathaway

          Anything by Jane Goodall. Wait. . slight mix-up there. Margaret Mead. I honestly confused there names.

          • Kenner

            Your encapsulation of ‘the traditional view’ is priceless. And accurate.

      • alex

        It remains me about social behavior of the lion pride. It would explain high rate of co-sleeping deaths in the black “community” and high rates of violence perpetrated by black males against their girlfriends children sired by other men.

      • 1G25

        Maybe “matriarchal?”

    • dukem1

      No one cares less about “disadvantaged” blacks than “advantaged” blacks.

  • pcmustgo

    I want to hear this professor talk more about “middle class white anti-racists” she dislikes. I dislike them to.

  • TruthBeTold

    They tended to be skeptical at best and openly hostile at worst to the
    feminist ideas we were discussing. They felt attacked and put up a lot
    of defenses

    Considering the article published by Rolling Stones concerning an alleged gang rape at UVA white males have every reason to be skeptical of feminist ideology.

  • DaveMed

    America… does not care about the lives of black people, period.

    What’s that saying? The bigger the lie…

    This is flat-out false. Every other news story that has come out in the past few months has either explicitly or implicitly placed more value on Black lives than on White ones.

    • Christorchaos

      Darren Wilson. Mike Brown. Same facts except: Brown is white.
      The incident does not even get written up in Brown’s local paper.


  • anony

    “America does not care about the lives of black people… .”

    Correct. This American does not care about them.

    • alex

      To assorted liberals, protesters, Rams players, Michael Brown’s Mother™ and Michael Brown’s alleged Stepfather (patent pending):
      Black lies don’t matter!

    • Alucard_the_last

      In all honestly, even they all died, I wouldn’t blink an eye. I literally care more about animals in medical test labs than blacks. We don’t have to care about them. That is our choice not some flunky who can’t get a real job.

      • anony

        I need to correct my statement above: I do care about blacks.

        I care that they commit the vast majority of violent crime in our country, that they rape our women, they kill our parents, children, and our peers; they cost us vast amounts of money which could be put to scientific advancements, they destroy our once beautiful cities, they make our cities unsafe to live in, they cannot be reasoned with, and they are destroying my once wonderful country which was built by my forefathers.

        I care about blacks.

        • meanqueen

          I think you mean to say, you care about the “black effect.” 🙂

      • LeonNJ

        I feel deep sadness when I see animals on their last legs compared to certain types of people. Animals always seem too innocent and pure to die in my mind. Half of Africa could sink underwater, but I would still go about my normal business.

        • meanqueen

          I do too, I would save a dog or a cat from drowing before I would save certain humans (and that includes some lower life forms who happen to be white as well).

        • Alucard_the_last

          I would be very upset if half of Africa would sink. Think of all the animals. I would love to have a horrible plague that would kill off 100% of the homo erectus who now occupy sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Here’s how you can tell Shannon Sullivan is about six beers short of a six pack:

    What really strikes me now, as I think about your question, is how old I was–around 30–before I ever engaged whiteness philosophically, or personally, for that matter. Three decades where that question never came up and yet the unjust advantages whiteness generally provides white people fully shaped my life, including my philosophical training and work.

    Usually, the age of 30 is when people start setting aside juvenile delusions. So goes the old saw of those under 30 who are conservative have no heart and those over who are liberal have no brain. Yet, this one doubled down on her crackpot anti-white ideology once she passed 30.

    • phorning

      She seems perplexed by the idea that there are white men who are resistant to the suggestion that they are horrible people simply for being white men. This could only happen in university setting.

    • meanqueen

      Perhaps she felt an attack of reason coming on in her later age, and she had to double down in her efforts to keep it at bay.

  • Christorchaos

    America “does not care about the lives of black people, period.”

    Well, if that’s true, Africa doesnt care about black lives, period either. Just look at mortality rates:

    • Reynardine

      Mang doze white statissics be rayciss and sheet.

    • Who Me?

      I just can’t figure out why I should care about black people’s lives when THEY don’t care about their own people’s lives. Let them all go to hell in a hand basket together, OR they can stand up and do something about their own crop of mental patients, thugs, welfare parasites and ne-er do wells. I’m tired of paying for whites to take care of them, or keep us safe from the worst of them (in prisons).

      • Christorchaos

        And they *really* dont care about white people’s lives. Thats clear.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      All I can say is WOW. Thanks to Obama American is really falling behind in a lot of areas.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      We never should have stopped calling it the Dark Continent. It’s always been apt.

  • Given the rate of black-on-black murder, it appears that even blacks don’t care about the lives of black people. “Period.”

