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  • dd121

    I’m with you Geert.

  • anony

    I must admit, listening to this modern-day Charlemagne brought tears to my eyes.

    He struck every point we are all making on this site, saving our people, our culture, our history. France for the French! Enough of the interlopers.

    Where is the American Geert Wilders?

    • phorning

      “All those who refuse to adapt to our values, expel them and never let them back!” We have yet to hear an American politician say something like that.

      • Anna Tree

        Actually that’s the problem.
        It’s more than about value. It’s about race!

        French talk about their culture and their food. As if a Mauritanian who appreciates Voltaire and eats French Cuisine is French.
        Similarly, some Americans think that if immigrants talk English, celebrates Hallowe’en and seem to praise the American Constitution, then they are Americans.

        But it’s not correct.

        Race realism is what is missing in France and all white countries.
        Race is the issue.

        Genetics/race are not discussed. French policies for example are “color-blind” so no affirmative action but since non-whites are poorer or grouped in certain poorer areas, they still get their goodies, a lot of goodies.

        European politicians are light years ahead of our politicians but they still only speaks about consequences and not causes: they talk about economics, crimes, sovereignty but also the wish to “feel home” and so wanting the others to integrate (wishful thinking) but not about race.

        In the history books when I was young, we read “Nos ancestres les Gaulois” (our ancestors the Gauls) (not anymore) but some/many French are a mixed of European people, because of wars I presume but especially near the borders (even actually being not French, for example like the Alsace Loraine who are more Germans than French). People stayed mostly in their own areas (Charentais in the Charentes, Bretons in Bretagne etc) but in the last century some moved and mixed in the big cities and now move around in the country. Diversity is not only mixing with other races but also mixing the different groups in the country, it’s also sad to me (not as much of course, but still a pity.)

        I wonder sometimes if whites know they are whites only because non-whites cursed them that way. Maybe these kicks are saving us.

        We are I think a bit less homogeneous than yesteryear Sweden and some other Northern and North-Eastern Europeans. We do have a common identity, a strong and proud one but it’s mostly linguistic, patriotic and cultural. The other Southern Europeans suffered even more, by conquests by the jihadis. The French suffer this only today but even before, French was like North Italy, a mix with Northern and Southern neighbors.

        Sorry I didn’t mean to be that long on this, I just wanted to say that in the French culture, and not only recently, at least a few centuries already if not more, there is a tradition of mixing with others, mainly with other Europeans but also with other races, everywhere they went and so lately in the colonies in North Africa, Africa, Quebec etc.
        It’s why maybe it is harder for even Le Pen to say things more bluntly, even racialist, about immigration or miscegenation. Not only because of ww2.

        Many French still think foreigners can integrate and they still don’t want to hear about or can’t understand what race has to do with their problem or at least that numbers of foreigners matter.

        To really be saved, as whites, I think France needs more Alain de Benoist and Jean Raspail, more made in France Jared Taylor, Rushton or Francis. We need race realist intellectuals.

        Some say when the French will be race realists, then the race realist intellectuals will come. I don’t think so. I think Le Pen only reflects what the French think but it’s the French intellectuals who can channel those thoughts. Same for the rest of Europe.
        Then a real pan-Europeism can be born. E.U. is a travesty, a disaster and suicidal of it as long as race is not understood and honored.

        Geert Wilders seems closer to understand this than Marine or at least more overt or more desesperate. His message therefor is easier to grasp, less politically correct and closer to our hearts here.

        I couldn’t help but see Marine didn’t applaude when Geert spoke about mass-immigration and islam. Maybe a coincidence, maybe a political move until after she is elected.

        • LHathaway

          You’re exactly right.

        • David Ashton

          Less the case than it used to be.

          • Anna Tree

            You will have to help me here lol, could you expand a bit?

          • David Ashton

            See above.

          • David Ashton

            Many French people are more aware politically of the significance of race than in the past when cultural allegiance was the criterion.

          • Anna Tree

            I hope you are right.

    • Sick of it

      Charlemagne drove them out. He did not ask nicely.

