UCLA Faculty Approves Diversity Class Requirement

Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times, October 31, 2014

The faculty of UCLA’s largest academic unit voted by a narrow margin to require future undergraduates to take a course on ethnic, cultural, religious or gender diversity. The move came after three previous efforts had failed.

Officials announced Friday that the faculty of the UCLA College of Letters and Science voted 332 to 303, with 24 blank ballots, to start the requirement for incoming freshmen in fall 2015 and new transfer students in 2017.

Two other faculty and administrative review panels still must approve the requirement before it can go into effect, but the recent college-wide vote was considered the most important step in a much-debated matter on the Westwood campus.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block was a strong proponent of such diversity classes, saying they would help prepare students to live and work in a multi-cultural society. Most other UC campuses and the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture already require such courses. The College of Letters and Science enrolls about 85% of UCLA’s undergraduates.

Opponents said students were overburdened with other requirements, particularly in the sciences, and said the budget-strapped university could not afford extra classes. Additional questions were raised about whether these classes improve ethnic relations and whether they typically skew left politically.

Similar proposals were rejected by the faculty three times in the last two decades. In 2012, the measure lost 224-175 in a vote that attracted only about 30% of potential ballots. More than 46% of the college faculty cast the online ballots in the current weeklong vote after much lobbying and student activism, officials said.


The courses are expected to be offered by many academic departments, ranging from sociology to statistics, and students will be required to choose one for an academic quarter.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Boy oh boy – am I crushed that I missed out on this anti-straight, White male indoctrination and brainwashing in college.

    How will I ever manage to stumble through life now?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Join a boy band ,call it Fag, and then take some boxing lessons.

  • Whitetrashgang

    The only training you need to live in a cult society is how to read a map to find and get even with those who made it that way. Well and a weapon or two.

    • propagandaoftruth

      The courses are expected to be offered by many academic departments, ranging from sociology to statistics,
      Amren could supply the statistics…

      • Whitetrashgang

        I once had intercourse with a woman, at least I hope it was a woman. On a different note I can now play cat scratch fever note for note on guitar.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Was is Lola? Did a big fat mamma try to break you? Oh, so not Nugent, that…

          Wow, that comment’s been up for four hours. Perhaps I shouldn’t feed the bears.

          • jane johnson

            It was “Big, fat Fanny (she was such a naughty nanny…)”

    • I got a Doctorate in messing with their multi-culti minds.

      The scene: Pacific Garden Mall, Santa Cruz, CA, sometime around late 1987. Evening.

      Two obvious lesbian vegetarian Communists with nostril rings approach.

      Q: “Do you have a few dollars?”

      A: “No, I gave all my money to the Contras.”

      I wish to dear Lord that camera phones had existed back then, as the looks on their faces were truly priceless.

      • Whitetrashgang

        You should have axed for a threesome.

  • guest

    I enthusiastically support UCLA doing this. The harder they squeeze, the more people will wake up.

    • Pastafarian


      Know how I dealt with this in Berkeley one year?

      I was taking a year off of work to help a friend get her arts business going.

      I put up a little poster at places on Telegraph and thereabouts, saying that I’d heard about a particular required Diversiganda class and was curious to learn more about it, and would buy up to three lattes for the first five undergrads who would do a meetup at a neighborhood cafe, and benefit from their experience. I ended up with seven queries, four committed to meeting, so I split them into pairs, so they couldn’t feed off each other too much. I did fib to them and claim to each pair that they were the only two who replied.

      By the time I finished filling them with coffee and pastries, and asking them wide-eyed innocent Socratic questions in my best girly voice…they were not the same kindern who’d walked into the cafe…nor returned to the re-education camp the next week.

      Also–true story–one of the kids I met in this way ended up being involved with that Berkeley Republicans “affirmative action bake sale” that caused so much fun and kerfuffle!

      We need to be more creative, and have lots more fun with the Reawakening.

    • John

      If I had a child looking at going to college in a year or two, I wouldn’t forbid them from going to UCLA or any institution that required a time wasting course like this. I would tell them my financial support for their attendance would be withheld. I think that alone would change their thinking.

      • jane johnson

        I only wish that Congress understood “the power of the purse” as well as you do, sir.