  • D.B. Cooper

    I care more about the lives of black people than I do whites who idolize the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, and teachers who hold classes on how to combat white privilege.

  • je suis paganisme

    These people are ghosts, floating above the earth, unconnected to anything real.

    They have no human, physical feelings. Everything is in some austere, sterile mental realm.

    They would never fight, really fight, with blood and guts, for anything.

    They would never have any romantic feelings for the opposite sex–that is too earthy.

    They are utterly incapable of the fury of a mother bear protecting her young; they probably are too “enlightened” to bow to the indignity of being pregnant; and to protect one’s own offspring is so unfair to the offspring of others.

  • superlloyd

    Deluded, self hating, white middle class guilt like this pile of manure makes me want to hurl. Unjust white advantages show up in incontrovertible facts such as the white bell curve, as compared to the black, and the fact that whites have created great civilisations whilst blacks have never risen beyond primitive stone age technology and tribalism.

    By the way, whites may be indifferent to black lives but they don’t go round killing blacks as the negroes are quite capable of doing that without YT’s help.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    If white people are somehow unique and evil in not caring about people from another race as much as their own, then why do we see far more whites currently protesting over Mike Brown and Eric Garner then we’ve ever seen blacks protesting over the numerous, senseless incidents of whites being brutally murdered by blacks?

    If white people are somehow unique and evil in not caring about people from another race as much as their own, then why do we see white nations opening their doors to immigration so that poor black people can have better lives in Europe and America, but we don’t see black nations offering a lifeboat to white Zimbabweans or South Africans?

    If white people are somehow unique and evil in not caring about people from another race as much as their own, then why do white nations disproportionately aid black nations compared to all other nations of the world?

    I could go on-and-on with examples easily disproving this moonbat’s assertion that whites are somehow unique and evil in not caring about people from other races as much as their own. Hell, I even wish I was wrong and that this “philosopher” is correct that whites only care about their own; but, alas, this lady’s opinion is completely altered by her oppressor-victim worldview as it pertains to both white-black and men-women.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      What’s a “White Nation” anymore?

  • connorhus

    What’s funny is you can see their argument changing now. The White guilt isn’t working on an ever growing segment of Whites so they adjusted to the White Privilege tactic. Now that is failing especially with the lower middle and poor Whites, as it should. So they are adjusting again attempting to lay it only on the upper middle and rich Whites. Their thinking is obvious. If they can get the lower classes to accept it for a fraction of the Whites as true then they can label all Whites with it much more easily.

    Don’t fall for it. This is showing their message is failing.

  • CallahanAuto

    “America does not care about the lives of black people.” I don’t even know what Sullivan means. Who is she talking about? It sounds like she’s talking about everyone. Does that include the Koreans and the Hispanics?

    When this lady says something this sweeping, she is putting the posters at AmRen in the same boat as “middle class anti-racists.” We all don’t care. Alrighty, then. I’m sure the social justice warriors disagree! Or maybe they agree “deep down inside,” and they wear the shame of their racism like a cilice. Self-flagellation makes them feel better about it all.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I’m too busy about worrying about my own life than to worry about some rotten bum who lives on the sweat of the working class while popping out baby after baby, dropping out of school, uses drugs and alcohol and whines ‘racism’ every time the wind blows. To hell with them.

  • John

    Those idiots can’t possibly be unaware of the following….
    1. Blacks are seven times more likely to commit murder than other races, eight times more likely to commit robbery, and three times as likely to use a gun. Forty five percent of Black violent crime is against Whites while forty three percent is against Blacks and ten percent against Hispanics. Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White person than vice versa and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
    2. In the 513 days between the Trayvon shooting and the Zimmerman verdict, 11106 blacks were murdered by other blacks.
    3. In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man. Statistics from the Department of Justice document “Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005”.
    4. According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, the leading cause of deaths among young black people, both men and women, are other, young black men.
    But, on the other hand, they probably are.

    • A Freespeechzone


      They DON’T CARE about FACTS!

      Specifically facts that prove they are wrong.

      • Mary

        And many deny they are even facts. They believe they are fabricated by a “racist” criminal justice system in their quest to destroy black men, or some such deluded garbage.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      They are COMPLETELY unaware, because anti-racism leftists actively suppress the spread of information like that to their followers. When it does come up, they will, indeed, try for some argument that the numbers are systematically fudged. When the idea of a discrepancy in crime rates comes up, the number one argument is that blacks are convicted more often on minor drug charges that whites get away with, and this explains much of why so many black men are in prison.