      • Speedy Steve

        Carolus Hammer drove them south to the Pyrenees. After that El Cid took over and drove them toward Gibraltar. Ferdinand and Isabella finally rid Spain of all of them. Then General Sobieski drove the Ottoman horde from Vienna in the late 17th Century. And The Battle of Lepanto ought never be forgotten. Islam has terrorized Europe before and lost. It might come down to Putin nuking Mecca with Beijing’s blessing, but he will not wait for President Hussein’s blessing.

        • throttler

          There is a movie that I recommend to people on other sites that I think should be shown in schools (if the schools were not run by leftist idiots). It is called Day Of The Siege, and it is about the Polish defeating the muslims in Vienna.

      • BulgAryan

        Before them all was the Bulgarian Emperor Tervel, a.k.a. St. Tribellius Teoctist – the first foreign ruler to be declared Caesar of the Roman Empire by Justinian II in 705.

        Declared Savior of Europe by western chroniclers after the Bulgarian army crushed the 2,500 ships and 200,000 men strong Arab army led by Maslama ibn Abd al-Malik, brother of the Umayyad caliph Sulayman during the Siege of Constantinople in 718.

        The victory of Leo III led coalition of Byzantines, Bulgarians, Khazars and Armenians over the armies of the Caliphate stopped the spread of Islam on the eastern border of Asia Minor for the next 6 centuries. It precedes and is not inferior of historic significance than the battle of Tours and Poitiers in 732.

        • Guest


        • Sick of it

          I agree with you completely. Byzantium was the bulwark protecting Europe from the muslim savages for centuries. I have always preferred Byzantine ways to Latin ways…they even had iconoclasts for a while. My kind of people.

          • Juggernaut3000

            Just as Germany was the bulwark protecting Europe from the Red Menace to the East.

            We and the Brits destroyed the bulwark allowing communism and cultural marxism to spread to the West like a metastasizing cancer.

          • Sick of it

            We should have done what the freikorps originally set out to do and destroyed Communism in its entirety wherever it could be found.

        • BulgAryan

          Emperor Tervel, a.k.a. St. Tribellius Teoctist – the Savior of Europe

    • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

      I hope that this speech will one day be looked back upon as the beginning of the grand European awakening. My best wishes to all the patriots of Europe!

      • me

        From your lips to God’s ear…

      • LHathaway

        I was hoping you were talking about Anna’s speech. . . .

        • Anna Tree

          LOL Thank you for your compliment, LHathaway.

    • Paleoconn

      Patrick Buchanan. Jeff Sessions.

    • Speedy Steve

      Clyde Wilson. Srdja Trifkovic. The writings of Russell Kirk, Samuel Francis, et al. Put not your trust in princes in sons of men in whom there is no salvation.

  • DaveMed

    Several of his points were strongly reminiscent of that video from the Swedish Democratic Youth. Some sentences were practically quotes.

    He is a true leader.

  • Bryan Dennis

    I just feel it in my bones, this message would resonate LOUDLY with white Americans. If we could just get a rich politician who would be as courageous and candid as Geert Wilders, I think he could galvanize the whole country and be a wild success.

    • Singingbird1

      I think that it is only a matter of time that it happens in the U.S.Patriots in the U.K. would like to see this as we always looked on the U.S. as a mighty opposition to the Left wing and it is shocking to hear that the left wing is getting strong across the pond.

  • “Enough is enough.” Right you are, Mr. Wilders.

    I hope his body guards are big white guys and that his medical insurance and life insurance are paid up. The left’s assassins must be salivating at the thought of killing him. They have no qualms about murdering millions of Euros, so what’s one politician to them. Stay safe, Mr. Wilders. And keep speaking truth.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Brilliant — for his words, for the image of a Dutchman in Paris addressing the French National Front in French. A true European. Wilders also speaks English fluently.

    • IstvanIN

      Not to sound petty but the obviously fake blond hair freaks me out. Is he trying to look more Dutch? Not all Dutch people have blond hair. Queen Beatrix had dark hair but her son, King Willem-Alexander, is a blond. Just something that makes me suspicious.