        • David Ashton

          Our friends whether Gentile or Jew should look up your quoted phrase in Herzl’s “The Jewish State” and reflect on its present implications.

    • Reverend Bacon

      UCLA is one of the institutions that had a great English Lit program, and unsurprisingly junked its “Great Books” requirement a few years ago. Of course, they have room for junk like this.


  • David Ashton

    You are going the same way as “England” where government is incrementally imposing its “equality & diversity” ideology on all schools, state or private, secular or faith. I cannot see that making the Islamist madrassas teach “gay rights” is the best way to ensure their departure from the House of War, if our own little kids are to be instructed in the benefits of buggery and bondage rather than the birds and the bees.

    • ncpride

      I saw some of ’60 Minutes’ the other night, and they were actually taking on Islam in Britain. The loony Muslims they were talking to didn’t even try to hide their hatred for you and yours. It made me so angry, I had to stop watching.

      • rob

        I stopped watching too! WHY do those English tolerate them?They are even worse than us.(Peejay in Frisco)

        • ncpride

          Particularly infuriating were the Muslims ‘patrolling’ areas and came across the two Englishmen having a beer, minding their own business, then received a veiled threat from the thugs. How I wish those men would have stood up for themselves and their country. Should have told them to shove off, and if they didn’t like it, get out!

      • TruthBeTold

        They’re very open and upfront about it. Check out youtube for videos.

        • ncpride

          Think I’ll pass. My head will likely explode.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Gay Muslims could be the next great white hope.

      • David Ashton

        Google “Dangerous New School Regulations Published” from the Coalition for Marriage in the UK to see some of what British parents and teachers now face on top of the rest – Marcuse and the Mattachine program as much as Muhammad and the Muslim jihad.

    • Anna Tree

      Schools are more interested in socially engineering their students then they are in
      teaching math, English and science. As long as you graduate with a politically correct view of the world, everything is okay…

    • jane johnson

      We need to put the “revolt” back in “revolting”. Glad that Nigel Farage is doing well there, and am cautiously optimistic following the midterms here.

      • David Ashton

        Support for Farage is symbolic of national resistance to “political correctness”. UKIP has an “anti-racist” and “pro-immigration” platform, and its hostility to the EU includes a measure of sentiment against our fellow-European neighbors and a sympathy for global commerce detrimental to our long-term interests in a world challenged by Chinese power, African overpopulation and Islamist fanaticism. The main thing is to prevent UKIP neutralizing the national revolt within an ineffective sideshow and to convert it into the first stage of a true national – and European – reconstruction.

        • jane johnson

          Wouldn’t you agree that discrediting PC can help the overall situation by reclaiming the language necessary for the national conversations that are required to deal with the problems that you describe? The globalists definitely do NOT want any such dialogue.

          • David Ashton

            Worth showing more thoughtful teenagers who sometimes study Orwell’s “1984” as well as PC-friendly stuff in class the nature of “new-speak” and “crime-think” in their modern top-down implications. Their natural rebellion needs to be diverted from “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” into physical, moral and mental health.

  • IstvanIN

    When we were still America and populated by Americans none of this nonsense was necessary. I am so glad I went to college a very long time ago.

  • A much watered-down requirement was added at UCSC when I was an undergrad, in that it had to merely be some sort of nonwhite studies class, and only one. I picked “Great Civilizations of Asia”, a bread-and-butter history class I quite enjoyed. Then I took “The Making of the Modern Middle East”, and “The Making of Modern East Asia”. I liked history classes anyway because they helped break up an otherwise hard-science curriculum, and in fact retroactively added a history minor.

    The blacktivist loudmouths on campus pitched an absolute, iridescent fit over this requirement because, as they correctly predicted, white and Asian students interested in actually learning anything in exchange for their tuition dollars would pick exactly these sorts of classes. I am still delighted 25 years later that I exceeded their dire expectations by 200 percent. Eat it, Darnell.

    • IstvanIN

      The Asians and even Arabs have a history worth studying. Africans have no history of any note, except in relation to Europeans, and even then it is the Europeans that made the history.

  • ncpride

    Diversity classes my…foot. More like Hate Whitey classes. If my daughter were required to take such a class at her University, she’d be home the next day, and you can take that to the bank.

  • Luca

    Wonder if they’ll roll out any crime statistics in those classes?