      Lay these numbers on a young liberal, and they will REEL, even if they don’t outwardly betray shock or confusion.

  • Luca

    If you could read this entire article, congratulations. You have a high tolerance for massive doses of Bovine Scat.

    • 4321realist


      I didn’t have to read it know what kind of nonsense it contained. The news source has only one view on things.

    • none of your business

      I couldn’t read past the first two sentences. We have heard all this before, many, many times.

  • B.A_2014

    I read up until the “feminist” part, then I skipped to the comments section.

  • Conrad

    “… is how old I was–around 30–before I ever engaged whiteness philosophically, or personally, for that matter.”

    How old will she be before she philosophically engages her mindlessness?

  • Alexandra1973

    It’s pretty hard to care about a group that’s bent on wreaking havoc.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    At one time I was proud of my distant relatives. Having crossed the Atlantic with little but the clothes on their backs they forged a better life for themselves. Now I’m being told all the hardships they faced were not real “hardships” but they succeeded because of “white privilege”? Really?


      “White Privilege” is White Hate, and nothing more!

    • Mary

      Yes, taming a wilderness, growing crops and sometimes starving, fighting hostile Indians, founding cities and towns, building roads and other infrastructure, founding schools and businesses, establishing government and a criminal justice system, et al. This was all nothing; success was actually all about White Privilege. How could we have been so deluded all these years to believe our ancestors actually accomplished something?

    • Alexandra1973

      Look at it this way–no way blacks could have survived, not with their jungle mentality. It would have been more of a hardship for blacks.

      Not that there were no hardships. We’re just better-equipped to deal with them.

  • 4321realist

    “America “does not care about the lives of black people, period.”

    Yes, and integration has been a total failure, mostly because of incredibly high black crime rates, propensity for violence, black on white mob attacks, and the abysmal personalities of blacks, who are being judged on the content of their characters.

    It is time to separate. The experiment failed….once again.

    Here are two options: Let us secede without having to fight a civil war; or segregate blacks into their own territories.

    The only thing we know for sure is that blacks cannot integrate with anybody least of all white people.

    • DonReynolds

      Why not BOTH……secede and segregate?

  • Truthseeker

    The more magnanimous we are toward Blacks, the more hatred gets directed toward us.

  • Reynardine

    “Let’s put it even more bluntly: America is fundamentally shaped by white
    domination, and as such it does not care about the lives of black
    people, period. It never has, it doesn’t now, and it makes me wonder
    about whether it ever will.”

    I love how I agree with the author about that. We just disagree on if it’s a problem (it’s not).

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Judging by the comments, this column had quite a few true gems of stupidity. I wouldn’t know. I made it as far as “I was teaching feminist philosophy” and zoned out.

    • Reynardine

      Wow you made it farther than I did. I think you get a prize.

  • stedman holder

    I don’t care about mexcians either.

    • LexiconD1

      I second that.

    • Kenner

      Ah, a Dennis Miller reference!

  • dd121

    Considering how the lefties want to railroad these white cops that seems to be a one-way street. White lives matter.

  • Simonetta

    The interesting thing about this discussion is that the academics are starting to think in terms of ‘whiteness’. Which is a consciousness-raising exercise even when framed inside the ridiculous notion of ‘white privilege’. From the point of actually acknowledging that ‘whiteness’ exists, it is a short journey to racial realism.

    “White privilege” is not a social standing of a group of people above the norm of society. It is the basic mean point of all civilized societies as a standard of comportment, attitude, and general behavior. It only looks like elevated privilege when compared to the fundamental dis-functionality of American Black culture.

    Sterilizing and eugenics have a bad reputation because the Germans used them as an excuse to murder the most productive minorities (the Jews) of their country and their occupied territories back in the 1940s. Germans are a psychopathic people by nature (they can’t tell right from wrong) and require good moral leaders in order to be civilized people. In the 1930s and 1940s, they didn’t have good moral leaders and subsequently engaged in the most horrific acts of modern times. Things are different now. The questions of sterilization and eugenics should be reexamined.

    • meanqueen

      I’ve always felt that Hitler tainted all the best strategies.

  • An open letter to Shannon Sullivan:

    You premise your thoughts on a foundation of mush, madam. The idea that I, a white male, should devote any of my scarce time and energy to thinking about or caring about the black race in an altruistic way is pure unadulterated cow manure.

    I owe blacks nothing. Yet you demand that I “care”. What gives you the right to make that demand? You assume that I should care. What nerve.