      • me

        Boy, are you mind controlled! “…blonde hair freaks me out”. It’s not fake. And it shouldn’t ‘freak you out’.

        • DaveMed

          Um… are you sure about that?

          • me

            Real. Even if it were fake, why does blonde hair freak any White person out?! Weird….

          • DaveMed

            I’m not a huge fan of bleached-blond hair.

  • LeonNJ

    Le Pen looks better for France than that sleazy looking Sarkozy man from UMP.

    • me

      Sarkozy. Amish. Nuff said.

      • NotAnEskimo

        Come on, if you blame Europe’s problems on the “Amish” (yeah we all get it), that’s just as stupid as blacks blaming their problems on racism, or people in Thailand blaming a crop failure on ghosts. No, if Europeans are messing up, it’s because of Europeans, not “Amish”.

        • me

          NotAnEskimo. Yeah, right….

        • I used to think that way, but it is not so simple.

          If a malicious hypnotist or psychologist trains a person to be self harming (or suicidal), the view by an ordinary observer would be that the person is doing it all to themselves.

          However, without the malicious conditioning, they would not be in such dire straits.

          It cannot be wholly blamed, but it cannot be removed from the equation we are all in.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Who are the malicious jewish mass hypnotists? I knew a guy named morty schwartz in high school who was clever and persuasive, but I wouldn’t jump off a bridge had he urged me to do so.

          • It is unfortunate that you do not seem to understand what the situation is with these influential people, do not seem to understand the analogy and thus choose to mockingly imply that it is down to individual events or individual people.

            If you ever graduate into understanding what is taking place (and learn how to put this issue into its correct context as part of the tapestry of what is happening in the world) give me a shout and then we can have a more serious discussion.

        • Anna Tree

          It’s because of Europeans and Jews, the common denominator being liberal leftist/communist/anti-white/globalist/anarchist with many naive “useful idiots” as usual.

          If we think the problem is the Jews then I think we didn’t completely understand our enemy/problem and the disaster can happen again in a few generations even without Jews.

          We need to check our pathological altruism and we need to explain to our descendants race realism and we need to (re)instill in them pride in the white race and heritage and (re)teach them our achievements. No more Mandela until they know about Washington, no more African drums until they know the violin, the piano etc, no more zumba until they know the waltz etc etc

      • Robert Marchenoir

        Even in Nazi Germany, Sarkozy would have been considered legally non-Jewish. He only has one Jewish grandparent.

        I find it offensive (not to mention stupid) that in a post-Nazi world, one would try to be more Nazi than the Nazis themselves.

        Last Monday, a Jewish couple was home-jacked near Paris, and the wife was raped. At least one of the three armed thugs was black, all of them had an immigrant background, and they made it clear that their victims were targeted because they were Jewish.

        Siding with such people is beyond the pale.

        • me

          Listen, drama queen, I’m talking about the extremely disproportionate influence of the ‘chosen’ on world politics. You’re talking about some feral Negroes attacking random Amish–like they should only attack the dumb goyim. Who’s the Nazi???

  • NoMosqueHere

    I like Geert Wilders; but I am puzzled by Marine Le Pen. She has long ceased to incriminate Islam and now attacks “crime” and “immigration” without providing details. Sometimes she may denounce “calls to jihad” and “fundamentalism”, but takes care not to go beyond that. Although she criticizes Qatar or Saudi Arabia, she says that France should become an “ally” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and asks her “fellow Muslims” to join her fight against “American globalism and its Islamist allies”. She is also an ardent supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah.

    • DaveMed

      When has she supported Hamas or Hezbollah?

      I thought that she simply said that she did not want to import the Israel/Palestinian conflict into France?

  • Yves Vannes

    France is a lost cause. Sarko will simply continue what Hollande has been doing. He’ll simply go about it more quietly. Le Pen wants out of the EU but she is hard core anti American, anti corporation, anti traditional culture in the true sense of the word. Like a lot of “conservatives” she likes the status quo or maybe something that existed a decade or two earlier. Anything beyond that is considered extremist. She will slow down muslim immigration but she won’t crack down on the activities of muslims who already are in France. Demographics will still ruin France.