  • LHathaway

    So, they want even more attention paid to diversity, women and people of color, on top of the fact their entirely university might as well already be dedicated to them.

  • Giovanni704

    The only thing these classes will teach is that every instance of inequality in every measurable category of intellectual and social success (academic grades, marriage rates, job promotion, etc.) is to be blamed on White men. This is the only answer you will need for every test question.

    • LHathaway

      They will also be very selective on what they choose to examine for inequality, and what constitutes it. There won’t be too many discussions on racial harassment or sexual discrimination.

    • jane johnson

      Jeez, if you White guys would just stop being so damned superior….
      (Keep up the good work!)

    • David Ashton

      Reverse the accusation: vilification of the “white”, “male” and “middle class” is collective group hate.

  • Yves Vannes

    This may backfire. Some kids will resent this as will many faculty. Diversity instructors may get an earful from many corners. PC gospel may very well turn into PC backpedaling. At least I’d like to think so.

    • It will backfire for an enlightened minority. For the vast majority, it will dovetail neatly with the indoctrination they already receive from the mass media, television and movies.

      • meanqueen

        It’s sad, isn’t it? How many people have such weak minds?

      • David Ashton

        Adolescents don’t like being conned. We need to prepare our youngsters as the future elite before the elite rotation.

    • John

      My alma mater had a policy whereby juniors and senior could take one elective a semester on a pass/fail basis. No letter grade to change your GPA. It was impossible to fail if you just showed up regularly. Such an option would be ideal paired with these kinds of courses. There’s a lot of pressure on students to parrot the diversity mantra. If they don’t agree, they’ll get bitten on the behind at the end of the semester when graded. A majority of pass/fail students in a course would be ideal to achieve the kinds of PC backpedaling you describe.

  • I posted this story last night on my site. I was an academic for 30 years. Here’s part of my commentary on diversity training that I wrote:

    Since diversity training is typically promoted by leftists, it’s safe to say that the courses will “skew left politically.” But what does that mean?

    In my experience, it means that racial minorities will be portrayed as helpless victims of the cruel, ignorant, barbaric white male. Whiteness itself will be demonized, but the courses will be structured so that while white women students fell terrible about being white, they will get something of a pass because they too will be characterized as victims of the white male patriarchy.

    Ironically, diversity training is a misnomer. What it seeks to do is portray all peoples as exactly the same except for their skin color. Total and complete egalitarianism is the takeaway.

    Thus, don’t expect to read anything about the high black crime rate in a diversity class, unless it’s wedged in to a discussion about how racist it is to have so many black males in prison. And certainly, don’t expect to hear anything about many more times black males are prone to the crime of rape than are white males.

    What you may hear in a diversity class is the word “genocide.” Not the white genocide that is softly being carried out in America and in Europe today, but stories of how whites brought smallpox to the New World and thus genocided noble Native Americans, who lived in peace and harmony with each other and the Great Spirit before the arrival of the rapcious, greedy, destructive white man.

    You may also hear guest speakers in these classes. People from the SPLC, La Raza, the Black Panthers, and other radical left groups will have a soapbox to stand upon and spew from. Their captive audience of students will have been softened up before hand in order to ensure that the speakers are never challenged about whatever sort of nonsense it is that they choose to speak.

    • Ron Cheaters

      “Destroy the White man and have your way with his women”

      War is on folk’s.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    More $$$ being pissed away on “higher education”.

    • Luca

      “Higher indoctrination.”

  • guest

    “Chancellor says living in a multiracial society requires special training.”

    Chancellor just admitted that a multiracial society doesn’t work. If a multiracial society requires special training in order to work, that alone points out that it is not the great strength that we were told it was and that it doesn’t come naturally to people at all if it requires such brainwashing.

    • Anonymous

      The chances of racial diversity working out well depend entirely on the intelligence levels of the people in that society. For example, prisons are dominated by Blacks, Hispanics, and underclass Whites. Those types of people are dysfunctional even when living in racially segregated societies, so you cannot expect them to function at all in an integrated society. However, if you look at any Ivy League university, you see Jews, Asians, and elite Whites living in the same dorms, going to the same classes, even participating in the same extra curricular activities without racial hatred.