    You claim to be a philosopher? No, Socrates was a philosopher. You’re a race baiter, fixated on your own little obsession with do-goodism. The problem is you can’t see beyond your rose colored academic glasses. Do-goodism has unintended consequences that are often far worse than the problem you do-gooders tried to solve with you minds of mush.

    Your poorly developed mind, which you admit is a feminist mind, makes the outrageous claim that the death of Michael Brown was a blow to “black humanity.” In all seriousness, madam, have you seen a psychiatrist recently? You might want to think about it because you’re either stupid, evil, or mentally ill. I can’t tell which.

    You demand that white America do something–you don’t say what–to recognize blacks as “full persons.” Well, full persons take responsibility for their own actions. As a feminist, you blame white males for every societal ill, and as an anti-racist you blame white males for every societal ill.

    Well, I blame you, madam. You and you inferior mind pushed blacks into arson, assault, and general mayhem. You pushed blacks to murder a Bosnian man with hammers. You did it by saying that blacks are NOT responsible for their actions.

    In a way you’re right. Blacks are what they are. Thousands of years behind whites and Asians on an evolutionary scale. It’s why they must be put onto reservations or repatriated to Africa where they can live according to their natures, wallowing in the filth of mud huts and eating monkey brains.

    You, madam, should consider a new career. All you’re doing is making things worse for white people who just want to be left the hell alone. If karmic justice applies, then what goes around comes around. May you reap what you have been sowing.

    • Who Me?

      “May you reap what you have been sowing.”–bigone4u
      Times three

  • Caucasoid88

    How did George Yancy, Ph.D. get into Yale graduate school to major in philosophy after only going for cum laude at Pittsburgh U during undergrad?

  • ‘my new home state of North Carolina’

    DAMMIT! Stop moving down here!

    • 1G25

      And stay the hell out of Texas.

  • Evette Coutier

    I am a sponsor of a music ensemble at a local high school. I attended their concert tonight. It was 98 percent white with a few Asians. The attendees were polite and well dressed. During intermission a group of black parents stood down the hall. They were there supporting the athletic program. They were loud and poorly dressed. You could see the annoyance on the faces of a number of whites, and especially the Asians. We do have a white society where white standards of behavior are, or at least were, expected. Liberals confuse privilege with black inability to act civilized.

  • Jeff Traube

    Perhaps if they Repatriated to Africa, or moved to Segregated areas, Negros would not need to lament their lives are valued less – or be envious of, and hostile towards, Caucasians.

  • TL2014

    I’m not sure what’s more tragic – that so many people actually believe this manure or that at some point, this country will fall apart.

  • 1G25

    “…but what happens when there aren’t other options to ensure that black people are considered full persons?”

    When blacks act like “full persons,” they naturally will be considered “full persons.”

    Who here doesn’t respect Dr Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, or other just plain excellent human beings of black descent ?

    • Roninf9

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,”

      That is true but not all males are men. If you are going to act like an uncivilized brute you lose your status as a man and therefore don’t deserve the benefits and protections of the civilization created by real men.

    • none of your business

      I used to listen to Larry Elder’s talk show and I liked it. I detest Ben Carson the affirmative action job thief who stole a medical school placement and a job from a more qualified White man. Any black who like Carson who is lauded by O’Reilly and Hannity cannot be good in my opinion. Carson wants to run for the Presidency on an anti abortion platform. If abortion had been criminalized back in 1978 the black percentage of the population would be 36 instead of 12.5 percent.
      Do all you Christian conservatives want that?

      • meanqueen

        Christian conservatives are not thinking it through. I wasn’t aware that Carson got into med school on affirmative action. Where did you hear that?

      • Urbane Neanderthal

        I’d really like to talk to some of Dr Carson’s white colleagues to find out if he was promoted to the youngest director of pediatric neurosurgery to get him out of the operating room.

        At 33 he would have barely been out of residency (training) when he got the promotion.

        At the very least that was an AA promotion, but could very well have been a opportunity to get him in an office instead of an OR.

        Either way people should know about his violent nature. Typical African…

        “Despite his academic successes, Ben Carson still had a raging temper that translated into violent behavior as a child. One time he tried to hit his mother with a hammer because she disagreed with his choice of clothes. Another time, he inflicted a major head injury on a classmate in a dispute over a locker. In a final incident, Ben nearly stabbed to death a friend after arguing over a choice of radio stations.”

        From biography dot com

  • Roninf9

    White Privilege = High IQ, future time orientation, capacity for creative abstract thought, ability to cooperate in small or large groups, instinct for tight family units, everything needed to create and maintain 1st World Civilization.