    • B.A_2014

      How do you think this will play out? Do you think NF, the people’s party and their comrades in every other European state will win the election and ask the planters to go home? Europe will burn, one way or another. I prefer it happens sooner, while we still have a demographic advantage. Not to mention that nearly all those trained in the use of firearms and combat in are white. The UK forces are overwhelmingly white, as I am sure are those in France, Germany etc. If Europe does not implode, we will continue to sleep walk into the abyss. Things will get very ugly before they get better.

      • Yves Vannes

        I think the EU will break up into 2 units: there will be a northern block (the advanced industrialized block) and a southern block(the mediterranean block). I believe France will be the leader of the Mediterranean block. They will halt/slow immigration but they will continue to decay economically, culturally and demographically . The attitude to free enterprise in France is probably the worst of any major economic power. The Med block will keep the Euro and the northern bloc will either form another currency block or go back to their own national currencies. Demographically, the northern block will remain “European” while the Med block will see a steady rise in arabs and africans. Of all the children being born in France right now 35% are either N. African or African. In Ile de France it’s 67%.

        Somewhere down the road I expect the Northern block will fight a war with the Med block. Once formed, the Northern block will quickly grow a GDP that will at least double the GDP of the Med block. Wealth, culture, race and other differences will lead to chaos and war.

        Here in the US, we will have some of the same problems. We will lose the SW to Aztlan and blacks and whites will segregate in much the same way that Hindus and Muslims did when Pakistan was formed. Both will require a lot of spilt blood. My hope is that whites don’t end up fighting another civil war amongst themselves: instead of the Blue and the Gray we get the Blue and the Red. If we do fragment, it will be the Rockies and the Plain States that will dominate politically. The bi-coastal centers of power will be greatly weakened if not destroyed. I don’t think any of this is avoidable.

    • James Mayer

      The youth of the country will be one-third non-European in 20 years. Think the people are going to put up with what they’ve been subjected to for another two decades? The French seem the most angry and organised about what’s being done to their homeland of any European peoples. We have plenty of time…

  • Weisheit77

    It’s nice to hear. I was just in the Netherlands this summer again. It’s a really nice place and as someone who lives on the I-95 corridor in between NYC and DC I must say if it’s as bad as some of the people who claim Europe is doomed are saying, they do a really good job of hiding diversity. I’ve been through there a few times now and their countryside is much less diverse than ours is. Oh, and the people…

    Although my passport says I’m an American, my heart lies in Europe. The plight of Europe troubles me deeply.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I love this guy ^^^

  • Anna Tree

    they can use the tools of the liberals/communists/pro-diversity in
    Bruxelles, to merge and fight them back: if nationalist parties (with
    pro-white tendency, I wish it was much more) cannot win the power in their countries, they can
    unite and form a strong European front and change the European politics,
    and therefor their countries’ politics, from within the E.U..

  • me


  • superlloyd

    But the africans and muslims embrace it when it suits their economic needs and pay lip service to it when they are minorities. This is what fools the libtard, useful idiots.

  • James Mayer

    NOW we’re getting somewhere. And as France, so the global North in due course…

  • Anna Tree

    “Across the pond” is the US, not the UK 🙂
    Singingbird1 was talking about the US’s left wing getting stronger.

    • Singingbird1

      Although I am a layman in this subject,I think it is a subject of Biology which is Universal.I mean,it is a Biological truth that the host body will eventually reject and repel the invader.
      I mean when one hurts oneself through a splinter and it can’t be removed,the host body pusses up and spits it out.And that is what is going to happen and no Politician can prevent it.That is Nature.
      So I shall not be pessimistic anymore about the future of the West.
      And I almost forgot to say that we are the White corpuscules.

  • David Ashton

    I would like to add the four nations of Britain to the consensus.

  • Paleoconn

    The French have balls that we don’t have. I have a theory that their resistance in WW 2 was so weak because most of them knew which side was the good side.