Non-Natives Pressured to Leave Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve

Montreal News, August 15, 2014

About 200 people living on the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve are being pressured to move out because they are in violation of a ban on non-natives living in the territory.

The reserve has had a moratorium on mixed marriages for more than three decades, after a policy on “marrying out” was created in 1981.

It’s now renewing efforts to enforce that ban and keep non-natives off Mohawk land.

The names on the list include natives and the non-natives they are in relationships with.

“The people here have created the law and wanted it a certain way and it’s really about keeping your identity, especially here surrounded by every conceivable culture mostly Canadian and American and the fear is that we’ll wake up one day and not know who we are,” said said Joe Delaronde of the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake.

The non-native ban has had overwhelming support in two years of well-attended meetings held on the issue, he said.

The last time the issue made headlines was back in 2010, when mixed couples received eviction notices telling them to leave the community. Those evictions were never carried out.

“Back in ’81, people were really having huge problems with the Indian Act and its policies which were really designed to assimilate us and the community finally had enough and said we’re going to creat our own set of laws to deal with membership,” said Delaronde.

Former Olympic athlete Waneek Horn-Miller is one of the Kahnawake residents facing eviction because she’s married to a white man.

The mother of two is speaking out about the “marry out, stay out” rule on her Facebook page.

“The underlying aggression and violent emotion that those words imply have had a huge negative impact on the fabric of our community.This statement is very terrifying and coercive,” she wrote.

“We know that we chose to love a person who isn’t indigenous, but we haven’t accepted yet that Kahnawake as a community is willing to discard entire families. We are not willing to accept that we have to choose between our hearts and our community…the two loves of our lives,” she wrote.

The Mohawk council says the community is discussing the issue.

“The MCK at this point is continuing to meet and looking at creating a plan that will hopefully diffuse the situation somewhat, get maybe a better understanding from everybody but one thing we have to say is that everybody knows the law,” said Delaronde.

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  • Tarczan

    Good for the Indians, they refuse to bow to PC-think.

  • IstvanIN

    I agree with the Indians on this one.

    • Margaret Falkenberg

      I don’t.

      “Mixed marriage”? Oh PLEASE. In most tribes I’ve worked with in the Upper Midwest and Canada, “native” meant you had an ancestor back X generations on Y list or roll of tribal enrollment. It has no scientific or genomic basis, and most of the biggest “native” mouths I knew only 1/32nd or 1/64th. They’d give up 31/32 or 63/64 parts of themselves that were EUROPEAN ANCESTRY to placate their white guilt and identify with this Victorian Noble Savage myth/silliness.

      These feather-not-dot Indians are a scam. It’s time to put an end to it all. Research is showing that “Native Americans” of even more “pure” lineage…have largely European genome dating back even to the Old World. As well as Asiatic/Siberian (both of which we Finnish Americans also have).

      Oh, of course that’s BIOCOLONIALISM, because, you know, it actually relies on facts. Rather than hooey.

      Suddenly it’s about IDENTITY, and the tribe gets to define and dispense that for its own political reasons while whites pay the taxes to support all sorts of services for them.

      • François

        Allow me to add that here in Canada, Natives do not pay any taxes, as long as they live in reserves. And even when they live out of any reserve, thye still get special pricess for gasoline, etc.

        • benvad

          Which is nonsense, second of all these “Natives” are racially diluted and most are more native then a French Canadian.

          I’ll give the indian racket to the Prairie or Pacific ones. They’re actually racially Amerindians, the ones in kanawake are probably no more native than elvis.

  • we need reservations for white americans who have long standing roots here in america

    • DD-762

      I agree that we need more Reservations, but not necessarily for white Americans.

      • Conrad

        Black reservation already exit – in Afreaka.

    • benvad

      Kennewick man! we’re here before these losers!

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘Back in ’81, people were really having huge problems with the Indian Act and its policies which were really designed to assimilate us and the community finally had enough and said we’re going to create our own set of laws to deal with membership,’ said Joe Delaronde of the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake.

    Yeah – God forbid. What a terrible thing to be ‘assimilated.’ (but you have no problem taking OUR tax dollars.)

    Btw, we’d like to ‘create our own set of laws’ too. Any problems with that, Chief Joe?

    marry out, stay out
    “Better dead than ‘red.’ Right Chief?

  • D.B. Cooper

    The only thing that tribe has ever done was give society a F&%#@$ up hair style.

