Posted on November 6, 2014

Police Investigating Assault & Felony Robbery Following Fight Among Michael Brown’s Family

Chris Hayes, Fox 2 St. Louis, November 5, 2014

FOX 2 has just obtained the incident report involving a reported assault and robbery first exposed in the Fox Files. Chris Hayes obtained it after a hearing in St. Louis County Court.

It went to Court because Michael Brown’s Mom, Lesley McSpadden, asked police not to release the incident report. The City Attorney for Ferguson, Stephanie Karr, wanted to be sensitive while still following the law. So she took it to Judge Maura McShane who said the report needed to be released, according to the law.

It involves a reported felony robbery with a weapon, October 18th in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ. {snip}

According to the newly released Ferguson police report, several people, including Brown’s paternal grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, were selling ‘Justice for Mike Brown merchandise.’

Then at about 1:20 pm, cars pulled up and 20-30 people ‘jumped out’ and ‘rushed them.’ One of those people was Michael Brown’s Mom, Lesley McSpadden, who is quoted yelling, ‘you can’t sell this s***.’

The report says Brown’s grandma was ‘repeatedly struck in the back of the head by an unknown subject’ and ‘knocked to the ground.’ The report adds that McSpadden ‘then ran up and punched (grandma).’


The police dispatch report shows officers arrived in under four minutes and that EMS took one man to the hospital, Mike Brown’s cousin Tony Petty, who was helping sell the merchandise. Crime scene techs took pictures of Petty’s face, after someone reportedly struck him with a pipe.

The police report states that some of those involved ran away with $1,500 in merchandise and a suitcase with $400 in cash.

{snip} Lesley McSpadden is trying to send a message of peace and is scheduled to speak to the United Nations later this month in Geneva, Switzerland.