      Racism is natural, and it may have been adaptive in the hunter-gatherer stage of history, but it is no longer adaptive. High IQ people understand this but low IQ people are trapped by their caveman urges.

  • Caucasoid88

    I already took diversity classes in college:

    1. Africana Studies
    2. American Indian Studies
    3. Chicano Studies
    4. Women’s Studies

    What did I learn? How evil I am for being a white male. Literally.

    • LHathaway

      I took a bunch of their courses too (although most of the ideas in them have long since been picked up by non-ethnic studies, general courses {except for white studies, because white studies doesn’t exist}). By the number of insults I receive on here, from time to time, that fact probably shows.

      • Seminumerical

        There was an administrative error that left a couple of hundred students in the lurch, and my advisor, who was Mexican, signed me up for an art history course taught by a Mexican muralist, on the history of Mexican art. This was to get me the extra three credits to graduate but I think he meant to get me some diversity too.

        There was only the slightest tinge of leftiness in the course, and I’d had experience with one each of strident hairy legged female Jewish profs. of philosophy and literature, so I was thankful. (I don’t mean to be mean, but that Jewish stereotype is out there for a reason).

        It was a bird course, 80 percent Mexican enrolment, a couple of one page essays, two exams you didn’t need to study for, or I didn’t, and an art project. Frankly I enjoyed it. It was well organized, interesting, and almost apolitical. I wouldn’t spend my life at it, but a three credit survey of Mexican art history was just right.

        I reckon that is not what is planned by UCLA though. In particular anything that is fun or true will be extirpated. My lefty moral philosophy prof had Andrea Dworkin as required reading, and it went downhill after that.

        • IstvanIN

          That sounds like a legitimate survey course to actually round out a liberal arts education.

          • Seminumerical

            Except I was a Comp. Sci major …

          • IstvanIN

            I majored in Ag Econ and we had to take non-Econ/non-Ag-Sci courses. All colleges do that. Even Engineering Colleges way back when required non-Engineering courses.

        • generalquagmyer

          Beyond Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo, what’s there to say? I’ve sometimes idly wondered what it is with Mexicans and murals, though. Some of the wall graffiti and even gang signs can be actually quite artistic. Did it begin with Rivera or did he tap into something innate in the culture?

          • Seminumerical

            No we began with the Olmec. The idea behind the murals was Marxist. You can’t take them away.

  • John Smith

    None other than Jared Taylor penned an article, “The Myth of Diversity”.

    It is a must read. Share it with your friends.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Share this graphic with your friends.

      • I’d need a bigger version in order to print a T-shirt iron-on.

        • Guest

          I’d get rid of the “Cultural Marxism” part. I know lefty types who are starting to realize exactly what Mr. Taylor was referring to with this quote. But they’d be alienated by the motto–which after all is only co-opting his far more sensible and quietly canny observation. We need to identify with each other on race grounds first…and the politics will take care of themselves.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Cultural Marxist indoctrination and brainwashing classes are redundant at most colleges and universities: Any class in the sociology, poly sci, history or ANY social science or victim dept. would cover it .

    This serves to justify further diversifying the faculty and providing make-work jobs for militant gays, femi-nazis and non-Whites.

    Diversity studies means accepting propaganda that ANY behavior from Whites is abnormal and celebrating behaviors from non-Whites/gays/femi-nazi are “normal,” no matter how deviant or criminal the behavior.

    To say otherwise makes one a hardened racist.

    More on the War on Whites from this sick, debased culture.

    From a college-level text called “Social Work Profession and Social Welfare”

    • IstvanIN

      I always considered myself a liberal, according to that I am less of a liberal than I thought.

      • meanqueen

        It took me a long time to figure out I wasn’t a liberal. Once I figured it out, I looked back and saw that all the signs were there from the beginning. Wasted years of my life and suffered a bad marriage to an anti-American libtard, but at least I did escape. I’ve given up on trying to save others. It’s something you have to come to on your own.

      • Guest

        I’m still a liberal, if liberal still means “a person who changes their ideas based on better data.”

        But a question about the above. If conservatives perceive people as corrupt, self centered, and lazy, how, two sentences later, do they “conceive of people as perfectly capable of taking care of themselves”? It would seem that lazy, self centered, corrupt people would stand very little chance of “working hard and taking responsibility for their actions.”

