German City’s Answer to Europe’s Border Crisis? A Four-Star Hotel

Carlo Angerer, NBC News, November 4, 2014

With its wood-paneled piano bar and luxurious spa, the four-star Bonotel assures visitors paying up to $300 per night that it meets the “international standard of a first-class hotel.”

But starting next year, the hotel’s marble-and-mirrored lobby and “quiet, peaceful ambience” will play host not to indulgent travelers but desperate asylum seekers.

Germany’s fourth-largest city spent almost $7 million to buy the Bonotel this summer. Its doors will soon be shut and its 93 opulent rooms filled with asylum seekers, a move underscoring how Europe’s economic powerhouse has been overwhelmed by an influx of people seeking a better life amid a continent-wide border crisis.

According to U.N. figures, Germany received 109,600 applications for asylum last year–the most of any country in the world. The U.S. was second, with 84,400.

In the first half of this year alone, more than 77,000 others sought asylum in Germany–a 60 percent rise compared to the same period in 2013. {snip}


A spokesperson for the city of Cologne told NBC News that the hotel’s nearly $7 million price tag was cheaper than renting space. Authorities have previously resorted to booking rooms for asylum seekers in other hotels.

Meanwhile, living conditions for many asylum seekers are bleak.

A 45-minute bus ride across Cologne, hundreds of refugees are crammed into former city administration buildings along a busy highway. {snip}

Mubarak, a Somali refugee who like others at the center declined to give his last name citing fears of retribution from German authorities for criticizing them publicly, told NBC News that conditions are so poor he has become disillusioned with his new home.

“I wanted to get to a place where I could start a different life,” he said, recounting his 18-month journey through African deserts and a treacherous voyage across the Mediterranean Sea–a route which has claimed the lives of more than 3,200 people this year. “But I don’t believe in Germany any more. The people in Germany are good to us, but we need more help.”


“We live like animals, not like people,” said Maruf, a Somali roommate.

It’s a similar–or worse–situation in many other parts of Germany where officials have been caught unprepared for the influx of new arrivals.


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  • Gee, that’s not going to deter any more of them from coming.

  • superlloyd

    “But I don’t believe in Germany any more. The people in Germany are good to us, but we need more help.”
    These shameless parasites will never be satisfied. Europe can not accommodate these useless, low IQ untermenschen physically or materially for much longer.

    • Mary

      This has got to be the literal pinnacle of gall. The sad thing is, there are many Westerners who agree and believe these creatures are entitled to that utterly outrageous mentality.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        White countries excel at cultivating a sense of entitlement in their treasured minorities. It’s their raison d’etre.

    • Caucasoid88

      “But I don’t believe in Germany any more.”

      That made me physically ill.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It’s dumbfounding what they expect.

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Exactly the same garbage happens in Italy and let me tell you one thing: locals are not exactly innocent.

    In fact many sketchy hoteliers have found a good profitable way to prolong the tourist season housing this human capital that will pay our pensions blah blah blah often charging the public coffers exorbitant fees.

    Needless to say quite a bit of money change hands with the local political class in order to be allowed to do the immigration business.

    And yes some historical hotels were used to offer shelter to the not so golden horde in Italy as well.

  • Truthseeker

    Good grief. The sense of entitlement here is downright insulting. They get asylum in a First World country which is far better than their garbage dump of a country, and then have the nerve to complain that not all their needs are being met? You provide no benefit to Europe, you ingrate, and you came voluntarily, so if you think it’s so bad, go home and stop desecrating the land of our people with your presence..

    This is like a microcosm of White-Black relations: Whites give far more than they have to, and Blacks always think they deserve more. Even if Whites gave all their wealth to Blacks, they’d still fail and blame us for it. There’ll never be peace until Whites stop trying to appease Blacks.

    • Augustus3709

      According to the explorers in Africa, the blacks were very poor at showing gratitude.

      Instead of being thankful, they interpret a gift as a tribute that they must somehow deserve.

      The concept of charity didn’t develop, so of course a gift must be some sort of “offering”.

      This goes far to explain why no matter how much time, effort, and money Whites dump onto blacks, they never show any thanks or make an attempt to repay the favor.

    • Anna Tree

      Some of those interviewees have muslim names (and I presume many other refugees are from the Middle East and other muslim countries as well), so it’s even deeper: as per islam, unbelievers must be converted or killed (women can be turned into (sex) slaves) but Christians and Jews can be spared IF they accept the superiority of the muslims and subdued, pay a tax called jiziyah, that is a punishment for not converting.
      Any help or money given to muslims or muslim countries is therefor not help, but a religious right the jiziyah allah promised they will get from non-muslims. Giving them anything is twice worse: they get stronger financiarly and religiously. They think we owe them like you say.

  • SentryattheGate

    “We live like animals, not like people,” said Maruf, a Somali roommate. Isn’t that how they live back home? Isn’t that why they journeyed to Europe? I’m sure that their living standard is far better, even as a refugee! Such ingratitude!