    • benvad

      Hurons were exterminated by these looneys, the Canadiens (Québécois) intermarried with the few survivors. So don’t feel sorry for these terrorists.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    This case will show Liberals for the frauds that they are. Here, you have the tribe enforcing a ban on marrying outside the tribe and removing non-tribe members from their community. All so that the tribe can live separately and preserve their heritage. If it were whites taking these exact measures in America this would be far-and-away the most covered story in America. The Liberal outrage would be epic and endless. Instead, this story will be covered by Fox and some fringe media outlets. Liberal media outlets will push the story to the bottom of their pages if they choose to cover it at all. The average Liberal on the streets won’t know about this case, and if they do know they won’t be vocally against it like they would if the tribe were white because they feel too uncomfortable criticizing minorities.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      This practice of tribal eugenics came up during the Elizabeth Warren election. You all remember “Fauxcahontas”? A delegation of Cherokee was dispatched to Massachusetts to demand she rescind and apologize for her claim of Cherokee genetics. Lizzie quickly changed victim rabbit holes from Indian-as-victim to woman-as-victim and was able to weather the monstrous ethical violation she had committed.

      But, to your point, the media covered some of the Cherokee protests. At one point the delegation began chanting “We don’t claim you! We don’t claim you!” Of course referring to her lack of Cherokee blood. Any number of critical eugenics based stories could have easily spawned from those public displays. The media wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

      • AndrewInterrupted

  • DD-762

    “I have nothing against a community that’s made up of people who are Polish or Czechoslovakian or French-Canadian, or black, who are trying to maintain the ethnic purity of their neighborhoods. This is a natural inclination on the part of the people.” …President Jimmy Carter.

    After hearing the above statement by Jimmy Carter, I started to respect him…but then he wacked the “killer” rabbit.

  • Conrad

    Everybody needs to understand that racism is normal and accept that. God is also racist. Where do you think that the races came from? God made them. Those that say race is a social construct are denying that God is the creator. Those that say race is a social construct started out by saying, “God is dead.”

    • Stan D Mute

      It’s not agnostics or atheists bringing millions of Stone Age primitive people into America to prey upon unsuspecting white folks. It’s Catholic, Lutheran, and other “refugee resettlement” organizations. And the whole “we are all Created equal” certainly implies a Creator does it not?

      In fact, acceptance of evolution by definition means acceptance that different groups evolved differently in adaptation to differing conditions.

      I don’t know of any churches preaching that negroes and whites are vastly different, but I know of quite a few scientists saying exactly that. So forgive me from saying I think your comment more than a bit delusional. Perhaps you meant that theists should respect what their deity created instead of trying to reverse it?

      • benvad

        That’s so true. Idiot christian do gooders.

  • Stan D Mute

    I don’t know about this tribe, but I see an awful lot of “Indians” enjoying large annual casino royalty checks who look as indian as GW Bush and have names like Biff Johnson. I’ve got no issue with actual indians living on their reservations so long as I’m not subsidizing their squaws popping out welfare papooses by the teepee full. And I don’t care about their casino operations so long as they’re taxed like casinos in Vegas or elsewhere. But from what I can tell, these reservations are heavily subsidized yet allowed to operate under separate laws, exclude non-indian citizens, and operate mostly tax-free.

    All proving yet again the premise of “The Mouse That Roared” – that the surest way to a carefree life on the dole from America is to have America defeat you in war.

    • Sick of it

      Excepting the white people of the South, of course.

      • Stan D Mute

        Well, considering they were allowed to export so many of their negroes to the North, you could argue that they offloaded a monumental burden onto the winning side. But otherwise you are correct.

      • Guest

        We didn’t defeat them. They defeated themselves by importing all those Bantus.

        • Sick of it

          So that murderous piece of trash named Sherman had nothing to do with it?

    • Ron Cheaters

      Where I live, you can tell what day the cheques came out by waiting in line to use the bank. Sometimes the wait can be 20 minutes. But the way I see it is, while I’m waiting I imagine what each person in line is gonna spend that money on, then I realize that whatever they do spend it on goes right back to the government in tax revenue.. it’s a give-take, give it back kind of relationship.

  • Truthseeker

    Technically speaking, this policy would probably be considered “racist” against me, as a White man. And yet, I support it completely, because I agree with the principle behind it.

    • Margaret Falkenberg

      That European ancestry Americans get special gibs for systematically denying their whiteness and embracing Victorian myths?

  • LHathaway

    So that’s it. When white numbers in North America get down to 300, That’s when whites will vote to preserve their own kind. Good news, white men.

    • benvad

      Only fools (Whites) would even consider helping to protect any outsider. This idea of altruism is White Man AIDS.

  • The American South had a moratorium on mixed marriages too until the Supreme Court overturned our anti-miscegenation laws. That was around 1966 I recall. The libtards were screaming about the right to marry the creature you love back then, just as they use that fallacious argument today to justify fag marriage. Actually, I think a number of northern states had such laws too.

    While Indians don’t have a right to say I can’t say the word “redskin” or name my team that, they do have a right to make their own marriage policies. I hope they resist fag marriage as much as they resist interracial marriage. I just wish white Christians had the same rights to resist that Indians have been given.

    • MBlanc46

      Loving v. Virginia, 1967.