    Unconscious Racism = Noticing that most non-Whites lack White privilege and being made uncomfortable by it.

    Latent Racism = Expecting non-Whites to conform to the standards of behavior set by White Privilege.

    Over Racism = The desire to be around others with White Privilege.

    Naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews = Punishing or forcibly excluding non-Whites that fail to conform to the standards of behavior set by White Privilege and therefore preserve 1st World Civilization.

  • Scott Rosen

    “America ‘does not care about the lives of black people, period.'”
    I don’t.

    • meanqueen

      I don’t either, but no one cares less than white libtards.

  • Kenner

    ‘White Ignorance at the Core of Racial Tensions’ — piece at Huffpo by a Dale Hanson.
    The vast majority of commenters weren’t buying another white guilt missive, made no bones about it, and got tons of up-votes.

  • Chris

    Lets try a Liberia resettlement plan part II.

  • ViktorNN

    The most obvious solution is never discussed.


    It’s not unimaginable. Countries come and go. Borders are drawn and redrawn.

    We need a white Nation where we can be free and proud once again.

  • MannyR

    Once again the New York Times stirring up racial hatred and crapping on this country. I could once again point out who runs and sits on the editorial board of this Commie rag but I’m sure the AR moderator would delete my comments quickly. So I guess I guess I’ll just say it’s mislead whites writing this rubbish.

  • brior

    “but it was a first step toward grappling with my whiteness and trying to use it.”
    Tim Wise clone.

  • DonReynolds

    Ms Fem completely miss the point.
    Americans do not undervalue black lives. If anything they overvalue black lives and cultivate them like fish farms…..at great public expense.
    What Americans do not value is the lives of violent criminals. Why they are taken alive by the police is still something of a mystery. Why we spend so much effort in a show trial before sentencing them is another mystery. If you resist arrest, the police will insist in taking you into custody…..that means they will use force and they will use as much as they believe is necessary to prevail. If you convince them that you are a mortal danger to others, they may use lethal force on you too. Nothing personal.

  • Spikeygrrl

    If negroes would only BEHAVE like Human beings (I’m not holding my breath, but just suppose) most of us would treat them like Humans. Simple, neh?

    But as long as they keep acting like wild animals, most of us will keep treating them like wild animals.

    • Bobbala

      They made the mistake of asking to be judged on the content of their character.

      • Evette Coutier

        Cha ching.

  • RexRazor

    True. Couldn’t care less about the takers. They contribute almost nothing and, generally, hate all America stands for. Very sorry my ancestors died in a war that sprung the savages from their well deserved bondage.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    I got as far as the words “teaching feminist philosophy” …

    • Alexandra1973

      Stopped reading there, huh? LOL Crazy leftists, think everyone’s equal…no two *individuals* are equal.

  • LHathaway

    She’s a feminist and her name is really SS? There must be a lot of ‘feminists’ for them to be able to dig her up. . .

  • Da Troof

    “America does not care about the lives of black people. Period.”
    Caring is generally expensive and fruitless, so yes.

    • Malgus

      Why should I care about those who not only do not care about me, but actively want me and mine to not exist?

      The closest I get to “caring” about blacks is when I hear of a black-on-black shooting, resulting in one or more black fatalities. My “caring” is mostly “Well, that’s one more I won’t have to worry about.”

  • Dave West

    Black gang-bangers run a drive-by shooting and kill three other blacks at a bus stop:
    “It sad, but dem boyz jus doin’ dey thang”

    Black thug robs store, punches cop, tries to take cops gun and gets killed by white police officer:
    “burn dis b**** down!” “burn dis b**** down!” “burn dis b**** down!”

  • Bobbala

    Every place they go becomes what they fled.

  • Lkoehn

    I will will worry about blacks when they start worrying about themselves. When they start finishing school. When they take responsibility for their children. When they get jobs and get off welfare. When they speak English. When crime in the black community goes down. There were over 500 days between Trayvon Martin’s death and Michael Browns. In that time over 11,000 blacks died at the hands of other blacks.When blacks care as much about that as they do an occasional death at the hands of a white person I’ll worry about them more.

  • ElComadreja

    Well, speaking for myself, I couldn’t care less about black lives.

  • Evette Coutier

    Why should we care about them? They sure don’t give a darn about us.

  • RexRazor

    How does Sullivan continue living and breathing with her unbearable whiteness? Philospher? Ha! What a pathetic worthless silly c*nt. Sadly no doubt tenured.

  • 4teepee

    The New York Times article is an attempt at diversion. Obama does not care about blacks. He is black bourgeois. He wants to give their jobs to immigrants.