        More evidence of the tragic consequences of living, breathing dialogue having been banned by universities. In this way, textbooks can present caricatures of “conservatives” that make absolutely no sense whatever–as the gospel truth.

        Also, doesn’t “society is a fool” rather reek of the Pathetic Fallacy? Isn’t it more accurate that there are people who feel they should have more of a say in how their tax dollars (garnished earned wages/income) are used, particularly when it involves what kinds of charity to administer?

        • LHathaway

          Good point. “If conservatives perceive people as corrupt, self centered, and lazy, how, two sentences later, do they “conceive of people as perfectly capable of taking care of themselves”?

          Very good comment!

          This is almost a Christian centered idea. When I was in college I had a liberal professor or two to say/admit, ‘conservatives have a better understanding of the poor than liberals’. I suspect most conservatives nowadays are ‘economic conservatives’ or even reactionaries (as am I). While I’m a social conservative I’m probably more of a reactionary than anything else. Hey, if all you do is disagree with them, you’re sure to be right!

          You whole comment is quite good. I don’t mean to argue, or change what you’ve wrote, but one answer to it is, if given less of a support system, people would have to work, and work is the basis of all that is good. Your point makes much more sense.

  • TruthBeTold

    WARNING: Backlash and backfire ahead.

    Each race and ethnic group isn’t going to care about anyone elses. There will be anger and resentment by the kids because they were forced to take these kinds of courses. There will be fights and complaints that one group appears to be favored over another. One group will say the other group doesn’t respect their culture. And on and on.

    This course should be titled ‘Race Realism in Action’.

  • dd121

    Or “How I learned to love the bomb but hate myself”.

  • RacialRay

    Everyone in my department was rounded up and poured into a conference room for four interminable hours of ‘diversity training’ a few years back. This consisted of viewing endless slides bashing YT and insisting, without citing anything like an academic reference, that a diverse workforce is somehow a more productive, cohesive one.

    I walked out, halfway through, but not before asking the dewy-eyed leftie running the show if it would not be more efficient to simply line up the white males against a wall and have everyone else toss tomatoes at us. I suggested that after the tomatoes, we could all have a group hug and a cry, and get back to doing more productive things.

    I hoped that I was leading a revolt, but no one else summoned the intestinal fortitude to follow me out the door. I’m still bitter.

    • IstvanIN

      Do you still work there?

      • RacialRay

        You bet. Its sickeningly pc but the money is just too good to let go. I am known in the plant as someone who “does not play well with others”, as this one trivial incident, along with a long history of others, ably demonstrates.

        • meanqueen

          Oh, God, sounds unbearable!

          • RacialRay

            Big ol’ defense contractor. We’re leading the inclusiveness and LGBT charge, and I am not joking.

  • alexandra

    My required sociology course, taught by an incompetent black with an affirmative action doctorate, is what opened the door to race realism for me. I could barely understand the lectures through his Ebonics.

  • generalquagmyer

    Well, they could just follow the example of rival USC and build an impenetrable wall around a campus in the middle of the ghetto. View all the diversity you want from afar…

  • Stogumber

    Eastern European universities had their obligatory courses about scientific Marxism-Leninism. Western universities reproduce this tradition with obligatory courses about Cultural Marxism.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who voted for this requirement should be required to move to a black neighborhood. In order to learn what most blacks are really like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day.

    • Guest

      Like a clinical, or a lab class? Six hours a week, three credits.

    • meanqueen

      Like a clinical, or lab class! Six to nine hours a week, and if you return alive, you earn three credits.

      • JohnEngelman

        Being the victim of black crime will not make a white liberal support tax cuts for the rich. It will open him or her to the insights of race realism.

        Until one is a victim of black crime it is easy to blame it on white racism, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, and so on.

  • IKUredux

    Ummm, do the White students have to pay for this class? Might as well get them ready for paying for being White all the rest of their lives. Yup, that White privilege is sure as hell expensive. With diminishing returns. Matter of fact, White privilege is the worst thing in which to be invested in the entire world. However, the best thing in the world is White DNA. Trust me, stockpile your eggs and sperm, White people! At some point in the dysgenic future, the DNA of a high I.Q. White person with blue eyes and blonde hair, will in fact, be the most precious commodity in the world. especially, after the colored, stupid, savage hordes take over the world and EVERYTHING breaks down.