  • Guest

    That reserve is very rich. It runs servers for gaming sites (poker, etc), they run a huge illegal tobacco business and smuggle duty free alcohol from USA. They allow no police on their land except tribal police and demand the best of both worlds. They are Canadians when convenient and militants any other time. Who says the natives got a bad deal.

  • Caucasoid88

    And they have a right to preserve their people.

    That is, until they scalp the undesirables. Then it becomes personal.

    • Margaret Falkenberg

      “THEIR” people? Most “Indians” are mostly of European genome! They are anti-white in the extreme despite being mostly just that!

      If they were fighting for the right to preserve their WHITE people, I’d be with them. But far as I can see, the whole “Indian” thing has been furthered by bad or no science and by politics as yet another whip to apply to the back of whites who still identify with their European genome/ancestry/culture.

  • ncpride

    and it’s really about keeping your identity, especially here surrounded by every conceivable culture mostly Canadian and American and the fear is that we’ll wake up one day and not know who we are,”

    Now you know how Europeans feel. We, too, are being surrounded by cultures not of our own, yet when we object, we are considered the scum of the earth. However, these people have it NO where near as bad as Whites. Our children are saturated with White guilt and stripped of their racial identity from birth, mainly from our own. NO other race does this to their own people. I will not support these people until they support the same for the White race….. the ones that wish to separate, that is.

  • dd121

    I bet the liberals are really queezy about this rule.

  • From 1994-1997, a certain Billyjo DeLaRonde was president of the Manitoba Metis Federation. I wonder whether this is the same individual quoted in the article, and what he was doing running a Metis (Canadian halfbreeds) organization at the time.

    The change of heart is easy to explain in eight words: casino money, casino money and MORE casino money.

    If they are in fact two different individuals, I offer my sincere apologies to both.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Isn’t it “Mafia money”?

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    … we’ll wake up one day and not know who we are,” said said Joe Delaronde of the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake.

    Well Joe, going by your surname, I’d guess you might be second-or third-generation Italian.

  • the Southerner

    I bet this really gets liberals hand-wringing. They at once want to support human rights and also to correct perceived historical injustices by preserving minority identity, and finding they can’t have one without destroying the other.

    • LHathaway

      Lefties will destroy everyone before this is through. Then they will say ‘oops, sorry’, that is, if they don’t blame it on jews, which is very quite possible.

      • Sick of it

        I don’t think you have to worry about Jews blaming it all on Jews.

        • LHathaway

          lefties won’t blame themselves, that’s for sure.

    • Nimadan

      It doesn’t bother liberals at all; they deal with the contradiction by simply refusing
      to think about it. Liberal true believers are like any other kind of fundamentalists: They manage the conflict between reality and ideology by means of subconscious compartmentalization.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Sounds like the future of White’s in our own lands if we don’t do something to correct it.

  • pcmustgo

    I do online dating a lot and almost all of the “Native American” men I meet online are completely white looking. Blond, hair, blue eyes… yet still ONLY check “Native American” as their race. Not both white and native american.

  • guest

    So very interesting how groups who don’t want discrimination imposed upon them
    are happy to impose it upon others.

  • wildfirexx

    Not that I don’t support their right to ethnic identity and self determination, but this speaker for the Mohawk band (as most other Mohawk band members I’ve seen over the years) better take a good look at themselves in a mirror and check their DNA before making a racial distinction between insiders and outsiders.
    If you they want to compare themselves to real indigenous or first nation’s people, then they should check out pictures of North American Indians, before the white man came and see how much they resemble each other…NOT!

  • IKUredux

    Hear! Here! We White Americans (used to be just Americans) feel the exact same way. Get the hell out of our reserve, you non-Whites.

    • LHathaway

      I think we can also call them ‘sanctuaries’.

  • Harry Schneider

    The fact that Canada still has indian reserves is unbelievable in 2014. Indians should be part of the canadian mosaic and have the same rights and duties that all have.

    • wildfirexx

      In British Columbia Canada, many first nation’s people…are still fighting in the courts for treaty rights on Indian land that they claim covers most of the province of BC.
      So far they are making some progress but slow.
      Unlike in the past they now have the best of both worlds, should they choose to live on their existing reservation lands with all the free money and benefits of native rights,…or choose to work and live amongst the white multicultural people, but still get many free benefits denied to the rest of us.
      (for ex: free post sec ed, free med & den, no sales tax ).

  • this sounds all too familiar……..lets see how it plays, and put equal rights and see if all men and women of all races are truly equal….

  • Lots of Indian tribes have had policies like this in place. You can’t marry into an Indian tribe and become Indian anymore then you can marry into the White race to become White.

    White people need a country of their own.

    • wildfirexx

      Not always the case…a canadian white women with white children previously married to a white man, divorced and married a canadian native indian man who lived on the reservation, who adopted her white children. They then inherited indian status.