    • none of your business

      Wonder how he lived in Somalia?

  • CallahanAuto

    They should have bought a cruise ship and said, “Bon voyage.”

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Hey Mubarak how about a big rich spoonful of go fornicate yourself ? My Grandpa was born in poor rural Trentino over a century ago. Him and his younger sister were soon on their own as both their parents died early. My grandpa found himself head of a family of 2 at the ripe age of 10.

    Barely literate, he had to take any kinda of rural job to barely make enough to buy some calories for him and his sister.

    They were housed in one single room with no running water or heating (in the Alpine rim of the North East of Italy) thanks to the generosity of a distant relative who felt sorry for them.

    He worked like a beast of burden, without a chance to enjoy even simple normal pleasures kids nowadays take for granted. For instance playing soccer was a big no no as he didn’t want to risk ruining his only precious pair of shoes.

    Through enormous efforts he managed to put himself and sis through night school where they completed their basic education. Sister was able to land a low ranking civil servant job and get married to a good man.

    He became a wine salesman where he worked strictly on a commission only basis.

    Then world war 2 broke up when he was finally getting settled and he thought he could create his own family.

    After that ruinous war he had to start from scratch, thanks God he had a keen eye for business or maybe it was sheer desperation but when natural gas was discovered in Italy, at the time when manufacturing was taking off in the country, he became a natural gas salesman building a solid profitable business.

    Well into his 40’s he finally had the chance to get married, own an apartment, a car etc all the trinkets of a comfortable life.

    And you pathetic slug think you have it hard up because you didn’t find some council house ready for you the very second you sat foot in Germany ? Don’t make vomit please

    • Chinese Nationalist Maiden

      The lower races didn’t share in the suffering of the higher races. The suffering made us stronger. Only the best of us survived. From suffering arises a necessity for intelligent thinking and being industrious. Our better mental abilities are a reminder and product of the suffering of our ancestors.

      When I think about the North of this planet, I can think of only one word: SUFFERING. It catches it all in a single and simple concept. We need to do more with that concept if we are to understand our deeper differences with the southern races. It shaped our worldview and mentality, so it’s really a vital concept.

      Other races don’t deserve to live in our lands, truly just because they didn’t suffer as our races did in these Northern lands. It disgusts me to see Negroes in Guangzhou, and I think many more of those Negroes will come here if the Chinese don’t understand the severity of the problem in time. I fear it’s starting here too.

      My point is that Westerners (and Asians) shouldn’t let anyone in, unless they’re of the same race or people. It matters whether individuals have a common genetic history. It matters for the individuals, so it matters for the country. People make a country, and not the other way around. Populations aren’t interchangeable.


      SlizzardAjeosshi, I’ll answer your questions when I have time. I could write down some of my thoughts on the Taiwenese model and so on. However, there’s more to say, so I’ll leave it until I have some time to write a longer reply. It’s a complex issue, and I don’t want to make too hasty generalisations, so it’ll have to wait.

    • none of your business

      Africans have brought a scabies infestation to Italy. So the Lampedusa authorities are hosing them down with a scabies disinfectant. The Africans are having a fit about being disinfected from scabies.

    • archer

      How some people can overcome such tragedy and then succeed in life is beyond me, I would hate to see myself in your grandfathers shoes.

  • james AZ

    HOLD !!!!!! you can wait for gitmo will have rooms for your third world seekers after our US government still plan to transfer terrorists to US mainland. BE PATIENT ok 🙂

  • Usually Much Calmer

    That right there. . . is the seed of revolution.


      You mean the seed of destitution, right?

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I do not.


          No? How about a compromise then? How’s “A Revolution Of Destitution” work for you?

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I don’t think a compromise is possible, I’m afraid. You may be right and I wrong, but I don’t see a world in which we are both right.

            1. This is, prima facie, outrageous. The details about the state of the hotel before it was purchased by the government are not just bad optics, they are quite likely the worst optics. The juxtaposition of a 4 star hotel, a jewel of Europe and a boatload of Somalis who admit that they live like animals- I mean come on, I’m SWPL, I go camping, with a tent and a mess kit and a bottle of water I don’t live like an animal, and that’s not just my applying the term with a different standard, I actually believe Maruf when he says he lives like an animal-is just an insult to anyone who has ever looked at something beautiful and paused in reverie, who has ever made anything with his hands, who has ever. . . well, you get the idea. It is an affront to people like Germans. It is such a slap in the face that it smarts. You can’t double think when your face is still burning. I don’t think it will set off something soon in a strictly mechanistic way, but I imagine a die has been cast.

            2. Destitution will follow this policy’s logical extension, ceteris paribus, yes you are right. My initial response was that a revolution would happen before then. If it takes destitution to ignite a revolution, which is what I think your suggested compromise is, that just a different route to it entirely. The population gets to destitution because it has to.