  • Theron

    Contrary to popular belief, universities and colleges need students more than students need them, even the elite schools. The academic elite don’t want this to get out, and are working overtime to make sure that the old lies about a college education being a good investment continue. The truth is that students make colleges and universities, not the other way around. Harvard is not Harvard because the school turns its students into Harvard students. Rather, the students arrive more or less already Harvard students, spend about $250,000 during their 4 years there, graduate, become successful, and then Harvard gets to claim the credit for their success. While there, the anti-white agenda begins (or continues).
    The solution is simply for parents to stop paying for these schools or for students to stop going there. There are still many excellent schools that offer a classical liberal curriculum (pro-western civilization) so serious students (and parents) should choose wisely. I see no sense in financing my enemies while they wage war against my people, my culture, my history, and my race. They want diversity, let them have it…without me and my money!
    College grads, even from Ivy League schools, are struggling to find jobs- the market is full of college grads all competing for the same jobs- and wages are slowly declining because of this. Others on this site have already pointed towards a solution – go to a community college or trade school and learn a useful trade. The world will always need carpenters and mechanics. On the other hand, sociologists are a dime a dozen and will get cheaper as time goes by.
    For those wanting a true education, there are public libraries galore! Educate yourself!

    • A great movie line in that respect was in “Good Will Hunting” (1997), when Matt Damon’s character tells an arrogant Ivy League student that he could have gotten the same education for 15 dollars worth of late charges at the local library.

  • shmo123

    This sounds like taking the manure pile of multi-culti propaganda they like to spread around and making it mandatory, but it might have a silver lining. As I see it, any student could refuse to take the class, and somehow try to get around any fallout–whatever that might be. Or, if there’s no way out, take the class, and become a major pain in the ass–confronting, questioning, and taking ever opportunity to drag the standard liberal lines about diversity through the mud every chance they got. Take every opportunity to embarrass the instructor and put him or her on the spot; this works better with women who get flustered and confused more easily when confronted in a classroom. While I’m at it, a third option would be for “non-traditional” students (adults) to sign up and take the class (or audit it) and really be disruptive by offering viewpoints that would contradict all the standard liberal boiler plate. Adults are far less timid about standing up and confronting instructors. The kids might learn something, but that’s the type of Intellectual diversity you just can’t have on a college campus.

    • The issue will probably spur a lawsuit, in which conservative white students will claim that being graded on their political views in a mandatory course – for which they must pay tuition and purchase textbooks – is a violation of their rights.

  • This one is not even remotely new, but it bears posting, now that I found where I had tucked it away on one of the computers here:

  • SolStans

    I had to take one of these courses to graduate, so I chose Race in Film. The SJW students weren’t happy with my “Interracial Harmony and Intra-Racial Strife in ‘Gone with the Wind’ ” analysis. Y’all should have been there when we watched and talked about the movie featuring an illegal who brings his son to America, but eventually gets caught. I made sure to remind them that nobody chose to break the law, but that illegal.

    • SolStans

      From my last slide in that presentation:

  • none of your business

    Actually, every class is a diversity class including hard science. It’s been that way for about 40 years.

  • Reverend Bacon

    “diversity classes… would help prepare students to live and work in a multi-cultural society…” UCLA has a very good film school- they should be experts at what’s required: “suspension of disbelief.”

  • Reverend Bacon

    When this came out in the LA Times, a wise commenter wrote:

    “Studying diversity would be a good idea if it were studied scientifically. They could look at genetics, and read people like Watson; learn statistics so they could understand cluster analysis and the mendacity spread by those who don’t understand it but yet have degrees in “cultural anthropology;” read Stephen Jay Gould, and study the debunking of his debunking of Samuel Morton; they could look at shifting demographics and examine incentives of the various stakeholders in concealing things like La Griffe du Lion’s Fundamental Law of Sociology.

    But, that would take 4 years of college and then some. So, they could simply use the “Emperor’s New Clothes” model that is taught everywhere else: “if you don’t see the value of diversity, you aren’t very smart. See it now? Good.””

    OK, so it was me, but still… The mind reels at the perfidy of such a course designed by the indoctrinators.