            The way I see it, you either revolt because the alternative is death (your destitution- starvation) or your revolt because the alternative is dishonor (exemplified so well by this hotel). I don’t think those two travel together. One or the other will push a population over the edge or it won’t. They do not augment one another in men’s hearts and minds. One or the other is decisive and the one that isn’t is irrelevant. No one ever said “I have to do this or I’ll die. And also. . . .” No, they stop at die. Likewise for honor.

            Does that seem reasonable to you?

  • MekongDelta69

    Q.: Will White people be allowed to live in this luxury hotel?

    (Obvious) A.: NO

  • guest

    “But I don’t believe in Germany any more. The people in Germany are good to us, but we need more help.”

    The only ones in need of help are the Germans. They’re having all of these immigrants in their country to freeload and take advantage of them against their will and then these immigrants have the audacity to complain about the Germans not doing enough for them and giving enough to them.

    The only people the Germans should show any concern for are the Germans, not these freeloading immigrants. Germany is a German country and should stay that way.

  • Ed


  • Yves Vannes

    How to turn a 4 star hotel into a 1 star hotel.

    • newscomments70

      The US feds converted many hotels/motels into welfare accommodations. Some facilities mix travelers and welfare dwellers. A Jewish acquaintance of mine stayed at a Howard Johnsons a few years back. The place was recommended to him…but probably by someone who hadn’t been there in awhile. There were black children running everywhere, laundry hanging everywhere, screaming, etc. He escaped into his room, and the phone rang…some woman from upstairs offered him sex. It was a zoo. Very funny story, but also sad.

      • meanqueen

        Now we have the answer to the question, “Why is there suddenly such a bed bug problem in hotels?”

        • newscomments70

          There was a documentary that secretly filmed maids at the Ritz Carlton. They used toilet brushes to wash water glasses. Also, there was some infrared camera that could detect dried semen on EVERYTHING. Even five star hotels are gross.

          • meanqueen

            I think I might have seen that. It came out years ago. Gross!! I once stayed at a hotel in NYC. It was not the fanciest but it was still expensive and had come recommended, so I thought it would be okay. There were hairs on my pillow, and a spot of urine on the toilet seat! I called the front desk immediately and told them to send a maid up asap. A nasty Russian woman appears, changes the pillowcases, then proceeds to go into the bathroom, snorts at the urine on the seat, then dips a washcloth into the toilet water with her bare hands (I kid you not!) and wipes the toilet seat down! I was stunned speechless! When I caught my breath, I told her to bring the disinfectant spray bottle hanging off her cart, and made her spray that around the toilet seat. She gave me the stink eye. It was too late at night to change hotels and I figured they wouldn’t give me my money back anyway, so I did stay, but had a horrifying night dreaming of my bacterial sewer.

  • Luca

    These are cowards and ungrateful beggars. If they had an ounce of decency, intelligence, integrity, or manhood they would overthrow their repressive governments as we did in 1776 and build something better. Instead they go begging to the European races of the world. What worms they are. And what fools these liberals are for entertaining their demands.

  • Bill

    I seems to me those Somalis ought to be used to living like animals, so why the complaint?

    I want to live in a four-star hotel. I’m going to become an asylum seeker in Germany.

  • Massif1

    Mubarak and the rest of MENA and asian refugees come to Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia for handouts. The austerity measures in Europe don’t do anything to cut handouts for refugees.

  • Augustus3709

    Wouldn’t mean much unless you brought in typhus and bombed the surrounding infrastructure 🙂

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    This is not going to end well. Eventually Germany will have millions of uneducated, unemployable people on welfare and the resentment of the ordinary citizen will turn against them. At that point there will be no “Plan B”, they won’t be able to live with them or expel them. I did like the idea of a cruise liner, housing them while headed home.

    • none of your business

      They already do. They are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the primitive Turks German employers brought in when the Berlin wall went up I think the summer of 1963 0r 62. The were called guest workers. Their descendants are welfare slugs who are more religious and more restrictive of their women than the original invaders.

  • meanqueen

    All countries in Europe deserve what they get. They wanted Muslims – they got Muslims. Let’s see if they can save themselves (my guess is, they can’t).

  • Jimmy Joseph

    It appears the Germans decided they wanted to get rid of the Jews but love the brown Muslims.

    HImmler had a SS Waffen division that was Muslim. Arafat’s uncle was a member of the SS Waffen and lead a division. HImmler told his men to never speak bad about Muslims or their racial background.

    I guess they are containing forward with bringing in Muslims.

    David Duke appears to like Muslims as well and always worries “Jews abusing them”.

    Just being honest here people. White people need to WAKE UP and stop allowing these people to flood their countries.

    Wake up WHITE PEOPLE!

  • BillyHW

    You can’t escape yourself.

  • archer

    “We live like animals not people”, I wonder how well he was living in Somalia.

  • Magician

    “But I don’t believe in Germany any more.”

    That’s good. Now please leave Germany!

  • Koriel

    At the drop of a hat these “people” would kill for food.